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NBP Interiors
CEO in Jaipur


Mumbai @ Balwant Sheth School of Architecture, NMIMS
Dec 17, 2010


Leeds @ Old Trumen Brewery
Jul 18, 2011


Norwich, UK @ cinema city norwich
Oct 26, 2011


Leeds @ Old Trumen Brewery
Jul 16, 2012


Taichung @ Asia University
Feb 28, 2013

PAST PechaKucha at WAF 2013

World Architecture Festival @ Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay
Oct 02, 2013


Seattle @ Nordic Heritage Museum
Jun 05, 2014


Kingston @ Spanish Court Hotel
Jun 25, 2014


Detroit @ Ponyride
Sep 29, 2017

PAST PechaKucha Event

Powered by PechaKucha @ Galvanize
Oct 05, 2017

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Interior Design in Florence

@ VOL 1 ON MAR 02, 2012

In this presentation, Juri Favilli covers an architectural renovation project for a flat in the middle of Florence's old town. The concept was to have new living areas in which most of the home's functions were placed in the walls. You end up with a living space with almost no furniture, which answered the client's request of wanting an "ordered home." (in Italian)

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@ VOL 1 ON OCT 28, 2014

Claire Bowman speaks thoughtfully about finding your passion.

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International Art & Design Festival 2014

@ VOL 1 ON JUL 25, 2014

Icelandic born artist Kristjana S Williams studied graphic design and illustration at Central St Martins and quickly gained critical acclaim as Creative Director of Beyond the Valley for 8 years.

In 2012, Kristjana S Williams Studio began creating fne art pieces, art prints and furniture.

The studio’s latest project presented a one of a kind collaborative audio-scape print journey at the spectacular Shanghai Exhibition Centre. Flying spirits were draped in beautiful traditional Chinese silk robes printed with Kristjana’s signature intricate art works, the masks are incredibly delicate hand paper-cut sculptures which crown each creature. The intrigued masked spirits followed the audience intertwining around the bamboo forest with mystical allure. Amongst the atmospheric surroundings, the creatures enticed visitors into listening to their unique, individual sounds through suspended Momentum headphones by German audio company, Sennheiser.

Previously in 2011 Kristjana S Williams and Beyond the Valley presented an interactive print journey at the V&A during London Design Festival, a show inspired by an interest in the way new technologies can be used in interiors and fashion design.
The illustrations juxtapose strong graphic lines with intricate victorian engravings creating incredibly striking and unique art work. Comprising of very intricate collages of material that have been collected from victorian engravings, photographs taken, found objects and real leafs and twigs.

Inspiration lies heavily with layering nature upon nature and ‘the symmetry in all things living’ which stems from the artists childhood in Iceland. When growing up the artist found nature there stark and unforgiving. Never seeing trees or colourful butterfies or exotic fowers – everything seemed grey. Now in retrospect, feels the complete opposite as though the colours and landscape are like nowhere else in the world. Each piece created by the artist is it’s own universe of botanicals, atmosphere and animals, each born and grown from the things that have inspired her since being a child in Iceland.

Williams’ work has become well known throughout the industry, 2013 saw the studio Highly Commended for ‘Best Use of Colour’ at the Dulux Colour Awards. In 2014 Kristjana has already won a D&AD award, a New York Festivals Grand Prix & First Prize and lastly shortlisted for the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity.

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Hey, Let's Shoot! Happy Delivery!

@ VOL 129 ON OCT 28, 2015

Atsushi Nakamichi is a well-known photographer of architecture, interiors and the people who create them. With a long fantastic career, his vibrant and eclectic personality has helped make him an unforgettable and well-loved persona in the Tokyo design scene. Here he brings a special delivery of his unique photographic vision to PechaKucha Night Tokyo Design Week Special 2015. Hope you're hungy for some creativity.


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Shift the View Point

@ VOL 131 ON DEC 16, 2015

若手建築家の中でも活躍が目覚ましい元木大輔さんは、 建築を軸に多領域に渡ってボーダレスにクリエイションを展開されています。当たり前と思うことへの発想の転換。これまで手がけた、実用から生まれ思わず声をあげてしまうユニークなデザインを紹介します。

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Tokyo Interior Tour

@ VOL 138 ON JUL 27, 2016

インテリアデザイナーの安藤僚子さんと建築家の浅子佳英さんは、 2013年から3年間に渡り、東京のショップのインテリアをツアーをしてリサーチしてきました。消費スピードが速いインテリアデザインを通し考現学的に研究した大都市・東京について、素敵な味あるイラストと共に紹介してくださいます!

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Creative Re-use of Historic and Industrial Buildings

@ VOL 8 ON JAN 31, 2017

"There are some really unusual historic buildings out there that have been developed into quite interesting buildings."

Architect Simon Devlin talks about some of the more unusual historic buildings in the UK that have been converted and redeveloped for re-use in clever and profound ways that improve culture whilst retaining their iconic status and historical value.

This was "Presentation of the Day" on July 6th, 2017. 

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Spirit Fairies and Fish Skins

@ VOL 17 ON MAR 09, 2017

When a psychic tells you to take a trip to Scotland do you go? Design Principal Brynne Rinderknecht did! Find out what happens in her presentation from PK NY Vol 17..

Brynne Rinderknecht of From the Inside creates residential, commercial and hospitality interiors with a focus on connecting spirits to surroundings. Originally from ST. Louis and a graduate of SAIC in Chicago, Brynne has made New York City home: collaborating with people to make functional and sustainable concepts—conscious.

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Interior MARSitect

@ VOL 22 ON JUL 26, 2018

Jennifer Lane, Interior MARSitect

Designing Habitats for Mars

(No Audio) Apologies from Pecha Kucha Perth Team

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20 images (almost) 20 years

@ VOL 11 ON SEP 06, 2018

Chronicling 20 highlights and a vast amount of learning from a 19-year career, Deborah Bowness reflects on influences and inspirations. For ‘Paper Trail’ Deborah takes her hand printed, hand painted, trompe l’oeil wallpapers onto the streets to create staged sets, still lives, unexpected encounters and 'a game for the soul', infusing towns and cities with poetry and wonder.

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PKN Prague Vol. 12

We always get very interesting reports from Prague, and the latest one, for PechaKucha Night Vol. 12, certainly follows that trend. That city's organizer Jana Kostelecka sent us the following, written by Adam Gebrian. April 16th 2009, PechaKucha Night in Prague, volume 12, overcrowded as usual -- I would have never believed you could regularly fit more than 370 people inside a cinema with a maximum capacity of 336 (don’t tell the authorities, especially the fire-brigade control). As usual, we have seen 14 presentations, every single one very funny -- a bit too much for my own taste, but that could have been influenced by the fact that I came to see PKNP directly from a funeral of a friend. But a few questions have been omnipresent: What is more important, content or form? Could you be boring but good? Should you try to be funny, especially when the others are, and the audience is having good time? How hard is it not to please the public? Should you try to react to your colleague’s presentations which precede you? (My personal advice: No!) A few days afterwards, I clearly remember 6 of the 14 presentations (a sign of certain quality). Here they are: Will You Buy our Catalogue? Pode Bal The famous artistic trio, which have single-handedly established political art in Czech Republic with their year 2000 exhibition ”Malík urvi” (first three slides), with 36 portraits of successful public figures and politicians -- accidentally, also important persons during the communist regime. Personally, I always prefer presentations from one single person (if you make a mistake, there is no one to help you out, and that takes a certain courage), but this trio was perfect. Well balanced sense of humour, with precise formulations, and a serious effort to sell their recently published catalogue. Outer Space Technology for a Village Restaurant Michal Kutálek (Next Level studio) Young architect, started by showing his visions for new livable complexes in outer space using advanced computer technologies (he has been awarded several prizes for his efforts), but it took just eight slides, and we have been inside of small interiors in his hometown (Staré Město) in South Moravia, a “city” of 8000 inhabitants. We are in a small regular room (still under construction) created in the traditional way (bricks and stones of different sizes and colours). Does it mean he has forgotten his vision and complex shapes? No, not by chance. On the other hand, he has been able to realize the first parametric design in Czech Republic. Interior of a bar with restaurant. Next nine slides are here to prove it. Slick white ceilings, strange wall colours, design chairs. And the biggest surprise is still yet to come. Picture no. 18. The exterior of the bar. You have hardly seen something more traditional than this. You suddenly realize the challenge of building this -- in here. It would have been difficult to do it in our capital, Prague, but in this village? Insane. Good luck with other projects. Mystification or even Better? kunstWerk The end of the first half is always important. If it’s not good, it can destroy all previous presentations. But this was clearly not the case for the duo kunstWerk. It’s hard to understand if we are attending clever mystification, or even more clever reality. The punch line is coming from Joseph Beuys -- “every man is an artist” -- and the next 19 slides are here to prove it. Showing the work of an unknown person. Weird common life objects, but all of them with certain beauty, poetics. Except one, perfectly commented: “Just one time in his life, he strived to be an artist, by creating this piece (picture no. 15) -- metal flower out of used beer bottle caps. It’s precisely the moment when he stopped being an artist.” The ending is well prepared: “Is it possible to be an artist and not know about it?” Of course. But here is a bigger question: “Is it possible to be an artist and not know about it?” That’s a tough one. Kill the Format Adéla Svobodová I don’t like attempts at destroying the 20x20 format (numbering pages, showing almost the same picture twice, animation gifs, etc.), but this time it worked out. Every next slide had been placed over the previous one, without covering it entirely. Very nice idea, and so was the work of Adéla Svobodová (film festival posters, book covers, art installations, drawings). The Surprise of the Night Jiří Příhoda The giant square in the sea, fallen tree struck by lightning, giant art installations, artificial ocean instead of gallery ceiling -- so you enter inside and find yourself underneath sea level (made by styrodur), part of the biggest war cannon ever made, “destroyed” gallery. “I have left just two spaces, one to get in, and the other one to get out. Hah, hah.” Some of the works are older than twenty years. Who the hell is this guy? The leader of monumental work studio at Art Academy in Prague? I loved it. The Best at Last The ending of the night is even more important than the ending of the first half. It can make the evening, or not. For the first time during my five visits, it didn’t end well. So I am not going to write about the real ending, but will pick up my own choice: David Černý The always young (45 years :))) provocative rebel without cause, the author of the art A-bomb of the year, "Entropa" -- fictitious collaboration of 27 young European artists (made just by himself), which still represents the presidency of Czech Republic over EU in Brussels. This time, he showed us a less known part of his personality. Perfectly prepared, precise, showing not only his beautiful unrealized projects, but also his brain-child, "Meet factory," a place for exhibitions, cultural projects, meetings, discussions, and presentations. It was the paramount of the evening, without a doubt. Within the context of the night, he seemed to be the most adult, conservative (this is meant positively!), and wise-cracking. The unrealized giant red skull inside the market hall (pictures 3 and 4) might prove me wrong, but I still mean it. 19 slides of his own work, and then the message to everybody in the audience: Fuck the Czech Communist Party! Big applause. The next PKNP will happen on the 18th of June, and I am going to be there.


Keiko + Manabu

Today we let design duo Keiko + Manabu walk you through -- in English and Japanese -- some recent works, including a few interiors, as well as paper installations. The presentation, "Heart of Shapes," is from PechaKucha Night in Tokyo Vol. 57.

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PKE in Leeds

There's a special PechaKucha event set to happen in Leeds on July 18, although it will still part of the city's regular PechaKucha Night series (Vol. 11) -- you'll find the full list of presenters with links on the official event page. Below, more details from PKN Leeds organizer Stuart Hide.PKN Leeds has come together with Interior Educators (IE) to hold an independent Pechakucha event their third annual IE Free Range graduate show entitled ‘Re-Imagine’ to be held at the Old Truman Brewery, Brick lane, London on Monday 18th July. The IE Free range Re-Imagine show is the largest exhibition to view the best work from 2011 graduates from leading undergraduate courses in Interior Architecture and Interior Design within the UK. This year will see over 300 graduates exhibiting at the show. In celebration of the students achievements, IE are putting on a number of special events over the course of the show. The launch of the show on Thursday 14th July (6-10pm) will no doubt be a momentous occasion with the initial opportunity to view the show accompanied with beverages and music. Friday 15th (10am-5pm) will see the celebrations continue with a specialist publishers day, where a number of publishers will be providing book presentations, launches as well as stalls around the subject area of ‘Interiors’. Over the Saturday, Sunday and the Monday the exhibition will continue for all to enjoy. On the evening of Monday 18th July (7-10pm) acting as a book end to the show and as the crescendo to the whole event, PKN Leeds in association with IE have organised a specialist PechaKucha Night around the theme of ‘Re-Imagined Spaces’. This is billed as the largest interiors based PechaKucha held this year. With some of the leading UK practioners, academics and thinkers the discipline has to offer. The event is free to all so please join us for an evening of thinking and drinking within a re-imagined space!

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Interior Designing

In today's presentation (in Japanese) -- recorded at PechaKucha Night in Tokyo Vol. 88 -- Masahide Kanda shows us how to design interior products.

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The Retrash Collective, Washing Your Thoughts, and the IntervenE Exhibition

Presentations Nathan Devine is a graphic designer, and in his presentation (from PKN Blue Mountains Vol. 1) he talks about "Retrash," an international collective that is rethinking waste. According to Nathan, by being passionate about turning waste into something useful, we can reduce landfills. Metto il pensiero in lavatrice (Put Your Thoughts in the Washing Machine) is Valentina Di Fatta's second book, and in it she gives advice on how to wash away "dirty thoughts" and how to chose the best "washing program," depending on the season. Her presentation (in Italian) is from PKN Pisa Vol. 1. Posters There are two new posters on the Tumblr blog today, one for PKN Vladimir Vol. 6 (pictured above) and one for PKN Geneva Vol. 7, both happening tommorrow night. Event info St. Albert will soon be hosting its very first PKN, and here's a piece from the St. Albert Leader on what to expect from the launch. Also, PKN Leeds organizer Stuart Hide is producing a one-off PK event in London as part of the "IntervenE" exhibition on July 16, and he sends us the following details on the event (and that's the poster for the event that you see above).PKN Leeds has come together once again with Interior Educators (IE) to hold an independent Pechakucha event at their forth annual IE Free Range graduate show entitled ‘IntervenE’ to be held at the Old Truman Brewery, Brick lane, London on Monday 16th July. The IE Free range IntervenE show is the largest national exhibition to view the best work from 2011 graduates from leading undergraduate courses in Interior Architecture and Interior Design within the UK. This year will see over 450 graduates exhibiting at the show from across 28 institutes. In celebration of the students achievements, IE are putting on a number of special events over the course of the show. The launch of the show on Thursday 14th July (6-10pm) will no doubt be a momentous occasion with the initial opportunity to view the show accompanied with beverages and music. Friday 13th (10am-4pm) will see the celebrations continue with a specialist school and college day, where a numerous graduates will be will be at hand to discuss their work and courses they have been studying on. Over the Saturday, Sunday and the Monday the exhibition will continue for all to enjoy. On Monday afternoon, 16th July will see a number of high profile judges reviewing all the work of the graduates in readiness for the prize giving in the evening at the PechaKucha event. On the evening, kicking off at 7pm and acting as a book end to the show and a crescendo to the whole event, PKN Leeds in association with IE have organised a specialist PechaKucha Night around the theme of ‘IntervenE’. This is billed as the largest interiors based pechakucha held this year. With some of the leading UK practioners, academics and thinkers the discipline has to offer. The event is free to all so please join us for an evening of thinking and drinking!Calendar Today, here at the Tokyo mothership, we prepare for our Vol. 93, and you can also look forward to the following two events: PKN Kingston Vol. 3 and PKN Providence Vol. 39. Tomorrow, it's another big Thursday of events with a lot of 7s: PKN Mallorca Vol. 1, PKN Bordeaux Vol. 7, PKN Genève Vol. 7, PKN London Vol. 7, and PKN Vladimir Vol. 6.


PechaKucha Night - Salt Lake City + Design Week

  Salt Lake Design Week kicked off this week! From Oct. 12-18 there are incredible events every day. PechaKucha Night will take place this Friday, Oct. 16th starting at 7pm. Presenters start around 8pm. Grab an early dinner next door at Frida Bistro, then head to our venue for drinks, light food, and an extra serving of inspiration from our amazing presenters. Tyson Call - Writer/PhotographerAaron Nelson - Industrial DesignerAmy Caron - uber-multidisciplinary artistKortney Greer - Designer/illustratorDavid Brooks - Transdisciplinary Project DirectorPierre Langue - ArchitectD.J. Baxter - RDA Salt Lake City, DirectorGarret Martin + Phil Smallwood - GumcoPatrick Crowley - ChapulAlice Toler + Bobby Gittins - Artist & WriterNick Franchi - Digital Art DirectorJill Canales - Senior VP Design @ 3formDerek Kitchen - multi-discipline human Buy Now Aaron Nelson is a designer, musician, soccer fan, and family guy. At Atmosphere Studios he helps design branded interiors and exhibits for a swarm of international clients. Atmosphere Studios specializes in developing environments for events, trade shows, retail interiors and corporate spaces. Their clients include: Adidas, Patagonia, Prana, and the BBC. Tyson Call is a writer, photographer, and motorcycle riding jack of many trades. If you didn't see him in a dapper suit riding in the Distinguished Gentleman's ride, you might have seen him behind the lens of his vintage Leica camera. Tyson is a nationally published writer and photographer with work in Iron & Air and a local contributor to SLUG magazine among others.  

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Vol 10 Pecha Kucha Night 'HOME'

  London is back up and running at full steam ahead into 2016. We are now up to Volume 10! For Volume 10 we have adopted a theme - ‘Home’, which the speakers will have to get their tongues round. What does ‘Home’ mean to them from a personal perspective. ‘Home’ - a place where you long to go back to, longed to leave. Is it house, a yurt, a caravan or are you just a long way away from it. It is the one global thing we all share, no matter what our race, income or religion, we all want a place we can call ‘Home’. Hosting this brilliant night is The Geffrye. A good choice we think, as that is exactly what the museum sets out to do, explore the home from 1600 to now. You never know quite where you’re going with a PechaKucha night, which is all part of the format, so come and have a couple of drinks grab a chair and settle in. The brilliant LINE UP so far with 12 speakers on the night...Tweet us @indytute or @geffrye #PKHOME1. Peter York : “Peter is one of Britain’s pre-eminent social commentators, a prolific broadcaster and writer and co-authored ‘The Official Sloane Ranger’s Handbook’ in 1982.Tweet @peterpeteryork2. Kirsty Whyte : Award winning UK product designer. Product & Design Manager at HEAL'STweet @kirsty_whyte3. Will Rowe : Founder and CEO of Protein in Shoreditch. THE trend forecasters.Tweet @protein4. Charlotte Abrahams : Freelance writer, curator and editor specialising in design. Charlotte is launching a book in October on the ever so cosy Danish 'Hygge' philosophy.Tweet @styleinsider5. Anna Murray : The cult pattern pioneer, photographer and art director. Founder of Patternity, the world's leading specialist organisation dedicated solely to pattern.Tweet @patternitweet6. Holly Clarke : Airbnb Holly has been working for Airbnb for 2 and a half years, long enough to remember the logo being blue bubble writing. She's held many different roles and is currently heading up social media for EMEA.Tweet @airbnb @hollyclarke7. Sarah Thompson : Take a look at inspirational interiors in ex-council homes. Sarah is a freelance journalist and copywriter, a blogger and author. @youresomummy8. David Dewing : The Geffrye Museum. Director. Founded as a furniture museum in 1914, David has kept the Geffrye Museum's unique qualities while doubling its size and visitor numbers to over 100,000 a year, making it a beautiful, memorable and must-visit museum.Tweet @geffrye9. Future Cities Catapult : Solving problems that cities face by developing and testing new products and innovative services.10. Reza Merchant : The Collective, creating better places for young people to live, work and play.Tweet @collective_llp11. James Fruzer : Parasitic Architecture. James has been awarded several International Architectural awards. Most recently winning first place in an international design competition for his ‘homes for the homeless’ design. His work has been featured from AD Magazine to The Architects Journal.12. Andy Geezer : Myrealwall.com13. Dominick Veasey : Associate Director, Nexus Planning. Dominick has extensive experience in preparing and analysing demographic and socio-economic population and household projections, particularly in relation to determining objectively assessed housing need. Secure your £8 ticket here - Note the £8 is put towards covering the cost of the evening and the Pecha Kucha Global Fund. Feel good about contributing to the Global Fund and valuing what PechaKucha Nights bring to London! It's what ensures we can keep this website and giant network going to host and keep the spotlight on London's creativity. And at the pace we're growing, the Global Fund is the only way we can continue together so please keep contributing. A very big PK thank you to London for your commitment on this!

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How To Create The WOW Factor in Interiors

“A lot of clients ask me for the WOW factor in their homes. Well, what is it? Quite simply, it’s a physical reaction to what you see.” In How To Create The WOW Factor in Interiors from PechaKucha Night Cambridge Vol. 5, Interior Designer Yasmin Chopin shares some of the theory behind what makes an ordinary home extraordinary. Discover the styles, colours, tones and influences that make a home more than just a home.


Let's Talk About Food

Yes lets. Talk about food. Because it is July which is fast becoming one of Gisborne's calendar highlights with the wonderful GIZZY FOOD MONTH. This month locals will enjoy a long, very long, lunch at a local brewery, a huge degustation event at a French Restaurant, a charity lunch with Ben Bayly and a themed Pecha Kucha night to be held right on the beach front at Waikanae Surf Club. Generally we considered themed PK nights to be too much of a good thing with potential to lean toward that shady place - death by powerpoint. But, who doesn't love food. surely, we thought to ourselves, there must be some amazing foodies around the town and we can quitely tell you in advance tht there is some real talent out there. This is no tv cook off, we have a nutritionist, coffee afficiandos, a chef, a honey man, the master of sourdough and who knew we have a talented food stylist living in Gisborne. Get along and check it out and check out the new Surf Club building at the end of Grey Street. Entry is at the back of the building and up a flight of stairs. See you Friday at 5.30pm for a 6.00pm start. Seating is limited so grab a ticket from the smashing refurbished Interiors at Ballance St Village and don't risk missing out.