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Kyiv @ Museum of Dreams
Mar 28, 2013


Beijing @ PKBJ VENUE 23
Jul 28, 2012


Brooklyn @ Galapagos Art Space
Aug 14, 2014


Zaporizhzhya @ Chicago blues pub
Sep 24, 2016


Zaporizhzhya @ Chicago blues pub
Mar 26, 2017


Kyiv @ Creative space "Chasopys"
Sep 14, 2017


Islamabad @ Sattar Baksh
Feb 17, 2018


Taipei @ xuexue institute
Jun 30, 2018


Panjim @ Cuebebar
Mar 02, 2019

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Having Black Friends: A "Do" and "Don't" Guide to Racial Understanding

@ VOL 10 ON FEB 23, 2012

Duante Beddingfield is a local writer whose work can be found in the Dayton Daily News and on the Welcome Dayton website. In his presentation, Duante hopes to help guide us towards a post-racial America. (in English)

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Designer's Guide

@ VOL 1 ON APR 11, 2013

Rebeka Rubio presents us her Designer's Guide. She shares some of her best work with us, and talks about the problems she had throughout creating them. She has had struggle to get to the point where she currently is, and offers tips to designers to avoid common mistakes. (in Spanish)


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Lessons From The Road

@ VOL 3 ON JAN 22, 2016

"Experiences bring lasting happiness, especially traveling to a new place. After all, what are you going to remember 20 years from now, your new 70" flat screen TV or that week you spent in Morocco."

As the owner of two successful pubs, it's probably safe to say that Larry Porter didn't really have the time to become a travel guide. But the lessons he learned while traveling compelled him to start Porterra Travel, so he could share the joy of travel with others. In "Lessons From The Road" from PechaKucha Night Easton Vol. 3, find out how travel changed him, and how it can change you.

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Lonely Planet Guide to Japan


Laura Crawford is a Destination Editor for Lonely Planet, covering Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and the Philippines. Sounds like an amazing dream job right?! Well, as Laura explains in her PehcaKucha talk in reality not always. 

Watch and listen to hear about her amazing (and no so amazing) adventures!  :)

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Where Is My Home?

@ VOL 1 ON NOV 11, 2016

Gabriel Mazur - Mountain guide who shared with us stories of traveling to the mountains and what the word HOME means to him. Crowd was going wild after this guy finished his presentation!

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A Lonely Planet Guide to Japan

@ VOL 17 ON MAY 22, 2017

In this extra special PechaKucha given to announce the location and concept of Japan House London on 22 May 2017, Simon Richmond, a contributor to Lonely Planet's guide to Japan and Tokyo, provides 20 reasons of why Japan is such a great place to visit.

Start searching for flights now!

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My Queenstown Life

@ VOL 8 ON JUL 20, 2017

This presentation focuses on the places that Queenstown Life blogger Jane Guy loves about her town. She performs an ode to the sights and life in her beloved town. 

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Creating an Alternative Tourist Guide to Japan

@ VOL 16 ON OCT 17, 2018

Chris Loughlan is CEO Cambridge Institute for Innovation. Working with a range of organisations in the UK on innovation strategy, skills and evaluation. He is concerned about the impact that tourism has on the world and is in the process of creating an alternative guide to Japan in time for the Rugby World Tour and the 2020 Olympic Games.  

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Festival Guide in Your Pocket

@ VOL 29 ON MAR 19, 2019

Areg Petrosyan and Yelizaveta Petrosyan present "Festival Guide in Your Pocket". 

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Can Tourism be Sustainable?

@ VOL 20 ON MAY 15, 2019

The Rugby World Cup 2019 and the Olympic Games 2020 spurred Chris Loughan into investigating how tourism can become more sustainable. His efforts have met with mixed responses but with more and more tourist attractions trying to balance the economic and environmental effects of increasing numbers of tourists, Chris's guide to sustainable tourism is slowly gaining attention. 

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A Guide to Presenting at PKN

This is an oldie but goodie. Tokyo Art Beat's Paul Baron, who also works at the Tokyo-based bilingual design company AQ, wrote back in 2007 a guide on how to prepare a great Pecha Kucha Night presentation.

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Why We Travel

We spend billions of dollars to put robot-cameras into space -- but why? In today's Presentation of the Day, "Why We Travel" from PKN Toronto Vol. 17, Zygmunt Strawczynski wonders why we go the places we go. "Ziggy" loves to travel, and offers several possibilities; we want to change ourselves, we want to push our limits, we want a photo, we're curious, or perhaps -- we go purely because we can.

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Beyond Eating Local: Using History as a Guide to a New Food Security

How can Hawaii become the model agricultural society for the world? Josh Lanthier-Welch gives a great crash-course on the agricultural history of the Hawaiian islands. The islands went from feeding being self-sufficient to entirely reliant on imports. In "Beyond Eating Local: Using History as a Guide to a New Food Security" from PKN Honolulu Vol. 18, Josh shows us how the Hawaiians can once again utilise their lush volcanic farmland to return themselves to a sustainable, self-sufficient agricultural society.

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Antarctic Time Travel

“What if [climate change] is all a big hoax and we create a better world for nothing?” -Joel Pett Exhibition developer and sustainability professional Bec McMaster is fascinated by all things Antarctica. In “Antarctic Time Travel” from PKN Christchurch Vol. 20 Bec shares the process of engaging with some of New Zealand’s leading scientists in order to present past and future climate change in a balanced and empowering manner.

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An Organizer's City Guide

What do PechaKucha Night organizers have to say about their cities? Go to the event page for our "Pow Wow" edition PKN held in Tokyo in March, where organizers were the ones who took to the stage to share 20 images.

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Tokyo Totem - A Subjective Guide

"This entire environment that is [Tokyo] is completely made by man, so we're effectively living in the collective imagination of mankind."At PechaKucha Tokyo Vol. 126, Dutch explorer Edwin Gardner introduces a new type of city guide called "Tokyo Totem" which attempts to look at Tokyo in a more experiential sense. Compiling a purely objective guide of the largest city in the world is simply an exercise in futility, hence Gardner's fresh angle. The book is coming together with a long list of collaborators over many visits to Tokyo. Tokyo Totem will be released later this year, so be on the look-out for it and we will keep you updated!Enjoy! 

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Couch-Surfing: A New Way to Travel

"It's not about a free couch, it's about sharing an experience." In Couch-Surfing: A New Way to Travel, from Bryan, Vol. 3. full-time animation and graphic arts instructor, and part-time couch surfer, Barbara Klein, explores an unconventional travel accommodation, on the couches of strangers.  Much to her friend's and family's dismay, Klein shares how putting herself in the unknown, and her trust in others, has lead to serendipitous results. She adds that pushing one's boundaries, by either accepting accommodation on a strangers couch or offering one's couch up to a travelling stranger opens a space for sharing time and new experiences with new friends in exciting and interesting new contexts. 

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Idiot's Guide to Being a Touring Rock Band

  "Don't spend the night in that hotel!" In Idiot's Guide to Being a Touring Rock Band from PechaKucha Night New Westminster Vol. 11, Stephen O'Shea takes us coast to coast and back again and tells us all the ins and outs of being a touring rock band. Think you have what it takes to take your rock band on a tour across Canada?

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Finding Purpose Through Travel, Service, and Photography

"I was hungry for more than concrete and cars but I didn't where to seek answers." In "Finding Purpose Through Travel, Service, and Photography" from PechaKucha Night Christchurch Vol. 32, Jonathan H. Lee shares his extraordinary experiences that have led him to opportunities that would forever change his life. Jonathon is a traveling photographer and videographer with a passion for wilderness, community development, and sustainable food and urban systems. In the past several years his work and interests have given him opportunities to visit many places around the globe for learning, serving, and sharing in all forms. Jonathan’s most recent collaboration is with Conscious Impact, a grassroots organization dedicated to rebuilding community in a rural village in Nepal following the devastating 2015 earthquake.

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PechaKucha Night Taipei Vol. 37 - To Travel is to Live!

With well over 350 Guests and Presenters and their friends and familly in attendence, PechaKucha Night Taipei Vol. 37 was a great night of facinating stories/slides, networking and craft cocktails. With Sponsorship support/giveaways from Aesop, Tossware, Shopping Design Magazine, La Vie Magazine, Fly Sim Cards, and Uber...and drinks provided by KOR Taipei. PKN Taipei  Vol. 37 was one of our biggest turnouts in recent years!  Stayed tuned for our next PKN night at XueXue on Sept. 22nd Saturday!   | Host | Tung-Lung Wu – Writer, Creative Traveler who’s learning “Design” | Presenters |Chi Lee - Botanical & Space ArtistAlan Hsia – Experience Creator, theLOOP, Co-FounderAda Yang – Artist & Art CuratorMiki Chang – PhotographerYu Lee – Founder of Fashion Blog “Yutopia”, Chief Editor of WazaiiiRiki Ueda – Travel WriterHally Chen – Designer and ColumnistRaven Chen –Chief Editor of Fashion Media “Heaven Raven”Nat Niu – Contemporary ArtistTun-Wei Hsiang – Photographer & Artist   PechaKucha Night Vol.37 Saturday, June 30th, 7:30pm 走吧!行旅人生TO TRAVEL IS TO LIVE  PechaKucha Night Vol.37: TO TRAVEL IS TO LIVEWhat type of "Traveler" are you? All in the name of Travel, we walk through different corners of streets, countrysides and even all across the globe, and leave behind our trails of existence. No matter if we are just roaming aimlessly or rushing during our destinations, what catches our attention is based on our own preferences or habits. Therefore, the way we travel and the route of our journeys thus is reflected in the facades of our life. What we fall in love with during our travels, those precious moment only belongs to ourselves when we travel. We easily reminiscence with the unique inspirations and memories that come along with every single trip. in turn, believe that each profession or passion is a reflection of our own life...