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Bali @ Gaya Art Space
Feb 21, 2010

PAST Flop Parade

Powered by PechaKucha @ Heimathafen Wiesbaden
Oct 01, 2015

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Shedding Light on Paradise

@ VOL 20 ON APR 18, 2014

Alison Beste's photographs explore the boundaries between the built and natural world using light effects on the ocean horizon. Light from cities, vessels, and beacons become powerful metaphors for the ways in which we interact, manage, and attempt to control the environment. In Hawaii, where expectations of an organic paradise collide with an often-manufactured landscape, Allison's work scrutinizes the tension between nature and artifice. Alison uses light to examine how constructs of nature and the artificial are interrelated, ambiguous, and mediated by culture.

"Presentation of the Day" on October 28, 2014.

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A Thrilling Community

@ VOL 1 ON MAR 31, 2015

Chante Tenoso talks about how a childhood obsession with horror movies led down a crooked path to organizing zombie walks through NYC. There was even a zombie prom.

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The Paradox of Time Travel

@ VOL 3 ON MAY 30, 2015

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could truly go back in time? Uwuis Al Qarni, co-founder and Chief Financial Officer of DotRoot Technologies, explains how time travel is possible (and that we're constantly doing it!) and its consequences in depth.

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How I became a tea cup

@ VOL 2 ON JUN 23, 2015

Lauren Mitchell is passionate about carnivals and talks us through what goes on behind the scenes getting the costumes and sculptures ready for these amazing events.

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Dnipro travel to the city of paradoxes

@ VOL 4 ON DEC 17, 2016

Dnipro travel to the city of paradoxes

Dnipro – the city of paradoxes. Its center looks like avenues and streets of many European cities with skyscrapers and shopping centers. But near you can find buildings from XIX century with mysteries and paradoxes.

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The Unexpected Hanging Paradox

@ VOL 16 ON MAR 15, 2017

The unexpected hanging paradox is a riddle.  Think about what makes you special.  Think about your family.  Now listen to Rebecca Malmquist make it more clear to you with her experiences.

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Puppetry in Paradise

@ VOL 20 ON APR 19, 2017

"All creative journies start somewhere. Mine began in a paper cutting workshop..." 

In "Puppetry in Paradise" from PechaKucha Night Cairns Vol. 20,  Danielle Henderson is trained in theatre, performance and media arts. She is a passionate entertainer, writer/ storyteller and occasional singer living in Cairns, Far North Queensland.  Since becoming a mother her attention has turned to visual art forms, specifically Scherenschnitte, or silhouette paper cutting. Her work is exceptionally detailed and has a pure uncomplicated visual appeal which lends itself poetically to shadow play. In 2013 Danielle wrote and performed I Live Here - a shadow puppet theatre experience for children.
Seeking more colourful and less solitary creative engagements she has more recently facilitated a community arts project for children and families. Her latest work is pushing her interest in puppet making into 3 dimensions.

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Aanstoot paradox

@ VOL 11 ON SEP 18, 2018

Michiel Bot is universitair docent Encyclopedie van het Recht aan de Tilburg University en op 18 september stelde hij enkele kritische vragen over wat hij de aanstootparadox noemt: "Aan de ene kant roept het opinie-establishment voortdurend dat de politieke correctheid van minderheden de grootste bedreiging is van onze vrijheid, terwijl het aan de andere kant juist de meerderheid is, inclusief het opinie-establishment, dat meer aanstoot lijkt te nemen dan ooit tevoren."

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The Paradox of the Boundary: Life Amongst Mystic, Muddy, and Dynamic Deltas

@ VOL 10 ON NOV 13, 2018

Liz Russell's current role allows her to collaborate with partners beyond parishes and programs, of cultures and communities across scales of space and time. She sees herself as having been on a journey along a watercourse for some time now – sees how its speeding silts and swirling eddies have rendered her method of thinking and tactics for questioning the extraordinary relationships we have with the landscapes of architectures in which we reside. 

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The Paradox of the Paw Paw

@ VOL 48 ON DEC 12, 2018

Horticulture enthusiast Caroline Corboy introduces us to the Paw Paw.

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Shedding Light on Paradise

Alison Beste uses light to examine the relationship between artificial and natural constructs. Artist and photographer Alison Beste’s work explores the boundaries between the built and natural world through the use of light effects on the ocean horizon. In “Shedding Light on Paradise” from PKN Honolulu Vol. 20, Alison speaks about light from cities, vessels, and beacons as powerful metaphors for the ways we interact, manage, and attempt to control our environment.

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A Paper Tale

"When the eyes temporarily refuse to collaborate with the brain, it usually causes a beautiful paradox."In "A Paper Tale" from PechaKucha Night Broome, Vol. 3, paper artist Jackie Cheng's works speak for themselves. Grounded in a traditional life, she humbly downplays her mesmerisingly imaginative and intricate paper art, sharing how it is a process of simplicity and quiet reflection. Enjoy!