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A Concise History of Race Relations in New Zealand ... Abridged

@ VOL 18 ON FEB 17, 2013

James Nokise gives us a comedic rundown on the history of New Zealand, its diversity, and its rugby team. He talks about New Zealand's original inhabitants, its immigrants, and encourages racial understanding and acceptance across the board. 


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Jakarta @ Es Teler77 Resto
Sep 18, 2013


Maastricht @ De Brandweer
Apr 09, 2015


Harare @ Sorella's Pizzeria and Cafe
May 19, 2016

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Storytelling through Moroccan Rugs

@ VOL 1 ON AUG 14, 2014

Alia Kate, of Kantara, explains her preoccupation with Moroccan rugs, the stories woven into their fibers, and the women weavers who create them. 

Through her travels and conversations with the many women she spent with in Morocco, and learning their language, Kate expresses her love for their culture. Which then allowed her to start her own stories with making rugs and pillows in her online store. 

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From rugby to social empowerment in Romania

@ VOL 26 ON APR 09, 2015

Lucian Mircescu is actively involved in development matters in Romania. A few years ago, he launched the Rugby Club Aurora Baicoi Foundation, which he is using now as a social development platform.

Last year he organised the club's first summer school, where he spent one week with children from 8-14, teaching them maths and English with Duolingo and the Khan Academy.

It's a project that is gaining more and more attention. His story can be one of social empowerment and community participation in the context of the Romanian migration taking place after the country gained European Union membership.

Some of the children in the club simply grow up without any parents, who are working abroad. The children are rarely encouraged to focus on their education and to pursue careers that require studying - which only repeats an eventual poverty cycle. 

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@ VOL 6 ON OCT 29, 2014

Inés Álvarez, jugadora del club de Rugby el Salvador, muestra su perspectiva del deporte femenino y cómo se vive desde el punto de vista de un deporte minoritario como es el Rugby

 Y sobre todo quiere animar a conocer el rugby y muy especialmente a que más niñas, chicas y mujeres se animen a practicarlo, no importa que nunca antes hayan hecho deporte, el club os recibirá con los brazos abiertos.

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The Quest for Competitive Advantage in Sports

@ VOL 1 ON MAY 19, 2016

Kisset Chirengende discussess the cost of winning for professional athletes

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World Rugby U20 Trophy…Zimbabwe on the World Stage

@ VOL 1 ON MAY 19, 2016

Stanley Mushonga-Mhiza shares his experience with the World Rugby U20 event held in Zimbabwe 

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Restoration from the Rubble - Medic Samaritan

@ VOL 19 ON MAY 12, 2016

In this presentation Chad Becker discusses the efforts of Medic Samiratan, which was established to offer medical support in Haiti for mission teams and the residents they served following the catastrophic earthquake in January 2010 which devastated the already impoverished Third World country.  Evolving from its founding objective, Medic Samaritan now enters into healthcare concentrated endeavors that facilitate access to shelter, education, and clean water within the rural mountainous communities of Beloc, Camatin, and Decouze, Haiti. The Medic Samaritan SEWing Sustainability model (Shelter, Education/Engagement, Water), focuses on empowering Haitians through projects that promote long-term, community health development and sustainability.

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Ein Sport für alle - Rugby im Ländle

@ VOL 12 ON MAR 02, 2017

Die Core Values sind: Integrität, Solidarität, Leidenschaft, Respekt und Disziplin. Diese bilden die Basis. Am Platz. Aber auch abseits vom Platz. Jede und jeder kann mitmachen. Jede Position erfordert andere Qualitäten. Es verbindet. Von was ist die Rede? RUGBY! Zur "Glückseeligkeit" fehlt Claudia Korizek und ihrer Mannschaft nur noch die sportliche Heimat. Ein Platz, auf dem sie ihre Spiele und Trainings abhalten können. Rugby in Vorarlberg. Ein Sport für alle ist im Kommen!

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Why not?

@ VOL 4 ON MAY 31, 2018

Agathe Schwaar, social activitst and Master student at The Graduate Institute, Geneva, talks about how the words "Why not ?" have helped her overcome obstacles and becoming the person she is now.

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Rube Goldberg and Me

@ VOL 9 ON JUL 27, 2018

Playing by the rules and sticking to the shortest route between points A and B was how Melanie Bennett intended to win the game of Life. Turns out 'winning' has a different definition and the route is more convoluted.

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Lucid dreaming, intuition, augmented reality and satelitelaunching all at Aalborg #12

90 people attending in an attentive atmosphere and opened by 3D graphic Benny Mathiesen. This time he shared his thoughts, experiences and knowledge of lucid dreaming - fascinating and fun - so everybodys attension was caught. Bo Nicolaisen from Platform 4 talked of a collaboration between thr art & tech people in Aalborg, one of the worlds best animation schools situated in Viborg and Filmværkstedet in Århus - the Bemudacollaboration give artists opportunities to benefit from workshops, knowledge and projects from all tree places. Sandro Masai is both dancer, choreographer and educated from Aalborg University in art & technology. He's making an art project based on augmented reality - at a summer art event in july called Bunkerlove at Denmarks large west coast beaches, where bunkers from 2. worldwar still lie in the sand. Before the break Ellen Raunsmed is researching in intuition at the university and shared her knowledge and experiences from seminars held together with artists, philosophers and dancers. The break kept people chit-chatting and networking - among a bunch of cool women in rollerskates from Aalborg Rollerderby - and bly me it's like rugby ON ROLLERSKATES for women!!! The first slot after the break was taken by artist and a men who pocesses imense knowledge art critic Gorm Spaabæk. He is the man behind a project where Nordjyske - the local paper - hires artists to create i piece FOR the paper inspired by local stories from the area. Lars Ditlev Johansen is educated actor an directs a piece called "A walk in the dark" about meeting life and death - and the theaterpiece will also be part of Bunkerlove inviting the audience onto the beach at night and into the bunkers. He read beautiful pieces of the drama - for me a very moving moment. And then came the complete fun - in the name of PechaKucha variaty in content - there came a whole team of Rollerderbygirls presenting their passion for the game! Brilliant pianist and composer - art & technology student Dominik Blasko finished the evening both talking about composing, making different art installations AND playing one of his pieces - a beautiful dot to a wonderful evening. See you in september :-)


PechaKucha #17 August 7th

Thanks to everyone who came along last night to Bank St. Social Club for PechaKucha Whangarei edition 17. Another fantastic group of presenters from our diverse and vibrant community. And a lot of new faces in the audience. After costs we raised $95 for Food for Life Northland.   Thanks again to the following without who PK could not happen; Damian our MC who held the night together (again) Chris and Becs from Big Fish Creative who made the slideshows and drove the ship Harri our sign language interpreter - first time at PechaKucha...and first of many more we hope  Bank St. Social Club for setting everything up and giving us a new venue the Sound Cave crew for the awesome PA Maureen our promoter Our fanstastic presenters were; Rob Pollock – Spontaneous PechaKucha Laughton King – Dyslexia Dismantled Kate Lindberg - Whangarei Ranger Unit Miriam Ritchie – DOC Dog Handler Ranger Natalie Tate - Spontaneous Creativity After A Supernatural Encounter Cameron Tukapua - Opening Up - A Healing Conversation Streaming PK - Geeg Wiles - Ahab's Adventures Andrew Garratt – The 15 Minute Sceptic Piet Nieuwland - Kaleidoscope of Mirrors We also had a couple of impromptu presentations from; Hannie from SewGood the Whangarei community sewing collective Alistair McGinn (Northland Rugby Union) about the importance of excercise, nutritrion and community   If you'd like details of any of the presenters please get in touch with us at pkwhangarei at gmail dot com or find us on facebook.