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Lisbon @ Central Tejo / Museu da Electricidade
Jun 01, 2010


San Diego @ MXD830 / Counterpoint
Jul 20, 2011


Williamsburg @ Gloucester Arts On Main
Jun 15, 2013


Amsterdam @ Radion
Apr 22, 2015


York @ The Arts Barge Riverside Marquee
Jul 29, 2015


York @ Plastic Fortune Studios
Feb 12, 2016


Honolulu @ Honolulu Museum of Art Spalding House
Jun 10, 2016


Brighton @ The Nightingale Room
Nov 08, 2017


Yerevan @ Kololak Restaurant
Oct 28, 2018


Bermuda @ Spinning Wheel Entertainment Complex
May 30, 2019

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Fighting Plastic

@ VOL 9 ON APR 04, 2013

Sonya Luz Hinton Constanza uses her life to illustrate how many modern products have plastic components, and how to limit our plastic consumption as much as possible.

She then looks at the average consumption rate of single-use plastic bags worldwide, and points to various cities which have already banned these bags, urging Taos to do the same.

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I Pledge Allegiance...

@ VOL 5 ON JUN 15, 2013

Reese Williams, being that Flag Day was the day before she presented, takes the liberty of celebrating America and showing her patriotism by comically creating 20 different versions of the Pledge of Allegiance. Join her and learn 20 different new ways to honor America. 

"Presentation of the Day" on February 12, 2014.

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Plastic: The Next Big Thing

@ VOL 24 ON AUG 04, 2015

Doug Woodring is the Founder of Ocean Recovery Alliance, a NPO which focuses on bringing technology, collaborations and policy together to improve the health of the ocean.

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Plastic Soup Surfer

@ VOL 14 ON FEB 10, 2016

Plastic Soup Surfer Merijn Tinga kite-surfte op een board gemaakt van aangespoeld Noordzee plastic van Belgie naar Duitsland. Afgelopen zomer ging hij vijf maanden op zeilexpeditie met zijn gezin als de Plastic Jagers. Voor komende zomer heeft hij een nieuw afstandsrecord op stapel staan. Plastic soup avonturen met als hoger doel afval-gedragsverandering.  

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See Art, Make Art: Plastic Fantastic?

@ VOL 27 ON JUN 10, 2016

Making art daily as a teaching artist at the Honolulu Museum of Art, Julia Cornell shares and engages in activities that reflect the same materials, techniques, and concepts that the children encounter within the gallery. Her presentation will include a brief summary as well as examples of children’s experiences at the current Plastic Fantastic? exhibition at Spalding House.

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Chrysanthemums & Plastic Walls

@ VOL 21 ON SEP 03, 2015

Artist, TV presenter and music maker Lee Baker explains his connection with Japan.  A truly heart-felt PechaKucha, which profoundly moved the audience and its presenter.

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Plastic Free Pledge

@ VOL 28 ON NOV 08, 2017

Product designer Jake Arney shares his recent campaign for banning single-use plastic and showcases what can be made with reclaimed materials.

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Plastic Bag free towns

@ VOL 26 ON JAN 19, 2018

Todd Martin shares Sustain Mid-Maine Coalitions plan to present banning plastic bags to the voters of Waterville Maine. 

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Մանկություն առանց պլաստիկի

@ VOL 27 ON OCT 28, 2018

Liana Khachatryan's journalistic interest brought her to start an experiment in reducing daily use of plastic. This later transformed into 'zero-waste lifestyle' for her family and now environmntally-cautious children.

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Plastic Free

@ VOL 3 ON APR 11, 2019

Charlie Demetriou and Marisa Edworthy set up Zero Store. Their talk is a whistle-stop tour of how we can all try to become a little bit plastic free.

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PKN Bali for Haiti

The "PechaKucha Global Night for Haiti" will be a true community event, bringing together as many of the PKN cities as possible on one day (February 20). The organizers of PKN Bali were among the first to pledge their support, and here's a look at the poster they've put together for the event. Note that the venue is still to be announced.


PKN Vol. 5

We're coming up on our Volume 5, at Gloucester Arts on Main, Saturday, June 15th. Social at 6pm, presentations at 7pm. I've only been given some clues, but this evening looks like it's promising to be very upbeat and inspiring. We're going to hear about Stephanie's personal psychologies and theories on happiness, Lulu has been collecting words for a crowdsourced poem, and Reese will be talking about "I pledge allegiance..." Something interesting must be in those 3 dots. We're also going to have our first couples presentation. Grace and Matt will be sharing the meaning and inspiration of art in their relationship. Things may get mushy. So mark the date off in your calendar, come check out a great gallery, have a drink and a snack, get inspired, and join in a little chit-chat, PechaKucha style.

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Gundam Jewelry

Jewelry designer and professor at the Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry Mikiko Minewaki shares (from the special Tokyo Designers Week 2012 edition of PKN Tokyo, held at Meiji-Jingu Gaien inside the TDW Dome) her unique accessories, built using pieces of plastic Gundam models, as well as many other found objects. She questions the necessity of adornment, and endorses the act of making new of something old. 

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Partial to Plastic

Plastics: whether you love 'em or hate 'em, there's no denying they've had a hug impact on our everyday lives. In today's Presentation of the Day, "Partial to Plastic" from a special Tokyo Designers Week edition of PKN Tokyo Vol. 107, product designer Fumie Shibata shows us some of the things she and her design firm have helped design. Among her portfolio are things such as capsules for a capsule hotel, thermometers, sippy cups, rice cookers, sunglasses, and smart vending machines with marketing capabilities.

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I Pledge Allegiance...

"Give me your reality TV, your trailer parks, your clustered pigskin aficionados..." Reese Williams takes the liberty of celebrating America and showing her patriotism by comically creating 20 different versions of the Pledge of Allegiance. In "I Pledge Allegiance..." from PKN Williamsburg Vol. 5, she speaks of the American flag, pick-up trucks, star-spangled polo shirts, and nationalist beer displays. Join Reese and learn 20 different new ways to honor the Spirit of America. 

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Flotsam Weaving

Plastics from continents thousands of miles away wash in on countless beaches every day. Artist Jo Atherton weaves artwork from flotsam found washed up on beaches. In "Flotsam Weaving" from PKN Bedford Vol. 2, we see that their cheerful familiar forms belie a shocking truth: we get older but plastic remains. Though Jo's work isn't intended to foster a culture of blame, she does communicate through her work that we are all tied together in this global waste problem.

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The Impossibility of Nature

What comes of a synthesis of plastic into our natural world at the microscopic level? The repetitive use of natural detritus brings Shona Wilson closer to understanding the world we share. The materials that make up her work are storehouses of knowledge and information. They act as 'keys', unlocking doors to memory, science, history and imagination. In "The Impossibility of Nature" at PKN Forster Vol. 2 her current work increasingly responds to and reflects upon the cross-pollinations between nature, humans and culture, referencing in particular, plastics' invasion into the 'natural' world. 

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Plastic Printing

“How can I get [students] away from the computer, pull them out of the screen, and how can I get them to think with their hands and to approach things outside of a pixel?” In Plastic Printing from PechaKucha Night Honolulu Vol. 27, Rob McConnell shares the technique of printing typography and designs using LEGO pieces. As a Graphic Design Professor at Brigham Young University Hawaii, he is interested in exploring all the possible learning experiences that this technique allows. This presentation covers how he came upon the idea and some of the plastic printing work that we have produced in the past year.

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Artistic Encounters with Plastiglomerate, Derelict Fishing Gear, and other Pacific Plastic Flotsam

“He mimes geological compression, squeezing all of the detritus together to make a post-consumerist stone.” In Artistic Encounters with Plastiglomerate, Derelict Fishing Gear, and other Pacific Plastic Flotsam from PechaKucha Night Honolulu Vol. 27, Jan Dickey, UHM MFA candidate, and Jaimey Hamilton Faris, UHM Associate Professor of Contemporary Art and Critical Theory, will talk about how art engages with the environmental impact of plastic trash in the Pacific Ocean. They will introduce the work of three artists: Kelly Jazvac’s “readymade” plastiglomerate (a newly designated geologic formation of sand, coral, and plastic); Maika’i Tubbs’ attempts to replicate platiglomerate’s geology; and Mary Babcock’s weavings of plastic fishing line found on the shores of the Hawaiian Islands.

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PechaKucha Bermuda Vol. 26

PKN #26 is on! PechaKucha Bermuda Vol. 26 will be held on Thursday, May 30, 2019 at Spinning Wheel Entertainment Complex, with short, dynamic, powerful presentations on a range of topics! Want to present? Email FREE Entry. The bar will be open. Vegan dinners will be available for purchase from Modern Temple Catering! BRING YOUR OWN REUSABLES (cups, containers, utensils) to help reduce plastic and paper waste. We are looking for dedicated volunteers to join the PechaKucha Bermuda team! Email us at if you want to get involved on an ongoing basis (4 events a year), or if you can help out on the night of! Tag us in your photos #PechaKuchaBermuda to share the PKN love!   Artwork by ORA - Poster design by John Adcock and Hannah Collins