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Lake Michigan in a Dugout Canoe

@ VOL 1 ON MAY 14, 2015

"That not how most people build boats these days but I figured I was new to woodworking, logs float no matter what, and I was committed."

In Lake Michigan in a Dugout Canoe from PechaKucha Night St. Joseph Vol. 1Mary Catterlin and and Amy Lukas share their story of how, in the summer of 2012, they circumnavigated Lake Michigan in their handmade dugout sailing canoe. After 93 days and 1200 miles, they returned home to the beach of Beverly Shores, Indiana. This adventure has led to the creation of a self-produced documentary and a published illustrated journal.

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Wolves and Moose in a Superior Wilderness

@ VOL 3 ON NOV 12, 2015

For many years Tom Hurst has led expeditions to the remote and wilderness lands of the Isle Royal, a collection of 50 small islands in the middle of Lake Superior. On these trips Tom leads Wolf and Moose bone collecting expositions and helped uncover some amazing animal science data.

Tom Hurst has led citizen science expeditions and taught youth and graduate classes at Isle Royale National Park for many years. He is a passionate educator on craft, agricultural and nature education, backpacker, paddler, navigator and explorer of wild places. His presentation will be on the effects of climate change, island ecosystems and learning about moose and wolves.

Tom is a teacher, naturalist, farmer, maker of things. Explorer of the natural world and student of traditional skills. A career educator working primarily in Agriculture & Natural Resources education and Industrial Arts woodworking, Research team leader on Isle Royale with the wolf moose project, home school education advocate , woodworker, manager of teenagers by day.

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Frosted Glassware: A Cautionary Tale

@ VOL 5 ON MAY 19, 2016

Erik Youngquist is the owner of Purely Michigan, a retail store in the tourist beach town of St. Joseph, Michigan. In this PK, Frosted Glassware: A Cautionary Tale, Erik will be talking about opening that store and having no idea what to stock it with! Not until his wife found some old frosted Michigan glassware, and he knew at that point he must chase his 'whale' no matter how many good or bad memories that may entail. 

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Crinoids & Meditation

@ VOL 7 ON DEC 01, 2016

"I don't think about anything else...I'm just looking down and finding the beauty and meditating..."

In Crinoids & Meditation At PechaKucha Night St. Joseph Vol. 7, Alan Palmer talks about his journey in finding his meditative method through collecting crinoids, the fossils left behind by primordial marine organisms, on the shores of Lake Michigan. He also shares a brief history of these ancient sea creatures as well as the connection between his hobby and meditation in his life. 

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Swimming Upstream – A Large Plan for the Harbor to Stir the Soul

@ VOL 6 ON SEP 16, 2016

John Egelhaaf is described - by a close, anonymous friend of his -  of usually being the smartest guy in the room with the highest, most honest standards. "If we could only see the goo in his head, it would be in technicolor and packaged brilliance." John is the Executive Director at Southwest Michigan Planning Commission

Peter Colovos is a Chicago native who's been described - by a close, anonymous friend of his -  "to be admired for his relentless jump-out-of-bed-every-day-with-a-purpose tenacity."   Founding Prairie Real Estate Group in Chicago, IL in 1994 was a culmination of transforming Peter’s passion of architecture construction and real estate experience into a career. Creating the optimal blend of good architecture and design product that enhances their tenants’ quality of life is the keystone of The Prairie Real Estate Group. (A quality of life that allows Peter the gusto to take our challenge to HACK THE HARBOR and swim from shore to shore. ;)

THEY GIVE a fresh look at the Twin Cities Harbor - by questioning everything, it might be possible to swim against the flow of the last half century!


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What I Learned Riding My Bicycle Across Michigan

@ VOL 9 ON MAY 19, 2017

Chuck Jager can be seen commuting to work on his neon green Trek bicycle with that uber cool band on his pants leg. He is a long-time high school U.S. History teacher, and once graded more than 1500 essays in one week.


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Touch & GO

@ VOL 9 ON MAY 19, 2017

Andrea Oleniczak talks about her role as the Fab Lab Manager in this PK titled Touch & GO.

Born & raised in Grand Rapids, MI, Andrea has a BFA in Glass from College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI. She is currently the Fab Lab Manager @ the LMC Fab Lab. She’s previously held all sorts of positions including Production Glassblower, Studio Technician, Design Consultant, Facilities Coordinator, Product Designer and Teacher. Her addictions? Coffee and podcasts. Her daydreams? To see local manufacturing that incorporates historical craft and reintroduces apprenticeship models.


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Brace, open, laugh. My story on Stand-Up

@ VOL 10 ON SEP 16, 2017

Loon Mabians is now a comedian and active in the LBGT community in Southwest Michigan... but those things came to be only after many moments of facing her fears with the support of her Grandparents...this PK is about that journey.

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ARS Longa, Vita, Brevis - “Art is long, life is short"

@ VOL 14 ON SEP 15, 2018

ARS Longa, Vita, Brevis - “Art is long, life is short” - Anna Russo Sieber, Founder and Executive Director of Anna Russo-Sieber Gallery / ARS Gallery Arts & Culture Center has passionately dedicated her career to arts education for over 30 years. Throughout her career as an artist and teacher, she has exhibited her work at fairs, galleries, and art centers.  She has also developed several art programs at various institutions and has had the opportunity to work in museums, art centers, and schools with a focus on cultural arts and youth development.


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A life Illuminated by the Arts

@ VOL 14 ON SEP 15, 2018

A life Illuminated by the Arts - Paul Mow is currently the Theatre and Choral Coordinator on staff at Lake Michigan College as well as the Artistic Director and founder of the new The GhostLight Theatre right here in the Benton Harbor Arts District. Paul was a professional opera singer at the New York City Opera from 2001-2006, and has won a multitude of performance awards for his tenor voice and also recorded his solo Brahms album on the Lyrichord label in 2007 live in New York City's Town Hall.



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Associate Professor, Wright State University in Dayton
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Lake Ridge @ Tall Oaks Community Center
May 15, 2010


Salt Lake City @ Empty lot next to Capitol Theater
Dec 17, 2010


Lake Ridge @ Workhouse Arts Center
Jun 15, 2013


Salt Lake City @ The State Room
Mar 27, 2015


Salt Lake City @ The State Room
Aug 27, 2016


Salt Lake City @ Weller Book Works
Jan 28, 2017


Salt Lake City @ The State Room
Mar 31, 2017


Salt Lake City @ The Leonardo
Oct 17, 2017


Salt Lake City @ The State Room
Mar 30, 2018


Salt Lake City @ The State Room
Mar 27, 2019

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Lake Forest


Garret Eakin takes us on a tour of Lake Forrest and the elegant architecture that comprises that history of the town. He also outlines his spectacular restoration of a historic residence. 

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Making the Lake Better

@ VOL 5 ON FEB 18, 2016

How can we make our lake community better? Architect, William Kirwan, uses examples of successful lake communities and how Deep Creek Lake can use these ideas to make business owners, community members, and tourists enjoy the lake even more. 

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St. Joseph - Small Town, Big Heart

@ VOL 134 ON MAR 18, 2016

"The only way to shed light on ignorance and resentment is to talk about it."

In St. Joseph - Small Town, Big Heart, from PechaKucha Night Tokyo Vol. 134, Lana Rappette, Assistant and Communications Lead for the Whirlpool Creatives Association reveals that St Joseph, MI is far more than just a sleepy summer tourist destination on the shore of Lake Michigan. Sure, St Joseph has its sandy beaches and an agricultural  industry fit for making apple pies, but it also has a thriving, respected and close knit arts community. One that is immune to city borders and has helped heal relationships and restore the beauty in the neighboring city of Benton Harbor. PechaKucha St Joseph was started just one year ago in early 2015. Now all people, everyday people, have a chance to share ideas and fun doing it! The city hopes to fuel a positive and creative culture through its PechaKucha platform.

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Michigan Community Resources

@ VOL 30 ON DEC 08, 2016

Samira Guyot is the Manager of Legal Education at Michigan Community Resources. She is also a Detroit Revitalization Fellow.

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Restoring A Salt Lake: A livelihoods approach


Urmia lake is a slat lake in Northwest Iran, near the border from Turkey. At its greatest extent, it was the largest lake in the Middle East and the sixth-largest saltwater lake on Earth. Due to a wide range of issues, mostly man-made, the lake had shrunk to 10% of its former size. A national and international initiatives started to restore the lake. One of those initiatives focused on livelihoods of the communities around the lake. In this presentation, Shuan SadreGhazi tells the story of the lake and of the initiative to save it.

Shuan cares about the lake because it is near to his hometown. The problem that has happened for the lake is a typical case when climate change and human negligence lead to a wide range of social, environmental and economic problems. He is glad that some of the interventions are starting to bear fruit.


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White Lake Through the Seasons

@ VOL 12 ON MAY 17, 2018

Botanical consutant and general lover of 'je ne sais quoi' Terry McIntosh is always keen to share his love for the wild flora and fauna of British Columbia's White Lake in hiis signature off-the-cuff style.

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PKN Lands in Salt Lake City

The global PechaKucha Night city count continues to rise -- we're currently at the rather lovely number of 333 (oops, it never stops, make that 335) -- and the latest addition, with its first event happening tonight, is Salt Lake City. The festivities will kick off at 19:00, and it all happens at the Salt Lake Art Center.

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A Trip from Byron Bay to Lake Eyre

In this presentation from last week's PechaKucha Night in Tokyo Vol. 78, Tim Exley takes us on an amazing trip from the coast of Byron Bay to Lake Eyre, all across the surprisingly colorful outback of Australia by motor glider.


Best Reason to Chit-Chat

It's so nice to see PechaKucha Night chosen as a staff pick in the Salt Lake City's City Weekly -- certainly the "Best Reason to Chit-Chat." Big thanks to PKN Salt Lake City organizer Tristan Shepherd for sharing this with us.

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Poster for PKN Salt Lake City Vol. 6

PechaKucha Night in Salt Lake City Vol. 6 is set to happen October 29 at the Avocet Building, and you'll find the full list of presenters with links on the official event page.

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PKN Salt Lake City + Global Cities Week

Salt Lake City is going to take part in our Global Cities Week, with its PechaKucha Night Vol. 7 happening on February 24 at The State Room. You'll find plenty of details, along with the full list of presenters with links, on the official event page. The poster was designed by Thy Doan, of AIGA-Salt Lake City. Here's also a very nice write-up on the city's PKN series from 15 Bytes, "Utah's Art Magazine."

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PKN Salt Lake City Vol. 7

Time to start sharing a lot of the photos and reports that we've been receiving from the recent Global Cities Week events, and here's a look at Salt Lake City's PechaKucha Night Vol. 7 -- and there's more to see in this Flickr photoset. As you can see, it was a fantastic turnout, and in a separate post we'll be sharing some nice press that the event received. You'll find the full list of presenters on the event page.

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A Trip from Byron Bay to Lake Eyre

For this "Presentation of the Day," Tim Exley takes us on an amazing trip from the coast of Byron Bay to Lake Eyre, all across the surprisingly colorful outback of Australia by motor glider.

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PKN Salt Lake City in the News

Salt Lake City got some rather nice coverage for its recent PechaKucha Night Vol. 12 from SLUG Magazine. The PechaKucha format is brilliant. Japanese for “chit chat,” it was invented in Tokyo in 2003, and since has spread to almost 800 different locations worldwide. They call it the 20x20 format. A presenter is given an opportunity to choose 20 different slides and talk for 20 seconds about each one. This is an excellent cure for the ailment which plagues many public speeches—people talking way too long, and going on many different tangents.  Read the full article here. Salt Lake City's Vol. 13 is set for October 13.

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Lake Michigan in a Dugout Canoe

"That not how most people build boats these days but I figured I was new to woodworking, logs float no matter what, and I was committed." In Lake Michigan in a Dugout Canoe from PechaKucha Night St. Joseph Vol. 1, Mary Catterlin and and Amy Lukas share their story of how, in the summer of 2012, they circumnavigated Lake Michigan in their handmade dugout sailing canoe. After 93 days and 1200 miles, they returned home to the beach of Beverly Shores, Indiana. This adventure has led to the creation of a self produced documentary and a published illustrated journal.

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Copper Harbor, Michigan

"I don't know if there is a word to describe a peninsula that's part of another peninsula, maybe "super-peninsula." They can use that if they want." In this hilarious, yet introspective look on a remote and serene corner on the world called Copper Harbour, Michigan, freelance writer John Donavan shares his love for its 75 quirky residents, its single drag strip, its dozen places to stay, and half as many places to eat, its few quiet souvenir shops, its art studio, its laundromat, its lonely but loved book store, and its complete lack of cell-phone reception. Surrounded by wilderness, wonder, and solitude, Donavan shares getting lost in the natural beauty, forgetting that the noise, and the hurry, and the craziness of world even exists, adding "it's kinda like my church."(From PechaKucha Des Moines Vol. 21.)