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Inspire Japan Channel

Just 4 weeks after the events of 3/11 in Japan, the worldwide PechaKucha community came together to "Inspire Japan." Over $85,000 was raised for Architecture for Humanity and ArchiAid during a non-stop 24-hour PechaKucha event that circled the globe. The process of re-growth is ongoing, and presentations will continue to be added as we continue to inspire.

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Haiti Reconstruction Channel

117 PechaKucha Night cities came together to raise money for reconstruction in Haiti on the 20th of February, 2010, just 4 weeks after the earthquake. Raising $79,000 for Architecture for Humanity, the money has helped build a school, which opened in November of 2011.

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Architecture for Humanity Channel

Architecture for Humanity is a 501(c)3 non-profit, that has been building a better future through the power of design for the past 15 years. We provide architecture, planning and project management services including construction management and post-occupancy analysis, and facilitate community engagement throughout each project. At the core of our mission, we believe everyone deserves access to the benefits of good design.

Architecture for Humanity Haiti
Regional Program Manager, Architecture for Humanity in Petion Ville


Worcester @ 55 Pearl
Feb 20, 2010


Porto @ Biblioteca Pública Municipal do Porto
Mar 13, 2010


San Antonio @ Center for Architecture
May 26, 2011


Waterville @ Waterville Grand Hotel
Apr 16, 2011


Panamá @ Red Lab Studios
Apr 16, 2011


Vienna @ freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL / quartier21/MQ
Apr 13, 2011


Springfield OH @ The Westcott House
May 06, 2011


New Haven @ "BAR" in downtown New Haven
May 19, 2011


Denver @ TAXI
Sep 14, 2012

PAST Design Open Mic

Architecture for Humanity @ Dwell on Design NY
Oct 11, 2014

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Black Holes: A Love Story

@ VOL 3 ON MAR 08, 2011

Jesse Koehler talks about her time teaching English and traveling to school all over the world from Korea to Africa. She speaks about how diverse and ethnically tolerant the world is becoming. 

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Skin of the Beast

@ VOL 2 ON MAR 17, 2015

This emotive talk about the creation of a purse during a woman's transition from woman to mother brings us to a place of empathy and personal reflection through her artwork and the culmanation of this experience - the skin of the beast.

"Presentation of the Day" on April 7, 2015.

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Reclaiming the Moral Frame

@ VOL 13 ON APR 30, 2015

Wisconsin state representative of the 11th Assembly District, Mandela Barnes serves as the ranking Democrat on the Assembly Committee on Corrections and will also serve on the Assembly Committees on Education, Small Business Development, and Jobs and the Economy. He is the chair of the Legislature’s Black and Latino Caucus. Barnes graduated from John Marshall High School and attended Alabama A&M University, before returning to Milwaukee in 2009. Here he delivers an impassioned presentation on morality in America. 

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Migration aus Sicht der Internationalen Enwicklung

@ VOL 9 ON MAY 12, 2016

Robert Moosbrugger erläutert in seiner Präsentation die Auswirkungen der internationalen Migration auf die Herkunftsländer. Für die Herkunftsländer große Auswirkungen haben vor allem einerseits die Rücküberweisungen und auf der anderen Seite der „brain drain“, der Talenteschwund. Robert Moosbrugger ist derzeit für die Caritas in Armenien, im Libanon und in Haiti tätig. Seit über 10 Jahren ist Robert Moosbrugger in humanitärem Einsatz, im Rahmen von Entwicklungszusammenarbeits- und Flüchtlingsprojekten, Katastrophenhilfe und Aufbauarbeit.

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The Power of Empathy

@ VOL 30 ON JUN 13, 2016

"Empathy is important because it's how we connect with other people."

In a time where technology and a global community have made our world
smaller and more accessible, people appear to be less tolerant and compassionate toward their fellow human beings.In "The Power of Empathy" from PechaKucha Night Maastricht Vol. 30Nicole M Adams-Quackenbush will show us how to understand different types of empathy and how they can be used to enhance and maintain our humanity.

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Ugly Into Art

@ VOL 33 ON SEP 29, 2017

When her adventures in online dating revealed the ugly side of humanity, Sarey Rudin decided to turn it into an art project.

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TOUCHY and Artist-in-Residency of EDGEof

@ VOL 158 ON JUL 25, 2018

Artist Eric Siu shares with us about TOUCHY. TOUCHY is a Human Camera, who's eyes only open when you get in touch. Touch and look at TOUCHY at the same time for a Touch-Snap! With such capability, TOUCHY encourages offline communication through touch and eye contact; TOUCHY relentlessly spreads this message to the world in different ways.

アーティストであるEric Siuは「TOUCHY」についてお話します。「TOUCHY」は接続されると目が開くヒューマンカメラのことです。触ったり注目したりして「 Touch-Snap!」を楽しめます。この機能によって、触れたりアイコンタクトでオフラインコミニュケーションを促進します。「TOUCHY 」は違う方面で世界に情報拡散するようにしています。


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The Recovery Revolution: Building Tribe in a Disconnected World


We have found ourselves in the throes of an epidemic, the likes of which we have not seen in modern times.  While overdose deaths rage on, we continue to respond with a system of care so broken, with resources so painfully thin, for folks with a severity of problems so complex - we are tossing folks into a chasm that is fundamentally designed to make them fail - and when they do fail - what do we do?  We cage them.  We take their children away.  We rob them of their very humanity.  Fortunately, pockets of resistance are forming, and together - we have launched the Recovery Revolution.

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Арт-проект для школьников Камчатки

@ VOL 4 ON MAY 11, 2018

Художник-акварелист Наталия Котомина расскажет о том, как участие в одном социальном проекте принесло неожиданные плоды:

— Занимаясь с детьми творчеством, я стараюсь найти новые, интересные варианты совместного изучения искусства. Так появилась идея арт-проектов, в которых мы объединяем различные виды искусства, исследовательскую деятельность и арт-терапевтический подход. С одним из таких проектов я побывала на Камчатке в январе этого года.

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Fighting for our future

@ VOL 39 ON MAR 21, 2019

Aarhus-based artist Ulrik Myrtue is back at Pecha Kucha Aarhus to talk about "Eco activism", which it should not be named. What he's really doing is fighting for our future, so why not call it that?

Ulrik shows and tells us his path to becoming an animal rights activist and how that can land you in jail for a few hours. But all worth it to save the planet!


PechaKucha for Haiti

We've all been seeing the terrible images coming from Haiti following the tragic earthquake that hit the nation earlier this month, and we can assure you that everyone here at team PechaKucha is readying something that we hope will help with the reconstruction efforts. The full project will be announced this Wednesday both at the scheduled PechaKucha Night in Tokyo, and by Cameron Sinclair of Architecture for Humanity at the World Economic Forum in Davos -- and you can bet that we'll be covering it here as well, so check back then for more details.

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Martin Willers

As we kick off a new week of presentation highlights -- you do know that we have a terrific "Presentations" section on the site, right? -- with "Sketch Book of Life," presented by Martin Willers at PechaKucha Night in Stockholm Vol. 21. An amazing presentation of sketches, which show how to use the inspiration of life to lift the possibilities of humanity to new heights! Brilliant -- thanks Martin!

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Giovanna Carnevali

Here's a presentation (in Spanish) from PechaKucha Night in Barcelona Vol. 8, with Giovanna Carnevali of the Spain chapter of Architecture for Humanity covering some of the Haiti reconstruction efforts, as well as a few other projects.

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The Global PechaKucha Day for Haiti, One Year Later

February 20 not only marks PechaKucha's anniversary -- the eighth no less -- but it also marks exactly one year since last year's Global PechaKucha Day for Haiti, a worldwide event that was held to raise funds for reconstruction efforts in Haiti, with the help of Architecture for Humanity. Today we're happy to share a special presentation by Architecture for Humanity's Cameron Sinclair, as an update on what has been achieved over the past year.

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Humanity and the Environment

There will be a one-off PechaKucha event happening this Wednesday (April 27) at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). Organized by the Avant-Gardening Club, the theme is "Humanity and the Environment," and you'll find the list of presenters on the flyer above.

Haiti school

Our First School!

During the "PechaKucha Day for Haiti," we were able to raise $80,000 for Architecture for Humanity. Their work went into high gear in 2011, and we were extremely proud to see the construction of the school, École La Dignité, that PechaKucha funded along with the Stiller Foundation -- it opened on November 7, 2011. Thank you everyone who supported PechaKucha for Haiti and a massive thank you to Cameron Sinclair and his team for making the school a reality.  

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Health of Africa

In this edition of Presentation of the Day (from PKN Memphis, TN Vol. 6), graduate student Susannah Acuff talks about her journey from pre-med to anthropology. She began by shadowing her grandfather, a physician, in free clinics, and examined the cultural opinions and use of health care and insurance, which eventually led her to Africa, where she examined alternative models for health insurance, instead of the for-profit model found in the United States.

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Poster for PKN Chicago Vol. 29 by Max Temkin

Chances are you've heard of Cards Against Humanity -- and if so, chances are you've had a hell of a good time playing it -- and so we were very excited to see that not only is the game's creator, Max Temkin, presentating at Chicago's upcoming PechaKucha Night Vol. 29, but he also designed the event poster! If you're in Chicago on March 4, you know where you need to be.

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Free Energy: Shifting from Scarcity to Abundance

Is there such thing as your own personal freedom from big energy corporations? Can we truly get rid ourselves from expensive electricity and fuel bills? Frederik Stimmel thinks so. For the past decade, Frederik has been focusing his works on clean, renewable energy solutions, and he believes that this is the time to free ourselves from the shackles of energy dependency and move into a golden age of abundance. He will be sharing his experience and vision at PechaKucha Night Ubud #20 this Tuesday, August 26th. Frederik is the exemplar-zero chief of science and technology at Humanitad. He is an electric engineer, free energy researcher and entrepreneur. He has been developing an open source technology, which will make Free Energy available for everybody very soon at very little cost. He believes that free energy is the key to true freedom of humanity.

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PK Humanity and Heart

In light of the unfortunate events unfolding in Texas, PechaKucha Night San Antonio Organizers have humbly invited those within their community to join in solidarity with the victims and evacuees of Hurricane Harvey. Alongside the San Antonio Food Bank, both organizers, and attendees of vol. 27 have banded together to raise funds for those affected by this devastating natural disaster. In sharing their passions and inspirations, Vol. 27's  presenters have brought some optimism to the situation, inspiring us all to find a way to help.