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A Centenarian Remembers

@ VOL 30 ON OCT 15, 2016

Graham Bathgate lyrically describes his conversations and discoveries with centenarian Thelma McLean as part of a book he presented Thelma for her 105th birthday: about poetry she learned at school and loved, and could still recite; images of when she was growing up; and a life of reflections.  Thelma has passed on.  This delightful warm presentation enshrines her life and memories.  E nga mate, haere, haere, haere atu ra! 


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Kyiv @ Museum of Dreams
Jun 14, 2013


Sharjah @ Maraya Art Centre
May 10, 2014


Shenzhen @ Gee Coffee Rosters
Oct 18, 2014


Dumaguete @ Byblos at Oriental Hall
Aug 06, 2015


Tijuana @ Escuela Libre de Arquitectura
Aug 28, 2015

PAST Food Event at FarGo Village

Coventry @ Big Comfy Bookshop
Oct 29, 2015


Surrey @ Centre Stage at Surrey City Hall
Mar 24, 2016

PAST ERI Special : Teacher Stories

Istanbul @ TAK (Tasarim Atolyesi Kadikoy)
Apr 14, 2016


Yogyakarta @ Langgeng Art Foundation
Jul 28, 2017


Bermuda @ St. George's Cricket Club
Nov 04, 2016

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Creating Memories For The Future

@ VOL 104 ON JUN 26, 2013

Anselm Dästner describes his passion for scrapbooking and the impact it will have on the future. Anselm presents to us not only his own scrapbooks, but how he helps other families save memories for the future in innovative ways.

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Spatial Memory Mapping

@ VOL 8 ON MAR 04, 2016

Lyla Catellier gives good directions! At PechaKucha Night Brooklyn Volume 8, Lyla put her 7 siblings to the test - a test of spatial memory mapping. With 5/7 siblings worth of maps of her hometown, Lyla explores the wonders of the hippocampus.

Lyla is a lady living in Chelsea NYC. She currently directs public programs and events at Columbia University GSAPP and was once called a swiss army knife. She is a logistics maverick, and has always wanted someone to refer to her as a maverick, and at PK Brooklyn Volume 8, we did!

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Experience To You

@ VOL 7 ON MAR 26, 2016

Having enjoyed festivals and events overseas, and constantly missing out on happenings in Brunei led Sophia Siu to creating an app, Evesta, which solves that problem. Behind the app is also a community, starting with your friends and families, who are bound by the appreciation to create memories together.

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Frosted Glassware: A Cautionary Tale

@ VOL 5 ON MAY 19, 2016

Erik Youngquist is the owner of Purely Michigan, a retail store in the tourist beach town of St. Joseph, Michigan. In this PK, Frosted Glassware: A Cautionary Tale, Erik will be talking about opening that store and having no idea what to stock it with! Not until his wife found some old frosted Michigan glassware, and he knew at that point he must chase his 'whale' no matter how many good or bad memories that may entail. 

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The Life of Brittany

@ VOL 15 ON NOV 15, 2016

Veteran PK speaker and future Emcee Clayton Boothe gets up to talk about one of the toughest things any parent can ever endure, the loss of his child.  Here is Clayton's dedication to Brittany.

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Collecting Memories on The Camino

@ VOL 22 ON MAR 19, 2015

Glass artist Guustie Alvarado shares how journaling throughout her life helped her to collect memories on the Camino de Santiago in Spain. She explains how she uses these experiences to create art, and how she eventually ends up co-writing the book Pilgrims? about the adventures in Spain.

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@ VOL 22 ON MAY 19, 2018


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Er der liv på plejehjemmene?

@ VOL 37 ON JUN 21, 2018

Marlena Porat has the strange and rare title of "Flyvende oplevelsesmedarbejder" (Literal translation: "Flying experience-worker"). She works together with a small group of people with similar job titles, who visit retirement homes all over the country and create events and activities for the elderly.

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Encounters with the Goddess

@ VOL 5 ON AUG 16, 2018

Katie Hoffner is the niece of the late Lydia Ruyle, a world-renowned artist, scholar and author of the Divine Feminine. Katie and Lydia shared many a global adventure searching for the goddess story. Lydia created over 300 banners of Goddess icons from around the world. Since her passing, Katie continues to travel with the banners to sacred sites and tell their stories whenever she has the chance. This is a chance to meet and greet the Divine Feminine through a visual HERstory of Lydia Ruyle’s Goddess banners from around the world.

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Coming Back Home

@ VOL 2 ON NOV 07, 2018

For some of us, "home" is a faraway place, but for Michael Sharp, it is the place where he was born and grew up in, and where he is now raising his son. In his presentation, he describes the places that have shaped him and memories from his childhood in Alexandria, as well as upstate New York and California. He wonders what our children will remember about the places they grow up in.

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For our final "Presentation of the Day" of the week, we hand the mic over to Brian Scott Peterson, who introduces the "Photohoku" project, which involves bringing photographers to the Tohoku region, to help create new photo memories for those who were affected by the 2011 earthquake/tsunami.

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In Memory of Albin Oskarsson

This is a photo of Albin Oskarsson (taken by Thomas Bergh) presenting at PKN Gothenburg Vol. 7 on April 9, 2008. He was a bit nervous ,and twisted and turned on stage while presenting personal photos he had taken of his friends and the quirky stories behind them. We all liked Albin from the start, and he later became our event photographer of choice. He took some of the best photos of PechaKucha we've ever seen, before following his dream and moving to Charmonix for a life of adventure. Albin was happy in Charmonix. In this post is a self-portrait he took and uploaded with the caption "My family, my toys, and my favourite obsessions." Sadly and unexpectedly, Albin passed away in March of this year after an avalanche accident while snowboarding. In memory of Albin, and with the permission from his family, we're releasing some of his PechaKucha photos under a Creative Commons license BY-NC-SA. You are more than welcome to download and use the images below in all non-commercial projects, such as PechaKucha, as long as you credit Albin Oskarsson. Download link for PKN Gothenburg photos by Albin Oskarsson. And remember, today is always the best day to tell someone how you feel about them. Guest post written by PKN Gothenburg organizer Jesper Larsson.

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Only Memory

“I traveled the world, made friends - but lost 5 years of it in an instant.” Tamim Al-Kadasi is a traveler, teacher, and friend to many in countries from all over. In “Only Memory” from PKN Sana’a Vol. 4, he speaks of an accident that altered his life, had him lose 5 years of memory, and how it has strengthened and empowered him to create new ones.

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Photography Comes First

“These are quiet, concentrated, and precise images seemingly of everyday scenes, but in fact these are staged moments suspended in time.” Photography has taken Nora Bibel all over the world: Vietnam, Myanmar, Germany and more. In “Photography Comes First” from PKN Bangalore Vol. 13 Nora speaks about her beautiful portrait work, books, and exhibitions that have made up her work. She tells us her themes are utopia, social change, home, memories, and more.

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Memory of Place

“I’m interested in the new spaces we’re forced to inhabit after disasters.” Artist Victoria Buck is interested in the conflicting concepts of protection, vulnerability, and hope in the time during and following abrupt natural disasters. In “Memory of Place” from PKN Knoxville Vol. 14, she discusses her work, and how it’s intended to investigate the naive trust we place upon the shelter systems we have in place, and their supposed ability to protect us.

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A New Picture House

"Cinema can make sense of history, distort memories, and shape time."In A New Picutre House from Huddersfield, Vol. 11, John Harrison from Studio Dekka talks about the creation of Dewsbury's New Picture House. In the spirit of the James Joyce's first Cinema, Volta, established in 1909 in Dublin, where showing obscure Italian arthouse films was pushing the envelope of what cinema could mean, Harrison and 15 cohorts took it upon themselves to open a new picture house where they too would push the expectations of film. In this unique presentation, he shares his story, and the stories of others who share his vision. Get some popcorn!

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Waving Goodbye

"I had a new clarity of how midwestern I was, and what the midwest looked like. I got really excited about something that had seemed very ordinary to me." In Waving Goodbye from United States Artists Assembly in Chicago, artist Deanna Dikeman guides us through her photography, billboard and poster projects. Her unassuming work, while humble is rife with intention and artful curiosity, relatable and resonating. Based in the Midwest, she explores the themes of family, childhood memories, dance, fashion, lost and found, life and death.

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The Beginning of Memory

"The story of Buffalo is inextricably linked to the notion of memory. That memory is now in danger." In The Beginning of Memory from PechaKucha Night Buffalo Vol. 14, Spanish architect and academic Miguel Guitart remembers the importance of Buffalo's signature past and visual legacy that has made the city unique, and compels the audience to slow down enough to observe it for themselves, together on a quest to find it's soul once more. In this beautiful poetic performance, he shares a series of ephemeral photos of the city, titled "Americana" with music by Philippe Rombi and excerpts of Laurie Anderson's "The Beginning of Memory", illustrating that despite PechaKucha's fixed format, presentations can take all forms.  

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Memory Walks - Is This The Way I Went

"I have over 1500 eggs in my studio at home [and] a very understanding wife."In Memory Walks - Is This The Way I Went? from PechaKucha Night Tokyo Vol. 136, artist and scientist Arthur Huang talks about the evolution of his Memory Walks Project which he began in 2012.  This project draws influences from his research work in neuroscience and delves into ways of visualizing everyday memories, on all of all things, eggs.  His solo exhibition of the same title is on display at HAGISO from May 17 - June 5, 2016.

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Can Memory be Restored?

"Some memories actually emerge to protect us from danger." in "Can Memory be Restored?" from PechaKucha Night MaastrichtVol.31, researcher from Germany at Maastricht University,Sarah-Anna Hescham wants to show us new ways that are being explored to deal with and even restore memory loss. Remembering and forgetting are two important sides of the same coin that help us manage our day to day lives. We do not need to remember everything, just what is important. But for some people, especially older people, forgetfulness can happen more often... Is there a cure?