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What You Don’t Know About Me


Alyne Cistone is a Kenyan-born lawyer now a management consultant with Eaton Peabody. With the use of humor and stories, she hopes to share some of her experiences growing up in Kenya and some of the challenges of living here in Maine.


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Kenya CPS
World Bank, World Bank in Nairobi
kenya ligon
in San Antonio
kenya ligon
in san antonio
Kenya Jackson-Saulters
Chief Experience Officer, The Outdoor Journal Tour in Atlanta,
Kenya Jones
in Memphis
Kenya cera
Licenciada in Barranquilla


Kampala @ Uganda Martyrs University
Oct 07, 2008


Nairobi @ RaMoMA Museum of Modern Art
Mar 26, 2009


Cape Town @ The Assembly
Nov 11, 2014


Nairobi @ Karen Village Ltd
Apr 08, 2016


Milton Keynes @ Bar Bar Coffee Shop
Oct 19, 2016

PAST MSM goes PechaKucha

Maastricht @ Maastricht School of Management
Mar 17, 2017


London @ The Geffrye Museum
Apr 27, 2017


Yogyakarta @ PKKH UGM
Sep 29, 2017


Nairobi @ The Alchemist Bar
Mar 18, 2018


Saskatoon @ The Underground Cafe
Sep 17, 2018

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Kenya vs. Derby

@ VOL 5 ON APR 17, 2012

You're never too young to do a PechaKucha presentation! Meet Archie, aged 7, who takes the opportunity to introduce us to his friend Jeremiah, aged 6, who lives in Kenya.

"Presentation of the Day" on March 23, 2013.

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A New Stove for Kenya

@ VOL 107 ON OCT 30, 2013

Mårten Claesson and Ola Rune, product designers, discover that people in most parts of Africa spend a significant amount of their time collecting wood for use in their three stone fire pits. Marten and Ola then worked with their team in Stockholm to design a new stove that uses less wood and produces less smoke. Now the kids in Kenya can spend their time in school instead of out collecting firewood.

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These are a few of my Suki-na Koto


Tim Hitchens, the British Ambassador to Japan, shows us some of his favorite things. This includes his name written on a piece of wood from the famous Ise Shrine (which is rebuilt every 20 years), his kendo sword and gear, his favorite iPad and iPhone apps, giant teacups, and toys. Read more about the ambassador at GOV.UK.

"Presentation of the Day" on November 19, 2013.

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Ken and Mary's Sex Education

@ VOL 112 ON MAR 26, 2014

"It seemed like a good idea at the time..."

In the PechaKucha Spirit of Valentines Day, we ask "What happens when you have two naked female and male dolls, snow on the ground, and a camera?" -- A rather risqué (and hilariously absurd) education on sexual relationships of course! (and now a book well!) Listen as Katsumi Saiki talks about his love of photography and sex from Ken and Mary's Sex Education from PechaKucha Night Tokyo Vol. 112

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Donations for Kenya

@ VOL 113 ON APR 30, 2014

Michael Palagi talks about his visit to Kenya. The purpose of his talk is to encourage people to donate for building a new school in the place where he stayed for 4 weeks in Nairobi. He talks about the talented teachers and students in the school, learning, playing, dancing and having fun. There is a need to build a new school in order to help more kids, decrease deceases and make their lives less difficult. 

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A Bird's Eye View of Kenya

@ VOL 8 ON MAR 20, 2016

Amit Ramrakha takes us on a journey of aerial photography though the North of Kenya to Nairobi.. wildlife, rivers, animals.. to civilization of human settlement...

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Kenya Street Photography

@ VOL 8 ON MAR 20, 2016

Street photography has been a vehicle to express Julian Manjahi views of his environment,interact with day to day, a visual extension of how he feels. It is about connection and aesthetics, the mixture of these two when attained is what makes it all worth it.

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Changing the World, One Dinner at a Time

@ VOL 29 ON MAY 22, 2016

Might I interest you in NOT eating out once-a-month and, instead, using that money toward a collective good? Dining for Women looks to do just this, pool small funds amoungst an intimate group. These funds go on toward bigger, better initiatives all around the globe. Hear Kira Walker give us a breakdown of the program and why it resonates with her! 

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I AM a Bag Lady

@ VOL 20 ON DEC 01, 2016

"One of the things we want to do is bring people together."

In I AM a Bag Lady  at PechaKucha Night Madison Vol. 20Lesley Sager shares the stories of the Kenyan women whom have inspired her while volunteering in Africa. They are smart, creative, and hardworking but what they do not know is that they are artisans. With their beautiful hand crafted bags, they have woven their ways into Lesley's heart and have uplifted their community with their creativity and passion for education. 

Lesley is a Faculty Associate and Interior Designer for the University of Wisconsin, Madison and also owns a NPGO called MGS. 

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Endgame Keyboards

@ VOL 157 ON MAY 30, 2018

Tokyo Keyboard founder Alvin Cheung introduces the global mechanical keyboard community where artists, nerds, and makers craft the sexiest piece of computing technology... the computer keyboard.

Tokyo Keyboardを立ち上げたAlvin Cheungが、世界的な電子キーボードのコミュニティについて紹介してくれます。アーティストや、機械オタク、企業がこぞって作り出す、奥深いコンピューターキーボードの世界にようこそ!

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Being an Independent Farmer in Central Texas, Wooden Buildings in Ostrava, and a Teaser Video from PKN Trnava

Presentations Linda Perez was born and raised in San Antonio. Over the course of her life, she has cleaned hominid fossils and taught secondary school in Kenya, done research at Harvard University and conducted a health care survey in the Andes Mountains, helped initiate sustainable agriculture and rural businesses in Zambia and assisted in HIV/AIDS awareness & prevention in Swaziland. Since 1993, she has overseen the development of a herd of Beefmaster cattle on her 300-acre L&M Ranch, 40 minutes south of San Antonio. Her presentation (from PKN San Antonio Vol. 6) focuses on her life as an independent, organic farmer in the heart of Texas. This presentation (in Czech, from PKN Ostrava Vol. 8) contains stories about wooden buildings that were realised in the Czech Republic by Martin Rajnis and his students. The buildings are inspired by traditional dwellings found in many parts of the world, that are friendly to the environment and, for the most part, very cheap. Martin also points out the bureaucratic system that affects Czech building policies. Posters Today's addition to the Tumblr blog comes in the form of a trio of posters for the upcoming PKN that's set to happen on October 26 in Orlando -- although V6 appears on the poster, this is in fact the series' Vol. 7, and you'll find the full list of presenters on the official event page. Video Today we have a great video teaser to share for the upcoming PKN Trnava Vol. 5, which will be part of the Grape Festival, one of the biggest music festivals in Slovakia.   Calendar Today (August 22) you can catch the following two events: PKN Cairns Vol. 5 and PKN Durban Vol. 8. Tomorrow, you have the following three PKNs to choose from: PKN Edinburgh Vol. 19, PKN San Antonio Vol. 7, and PKN Vladimir Vol. 7.

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Derby vs. Kenya

This weekend, in honor of the kids workshop we are holding as part of our special "PechaKucha x Design-ah exhibition" events at the 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT in Tokyo today, for our "Presentation of the Day" we've chosen a presentation from our Kids Channel. You're never too young to do a PechaKucha presentation, and so meet Archie, aged 7, who takes the opportunity to introduce us to his friend Jeremiah, aged 6, who lives in Kenya.

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Keita Akiyama

What if there was a world in which you could find acoustic plants? What would they look like? What sound would they make? That's what Keita Akiyama explores in his "Sound Flora" series.Details on next week's "Powered by PechaKucha" event at the Heineken Star Lounge in Harajuku can be found here.   もし植物が音を奏でるとしたらどのようになるだろうか。電化美術に所属されていらっしゃる秋山慶太さんデザインの「音響植物」がPechaKuchaイベントに登場します。


Key for conflict solution

Making a product in IT sphere means involving different specialists like chiefs, customers, PMs, sales and developers. All of them have to communicate for achieving common goal. Communication sometimes means conflicts. Key for positive conflicts solution was presented by Roman Babych, SMD Businnes consultant, on PKN vol.6 IT in Dnepropetrovsk. 

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PechaKucha in AlKhobar Provides Food for Thought

Sketchbook Magazine has a recap up on the recent Global Night edition of PechaKucha Night Al-Khobar. The night featured speeches from martial artists, entrepreneurs, and designers -- here's a clip referring to activist Mohamed Ali's presentation on refugee camps in Kenya: Mohamed showed pictures of children writing on tree barks for school, because books were simply unavailable, saying: “We strive to reach our goals, when people in African countries in need strive to live to see the next day. We know from media that African living conditions are harsh, but we wanted to see the truth for ourselves.  PKN Al-Khobar Vol. 2 took place on September 20, 2013 at the ADC Compound Hall. For the full write-up, check out the article here.

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Keita Suzuki

Presenting at our Tokyo Designers Week edition PechaKucha Night (Vol. 107) on Wednesday, October 30 is designer Keita Suzuki (PRODUCT DESIGN CENTER). He will talk about the projects he has been developing in the areas of culture, community, and technology.PRODUCT DESIGN CENTERの鈴木啓太さんが、「今、ここでしか作れないモノ」やデザインについて10月30日のPechaKucha Night 東京でプレゼンテーションして下さいます。

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Creativity: the Key to a Happy and Productive Life

Creativity springs forth in the most unexpected places. Where's the most unusual place you've discovered it? Alicia Medina Laddaga explores the idea of cities as the ultimate epicenter for creativity, and travels to Vancouver in order to tap into it's creative potential. In "Creativity: the Key to a Happy and Productive Life" from PKN Vancouver Vol. 30, she focuses on housing and architecture as a founder of LOHA, a non-profit organization which provides affordable, alternative housing options. 

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Michael Palagi

At PechaKucha Night Vol. 113 (on Wednesday, April 30), Michael Palagi will be talking about how he helped set up a school in Kibera (near Nairobi, Kenya), and reveal some of his experiences with, the fantastic students he shared time with. ペチャクチャナイトVol.113(4月30日(水))にてMichael PalagiがKibera(Nairobi, Kenyaの近く)に建てた学校について話してくれます。彼の経験話と彼と時間を過ごした素晴らしい生徒について話してくれます。

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Ken and Mary's Sex Education

"It seemed like a good idea at the time..." In the PechaKucha Spirit of Valentines Day, we ask "What happens when you have two naked female and male dolls, snow on the ground, and a camera?" -- A rather risqué (and hilariously absurd) education on sexual relationships of course! (and now a book well!) Listen as Katsumi Saiki talks about his love of photography and sex from Ken and Mary's Sex Education from PechaKucha Night Tokyo Vol. 112! And Happy Valentines Day Everyone from PechaKucha <3<3<3

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Another successful edition of PechaKucha at Maastricht School of Management

“PechaKucha teaches us four important skills in management,” said Oliver Olson, director of Global Education, as he opened the fourth annual edition of MSM goes PechaKucha on Friday 17 March. “1. Following rules, 2. Being concise, 3. Public speaking, 4. Improvisation” Its strict format – 20 slides, 20 second per slide – forces you to think carefully about your message and to stay focused. At the same time, it allows you to practice your presentation and public speaking skills, and develop perhaps the most important one, which will help you throughout life in any situation, the skill of improvisation.” Stimulated by these encouraging words, no less than 11 MBA and MM students took the PechaKucha stage at MSM in front of a full audience of staff, students, friends, family members and MSM stakeholders. As always at MSM, their stories came from all over world, from Kenya to Peru, from Greece to Vietnam, from India to Chile and more. The students talked about topics that mattered to them and transformed the way they saw the world and the future, and the common point between all their stories was that although personal, they all had a deeper and universal value and meaning. We heard about what we can learn from observing birds in a city like Lima, how the financial crisis in Greece led to the development of new business ideas, why we should thank our enemies, the power of relationships, a successful financial product made in Kenya, and why education and life-long learning are key to making the world a better place. T The PechaKucha team in Maastricht complimented the students on their excellent choice of topics and slides. The strength of the PechaKucha format lies in the combination of an authentic message and powerful images. The presenters scored high on these points, whilst keep their own presentation and delivery style. Some used humor, others metaphors, some walked up and down the stage, others asked questions to the audience. The dynamic and engaging pace of the presentations lifted everyone’s spirits on this Friday afternoon. The event, perfectly organized by Pilar Gonzalez, ended – how else? – with a brilliant improvisation on random slides by Oliver Olson himself, who took the PechaKucha standards to yet a higher presentation level under huge laughter and applause from the public. All presentations will be online soon, don’t miss them!   By Sueli Brodin