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Desolate Beauty: A Contemplation of the Desert

@ VOL 16 ON JUN 29, 2017

Contemplative writer David Morrison and Monk Drums (El Paso vol.11) creator Jacob Neria takes us on a journey of of sound, image, and spoken word celebrates a vision of desert spirituality.

As David explains, there is a beauty that can be experienced in the scarcity of desert if we come to it with contemplative eyes. The word, “contemplation,” in Latin, means to “gaze intently upon.” It’s possible to walk in desert landscapes and witness its emptiness until a stunning beauty arises. And further, this beauty begins to gaze into the beholder, and one is transformed forever. In the Irish language, “to contemplate,” means to place oneself at the “edge of waiting.” The desert is a liminal space on the edge of what’s familiar, and it draws and enchants those who dare to walk in its kenotic embrace.

The images are not professionally shot nature photos, but rather the simple snapshots of a lifelong desert walker. The haikus are not literary as much as they are experiential. Mary Oliver sums it up perfectly: "Every day I walk out into the world / to be dazzled, then to be reflective."

David Morrison and Jacob Neria are members of Desert Rain Community, a contemporary community of Christian contemplative monks located outside El Paso in Chaparral, NM.


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Louisville @ Gheens Foundation Lodge @ Parklands at Floyds Fork
Apr 30, 2013

PAST Ubud 20x20 VOL 1

Ubud @ Betel Nut
Sep 26, 2012


Honolulu @ Honolulu Museum of Art School
Mar 11, 2016

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Becoming Chimerik

@ VOL 2 ON JUL 12, 2013

Sammy Chien highlights his journey into creating art and defining himself. He also details his journey as he tries more and more to connect with and act as a messenger for the spiritual world.

"Presentation of the Day" on August 22, 2013.

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Restorying: Cultivating Personal, Cultural, and Planetary Stories for a New Era

@ VOL 1 ON OCT 24, 2013

Julie Gabrielli, realizing that the world's big problems are still not being solved, created a movement called Restorying. During Restorying Retreats, members undertake creative activities such as having conversations with trees. This structure allows them to discover their why and allows the world's new and important stories to surface.

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What is Sacred?

@ VOL 33 ON APR 26, 2016

Vera de Chalambert, a spiritual story teller and Harvard-educated scholar of Comparative Religion, talks about sacred in regards to the Divine Feminine.  In her presentation she references several world religions including Hinduisim and Christianity. She also teaches and writes about mindfulness in the modern world. 

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Bharatanatyam for Engineers

@ VOL 9 ON MAY 07, 2016

Ram Kumar talks about how anyone can learn classical dance forms at any age and its ability to bring one closer to his/her spiritual core. 

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Jessica Lofthus - Artist


Jessica is a painter and fiber artist who grew up visually immersed between Southwest and Graffiti art. Her artistic style reflects these two very different but complimentary styles, while layering spiritual and cultural references with subtle color changes and crisp lines. Her work explores cultural evolution, spiritualism and the alchemy of healing. She works to create intentional compositions and installations meant to ignite inspiration and healing for ourselves and our world.

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La Vida Que Quieres

@ VOL 3 ON AUG 04, 2016

Veronica Noguera, life coach, nos cuenta su experiencia de vida que la ha llevado a superarse en todo momento. Con el yoga, ha llegado a tener una nueva perspectiva de vida, la cual se ha dedicado a enseñar a los demás. 

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Spirituality in Art Puppets

@ VOL 147 ON MAY 31, 2017

 "念形(ねんぎょう)と象麟(ゾリン)"  ヒトガタのようで人形にあらず、 架空の精霊 "念形"と、 不可思議な音を奏でる"象麟"のご紹介。

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Symbolism and Belief

@ VOL 29 ON SEP 20, 2016

In May of 2015, Chelcee Aitchison graduated from University of Michigan-Dearborn with a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and Psychology. During her studies, she found her interest in Cultural Anthropology with a focus on indigenous religious beliefs. Spending six weeks on the island of Isla Mujeres, Mexico, Chelcee researched the levels of symbolism and belief among the populations found on the island.

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Buddha og Grundtvig

@ VOL 37 ON JUN 21, 2018

Here on behalf of Gomde Højskole, Niels Viggo Hansen tells the audience about their reasons and inspirations for creating a højskole dedicated to the ideals of both Grundtvig and Buddhism, and how their work has paid off so far.

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Solitude: A How To

@ VOL 2 ON AUG 01, 2018

Simon Eckman is a fingerstyle guitarist, songwriter, and florist from Sebeka, Minnesota. Simon is interested in the natural world, spirituality, world religion & cultures, communication, philosophy, and poetry. Simon strives to be a seeker of truth and beauty, however far into the unknown it leads. He above all strives to be a gentle and kind human being. 


PechaKucha #16 June 12th 2013

Thanks to everyone who came along to PK Whangarei #16 at the Old Library last night. A perfect mix of community, controversy, humour, spirituality...and chickens (you had to be there). If you want to know more about a presentation you saw last night, email us at pkwhangarei dot gmail dot com and we'll put you in touch. Here's the running order; Ash Holwell – Amsterdam Squat Clare Swinney – Chemtrails Gareth – Marine Boarer Robbie Watts – Chickenshit Peter Kageyama – For the Love of Cities Renee Lee – Church Road Ash Holwell & Chris Howell – Re-imagining Whangarei's CBD Kaari Schlebach - Jam Tse Dhargyey Ling Peter Larsen – Frank #2 Spontaneous PechaKucha - Trent (Northland Youth Theatre)   Thanks to Chris, Becs and the crew @ Big Fish Creative for putting together the slide shows, designing the poster and for their continued tech and creative help. We cannot do PK without them. Thank you Damian Pullen - his intelligent, respectful wit makes the night. Thank you Tania Davidson our sign language interpreter. Thanks Maureen LyonsAdair for plastering the town with our posters. And finally thanks to Peter Kageyama who shared his wisdom on loving your city and how you can make it the place you want to live in. Next show looking like August 7th with another brilliant line up from our community. See you there!