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Traci Ice
in Little Rock
Alva Ice
in Huntsville
dermavix Cream
Dermavix Cream in melborn
Peraglow Cream
CEO, Paraglow Cream in New York
Peraglow Cream
CEO, Peraglow Cream in New York
Lutragen cream
Lutragen cream in new york
Paraglow Cream
CEO, Paraglow Cream in New york
Dermavix Cream
Dermavix in Cape Town
sophiaberton cream
Service Provider in New York City
nolatreve cream
hyalurolift in Paris


Redding @ The Atrium
Oct 07, 2011


Taos @ Taos Mesa Brewing
Aug 11, 2013


Chicago @ Martyrs'
Mar 04, 2014


Dublin @ The Sugar Club
Jul 22, 2015

PAST PechaKucha Event

Powered by PechaKucha @ Bargehouse - Oxo Tower Wharf
Jun 16, 2016


Kosice @ Kotolna
Oct 13, 2016


Kosice @ Kotolna
Nov 03, 2016


Nov 16, 2017


Dar es Salaam @ Triniti Guesthouse, Bar and Restaurant
Oct 25, 2018


Tbilisi @ Open Space
Nov 02, 2018

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A Saga of Fire and Ice

@ VOL 25 ON JUN 23, 2015

Polly Scotland's presentation is about her travels to Iceland—a magical place that goes beyond fire and ice.

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The Case of the Disappearing Caramel


Fixedness and change. Though opposite, one often brings about the other. Portland based Ice Cream maker Tyler Malek muses on an instance of trial and error in his business and explains what it has taught him.

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The Ice Cream Test

@ VOL 1 ON OCT 03, 2014

Speaker Dan Reed discusses new urbanism and walkability of an area based on the ice cream test.

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Ice Cream and Placemaking

@ VOL 4 ON JUL 10, 2015

Dan Reed shares how ice cream and ice cream shops create place in communities throughout the country.

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Ninao's Ice Cream in Tainan

@ VOL 28 ON MAR 26, 2016

A former furniture salesman, ice cream vendor Li Yu learned how to appreciate the beautiful things in life while selling furniture. Similarly, he hopes his patrons enjoy consuming his ice-cream. To that end, he enrolled in Carpigiani Gelato University, an Italian university dedicated to ice cream, to master the skills required to produce quality ice creams that will bring joy to everyone.


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Ingrediente secreto

@ VOL 3 ON SEP 22, 2016

Los sabores, los olores y los recuerdos hacen parte de la receta secreta para convertir un helado en patrimonio de todos los barranquilleros. Antonio Mandralis  es Gerente general de la heladería americana y nos contará los secretos del helado más barranquillero del mundo.

Flavors, smells and memories are part of the secret recipe to make an ice cream become patrimony of all the barranquilla's city neighbors.  Antonio Mandralis is general manager of the "Americana" ice cream shop and he will tell us the secrets of the world's most "barranquillero" ice cream.

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Hallaisen - a Bergen ice cream story in the making

@ VOL 8 ON MAR 10, 2017

Shefah Szetu's story thus far on how we came to open an ice cream parlour in rainy Bergen and our desire to make this city a little warmer and more open to new flavours and experiences.

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We All Scream For Ice Cream

@ VOL 17 ON NOV 09, 2017

The audience loved Kitty Lam at Vol.17 of the London Series and not just because she provided ice cream cones for all 120 attendees!

She showcased her current project the Ice Cream Empire, a book of stories about the great British ice cream industry. A scoop on the ice cream men & women of Britain, with specially commissioned photography & rare archival images that takes the reader on a sweet nostalgic journey through time.



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@ VOL 5 ON MAR 16, 2019

いまや全国的に有名な日光の天然氷を作っている「四代目徳次郎」が実父。 12年前から氷づくりを継いでいるが、『良い氷を作る』ためには『良い森づくり』をしなければならないと考え、森林の整備に着手したところ、日光にある20数種類のカエデの木からメープルシロップが採れそうだと知る。 糖分3%の樹液を20分の1まで煮詰めて新たな森の恵みを再発掘でき、さらに子どもたちに向けても、これまでカナダでないとできなかった体験が日光でできるようになった。 森の整備から、新たな観光、レジャー、学び、文化の継承につながる好循環が見えてきた。

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Be Careful What You Wish For

@ VOL 8 ON MAR 07, 2019

Hugo Ramirez talks about coming to America from Mexico and following his dream.

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Poster for PKN Xalapa Vol. 7

The next PechaKucha Night in Xalapa (Vol. 7) is just a few days away, happening this Thursday (August 18) at Giovanni Pizzeria. As the poster suggests, it's like sweet ice cream for the brain.

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PKN Posters: Bemidji Vol. 16

What makes Bemidji so great? Well, for starters, this poster designed by artist/graphic designer Cody Bartz. PKN Bemidji, Minnesota will be holding their Volume 16 on February 21st and will feature presentation topics such as ice-fishing, world travel, and marathons to name a few. Personally, we're curious to uncover the mysteries of ice-fishing. To see more great posters from PechaKucha Nights all over the world, check out our Tumblr blog.

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Ice Cream Bells Are Ringing

Just last week in Chicago (at PKN Chicago Vol. 25), Michael and Diane Jackson gave a presentation on their 20 years of marriage. Little did Diane know that Michael had an extraordinary surprise in store for her: After waiting 20 years, Michael was finally able to give me my surprise wedding gift. In 1993 he had secretly booked and paid for a Mr. Whippy ice-cream van to be our getaway vehicle to take us to our honeymoon suite. We stood with our assembled guests outside Stanley House and waited. Sadly Mr. Whippy did not show. Michael has been harboring a sense of loss and regret ever since. Last night, following our PechaKucha presentation about the saga of our 20 years together, I hear that familiar sickly sound of ice-cream bells. Parked outside Martyrs was the vehicle of my dreams, complete with the customary beer cans (Boddingtons of course) tied behind. Please note Chicago had a major snow storm yesterday which makes this act of love even more unbelievable. We served ice-creams to everyone who attended PK and then set off into the night, bells ringing, cans clanking to our home in Rogers Park. I still can't believe my crazy husband. What's more, the owners keep the vehicles in storage over the winter and so the ice-cream van is now on my insurance. I am the luckiest girl in the world. Truth be told, upon the arrival of this little ice-cream truck, there wasn't a dry eye in the house. Take a look at Chicago's Vol. 25 event page for more photos of this memorable event. 

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Ice Hotel

For our weekend "Presentation of the Day," we hand over the mic to Eszter Sziksz and Nikkila Carroll, who recount their experience at the Ice Hotel in Sweden. Over 100 miles above the Arctic circle, they joined a group of international artists and designers, who worked in pairs or groups to design rooms for the hotel, which consisted entirely of ice.

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Extreme Ice Fishing

What's not extreme about freezing temperatures and hours of focus on a little red bobber? In today's Presentation of the Day, "Extreme Ice Fishing" from PKN Bemidji Vol. 16, John Eggers makes a pretty convincing case for the idea that ice fishing really ought to be considered an extreme sport. In a very humorous telling, John gives us the inside angle on the gear, technology, and gruff, rugged, manly demeanor necessary to endure this cold, unforgiving lifestyle.

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#3 in the SKY

This was good! And it all started with a magnificent concerto of the delicious trio: Limona Jam: Ammalia Podlaszewska + Daniele Agretti + Alex Osipenko. Taste it in a short glimpse! This was an allover dream come true evening! We had local musicians performing together for the first time, we landed on a spectacular venue on a roof top of our city, we reached the magic 10 presentations and our audience keeps on growing! Right after the sunset, we had Rubén Robledo Ibáñez showing us his reportage photos from the Gaza Stripe where he spent several weeks among befriended Palestinians. Geographically not afar, the next was Athina Stefani from Greece who involved us in her story about Ludwig Wittgenstein's house, told by the mean her own drawings authored throughout the nights before Friday: And then it happened: the Italian-Swedish team of laughter monsters (Sara Ferraioli + Carl Ydergård) stretched our cheeks to a high level of pain with their rythmic story on how Daniele, who happened to be the guitarrist at the same evening, made his career instead of playing football. A series of 20 photomontages made us laugh through the whole 400 seconds: This was not all! Sara couldn't stop just at one presentation.. An involving walk through the streets of Naples followed, filled with street art: After a smooth beer brake extended through the stunning views over Weimar: we took off again. This time Rika Tarigan from Indonesia engaged us with her designs of modern applications of the batik textile technique. Filtered through the cultural background of Indonesian fariy tales we were covered up with 20 splendid and very colorful images: Right after some colder recollections of the last winter arrived to us from Sankt Petersburg through Lithuania in the person of the delightful pianist Simona Zajancauskaite. The first musician to present images on PKN in Weimar! Stark congratulations for the courage! We were all touched by the transcontinental message instilled in the 20 slides under the title tandem, nothing is black and white anymore. The message pointing towards a possible European-Russian friendship was carried on by the presentation by Iman Hegazy (Egipt) and Tatiana Reshetnikova - the Urban Sketchers Weimar. In a series of speedy sketches we discovered some beautiful locations from Russia, Egypt and Weimar. Thank you and good luck with engaging more sketchers in your group!  The reportages from cold Russia made a perfect ground for the next story to come - this time by the PKN city-organizer himself. Gall Podlaszewski uncovered his winterly "cultural production": the Weimar Winter Bad - a series of Monday baths in the river of Ilm taking place under winter atmospheric conditions. The involvement of some other participants proved that the idea of swimming in the winter is not Bad at all! Here, the end of first season (photo by Simona Zajancauskaite who got up on a cold morning very early just to take this photo. What a brave daughter!): Right afterwards we had another swap of functions - now Tereza Spindlerova - the second city-organizer came out of her mixxer pult and took over the mic to tell us the development of her Spanish blog - a poetic journey supported by 20 almost abstract urban images: The splendid series of 10 presentations was closed, or rather opened up by the enigmatic Mr. Grüter, who did it just as we like - decided to present just at the same evening, bringing his presentation on a usb stick. Here Mr. Grüter seizes the audience with his magic pencil: Thank you all for the great fun we had that night!! Full photo album is available here: author: Simona Zajancauskaite: on flickr author: Gall Podlaszewski: on facebook

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City Focus: Asahikawa

PechaKucha Night Asahikawa takes the City Focus for their upcoming Winter Festival! The spectacle of snow, ice, light and fireworks will be beautiful lit up at night, and attended by visitors from all over the world, kicked off with this week's Vol. 5 PechaKucha Night! Their creativity is bound to impress!

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Iceland: Between Fire & Ice

"He's looking into the abyss, He's looking into himself.." In Iceland: Between Fire & Ice at PechaKucha Night Cambridge Vol.7,  David Ramsay reflects on the shifting landscape of Iceland as the once frozen land begins to thaw and divide. What lures him to dive into the freezing cold abyss of the freshwater fissures? What will he discover about this rarely traversed frozen tundra? Watch and find out.

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PechaKucha at Allpress Roastery .... Something's Brewing

  Get your by donation tickets here.   PechaKucha are proud to be hosting the next London PechaKucha Night Vol. 17 “Something’s Brewing” . This one is in collaboration with Allpress which is a​ business that not only employs a great bunch of people, but which also produces something that Londoners hold close to their hearts (quite literally if it is a chilly London morning as you speed your way to the Tube station to get amongst that warm tube air) – delicious coffee! Allpress was established in New Zealand in 1986 and has taken over the world, with their coffee now stocked in over 1,400 cafes globally. ​ ​ Allpress are kindly opening the doors of their Dalston E​8​ Allpress Roastery and Café after-hours in order to host Vol. 17 on Thursday 9 November 2017.We are inviting guests to come join in the fun on Thursday 9 November (1830 - 2100) to hear a great line up of speakers give their version of a PechaKucha (short 6.5 minutes long talks) on the theme “Something’s Brewing”.Tickets for this event are by donation and that donation will be given to the PechaKucha Global fund, which supports the team in Tokyo to ensure the wonderful world of PechaKucha can continue.   The wonderful line up of speakers includes...  Peter Harris / Professor, Designer, Journalist, Creator of the Steam Punk Coffee Machine / / Kitty Lam / Designer, producing a book of stories about the Great British ice cream industry / / / Paul Jenkins / Designer, Founder & Creative Director of Triple Double Studio /  Vytautas Jankauskas / Designer and researcher, Superflux in London United Kingdom / Twitter: @veetautas / Liza Fior / Director at muf architecture art / / Hew Leith /Creator of A.I Beer (Artificially intelligent Beer) / / Rob McInerney / Intelligent Layer Founder / / Gaye Soykok / Innovation & Technology Specialist / Maitre D' in House of Dadabit / /

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PKN Poster Spotlight: Ulaanbaatar

PechaKucha Night Ulaanbaatar was not playing around this week as they take the top spot in our Poster Spotlight! This colorful and chaotic poster brings the same fun energy that can be found during the events hosted there, and features a wild collage of eyes, birds, ice cream and almost every shape and color imaginable; we love it! While Ulaanbaatar is still rather new to the PK family, they take no shortcuts in providing a worthwhile event that looks like an absolute blast. With a poster like this, imagine how great their Vol. 4 event will be on July 6th, just a few days away!  Want to see more posters? Go check out our Tumblr and Instagram, you won't be disappointed!