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Los Angeles @ The Mountain Bar (take Metro Gold Line to: Chinatown station)
Sep 26, 2007


Osijek @ Kino Urania
Oct 05, 2012


Osijek @ Biljarski klub Plan B
Feb 22, 2013


Prince Edward County @ Bloomfield Town Hall
Oct 04, 2014


Prince Edward County @ Bloomfield Town Hall
Jan 17, 2015


Prince Edward County @ Bloomfield Town Hall
Apr 25, 2015


Redwood City @ San Mateo County History Museum
Apr 21, 2016

PAST PechaKucha Event

Powered by PechaKucha @ The Cooperage Project
Jun 22, 2017

PAST Bexar County Behavioral Health and Wellness Conference, Powered by PechaKucha

Powered by PechaKucha @ Norris Conference Centers
Oct 19, 2018

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Orange County, China

@ VOL 15 ON APR 20, 2012

Orange County, CA in China? Not quite, but in this presentation, Kotama shares photos of a suburb in Beijing that has been made to look like Orange County. He also takes the opportunity to cover other Western-influenced elements he spotted in China.

"Presentation of the Day" on July 22, 2013.

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Day Worker Center of Santa Cruz County

@ VOL 8 ON SEP 19, 2014

Mireya talks about making the Day Worker Center of Santa Cruz County. The Day Worker Center helps both people who seek workers, and workers seeking work, find each other. 

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Galloping with Wood and Steel

@ VOL 19 ON OCT 10, 2015

Berklee College of Music graduate Shohei Toyoda retunred to Japan a few years ago on a mission to share his love of music, especially country music. Specializing in finger pick guitar, Shohei gave us a taste of his guitar talents in a moving presentation/performance on his passion. 

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An insight in to big data at Cambridgeshire County Council

@ VOL 5 ON MAR 29, 2016

Head of Cambridgeshire County Council's Research team Michael Soper tells us about big data and what they do with it.

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My 20 Favorite Things to do near Easton

@ VOL 5 ON JUN 17, 2016

Terry Newhard has developed a list of over 200 day trips near Easton. He highlights his top 20 in this fast-paced survey.

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A Brief Memoir of Architectural Space

@ VOL 17 ON SEP 15, 2016

"This is my 6-minute memoir. A mediation on impermanence."

In A Brief Memoir of Architecural Space from PechaKucha Buffalo vol. 17, independent arts consultant and co-organizer of PechaKucha Buffalo, Joanna Gillespie, delivers a meditation on twenty of the fifty places she has lived since birth. From Victorian-era structures in Buffalo, NY and San Francisco, CA, to the wilds of the 1970's California coast, to modern and efficient rural Japan, to a Postmodern art utopia in Maine, and beyond, Gillespie recounts a particular memory from each space. Through all of the temporal landscapes we find ourselves in, Gillespie concludes, "We forge on, either clumsily or assuredly. We keep on keeping on." Even if we move fifty times.

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From Barrel to Bottle

@ VOL 17 ON MAR 09, 2017

Will Drucker is a sustainability practitioner and whiskey lover. At PechaKucha Night NYC, Will takes us through the history and process of whiskey making - from the tree to the bottle!

Will is devoted to building businesses that support the circular economy. Will hails from the cities and farms of the Midwest. College took him to Vermont where he studied neuroscience and deepened his love for the natural world. Will can't resist music, birds, biking, good food and adventure.

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CASA Kane County—Celebrating 30 Years of Child Advocacy

@ VOL 7 ON MAY 25, 2017

James Cardis describes tourism in the Aurora Area, a unique collection of ten communities and their attendant attractions, sports facilities, and meeting sites, anchored by Aurora, the second largest city in Illinois. James encourages everyone to consider a “staycation” in their hometowns, visiting the outstanding places to see and taking advantage of a variety of fun things to do in the Aurora Area, just forty miles west of Chicago.

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Arts and Culture in Somerset County

@ VOL 25 ON JUL 13, 2017

Serena Sanborn and Jon Kimbell invite everyone to come see art offerings in Somerset County, through some of the programs the Wesserunsett Arts Council has to offer; on July 13th 2017 at Volume 25 of Pecha Kucha Night Waterville.

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The Home Stretch: Ending Family Homelessness in Dane County

@ VOL 25 ON FEB 15, 2018

Over 500,000 people reside in Dane County, but not all of those people actually have a place to call home. United Way and its partner agencies have made great strides over the past decade in ensuring homelessness is rare and brief, but there is still important work to be done-and if we each step up to play a part, we can end family homelessness here.

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More News from Chile

We recently updated you a few times in regards to the situation in Chile thanks to emails from PKN Concepcion organizer Alejandra Sepulveda -- and the latest is that she is preparing a PechaKucha presentation describing what she's gone through, that will go online. We were also relieved to hear back from PKN Santiago organizer Emilio Marin, and here's some of what he had to share: I'm OK, and I feel really lucky. The BIG earthquake was very traumatic. 8.8 Richter and 7.5 here in Santiago. The images of the BIG EARTHQUAKE and the TSUNAMI are very shocking. The Earth is still moving, this past Thursday we had an earthquake of 6.9 Ritcher here in Santiago. The zone of the earthquake will take a least 2 years to get back on track, and obviously this is affecting our nation, in every way, economic, political and social. I am now in the organization behind the next Biennale of Architecture in Chile. After the earthquake, we have changed all our efforts into focusing on the issue of reconstruction, as the architect can and must play an important role. Universities are organized, and they will contribute to re-construction projects in Chile. But I think it would be very interesting to have ideas from around the world. It is very strange, but Chile has a history of natural disasters. In fact, the world's largest quake occurred in Chile in 1960. A basic emergency housing has not yet been designed, which is more than just a tent. Right now people are in need of protection from the rain, and also need a house with a bathroom, to avoid health problems. I think there is a first stage of an emergency -- a tent, or something more worthy and useful -- but a second stage is planned as something definitive (temporary schools, hospitals, etc.), with also a final third stage of reconstruction. And as you know, many of these solutions are subject to an important economic factor. Emilio also points us to this photo-heavy look at the chaos caused by the earthquake.

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Orange County in the Middle of China, and a Storm Trooper Prepares for His PK Debut

Presentations The first of our two presentations today, "Inside Wood and Paint: The Heart of Making," comes from PKN Taos Vol. 3, and sees Patti Tronolone sharing her paintings and furniture pieces, linking the latter to her love of nature. The second presentation is Kotama Bouabane's "Chinese's Replication of Orange County" (PKN Toronto Vol. 15) in which he reveals a Beijing suburb that was made to look like Orange County in California. Posters We've got two new posters on our Tumblr blog today, one for this Sunday's PKN Lisbon Vol. 14 (above), and one for PKN Kumamoto Vol. 3, which is set for June 1. Photos We of course have a few new galleries to share with you today, but also a fantastic teaser video for the upcoming PKN Guimaraes Vol. 2, above (produced by Damnworks).PKN Los Angeles Vol. 30 [Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Design]A few photos from PKN Bogota [Flickr]PKN Genoa Vol. 1 [Flickr]PKN Helena Vol. 1 [Flickr]And we're not quite sure what the significance of the following photo is (from Flickr user Kalexandersen), but with the title "On stage for a PechaKucha," it felt natural to include it. Links A couple of PK-related links to keep you reading."Yes, PechaKucha Can Make You a Better Presenter" [Manage Better Now]"Giving a Voice to Cleveland Creatives: Why Our City Needs PechaKucha" [Nicole Delamotte]"Taos 'creatives' to share ideas at PechaKucha Night 6" [The Taos News]"Developing a PechaKucha: Step One" [Creating Communication]Calendar We covered in yesterday's post what you can expect from tonight in terms of events (5 PKNs), but for the weekend, Saturday (May 19) will see two Japanese series with new volumes, with PKN Kitakyushu Vol. 6 and PKN Nara Vol. 2. On Sunday (May 20), there's the aformentioned PKN Lisbon Vol. 14, as well as PKN Mendoza Vol. 4. For a peek at what next week has to offer, have a look at the full calendar.

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Orange County, China

On a voyage to Orange County, real estate developers from Beijing discovered, distilled, and replicated the essence of the Southern California suburban life and brought it back to China. In today's Presentation of the Day "Orange County, China" from PKN Toronto Vol. 15, artist and photographer Kotama Bouabane displays photos from this surreal, simulated western paradise and discusses the culture of replication often found in the Asian nation.

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PKN Cleveland in the News

Cleveland's latest PechaKucha Night gets some coverage from the local NBC affiliate, which you can watch online here.

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Sign of the Times

PKN helped the city Whangarei celebrate "New Zealand Sign Language Week" commemorating the recognition of Sign Language as an official language of the county. "Because of its visual nature, an easily accessible event for the deaf community."   

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Barn Quilts: Art in the Community

"We want our project to be more than pretty. We want to be a positive addition to the community."In Barn Quilts: Art in the Community from Accident Vol. 3, Cheryl DeBerry discusses the Barn Quilt project which started in Ohio and as spread across America. Cheryl and others brought this art movement to Garrett County, Maryland. This project spruces up barns, encourages artists, and brings the community together. Enjoy!

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Revolution - Bridging the Employment Gap for Women in Crises

"... And that changed the way I see women struggling in crisis." In "Revolution - Bridging the Employment Gap for Women in Crises" from Lancaster Vol. 5, business owner Sarah Rutt discusses Revolution, a jewelry company that creates and sells handcrafted, leather jewelry in order to bridge the employment gap for women transitioning out of homelessness. Revolution is part of the great social enterprise pitch sponsored by ASSETS Lancaster and the Lancaster County Community Foundation, and are launching operations in October of this year.


Seeking Presenters in Redwood City

Redwoo City PechaKucha is Seeking Presenters for our FIRST event!  Come be part of the foundational group.  Visit the San Mateo County History Museum website at to complete a submission online. 


RWC - Vol 1 Update!

Wow!  Our first event was amazing!  Thanks to our tech folks - no glitches during our event.  We managed to record it two ways - with presenters via camera and room and slides with audio via computer.  Our first time presenters were STELLAR!  The theme selected in partnership with the San Mateo County History Museum created a wonderful frame for the evening.  Although our audience was very modest, we had a surprise guest from HQ - Stephen Leist, who offered us nothing but support and encouraging feedback.  It was a wonderful surprise and you can see video via Fuse Theatre's facebook page.  We will have the presentations up very soon!  Congrats and cheers to all our presenters, attendees and followers!   Stacey

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Barn Quilts : Art in the Community

"We want our project to be more than pretty. We want to be a positive addition to the community." Barn Quilts: Art in the Community from Accident Vol. 3, Cheryl DeBerry discusses the Barn Quilt project which started in Ohio and has spread across America. Cheryl and others brought this art movement to Garrett County, Maryland. This project spruces up barns, encourages artists, and brings the community together.