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Fashion Under Fire


In Fashion Under Fire, presented at at PechaKucha Night Lincoln Vol. 1, Vintage2Versace's John Knight, an authority on fashion through the ages, gives us an insight to 1940's Fashion like never seen before.

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The Trail to Walter

@ VOL 3 ON OCT 07, 2015

Lincoln Barons' Charter Trail was part of the 800th year Magna Carta Celebrations and artist Mel Langton takes us through a fun behind the scenes of her work on Sir Walter Style (aka William Malet a feudal baron from Somerset). 

All 25 barons lined the streets of Lincoln during the summer and were later auctioned raising almost £170,000 in one night. Lincolnites will miss them but the funds raised contributed to fight hunger and poverty in the UK. Well done barons! 

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Lyrics of Life & Love

@ VOL 3 ON OCT 07, 2015

Singer and songwriter Nicola Stanton brought a soul soothing moment to our first Lincoln PechaKucha with her beautiful voice. She tells us about her almost-sound-of-music upbringing that inspired her journey in music and gives genuine advice on how to refuel an artist's passion to follow their path. 

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Comedy in Lincoln

@ VOL 3 ON OCT 07, 2015

Liam Mitchel, graphic designer by day creative and comedian around the clock, introduces us to HOW and WHO is helping curate the local comedy scene in Lincolnshire. He gives us a taste of his humour with a laughter-filled presentation. Go LACE


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My Life with Herbs


Hannah Sylvester, one of the 40 medical qualified herbalists in the country, tells us all about her life with herbs in a nourishing and organic presentation. She reflects on the importance of listening and observing nature to flourish with it. After all there's no better design than nature itself.

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine by thy food." ― Hippocrates

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Two Wheels Good


Yellow Belly, Lou Christy from Sustrans  runs us through Access Lincoln, an iniciatve by the City Council designed to get Lincoln out of their cars and on to their bikes. Filled with great information about commuter cycling and free services provided to promote heathier, cleaner and cheaper journeys.

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Upcycling in China


Watch how rubbish transforms into beauty proving nothing goes to waste in the hands of industrial designer Dave Bramston. Follow him during one of his journeys in China hunting for his next creations. The straightforward array of befores and afters will get you motivated to give it a go yourself. Upcycling doesn't get better than this!

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History of Kimono


Let presenter Kana Maniwa from Takayo Style take you through the history of kimono while she adds her personal touch. Thank you for bringing all that color and fun to our Japan Fest Night in Lincoln.

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The Way of Aikido

@ VOL 3 ON OCT 07, 2015

Neville Coupland Sensei from Eiryukan Aikido in Lincoln, United Kingdom shares how he stumbled upon the amazing art of Aikido. He explains the core of aikido and how harmonizing your energy leads to the path to development. Defending yourself while being attacked with swords and wooden daggers isnt a simple task but Neville Sensei can teach you how!

For more information, visit:

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Wagamama Wench to Sushi Slut

@ VOL 3 ON OCT 07, 2015

Betty Costello presents her journey of becoming a sushi slut in Lincoln, United Kingdom through her passion of Japanese cuisine and culture. 




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Brinton Lincoln
VP, Operation, Interior Product Co. // Reclaimed Cleveland // Rustbelt Reclamation in Cleveland
Don Lincoln
Scientist, Fermilab in Batavia
Libby LIncoln
student in Brisbane
Alyssa Lincoln
Student, Northwest Missouri State University in Omaha
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advertising beachflags
Sunvizion uk
telecom network resource inventory management
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in Lancashire
Provexum in UK
Health in England
Diane Lincoln
Retired Science Teacher in Geneva


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May 31, 2015


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Jul 02, 2015


Lincoln, UK @ Brewhaus
Oct 07, 2015


Lincoln, UK @ University of Lincoln
Feb 20, 2016


Lincoln, UK @ St. Swithin's Church
Feb 16, 2017

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Abraham Lincoln and the Structure of Reason

@ VOL 2 ON FEB 29, 2016

Dan Van Haften describes the stunning discovery of Abraham Lincoln’s system for persuasive writing. His book, Abraham Lincoln and the Structure of Reason, demonstrates Lincoln’s use of the six elements of a proposition; his presentation compellingly illustrates Lincoln’s system with the Gettysburg Address and the Springfield Farewell Address.

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Saving Lincoln Center

@ VOL 13 ON JUN 23, 2016

Miguel Juarez's presentation documents a group of community organizers' efforts to save Lincoln Center from demolition.  Miguel situates the history of Lincoln Center and it's role in the community through the history of the creation of El Paso's freeways in the mid-1960s — intersecting at the Lincoln Park community in South Central El Paso.

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PKN Lincoln in the News

Here's a nice video report on PechaKucha Night in Lincoln from NewsNetNebraska. PKN Lincoln Vol. 6 was held earlier this week, and the next edition, Vol. 7, is already set to happen in May.

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Comparing the US to the UK and Projects for Alternative Living

For this presentation (from PKN Pittsfield Vol. 1), let David Hyde take you on a tongue-in-cheek comparative tour of the US and the UK -- expect stereotypes galore, and a good laugh. Redesigna is a collaboration of different projects in Augsburg -- each of these projects focuses on alternative living. This presentation (in German, from PKN Augsburg Vol. 1) shows a variety of recycled and upcycled projects created by Doris Leitner.

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PK Special: Chicago | UK

Two Fridays ago, from the heights of Olympia Center in Chicago, in the residence of the British Consul General, a very special PechaKucha eve was held. British creatives residing in the Windy City presented on topics aplenty: Tom Burtonwood and Mike Moceri let us peer into the world of 3D printing with a MakerBot presentation, Michael and Dianne Jackson discussed married life, Kenny G, and twins (we're sure there's a line to be drawn through those three topics), and Robert Chatterton Dickson chatted a ton about his life as a British diplomat. The home of Robert and Teresa Albor was opened to about 100 frequenters of PeckaKucha Night Chicago, and all entry funds went to Vanavevhu: a charity benefiting children in Zimbabwe.  As you can see, the downtown city-view was downright impressive, which may have you asking, "Can we get much higher?" Well yes, in fact, the highest PechaKucha soirée was for Inspire Japan -- held in Roppongi Hills Mori Tower's 52nd floor. Anyone up to challenge Tokyo's title? A full album of photos from this affair can be found on PKN Chicago's event page.   

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From Batman to Lincoln

"They both could be pessimistic, dark, morose, they went through tragedy early in their lives..."  In today's Presentation of the Day, "From Batman to Lincoln" from PKN Bowling Green Vol. 2, Christy Spurlock discusses the fangirl/fanboy phenomena, and goes into depth on her infatuation with Batman (she specifies the 1960s Adam West Batman as her entry-point) and Abraham Lincoln. She looks at what drew her to these sorts of figures throughout her life, and discusses some of the popular culture surrounding fanboyism/fangirlism found on the internet and in real-life.

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Top 5 Presentations in September

Yet another month has come and gone, autumn is upon us, and once again a few fresh bottles of cold, creamy presentations sit on your doorstep. Here are the Top 5 Presentations of the Day for the month of September 2013:  "On Clouds" by Mark Petrick. "From Batman to Lincoln" by Christy Spurlock. "Because I Said I Would" by Alex Sheen. "The Beauty of the Derelict" by Eric Pattison. "Silent Dinner Parties" by Honi Ryan.

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City Focus: Wakefield

For our "City Focus" this week we highlight the city of Wakefield (UK), and its "lucky" PechaKucha Night Vol. 13, which is happening on March 13. Make sure to visit the official event page for all the details, including the full list of presenters.

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Poster for PKN Sheffield Vol. 18

We tip our hat to PKN Sheffield, UK this week for the crazy inspiration that went into this highly imaginative poster for their Vol. 18 held last week. Stay tuned for presentations coming soon, bound to inspire!


Welcome to Pecha Kucha Lincoln

Meet Elika. Elika had a dream… After spending most of her childhood growing up in Honduras with her Japanese father and Honduran mother, Elika went to live in Tokyo to get to know her Japanese heritage. While she was there, she discovered this amazing new community had opened up to allow creative people to start sharing their ideas and work with audiences beyond their normal circles. She went to one. She was hooked; the Pecha Kucha seed was planted! It’s probably important to point out she also met her husband Joe there. This is a vital piece of information, not just because he’s her husband but also because he’s the reason she ended up in Lincoln. After being in Lincoln for almost a year, Elika had (naturally) made some friends. Meet Atma. Atma, AKA The Wisp, and Elika hit it off immediately. They became great friends and spent a lot of time drinking tea with each other.  One Monday (after a lot of tea) Elika excitedly ran an idea past Atma; she wanted to bring Pecha Kucha to Lincoln. Atma was thrilled by the idea and immediately started planning acrobatics and dancers floating down from the ceiling on beautiful white fabric…. Meet Sam. She said no. After much tea, sushi, yoga and chit chatting Lincoln Pecha Kucha was born. It wasn’t easy to pull it off. This was new to the city so there was no way of knowing of how many people would come or how well the evening would go, but with infectious enthusiasm and a small amount of pressure, the team managed to persuade 7 really interesting local people to share their stories.  It’s incredible what happens when people are asked to do something from the heart… they just say yes.  It’s really important to mention that this isn’t a charity even and no money exchanged hands. With no financial contributions or sponsors the team had to rely on the good will of friends, both new and old. The team added a new member; the youthful, tenacious and fantastically enthusiastic Jay, a student at a local school.  With youth firmly on his side, posters advertising the event found their way all over Lincoln. The posters themselves were stunningly designed by Jack, another great friend of the team.  2015 is a huge year for Lincoln with the castle re-opening, the Magna Carta celebrations, the National Cycle Championships and the 50th anniversary of the Red Arrows. Jack managed to capture all of this in a poster that has caught the attention of Pecha Kucha friends all over the world. It took some considerable effort and patience but the end result was well worth it! The first event was held on 31st May in the beautiful historical Brewhaus bar in Lincoln. Brewhaus itself is a stunning building in the city which for years lay empty.  It’s been thoughtfully restored to be one of the best bars in Lincoln with an ethos on showcasing all the great things that are happening in the city.  The staff were also incredible, managing a last minute room change.  However none of this can happen with a great, patient tech guy. Meet Joe (Elika’s husband) properly, a great tech guy.  Who knew a projector could be so hard to find! After much running around Lincoln, the ladies from another local project, Nerd Nite, the day and loaned a projector. There was light. There was sound.  There were speakers and their presentations. All the team needed was an audience…  The turnout far outweighed the teams expectations, filling the club room in the building, and the audience were completely immersed in the stories from the speakers. After John Knight kicked off the event with a wonderful presentation on Fashion Under Fire in the 1940’s, the speakers really got into the spirit of the event and delivered interesting, enlightening and engaging presentations on painting barons, composing music, stand-up comedy, herbalism and cycling. The evening finished with an incredible talk from David Bramston about his passion for turning industrial waste items from the recycling ‘department stores’ of China into lighting.   Once the event had finished, there was a real reluctance to leave the room as people mingled, got to know each other and chatted to the speakers.  The Pecha Kucha magic extend far beyond interesting talks from passionate individuals; people made new friends. Over the next year, more Pechakucha events will be happening in Lincoln so subscribe, follow, chit chat and join in.  The team has some BIG plans for the year so whether you want to become a sponsor, a speaker, a host or in the audience, come and be a part of celebrating all the great stories and people living in Lincoln today. 


PechaKucha Night Manchester Vol. 15

Ticket Link: HERE Join us for an evening of fun, fast and inspiring talks from a host of Manchester's most vibrant creative minds, who will each be taking on the PechaKucha challenge: 20 slides, 20 seconds per slide, no stopping. This time we're at Ziferblat on 24 November 2016.   Tickets are £6 for early bird and £7 for standard (booking fee applies).   It's bring-you-own-booze this time round.  If you don't bring anything you can still rely on the range of Ziferblat hospitality: cake and other snacks, hot and cold drinks: all covered in the tiket price! 
Line-up Kladi from Studio Print My Soul. Organisers of Cities of Hope Jay Taylor - Lapsed musician jumping between various music related things Chris Roberts and Rob Evans - With Love Project Sneaky Raccoon - Graphic artist and designer Christina Ward - The Monthly Gift Campaign Manchester - providing sanitary products to the homeless and those in need Nick Entwistle - One Minute Briefs Craig Oldham - Designer and Creative Consultant Ben Davies- Ziferblat Manchester See you there! PKN MCR

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Creative Re-use of Historic and Industrial Buildings

"There are some really unusual historic buildings out there that have been developed into quite interesting buildings."Architect Simon Devlin talks about some of the more unusual historic buildings in the UK that have been converted and redeveloped for re-use in clever and profound ways that improve culture whilst retaining their iconic status and historical value.