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Transcendental Meditation Research and its Applications in Social Welfare Programs

@ VOL 8 ON JUL 25, 2013

Scott Lary talks about the benefits of transcendental meditation. From prison inmates to the health of care givers, the positive effects are astounding.

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@ VOL 10 ON JAN 30, 2014

Hugh Margerum is an abstract artist whose work is held in numerous collections in California and around the country. His creative curiousity and reaction to the negative perception of social media led him to create "TictacphOto." This app allows users to play visual tic-tac-toe games with friends, encouraging both online and face-to-face interaction. 

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Read Like A Writer and Write Like One

@ VOL 10 ON JAN 30, 2014

Lawrence Spann has a keen interest in literature and writing. Drawing from life experience and an advanced degree in Creative Writing and the Medical Humanities, he approaches the process of writing through the lives and works of poets, writers, song writers, artists and historical figures. 

"Presentation of the Day" on May 17, 2014.

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Creating Liturgy for Our Times

@ VOL 13 ON FEB 25, 2015

Stephen Travis Pope is a composer, computer scientist, videographer and social and spiritual activist based in Santa Barbara, California. He has realized his musical works at studios in America (Toronto, Stanford, Berkeley, Santa Barbara) and Europe (Paris, Salzburg, Vienna, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Berlin). His music is available from Centaur Records, Perspectives of New Music, Touch Media, SBC Records, Disc-O Records, and the Electronic Music Foundation, who released a triple-disc anthology of his work called Ritual and Memory in 2007. Stephen was educated at Cornell University, the Vienna Music Academy, and the "Mozarteum" Music Academy in Salzburg, Austria. He has taught and conducted research at Mozarteum, Stanford University, the Technical University of Berlin and the University of California, Berkeley. From 1995-2010 he was on the faculty of the University of California Santa Barbara, first in Dept. of Music, then the Dept. of Computer Science, and finally in the Graduate Program in Media Arts and Technology.

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Little Savage: This is NOT A Datebook

@ VOL 16 ON FEB 10, 2016

Penny Little is a musician, filmmaker and author. Currently co-director of People to People TV, she has directed and produced numerous commercials, shorts and several feature documentaries including awarding winning “Electile Dysfunction” and “911 Dust and Deceit”. Penny recorded her first album "In a Light Garden" released on Global Pacific/CBS, with Ben Hurley, and an ensemble of musicians including the string section of the Honolulu Symphony. Her band “White Feather” was signed to Warner Brothers in the UK. Upon her return to the US, Penny met Nik Green from Geffen band “Blue Murder”, and they formed the Away Team. The Away Team was featured in Unconventional Tour 2008, a “mashup of media, music and politics” performing in major cities in the USA.

Penny is the creator of Little Savage cartoons. She began an illustrated cartoon journal of her life in the early 90s, while she was signed to Warner Brothers. Penny has worked with Gang Prevention Through the Arts, Artists in the Schools, Summer Solstice Celebration, the Association for Global New Thought, non-profits to produce events, videos and messaging for good causes. She has facilitated creative arts workshops for children and adults in Japan, the UK, and the US.

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City Repair is Fun

@ VOL 16 ON FEB 10, 2016

Ethan Turpin is one of many local people who have seen the potential for our neighborhood spaces to better reflect our values and whimsical impulses. As a professional artist accustomed to the regular hurdles of exhibiting in both public and private space, he was impressed by the access City Repairs methods offer anyone for creative projects in community space. He will share the inspirations and projects of the energized new group that is growing in Santa Barbara for the purpose of "place making" and civic connection.

Ethan Turpin blends old and new media to extend perceptions of humanity’s complex relationships. Working as an independent video producer and artist since 1999, his documentaries and art installations have shown in film festivals, galleries, and museums nationwide, spanning topics such as globalization, wildfire, and climate change. His solo exhibit “Stereocollision” showed at the California Museum of Photography in 2012. The Visions From The New California Award was granted to Turpin in 2010. He received a BFA in 1997 from the Kansas City Art Institute. Ethan finds flow states in drawing, interactive video, and martial arts.

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Social Media for Humans or Whatever

@ VOL 18 ON AUG 17, 2016

A deep dive into the world of social media. A look at defining different social platforms, how global communication can be a powerful tool for learning, and the constant search for the authentic online.

AJ has been described as a graceful, adjusted identity culled from the rotting corpse of southern california junk culture. He also teaches media arts and social media at the MAD Academy at Santa Barbara High School. AJ is a giant nerd but he'll try not to dork up the vibe.


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Techzones Media
seo, 12 in Hồ Chí Minh
Kinex Media
Web Design in Mississauga
Zeweb media
in Delhi
Livewires Media
Acting courses, 50 in Mumbai
Techbee Media
Software Engineer
Cynexis Media
in Columbus
Web Rocket Media
in New York


Miami @ Miami Beach Convention Center
Dec 03, 2009


Glasgow @ The Lighthouse
Sep 26, 2012


Taipei @ xuexue institute
May 25, 2013


Lima @ Parque de la Exposición
Nov 19, 2014


Portland Maine @ Asylum
Oct 29, 2015


Detroit @ UndGrd Studios
Apr 07, 2016


Birmingham @ BCU Curzon Building Rm 502
Mar 15, 2016


Delhi @ Pearl Academy of Fashion
Mar 07, 2014


Ufa @ MIRAS art gallery
May 12, 2016


Tbilisi @ Fabrika
Mar 22, 2019

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.GIFs: an Emotive Vocabulary

@ VOL 6 ON OCT 19, 2015

Sha Hwang takes us through the history of .gifs, and their use in society, as an emotive vocabulary for current events, sports, and every day life.

Sha is an information designer and technologist based mostly in Brooklyn. A failed architect and an accidental entrepreneur, Sha has designed and built work for clients such as the New York Times, MTV, Flickr, and Adobe. Previously, Sha worked at Stamen Design and later cofounded the company Movity, which was acquired by Trulia. Sha spends his nights trawling Tumblr and printing gifs as Gifpop and his days working with Nava to improve and other parts of government.

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Putin op paard

@ VOL 15 ON OCT 06, 2015

Fotograaf en grafisch ontwerper Vincent Quak onderzocht het Internet op verhalen en interpretaties over de foto ‘Putin op paard’. In een 832 pagina’s tellend boek doet hij verslag.

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Every 60 seconds in Africa...

@ VOL 29 ON FEB 29, 2016

“Stereotypes harm dignity, but the truth of the matter is that stereotypes sell”

What is your image of Africa? A poor, conflict-ridden, hot continent with beautiful sunsets and wild animals, or a hub for innovations and the second fastest growing economy?

By day Faten Aggad works as Africa programme manager at the European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM). By night she studies journalism and is a travel writer. In Every 60 seconds in Africa… from PechaKucha Night Maastricht Volume 29, she will challenge you to look at Western media headlines through a different lens.

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Thursday, May 27th, 2016. 

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Experiment, Share, Create

@ VOL 2 ON APR 01, 2016

Daphne Siaw enjoys experimenting with different tools to create different styled art pieces. Through the simple joy of creating and trying new media, she was able to create more refined and larger-scaled pieces, turning a childhood hobby into an unexpected career.

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Periodismo en Venezuela

@ VOL 1 ON FEB 20, 2010

"Seguiremos Informando" es el proyecto de Alonso Moleiro. Nos cuenta sobre el entorno de medios en Venezuela en los últimos años. 

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New York: A City of the Living and the Dead

@ VOL 16 ON SEP 01, 2016

Allison C. Meier is a Brooklyn-based writer focusing on the arts and overlooked history. Currently, she is staff writer atHyperallergic, and moonlights as a cemetery tour guide at New York burial grounds. These tours are focused on cemeteries as places of history, art, and architecture, as well as concerned in keeping our memorial sites visible for preservation and remembrance. At PechaKucha Night NYC Vol 16, Allison discusses these often abandoned and forgotten spaces right in the middle of our bustling city - reminding us the importance of slowing down.

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Fun and Unique Outside Space

@ VOL 142 ON DEC 14, 2016

パブリックスペース特化型webマガジン『ソトノバ』は、 国内外のユニークなアイデアや事例、イベントレポートや書籍紹介など、編集長の泉山塁威さんを中心に日々情報発信を行っているウェブメディアです。 日本のパブリックスペースやソトを楽しくするために、専門家に役立ち、プレーヤーにソト使いのヒントを届けたいという思いを、“ソトを居場所に、イイバショに!”をキャッチに、様々な斬新なアイデアを発信してくださいます!

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The Enigma of Facial Beauty in Art

@ VOL 15 ON JUN 15, 2017

Marketing Designer and Creative Arts Student, Martin Potter and Amanda Golingi share about the enigma of facial beauty in art.

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Hacker History 101

@ VOL 10 ON JUN 20, 2017

Mark Calleja takes you back to the origins of the word ‘Hacker’, and how the mainstream media have hijacked it to mean something ugly and terrifying. In 20 slides, watch as MrC takes you from the first ever ‘hack’ in 1903 all the way up to the crime gangs of the 21st century and looks toward the future of hacking and cyber-security.

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Cuando podemos "ver" la demencia: las pruebas de neuroimagen

@ VOL 3 ON SEP 21, 2017

Carmen M Sarabia Cobo es profesora en el departamento de enfermería, en la Universidad de Cantabria. Ha completado su doctorado en la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, sobre el deterioro cognitivo leve y el procesamiento emocional.

Su investigación trata sobre la demencia y a la incapacidad cognitiva suave y cómo podemos detectar principios de esta enfermedad para mejorar la calidad de vida de los pacientes y sus familias.

Ella hablaba sobre la evolución del diagnóstico de la demencia usando la neuroimagen (TAC, RMN, etc.) Es emocionante entender el cerebro cuando podemos "mirar" cómo funciona.


4 days countdown

The PKN Wellington Performance Arcade session is being held at an auspicious time: Chinese New Year celebrations are in full swing, it's carnival time around the world and we've got a great lineup for Sunday night's session (8.30pm, Wellington Waterfront).   Featuring anything from  "A Concise History of New Zealand Race Relations in ...Abridged" to the Strike Percussion Music Director talking about the Batterie 100 schools project..."Passing on the Beat".   Special treats include our Surprise Presenters spot featuring 4 unsuspecting members of the audience stepping up to do a PKN presentation - plus a performance by Tim Whitta and some young people from Batterie 100 during the beer break.   Not to be missed - kia ora!


4 days countdown

The PKN Wellington Performance Arcade session is being held at an auspicious time: Chinese New Year celebrations are in full swing, it's carnival time around the world and we've got a great lineup for Sunday night's session (8.30pm, Wellington Waterfront).   Featuring anything from  "A Concise History of New Zealand Race Relations in ...Abridged" to the Strike Percussion Music Director talking about the Batterie 100 schools project..."Passing on the Beat".   Special treats include our Surprise Presenters spot featuring 4 unsuspecting members of the audience stepping up to do a PKN presentation - plus a performance by Tim Whitta and some young people from Batterie 100 during the beer break.   Not to be missed - kia ora!

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Pechakucha Seoul vol.13  DDP(Dongdaemun Design Plaza) in SEOUL_ designed by ZAHA HADID   PechaKucha  Seoul  vol.13 ▼ Friday 17th Oct 6:30pm  at DDP/Dongdaemun Design Plaza/D 4F No Entrance Fee! 12 hot presentations --- 9 Presenters and 3 performers  The architects, the artists, a movie director, a fashion artist, a food designer presented their work.  


On the Media

PechaKuchaNight Pensacola is still on its infancy. Being this coming event our fourth volume, we wrap up a year of trials, learning and networking. With that we learn that above anything else, PKNs is about connecting with people, connecting people and connecting their ideas. Because of that we had the chance to go get to local media and talk more about PKNPNS Vol.4. After talking on the local morning talk show, we were approached by a local entertainment news paper, and we already have more people interested in knowing more about the event than ever before. It's amazing to see the excitement, the support and the engagement of the community. We can't wait for the night of December 12 to see how all this wil unfold, and where the surpassing of the boundaries that have been holding us will take us in the year to come.      

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Media Literacy in the Digital Age

  "How is every scene constructed? How is every shot made intentional? How infact is every single choice contributing to a greater message?" In Media Literacy in the Digital Age from PechaKucha Night New Westminster Vol. 11, Liz Shulze shares the importance of paying critical attention to media in the digital age. Shulze gives media literacy guidance to youth on their consumption and creation of media.

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Media Post

Pensacola News Journal: PechaKucha combines chit-chat, learning and beer By Kevin Robinson How much can you learn in seven minutes? A lot, it turns out. On Saturday, local astronomers, artists, educators and historians will share stories, insights and ideas in a series of rapid-fire presentations at an annual event called PechaKucha Night, or PKN, Pensacola. PechaKucha means "chit-chat" in Japanese, and the term has come to represent a specific presentation format where speakers show 20 slides and spend 20 seconds discussing each one. The easiest point of reference for the PKN concept are TED Talks, short speaking engagements in which nationally renowned experts share stories and thoughts about science, health and social issues Read more at:

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Media Post

Pensacola News Journal Moon: PechaKucha, Mardi Gras and a guy who hates celebrations By Troy Moon Christmas is over. The New Year is already a few days old.  The long holiday party is over and now it's back to the grind and — hold that thought. ... But look, I know most people aren't the party-Scrooge I am. I'd feel silly in a pirate costume, but that's just me. I know normal people have a good time, and more party-power to them. Rock on! Which reminds me, I have to go out in public on Saturday night and give a presentation. The theme is "Celebrate." Whoopee. Maybe I should just recite this column.    Read more at:

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Media Post

Pensacola State College- The Corsair PSC instructors extend teaching outside of classroom By Jay Pham Students of Pensacola State College (PSC) are fortunate to have instructors that engage the students and are willing to go the extra mile to engage with the community. PSC instructors Amber Carey and Andrew Barbero, along with four other participants, presented at the innovative PechaKucha (PKN) Volume 11 event held at First City Arts Center on Jan. 6. The theme of Volume 11 was “Celebrate!” bringing together presenters and audience members of diverse backgrounds to discuss different aspects of that topic.   Read more at:    

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Media Post

PKN Vol 10: Surprise Edition featured at First City Art Center's Art-a-Thon event Nov. 6, 2017.