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Buffalo Niagara by Design

@ VOL 18 ON SEP 24, 2016

"What was I thinking when I came to Buffalo? ... I was coming to join a social movement in our city and region, and I dove in head first."

In Buffalo Niagara Design from PechaKucha Buffalo Vol. 18, Dean and Professor of the University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning, Robert Shibley, recounts his recruitment to Buffalo as Department Chair, 35 years ago. Upon the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the department, Shibley discusses his work with architecture and planning students, faculty and community members on various urban planning projects in the region. Across an arc of a quarter century, the UB Urban Design Project and the UB Regional Institute have been key players in the evolution of a broad regional planning framework.

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CoRE Sustainability

@ VOL 19 ON MAR 14, 2018

"When sustainabilty is framed in a different way that connects with peoples' core needs and values, it unleashes empowerment." 

In CoRE Sustainability from PechaKucha Buffalo Vol. 19, Tyra Johnson, Founder and President or Blue Sky Design Supply and Alexandra McPherson, Founder and Principal of Niagara Share, present a new sustainability program in Buffalo, the Collaboratory for the Regenerative Economy (CoRE). The CoRE initiative is a research and education partnership led by the University at Buffalo Department of Materials Design and Innovation, in partnership with Clean Production Action and Niagara Share, that brings together complementary expertise – in research, market analysis, policy formulation, and social innovation -- to support the transition towards a safer materials economy.

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The Case for Transit

@ VOL 19 ON MAR 14, 2018

"It was a streetcar network that reached into all the nooks and crannies of Buffalo."

In The Case for Transit from PechaKucha Buffalo Vol. 19, President of Citizens for Regional Transit (CRT) in Buffalo, NY, Doug Funke, recalls the days of efficient streetcar transportation in Buffalo, New York and advocates for improving the current public transportation challenges in the Buffalo Niagara region. The 1950's and 1960's saw a decline in public transport and a car-focused lifestyle with pockets of transit isolation. Funke and the CRT advocate for a return to a more climate-friendly and sustainable approach to public transportation. 


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Kellen Boice
Director, Sioux Falls Design Center in Sioux Falls


Sioux Falls @ Sioux Falls Design Center
Sep 07, 2012


Sioux Falls @ Sioux Falls Design Center
Aug 02, 2013


Sioux Falls @ Sioux Falls Design Center
Sep 05, 2014


Sioux Falls @ Sioux Falls Design Center
Jun 05, 2015


Sioux Falls @ Sioux Falls Design Center
Sep 04, 2015


Sioux Falls @ Washington Pavilion
Jun 03, 2016


Sioux Falls @ Sioux Falls Design Center
Jan 06, 2017


Sioux Falls @ Sioux Falls Design Center
Sep 01, 2017


Sioux Falls @ Sioux Falls Design Center
Dec 01, 2017


Sioux Falls @ Sioux Falls Design Center
Mar 02, 2018

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Google Earth Sioux Falls


TJ Olson uses his presentation to take us on a tour of the development of Sioux Falls, by way of Google Earth. (in English)

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Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sioux Falls


Niki Schillerstrom works with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sioux Falls as the Community Relations Director. She talks about the goals of the organization as well as a current fundraiser in which local artists rallied together to turn old and un-used building materials, found at their Restore, into works of art. 

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Sioux Falls Roller Dollz


Jayme Nelson aka Pain Maker and Vanessa Sweeney aka Redvolution present a brief history and future projects for the Roller Dollz, Sioux Falls very own Women’s Flat Track Derby Association team.

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A Parallel Dimension at the Falls of the Ohio

@ VOL 8 ON JUN 05, 2012

Al Gorman tells the story of styrofoam man,  an inanimate object brought to life by photography. The story is about the birth and growth of styrofoam man 

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Cinema Falls: A Love Story

@ VOL 13 ON MAR 06, 2015

Julie Anderson Friesen is the founder of Cinema Falls, a film organization dedicated to building community and exhibiting indie film, world cinema and documentaries in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She's a co-owner of post-production facility Dakota Video & Post with her husband of 24 years. Motivated to create something for her community based on her love of film, she launched Cinema Falls with a mission to bring film-loving “Cine-zens” together for ongoing screenings. Cinema Falls showcases work by South Dakota filmmakers as well as national, award-winning directors. She launched Cinema Falls Film Credits in 2014, bringing mobile film education events to students

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The White Wall Sessions- an intimate experience of music from Sioux Falls, South Dakota

@ VOL 22 ON JUN 02, 2017

Michael Yaeger is the show’s go to guy at The White Wall Sessions. Michael gets things done and gets them done very quickly and efficiently. Michael plays an integral role in the sales and development of the shows at the WWS and also manages the social media content and sponsor relations for this local music venue. 

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A Feather Falls from the Sky

@ VOL 1 ON MAY 09, 2018

Suzanne Kachmar shares her love for art, travel and unusual experiences to explain her work on a book -- that all started in magical Assisi, Italy. Her story expresses strong and emotional connections to the arts and the people of Bridgeport.

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Charting Sioux Falls Development, Creation Concepts of a Painter, and PKN Charleston Goes Outdoors

Presentations TJ Olson uses his presentation (from PKN Sioux Falls Vol. 1) to take us on a tour of the development of Sioux Falls, by way of Google Earth. This presentation (in Czech, from PKN Znojmo Vol. 1) by Paulina Ebringer covers various concepts used by the artist when preparing and painting portraits. Posters Today's additions to the Tumblr blog includes posters for PKN Charleston Vol. 15 (pictured above), PKN Las Palmas Vol. 8, and PKN Glasgow Vol. 11. That Charleston event was held last night, and we quickly started seeing photos all over Instagram of the outdoor PKN, with two examples pictured below (see larger versions here and here). Calendar Tonight (October 10) you can catch PKN Hawkes Bay Vol. 4 and PKN Auckland Vol. 31, while tomorrow takes the form of yet another big Thursday: PKN Salzburg Vol. 14, PKN Regensburg Vol. 10, PKN Augsburg Vol. 2, PKN Kosice Vol. 24, PKN Norrkoping Vol. 20, PKN Utrecht Vol. 5, PKN Omaha Vol. 16, and PKN Kyiv Vol. 9.

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Making Pots, Sculpting Heads, and Toronto/Tokyo Share a PechaKucha Mix

Presentations How do you make a pot? Let Jess Elofson guide you through the process, start to finish, in her presentation (from PKN Sioux Falls Vol. 1). Betty Argenziano is a sculptor who works with clay, slip, and marble. She's also an architect, writer, painter, and photographer. As you'll quickly find out through this presentation (in Italian, from PKN Genoa Vol. 3), her model of choice is the head, and she aims to produce realistic portraits that aim to tell unreal feelings. Posters Today's addition to the Tumblr blog is the poster for tomorrow's PKN Panama Vol. 11, happening at the Teatro en Circulo, with a start time of 19:30. Photos We've mentioned it a few times on this blog, but the "PechaKucha Mix" -- an improv presentation done at events where volunteers take to the stage and present images they've never seen -- is becoming quite popular. In a fun case of seeing how different cities would handle similar images, your humble writer let PKN Toronto use his recent vacation photos (made of Instagram shots taken in Canada during the summer) for that city's Mix, and the same set was used for our Mix here in Tokyo last month. How do they compare? PKN Toronto organizer Vivien Leung shared her Mix on YouTube, and I did the same for our Tokyo version. Pictured above, the crew who took part in Tokyo. Calendar These are the five events on tap for tonight (October 17): PKN Istanbul Vol. 15, PKN Ornskoldsvik Vol. 2, PKN Dallas Vol. 11, PKN Stockholm Vol. 36, and PKN Miami Vol. 19. Tomorrow is marked by a city that will have its very first PKN (Townsville) and one that will celebrate its 20th (Edinburgh) -- other events include PKN Leeds Vol. 14, PKN Wakefield Vol. 7, PKN Panama Vol. 11, and PKN Edmonton Vol. 14.

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Toronto Vol. 20 Recap

Toronto's PechaKucha Nights are always real soirees, but their Vol. 20 "Coming of Age" looked like an especially lively evening. Presenters included stormchasers, entrepreneurs, designers, IP lawyers, and more!  PKN Toronto organizer Vivien Leung had this to say about the affair: We had an awesome evening. Advance tickets were sold out online a week before the event. People were calling the venue the day of to find out if there's tickets at door. I had people came all the way from Niagara on the Lake just to attend the event. Mind you, that day was probably one of the coldest day of the week.  They have a set of pictures (including some of scrumptious-looking cupcakes!) of all the hoopla up on their event page, so be sure to give it a look. To see snaps from PechaKucha Nights near you and from all over the world, check out our Global Map.

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The World's Best City When It Rains

Everyone loves water that falls -- as long as it falls at the right place and at the right time.  In this edition of Presentation of the Day (from PKN Tokyo Vol. 100), Jesper Larsson turns one city's "weakness" into an opportunity. He tells us of Gothenburg, Sweden's upcoming 400-year anniversary. Preparing for this, the city invited different people to come up with ideas regarding how Gothenburg could make an international mark in the years leading up to the commemoration. Jesper goes over the deluge of benefits rain and water provide us with, and discusses how he believes the city could leverage its high-rainfall percentage to benefit all those living and visiting Gothenburg. 

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City Focus: Champaign-Urbana

This week, the "City Focus" falls on Champaign-Urbana. The city's PechaKucha Night Vol. 14 is happening on December 6, and you'll find all the details, poster, and full list of presenters on the official event page.

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The Local Artist

“We came up with this when we were ice fishing — the idea was to pull artists up from below the surface.” South Dakota natives Jeff Ballard, Mitch Torbert, and Hunter Murphy discuss their burgeoning zine project: The Local Artist. In “The Local Artist” from PKN Sioux Falls Vol. 11, they speak on their efforts to expose local artists to the public, and cultivate the growth of the creative industry in their home state.

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Being and Coffee

“Coffee is unique because it’s momentous — it’s existential.” Bryan Kegley has been making a living pouring water over coffee grounds and helping others to pour water over coffee grounds. In “Being and Coffee” from PKN Sioux Falls Vol. 12 he shares his journey through the world of coffee, which has been an uphill climb of coffee consumption in a lot of weird ways and for probably even stranger reasons.

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City Focus: Sioux Falls

As we approach the end of the year, one of our last City Focus highlights is for the city of Sioux Falls. Its presentation archive continues to grow, with the latest additions coming from the city's Vol. 12, held earlier this month.

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Drawing Inspiration

“I was really interested in how through autobiography, I could tell stories.” Heidi Hogden speaks about her illustration work, and how her insomnia was often a source of inspiration. In “Drawing Inspiration” from PKN Sioux Falls Vol. 12 she discusses the transition of her subject matter from literal to metaphorical, with a focus on humans, nature, and the animal kingdom.

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The Space Shuttle Challenger - What Went Wrong?!

"The problem was they had already had failures previous to this, and they kept launching when they shouldn't have."In The Space Shuttle Challenger - What Went Wrong?! from Sioux Falls Vol. 14, former Nasa technician John Kolander talks about the tragic Challenger disaster that occurred January 28th, 1986 and his perspective while working from the Launch Control Center at Vandenberg Air Force Base. In this stoic presentation, Kolander recollects that heavy moment, systematically breaking down in simple terms the chain of events that when wrong. Revisit the tragedy that broke our hearts but not our spirits, and reflect on the those that gave their lives in our ongoing reach for the stars and beyond.