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Storytelling Through Patterns and Strings

@ VOL 28 ON JAN 21, 2014

String Theory is a partnership between two textile designers, Lysanne Latulippe and Meghan Price. The name String Theory is borrowed from a theory of physics that says the world is made of vibrating strings. As constructed textile designers, the two designers work with the math and physics of fibres, yarns, knitting and weaving to develop structure, pattern and texture. 



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Sofia @ Party Center 4th km
Apr 23, 2009


Los Angeles @ WUHO
Jun 11, 2009


San Luis Obispo
Jul 25, 2009


Brighton @ Blast Theory
Mar 12, 2010


Genève @ UOG
Nov 14, 2011


Dumaguete @ Byblos at Oriental Hall
Feb 05, 2015


Kyoto @ UrbanGuild
Jul 30, 2016


Nov 08, 2016


Huntsville @ Straight to Ale, Leeman Ferry Lounge
Aug 17, 2017

PAST Nordic Rebels: IDBM Challenge, Powered by PechaKucha

Powered by PechaKucha @ Games Factory
Sep 26, 2018

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Relativity Theory

@ VOL 18 ON FEB 20, 2013

Jim Coumans talks about his extreme curiosity as a child, and the relationship he held with his father. He also talks about how, even in adulthood, his father has changed his life for the better.

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The Poetry of Marriage

@ VOL 7 ON FEB 21, 2014

Lauren Shapiro is an artist and academic whose primary interest is in how art effects individual, interpersonal, and social change. Applying literary theory to the study of lifespan development, she explores how metaphors spoken between lovers predict the course of romantic relationships. 

"Presentation of the Day" on March 12, 2014.

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Dark Matter, to a music theory space.

@ VOL 33 ON DEC 03, 2013

Jaime Lobato talks about human echolocation as a genuine, unexplored skill related to the location and the form of objects in space by the reflections of sound (echo and reverb). It involves self-produced body sounds for spatial information. It is an ability that humans possess, and use in daily life unconsciously and consciously in some specific situations, but always discreetly. Usually developed to surprising levels by visually impaired.

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My Bunny and the Turtle Theory

@ VOL 1 ON NOV 21, 2014

Arild Brakstad takes us on a journey of his own and første Bunny and Turtle theory. He's an artist, writer and performer best known as the creator of "Svartediket" - the world's first black metal musical and more recently "The Black Gold,"

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A Theory on Doodling

@ VOL 12 ON MAY 23, 2015

Pam Woodson finds herself drawn to doodling in a couple of very specific situations. Not considering herself as an "artist", she initially used doodling as a door to create art without expectations. Pam found her path to becoming an artist. Through Pam's doodling research, we could all learn self-improvement through doodling.

This was "Presentation of the Day" on July 3rd, 2017. 

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The Peanuts Theory

@ VOL 10 ON JUL 01, 2015

"As I'm often asked about how I find my ideas, I finally decided to write down my own vision of the creation process, which I called "The Peanut theory", because it talks about peanuts lost in space and colliding each others... Thanks to that beautiful theory, everything will become cristal clear to you, folks !" Fabien Vehlmann

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Knock on Wood

@ VOL 16 ON DEC 04, 2015

Josh Rieck began studying the art of lutherie (stringed musical instrument making) in 2002 at Minnesota State College – Southeast Technical in Red Wing, MN. After graduating with honors from the Guitar Repair and Construction course he moved back to his hometown, Aberdeen, SD and started String Theory Musical Instrument Repair and Custom Construction, performing guitar repair for local musicians while also beginning to build various acoustic and electric instruments.

Due to local needs, Josh also began to work with violin family instruments while studying double bass performance at Northern State University. Double bass studies continued in 2007 at the University of South Dakota at which point the business also moved to Sioux Falls.

After completing his masters in 2009, Josh went full time as a luthier in a new location in Sioux Falls. Though he did return to academia in 2012-2013 while studying the history of musical instruments at the National Music Museum.

Since beginning in lutherie, Josh has built over 40 instruments and repaired thousands. As of 2015, the focus of his business has shifted toward J. Rieck Lutherie - the instrument making side of his endeavours.

He also plays with The Union Grove Pickers; sits on the board of the SD Friends of Traditional Music; is co-founder of Different Folk Records, and is a member the Guild of American Luthiers and the Ukulele Guild of Hawaii.


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Peter Dawe's Theory of Complex Systems

@ VOL 12 ON NOV 08, 2017

Peter Dawe explains how when things co-operate, mutate, remember and propagate, scary things happen. Discover why Darwin was wrong and Lamarck was right. Discover the most Intelligent being on Earth. Discover why you need not worry about AI. - The truth is scarier!

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The Intersection of Art and Science in Tom Stoppard's ARCADIA

@ VOL 7 ON JAN 26, 2018

Using images and issues from the greatest play of the late twentieth century, George Judy takes us on a journey into how Chaos Theory and principles of 'uncertainty' are a metaphor for life and art in our contemporary world.

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PechaKucha + The LegalArt Six

A special edition PechaKucha Night in Miami is set to feature the LegalArt Six artist residency, taking place at the Rubell Family Collection Contemporary Arts Foundation on March 25 (18:00-20:00). We're including the full press release for more details, as well as the list of participating -- and presenting -- artists. PECHA KUCHA NIGHT FEATURING THE LEGAL ART SIX FOR MIAMI’S FIRST LIVE/WORK RESIDENCY MIAMI (Mar. 12, 2010) Pecha Kucha, an event for young designers to meet, network, and show their work in public, will feature the LegalArt Six Thursday, March 25th 6-8PM at The Rubell Collection. This event serves as a public introduction to the local visual and multimedia artists the have been selected to participate in Miami’s s first live/work artist residency program, scheduled to open in the Downtown Arts and Entertainment District this spring. With 20 Power Point slides shown for 20 seconds each, the Miami artists - Carlos Ascurra, Pachi Giustinian, Jiae Hwang, Alvaro Ilizarbe, Manny Prieres, and Jen Stark will have about seven minutes to talk about their work and plans to give back to the community. Ideas include creating a mentorship program with high school artists and working with the blind to create visual art. A list of the artists’ work and projects is below. The Live/Work Residency Program, launched by the nonprofit LegalArt, is funded by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation’s Knight Arts Challenge, a $40 million effort to bring South Florida together through the arts. Additional support is being provided from the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation and the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs. “The residency will act as an incubator for these talented artists which will take them to a new level in his or her career,” said Kathleen Carignan, LegalArt’s executive director. “I am excited to see the new collaborations and innovative ideas that emerge when these artists live and work together.” The highly competitive LegalArt Live/Work Residency is Miami’s first subsidized live/work, professional development, and community-building artists’ facility. Designed as an incubator, artists in residence live and work in private 900 square foot studios and have access to exhibition, lecture, legal counseling spaces and a comprehensive resource library. The Residency brings together some of Miami’s most promising artists, along with national and international artists and curators; allowing them to collaborate in ways only a residential model can offer. Visiting curators and scholars will engage both with resident artists—by mentoring, leading critiques and exploring exhibition opportunities beyond Miami—and the public through lectures, workshops and exhibitions. The Residency’s first participants and their projects are: Carlos Ascurra: His work explores the impact of sound and information in contemporary culture and engages in a dialogue with the viewer about the findings. Give-Back Project: Will create a publishing house called RUINS Publishing to create hand made publications with photocopy machines, silkscreen and sound equipment in order to create a forum for discussion and collaboration. Pachi Giustinian: This multimedia artist explores matters of color, light and sensations. Give-Back Project: To See Without Sight is a program for individuals who suffer from all levels of blindness. The program will introduce them to a new form of expression, to produce and create visual art. Jiae Hwang: Inspired by the ideas of string theory and parallel universes this interdisciplinary artist deals in a broad spectrum of media from traditional drawings to video, audio, and multimedia installations which seek to create new ways to engage with viewers. Give-Back Project: Graphic design, video art, and software training sessions for artists to provide project support for digital documentation, converting image files, import and export of visual media, and explanation of graphic and video software. Alvaro Ilizarbe: Creator of the Freegums clothing label Lizarbe focuses on madcap aesthetics, comfort, and individuality. Give-Back Project: Creating an opportunity for elementary school students to collaborate with mural artists. Manny Prieres: His work is the product of the clash between tradition, temperamental heritage, and an intense, idiosyncratic counterculture expressed with detailed drawings and sculpture. Give-Back Project: An artist lecture series will provide studio visits for art students in high school and college. The series will give students a glimpse of what they can expect when they graduate and begin their careers. Jen Stark: Interested in how math and science is intertwined in everything around us, Stark creates complex structures that reveal how remarkable common materials can become. About PechaKucha PechaKucha was conceived in Tokyo in February 2003 by architects Mark Dytham and Astrid Klein as an event where young designers could meet, network and show their work in public. Over time, it has evolved into a massive celebration of creativity, with events regularly being held in over 270 cities including Miami. Last year, more than 6,000 presentations were hosted at over 600 PechaKucha events. Drawing its name from the Japanese phrase for the sound of conversation ("chit chat"), the PechaKucha format is simple—20 images x 20 seconds—and designed to keep presentations concise and moving at a rapid pace. About LegalArt LegalArt empowers artists by providing affordable legal services, professional development services, the Live/Work Residency, grants, and educational opportunities. Our SeminArt series brings experts to educate artists on wide-ranging subjects including strategic planning, marketing, wage theft, winning arts commissions, and public speaking. LegalLink, a legal assistance and education program which partners with University of Miami Law School and local attorneys, provides legal services on a pro bono, barter or reduced rate basis. LegalArt’s professional staff made up of attorneys and arts advocates offers training in copyright and trademark, incorporation, portfolio management, writing skills and maintains the LegalArt headquarters where South Florida artists are welcome to seek guidance, support, resources and a greater sense of community with their peers. About the Rubell Family Collection and Contemporary Arts Foundation The Rubell Family Collection (RFC) was started in New York in 1964 when Don and Mera Rubell were first married. Since 1993 it has been displayed in Miami at its current, 45,000 square-foot location inside a former Drug Enforcement Agency confiscated goods facility. RFC first opened to the public in 1994. In 1998 the non-profit Contemporary Arts Foundation (CAF) was created to expand the Collection’s public mission inside the paradigm of a contemporary art museum. Each year CAF presents thematic exhibitions drawn from the collection with accompanying catalogs. These shows often travel to museums around the country. CAF also maintains an internship program, partnership with Miami-Dade County Public schools, an ongoing lecture series and an extensive artwork loan program to facilitate exhibitions at museums around the world. Since opening in 1994, RFC has been recognized as the pioneer of what is often referred to as the “Miami model,” whereby private collectors create a new, independent form of public institution.

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Gibson Thunderbird

Due to their immense popularity these days, one may not know that the Gibson Thunderbird bass guitar (and its six-string equivalent, the Firebird) were actually the black sheep of the guitar industry upon their debut in the 1960s.  In this edition of Presentation of the Day (from PKN London Vol. 4), Eero Koivisto discusses the unique history of the German-designed American guitar: he discusses Gibson's desires to spice up their brand in the 1960s, their commissioning of auto-designer Raymond Dietrich to accomplish this goal, its subsequent failure (in terms of sales), and rise to popularity over a decade later. The Gibson Thunderbird has since been used by numerous bands of note, including The Who, Sonic Youth, The Cure, Aerosmith, Guns and Roses, and many more. Eero tells us of his experience growing up in wonder of this particularly unconventional bass guitar, and how it inspired him both musically and in terms of design. 

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Sustainable development

Viacheslav Rudnytskiy is trainer at Success Technology Training Company in Dniproperovsk, Ukraine and he travels all over the world. After last trip he considered why there are clean streets in one place and dirty streets in another place. Theory of sustainable development is based on combination of economy, environment and social community factors of every phenomenon. 

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From Thorns to Stars

"I use my work as a weapon, as a shield" In today's Presentation of the Day, "From Thorns to Stars" from PKN Richmond, BC Vol. 2, artist Vjeko Sager walks us through this theory, and process. Vjeko works primarily in the charcoal medium and describes his work as a rejection of digital art. He speaks on being excited with the idea of being misunderstood, enjoying the prospect that art could be (and often is) completely misinterpreted. Vjeko's methods and outlook are inspiring, but be sure to take a look at his fine work -- it speaks for itself.

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The Poetry of Marriage

Is love a journey? Is it work? Is it a battlefied? Or a force? Lauren Shapiro is an artist and academic whose primary interest is in how art effects individual, interpersonal, and social change. In "The Poetry of Marriage" from PKN Santa Cruz, CA Vol. 7, Lauren speaks on how she applies literary theory to the study of lifespan development, and explores how metaphors spoken between lovers predict the course of romantic relationships. 

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Drink Wine, Eat Chocolate

"Getting more pleasure, and enjoying [life] more, together." Good motto. Contemporary Swedish glass designer Åsa Jungnelius is interested in what is considered genuine or fake, and how value is created around an object. In "Drink Wine, Eat Chocolate" from a special Swedish Style x PechaKucha edition of PKN Tokyo (Vol. 66), we see that Åsa often uses stereotypes as a language that informs her design theory, and challenges the conventional meaning of these formulae. 

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PKN Kyoto Podcast#4 - Nike Dattani

Click here for podcast Take a listen to our Podcast#4 with Vol.15 speaker Nike Dattani, computational scientist who was at Kyoto University for a work stint. From genetic mapping to Einstein's theory of relativity, we tried to ask the hard questions. After a few drinks, the conversation truly became interesting! Hosted by Ash Ryan and Eric Luong

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Seeking God through Instagram

“We are bacteria. We’re building concrete fungi on this speck of dust — and that’s what we call civilization.” Halik Azeez traced who he is today back to a string of events that occurred 10 years ago. In “Seeking God Through Instagram” from PKN Colombo Vol. 4 he discusses the tsunami that took away everything he owned, whereby he found himself confronted with an existential crisis.

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A Theory on Doodling

"I never felt that I could be an artist, but somehow doodling opened the door for me. It was a way to do art without expectations, and from there I gave myself permission to belong in the category of artist. That was freedom for me."In A Theory on Doodling from Williamsburg Vol. 12, Pam Woodson finds herself drawn to doodling in a couple of very specific situations. Not considering herself as an "artist", she initially used doodling as a door to create art without expectations. Pam found her path to becoming an artist. Through Pam's doodling research we could all learn self-improvement through doodling.Pen and paper please.

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Who Killed the King

"I am going to tell you a true story, that I made up." In "Who Killed the King" from PechaKucha Night Orlando Vol. 18, Magician Extraordinaire Kostya Kimlat embarks on a fun-filled journey into the hidden stories that lie in plain sight in a deck of playing cards. Kostya goes on to share his mindblowing theory about the card of King of Hearts with us, touching on the European history, the history of card making and his own assumptions.