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The Lucky Country

@ VOL 3 ON SEP 13, 2014

Marc is an advocate for social justice and for the rights and living conditions of refugees waiting for judgement as to whether they will be allowed immigration visas.

Marc recounts his experiences as a social worker on the Australian Immigration Detention centre on the island of Nauru and the appalling conditions that refugees were had to endure due to the constraints of the Australian Government's Department of Immigration.


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Tokyo @ SuperDeluxe
Feb 27, 2008


Austin @ Design Within Reach
Oct 25, 2007


Austin @ One Congress Plaza
May 29, 2008


Melbourne @ The Toff Stage Bar
Apr 28, 2009


Berkeley @ Marc 49
Feb 08, 2010


Los Angeles @ Woodbury & LA Forum exhibition space
May 09, 2012


Chicoutimi @ Le Lobe
Apr 12, 2013


Weimar @ Glaskasten Limona
Apr 25, 2014


Mexico City @ Museo Experimental El Eco
Apr 24, 2014


Forster @ Laneway
Sep 13, 2014

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Symphonies of the City

@ VOL 25 ON SEP 20, 2013

Marc De Pape noticed that people are often indifferent to small changes in the weather. To combat this, Marc has created a tool that plays music differently according to the environmental conditions of its location. Sort of like a wind chime, but not restricted to just wind.

"Presentation of the Day" on November 28, 2013.

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The Chime: Scoring The City

@ VOL 1 ON SEP 27, 2013

Marc De Pape takes us through "The Chime"; his study based on urban design surrounding the term "Blasé" coined by famous 20th century sociologist, Georg Simmel.

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Mind Playin' Tricks

@ VOL 12 ON NOV 27, 2014

Art Director Marc ter Horst start elk project vanuit een helder gesteld concept. De kracht van zijn werk ligt in het maken van niet direct voor de hand liggende combinaties van thema’s, onderwerpen, symbolen of iconen waardoor nieuwe interessante verbanden en betekenissen ontstaan. In de uitvoering zoekt Marc naar visueel inspirerende oplossingen waarbij inhoud en vorm elkaar versterken. In zijn werk maakt hij geen onderscheid tussen autonome kunst en toegepaste kunst.

Het werk van Marc communiceert op een directe manier met als doel publiek op een nieuwe manier naar bestaande zaken te laten kijken.

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Le CRAFT et la réalisation de mobilier urbain en céramique

@ VOL 10 ON FEB 19, 2015

Après une rapide description du CRAFT (Centre de recherche sur les arts du feu et de la terre), Gérard Borde présente diverses réalisations de mobilier en céramique pour l'espace urbain (siège Beyrouth, lampadaires, projet pour l'Abbaye de Fontevraud...)

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Filtered Through the Red Scull Cap

@ VOL 13 ON MAR 06, 2015

Marc Wagner:

Raised on a healthy diet of cartoons and comic books, Marc Wagner’s playful drawings are deceivingly innocent. These bright colors tend to tell some dark stories. Marc’s current work addresses the subconscious mind, sometimes his own, by working quickly and watching to see what happens. He also addresses our culture’s bombardment of images, and the popular characters that have become cultural icons. Most of Marc’s images are marker & pen, but he will occasionally use his printmaking background for different imagery. 

Marc attended South Dakota State University, where he received a degree in Graphic Design. During his time at SDSU, he also pursued his interests in studio arts. Particularly, drawing and printmaking. After graduating in 2013, he moved to back to Sioux Falls with his wife and their dogs. In addition to his job at Dakota Lettering, Marc stays busy freelancing as an illustrator.

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The art and technology behind 3D printing

@ VOL 5 ON MAR 29, 2016

Dutch born Marc Bax is a Mechanical engineer who loves turning ideas into prototypes and has spent the last few years working with 3D printing technology to do just that. He talks us about the diffence between conventional and 3D printing.

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Natural collaborator

@ VOL 6 ON JUN 03, 2016

Marc Brown shares the collaborative nature of architecture, literally and physically. At the forefront of most of his projects his work integrates with the natural environment whether it’s through energy efficient utilities or using the surrounding landscape to form parts of the building.

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The healing power of speaking your truth

@ VOL 50 ON SEP 04, 2018

Sarah Isaacs invited women to share experiences of abuse and sexual assault, hoping to turn her own violation into something good that might encourage others to speak up and let go of the shame that was never theirs to carry. Sarah's talk looks at the healing power of honest expression and the role this project played in her recovery.

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From Waterville to the White House

@ VOL 28 ON JUL 12, 2018

Rabbi Rachel Isaacs shares her journey from Waterville Maine, to being invited to the White House by President Barack Obama

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PKN Dortmund Gets BIG

Last week's PechaKucha Night in Dortmund Vol. 6 was not only held at what organizer Marc Robbecke describes as "the world's nicest football stadium" -- that would be the Signal Iduna Park, previously known as the Westfalenstadion -- it also had access to the giant screen you see pictured above. As Marc wrote in the subject line of his message to us, "PECHAKUCHA GALORE." You can see the full list of presenters who participated, with links, on the official event page.

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PKN Barcelona Vol. 10

The following is a report by PechaKucha Night in Barcelona organizer Petz Scholtus on last week's Vol. 10. PechaKucha Barcelona just celebrated its 10th volume last week, by filling the old Estrella Damm brewery with a very lively audience and some excellent speakers. The trash converters mantra trip band, the residual Gurus, performed to the 20 slides, after designer Alessandro Rancati expressed his passion for glass. Mateusz Staniewski showed breath-taking photos that were created by painting with light (watch the presentation here) and Nocko Nogués invited us to celebrate each day as if it was a music festival. Then, designer Marc Ligos confessed his love for subbuteo (a kind of table football), movie director Enric Soldevila revealed what went on behind the scenes of the making off the last Estrella Damm video spot, and architect Lucas Cappelli convinces us that we can do anything if we really go for it. Designer Santi Fuster took us through the ups and downs and many moves of his studio Bendita Gloria, and, Vialis-founder Jaime Sarramalera together with Surtido designer Marc Morro showed us how you can make "anything but a shoe." Last but not least, Tomas Diez explained how the Fab Lab in Barcelona can make (almost) anything, and Jordi and Pol from Pla&Fantoba design studio told the story of Mr. Need who learnt to invest into himself in order to become happy and successful in life. For more information, photos and videos, visit PechaKucha Barcelona's blog (in Spanish). The photos included in the post are courtesy of Benjamin Julv and Ricardo Ferraz. Marc Ligos Residual Gurus Vidrioh

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We weren't able to share this in time, but above is the invitation produced for a special PechaKucha event in Barcelona, that inolved regular PKN Barcelona organizer, Marc Morro. Here's more info from Marc on what the event was all about:In between PechaKucha Night BCN Vol. 15 and Vol. 16, ETSAB (Architecture School from Barcelona) asked us to organize a PechaKucha at their university. And we did it. ARQUITECTURA AND ETC., an event with the PechaKucha format that had 9 talkers, all of them architects, selected by ETSAB and just a few talked about architecture. There presenters were: Jan Roig, Margalida Montoya y Arcadi Royo, Vicenç Mulet, Óscar Engroba + Ana Roque, Eugeni Bach, Xavier Bustos, Juan Beldarrain, Josep Bunyesc y Uriel Fogué.

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Inspiring Dilemmas

In this edition of Presentation of the Day (from PKN Chicago Vol. 20), architect and entrepreneur Marc Teer is looking for trouble. Well, more so problems: he believes in finding design issues in the architecture field, solving them, and getting the physical or metaphorical structural solution built. He speaks of two enterprises he's established to solve architectural problems: his architectural software resource site Black Spectacles, and The Un-Competition Project. 

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Marc-Alexandre Cartiant

At this Wednesday's Vol. 104, Marc-Alexandre Cartiant will suggest parallels between climbing Mt. Fuji and learning Japanese -- in both cases, you need the right tools/equipment and patience. Marc-Alexandre CartiantさんはPechaKucha Night 東京104にて、富士山登山と日本語学習の経験から学ばれた事を発表してくださいます。

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Next Salt Spring Kucha

Salt Spring Volume 4 We are excited to be part of Global Pecha Kucha Night on Sept 20th!  In addition, Artbarn International will host an exciting art show which opens at 5:00pm and continues at the barn on Sat, Sept 21st + Sun, Sept 22nd, 1-6pm And if that's not enough ... we will roundup the evening with the awesome beats of ... DJ JOSHUA JAMES starting at 10:00pm ... also Asian fusion food served by The Gathering!!! Presenters: Darrel Pierce and Marc Riecher  |  Bryan Dubien  |  Paperockscissors  |  Matt Steffich  |  Jason Donaldson  | Jacob Burton  |  Karen Clark  |  John Macdonald  |  Debbie Wetmore Art featuring: Nicola Wheston  |  John Macdonald  |  Gillian Gandossi  |  Andrew Gibbs  |  Ron Crawford

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Symphonies of the City

From the cacophonous cries of the city springs forth a mellifluous mini-musicale. In today's Presentation of the Day, "Symphonies of the City" from PKN Toronto Vol. 25, designer Marc De Pape is "exploring the relationship between sensing technology and the routines of everyday life." He's created a device that he compares to a windchime: one that not only creates sounds with the wind, but senses audio, motion, direction, temperature, light, and more. Based on the sensory input of the city, the device generates a melodious micro-orchestra of sounds that are not at all displeasing to the ear. Give it a listen on Marc's project page.

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PKN Weimar #3: SKY is the limit!

Now, after a winter brake; PechaKucha comes back - directly from the sky! A lighthouse-like landmark attracted us magnetically and here we are: in the glass box on top of the Limona library. As envisaged on the beautiful poster by Marc López, our third PechaKucha takes place just near the skies... Take the lift (from the asphalt square) to the top of limona and let your presentation skills go high! Enjoy listening and watching the speakers on the background of a splendid view over Weimar! Send your presentation by 23.04 to! Friday, 25.03.2014, starting at 20.00 with a cheerful concert by Ammalia and Daniele.

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City Focus: Markham

The "City Focus" this week checks in on Markham, a city that is readying for only its 3rd PechaKucha Night so far (on June 6), but is already amassing an inspiring collection of presentations. Pictured, Marc de Pape's "The Chime: Scoring the City."

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Strange Fruit; Split Seed

"Have you ever seen a photo that left you utterly speechless, gutted your ability to even comprehend what you are looking at?"In Strange Fruit; Split Seed from Beacon, Vol. 1. artist Jean-Marc Superville Sovak presents a series of drawings based on lynching photographs and his illustrative reactions. He explores images that shake you to your core not for what can be seen in them, but rather what can't be seen in them, and how what matters most are the stories in them that often have never been told.  Watch this moving presentation and confront the limits of interpretation.