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Megan Wall
in Napier
Melissa Wall
Professor , CSUN in Los Angeles
Jay Wall
Creative Director, Studio JAYWALL in Toronto
stevie wall
in rotorua
Jenny Wall
in Harare
Intersex Activist and Collage Artist in ATLANTA
Alexei Wall
in Angola
Larry Wall
Marketing in Buchanan
Thomas wall
SEO in New York


San Francisco @ 330 Ritch
Feb 22, 2006


San Francisco @ 330 Ritch
May 30, 2007


Whangarei @ The Old Library
Dec 01, 2010


Whangarei @ Quarry Arts Centre
Jan 14, 2011


Sheffield @ Workstation
Jul 28, 2011


Phillip Island @ Trenavin Chapel
Nov 13, 2011


Phillip Island @ Trenavin Chapel
Feb 19, 2012

PAST Ubud 20x20 VOL 3

Ubud @ Betel Nut
Nov 27, 2012


Bardejov @ BAŠTA - kultúrno-komunitné centrum
Jun 20, 2015


Oct 14, 2015

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Photography for the Fourth Wall

@ VOL 5 ON JUN 15, 2013

If you thought regular photography was hard, Steven Koernig explains the tips and tricks that go along with theater photography in which capturing personality, moments, and good lighitng are key. You will definitely pick up some pointers along the way, and gain an ever greater appreciation for those shots you see in theater marketing. 

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Writing on the Wall

@ VOL 5 ON FEB 20, 2014

Teacher-turned-artist Jamie Smith explains the journey of how she discovered her artistic style after deciding to follow her passion. She discusses her unique approach of presenting other people's confessions in order to turn something shameful into a beautiful work of art. 

"Presentation of the Day" on August 30, 2014. 

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The Bee'ah Wall


A surprise reclaimed wall project gives insight into the think green life of young designer graduates in Sharjah. Amal Taryam guide us through different stages of learning, trying and decision making to make a sitting space by incorporating simple structure, the Bee'ah company landfill materials and beatiful light.

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Great Wall v Brain Cancer: How I Trekked for a Cure and Photographed It

@ VOL 10 ON DEC 03, 2015

Leigh Turner is a Townsville teacher and photographer. This story details Leigh’s journey this year to raise funds and awareness for brain cancer research. 

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My Real Wall - Not My Facebook Wall!

@ VOL 10 ON MAY 12, 2016

In this PechaKucha Andy Haong tells us about his life as a “mail-artist” (say what?!) - well in Andy's words it means a person that spends their spare time sending hand drawn postcards to strangers.

In just over six minutes Andy will talk you through how he became a mail artist and the amazing things that happened to him since! Including doubling the number of real life friends he had who wrote on his real wall and NOT just his Facebook wall.

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Nashville Wall Project

@ VOL 20 ON MAY 23, 2016

Brian Greif gives us a closer look at the art and artist of the Downtown Nashville murals

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Building Black Utopias: Modeling the Architectural Principles of African American Literature, 1960-1975

@ VOL 17 ON SEP 15, 2016

"We started with several books that looked at the brownstone as a site of intervention."

In Building Black Utopias: Modeling the Architectural Principles of African American Literature, 1960-1975 from PechaKucha Buffalo vol. 17, Charles L. Davis, II, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Architecture at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, shows works from his recent exhibition project, Building Black Utopias, and discusses the literature that served as inspiration. 

The Building Black Utopias project combines the tools of the architect, the historian and the literary critic to recover the historical contributions of African American writers to architectural utopian thought. It specifically examines the role of literary depictions of place in June Jordan, Amiri Baraka, Paule Marshall and Angela Davis’ writings. Davis argues that each authors’ rhetorical manipulations of the built environment operates on the same level as architectural utopian thought insofar as both mediums created rich, alternative depictions of modernist space to liberate the architect’s imagination. The final exhibit translates the spatial ideas of literature into drawings, models and other ephemera.

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The White Wall Sessions- an intimate experience of music from Sioux Falls, South Dakota

@ VOL 22 ON JUN 02, 2017

Michael Yaeger is the show’s go to guy at The White Wall Sessions. Michael gets things done and gets them done very quickly and efficiently. Michael plays an integral role in the sales and development of the shows at the WWS and also manages the social media content and sponsor relations for this local music venue. 

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Trying to Fit Art on a Wall

@ VOL 38 ON FEB 07, 2019

Nicholaus Arnold is a semi-conceptual artist, semi-conceptual curator, and semi conceptual educator from Dayton, Ohio. He currently runs The Blue House Gallery with his partner Ashley and is the galleries coordinator for University of Dayton. Nicholaus’ presentation is about his life as an artist and trying to fit unorthodox art works into a gallery setting.

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The River and the Wall

@ VOL 20 ON OCT 12, 2018

Jay Kleberg shares the story of a team of diverse adventurers embarked on an epic 1,200-mile journey along the United States/Mexico border, down the Rio Grande in December 2017 to experience the vast landscapes before further construction of a border wall. During the horse, mountain bike, and canoe-powered journey, they encountered personal stories from both sides of the border, examined differing immigration viewpoints, and explored the impacts to wildlife, public lands, private landowners, and all who call the borderlands home. The 72-day journey is part of the feature documentary THE RIVER AND THE WALL was released in 2019 and is available on itues movies.

More info about the film can be found at the website



PKN in The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal ran a great story in August about PechaKucha Night. Read the article The Sounds of Chatter by Juro Osawa here...


Jeff Topham

Yes, PechaKucha Night in Vancouver Vol. 6 is indeed sold out, but here's a touching presentation from the previous volume, in which photojournalist Jeff Topham reflects -- through photography taken by his father -- about his childhood growing up in Liberia. He follows that up with a look at what he experienced when he returned to that country a few years ago.


Jeff Hamada

Here's a great -- and hilarious -- presentation from last month's PechaKucha Night in Vancouver Vol. 6 by designer Jeff Hamada, taking us on a tour of the evolution of his work, starting from the mind maps he was making as a 6 years old. The video was filmed and edited by Bruce Sharpe.

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Flyer for PKN Fresno Vol. 3

PechaKucha Night in Fresno Vol. 3 happens tonight (June 8) at Starline, and presenters for the evening will include: Fresno's Downtown and Community Revitalization Department Director Craig Scharton, custom furniture designer Adam Wall, and Floyd Sanchez of Antilabs.

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Transformer Apartment

Wouldn't you like more living space? What if your living space adapted instantly for you? In today's edition of Presentation of the Day (from PKN Tokyo Vol. 66), we feature a man who has made these ideas a reality.  Gary Cheng has lived in the same 32m2 space in Hong Kong since 1976. Over the years he has lived there with family, colleagues, and ultimately alone. As a result, the ways this space have been used have changed drastically. By 2006 he had incorporated numerous modular units that have mulitple functions. In total, his apartment has 45 permutations: pulling out the TV wall expands the kitchen, rolling out the CD shelves reveals the bathtub. His sofa becomes a bed, and flips up into the wall; the shower room doubles as a phone booth. The functions are seemingly endless, and the interior design is beautiful.   


Volume 24

Once again, a Kamikaze speaker is prepared to put his wits on the line for 20 images that he has never seen before. Prepare to be blown away by the courage of a simple man. And Braam, ran 4 200 km along the entire length of the Great Wall of China in a single attempt. This translated to running over a marathon a day for over 100 days! Scientists said this was impossible. Also the magical world of bee keeping and a glimpse into the fascinating life of a honey bee -we humans have so much to learn from these little creatures!

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Writing on the Wall

"I go to art shows and I lick the paintings." Educator-turned-artist Jamie Smith confesses to have been unaware Abu Dhabi was a real location until she decided to move there. This was only the beginning of her journey to become an artist, and in "Writing on the Wall" from PKN Richmond, BC Vol. 5 she shows us how she created a way for individuals to post their anonymous confessions which she could then use as inspiration for her paintings.

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The Local Artist

“We came up with this when we were ice fishing — the idea was to pull artists up from below the surface.” South Dakota natives Jeff Ballard, Mitch Torbert, and Hunter Murphy discuss their burgeoning zine project: The Local Artist. In “The Local Artist” from PKN Sioux Falls Vol. 11, they speak on their efforts to expose local artists to the public, and cultivate the growth of the creative industry in their home state.

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Transit Design

Jeff Doble is an architect and designer, and has always loved urban design and planning. Here he tells us about two of his projects, in both Vancouver and Riyadh, and the factors that go into planning and designing each station in order to encourage more people to use public transit. 

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v.39 presenter showcase

CRUMBLE MAGAZINE PROJECT Crumble Magazine are holding an afternoon of open discussion to create an architectural ‘magazine wall’ full of your ideas responding to our theme ‘Conflict / Resolution’   Crumble’s method revolves around creation through discussion; the Crumble Magazine Project will involve open discussion and collaborative creation, leading to a ‘magazine wall’ full of ideas all in a single afternoon! The theme of our latest issue is ‘Conflict/Resolution’: how does conflict manifest on a local, national and international level and how do we even start resolving it? The afternoon’s challenge will be shaping these ideas into paragraphs, poems, doodles and illustrations, which we can bring together for reflection and consideration at the end of the day. We are holding this event in conjunction with Crumble’s third issue ‘Conflict / Resolution’, due to launch June 2018.