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Copenhagen @ Roskilde Festival - expression stage
Jun 29, 2010


Miami @ La Comunidad
Dec 01, 2012


Albany, NY @ CAC Woodside
Sep 23, 2014


Adelaide @ Signatures Cafe, Marion Cultural Centre
May 06, 2015


Umeå @ GUITARS The Museum
Feb 17, 2016


Islamabad @ PNCA Amphitheatre
Apr 29, 2018


Caltanissetta @ Centro Ippocrate - Poliambulatorio Specialistico
Jul 19, 2018

12 APR

NEXT Karlovci Grammar school, Powered by PechaKucha

Powered by PechaKucha @ Karlovci Grammar school ceremonial hall


Dec 14, 2018

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Angles of Expression

@ VOL 4 ON DEC 06, 2011

Mosina Bowman gives a speech on some of her work, and the inspiration and emotions that she finds in it. She talks about the visual aspects of her performances, the physical form of the human, and the effect of observing through different means and angles.

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Violence and Freedom of Expression

@ VOL 32 ON NOV 05, 2013

Ricardo Gozález explains what freedom of expression consists of by giving alarming examples of the violence registered against journalists and different media.

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Self Expression Through Mixed Media

@ VOL 8 ON JUN 14, 2014

Kristen Dahms makes beautifully intricate art with layers of various media and subjects. Through this presentation we can see, step by step, how she progresses from concept to finished piece, building layer upon layer of what she referes to as chaos. So be carefull when you look into a finished piece- you might just get lost for a while.

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People living a life they love- a journey to finding a home and self-expression

@ VOL 21 ON NOV 23, 2014

Lauren Merritt explains that we shouldn't focus on fixing things. Through her inspiring experience in Central Africa and in her home, she learned that we should just do what we love and others will follow

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Graphic Expression

@ VOL 6 ON MAR 07, 2015

We are Riba and Simran, an eccentric pair of design junkies. We're graphic designers, artists, bad karaoke singers, serial shopaholics and best friends. We're hooked on all things Adobe. Concocting unique, special designs to match your needs gives us a happy high! We love being art nerds. We love tackling challenges. We love seeing the "this is it" expression.

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Boundaries as Form

@ VOL 4 ON DEC 12, 2015

Every boundary forms a political position and depending on this posture, a boundary can transform the world or it can preserve the status quo. This is why the most important question for me as an artist is what position do I express through my work?

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A Mask for all Occasions

@ VOL 4 ON JAN 19, 2016

IT Consultant David Dixon talks us through the hidden meaning behind masks – not just the physical masks that have appeared in popular culture for centuries, but the masks we all where every day to hide our true self and our emotions.

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Expression of Gratitude: the untold story of a family unknown

@ VOL 2 ON APR 25, 2017

"My journey of finding my birth mother lead me to the gratitude I have for my parents."
In honor of International Family Day, we highlight a PechaKucha Presentation that truly embodies what family is, while simultaneous breaks its mold, and in turn, captures our hearts.
In "Expression of Gratitude: the untold story of a family unknown" from PechaKucha Night London, Ontario, Katy Boychuk shares the story of her adoption at birth and the personal journey she embarked on when almost most 30 years later, she read her private adoption file for the first time and decided to find her birth mother. This is when her search began.
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Momentum of Movement

@ VOL 7 ON MAY 09, 2017

In an emotional speech, Avrina Joslin makes a strong point, to why everyone should be a feminist:

What does it mean to be an anti-homosexual? What does it mean to be an anti-feminist? Can personal opinions or thoughts without activism affect the momentum of movements? But, freedom of expression you say? Well, thoughts have a way of spreading...

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Bonded Together

@ VOL 12 ON JAN 18, 2018

Jim Baugh believes that art bonds us together and helps to express who we are as people. He sees art as a means not only of expression, but of self-confidence and community.


What Is PechaKucha to You?

As part of Bucharest's PechaKucha Night Vol. 7 (see photos here), organizers handed out a simple questionnaire to attendees, to get some feedback on the event and format. Here are some of the key words and thoughts that came out of it: The presentation itself with images, the joy and curiosity of people around me, everything by now, the freedom of expression, the creativity, the social network, the innovative concept and diversity of subjects, interesting presenters and beautiful ideas, atmosphere and place, concision, the idea, presenters' and participants’ spirit and attitude, the format and the moderator, the original subjects, the fact that no one can monopolize the microphone, originality, freedom, the different way of interaction between people, free style, short presentation and super atmosphere, diversity, the format, you cannot get bored by presentations, informal atmosphere and presentations, the golden rule: 20x20.

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Sushi for Smiles

Eating sushi is always a mouthful, but Tama-chan's work may have you thinking differently about that expression.  In today's Presentation of the Day, "Sushi for Smiles" from a very special Tokyo Designers Week 2013 edition of PKN Tokyo Vol. 107, Takayo Kiyota (or Tama-chan, as she goes by) displays and discusses some of her amazing sushi art. Her work has been shown in several countries around the world and often features traditional art, pop culture references, and even eroticism.  

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PKN Knoxville #13 Poster

We are lucky that Rob Laliberte of WDWRK | small wares co. was willing to share his graphic talents to promote the 13th Pecha Kucha event in Knoxville. A word from the artist below. ***************************** The idea was to design something visually striking using the literal meaning of PechaKucha "chit chat". It is about placing you in the conversation of someone expressing to you "Let's talk!" and "Thankyou" Arigato. The design aesthetic is a subtle nod to Japanese street art, neon lights, and Japanese cartoons. Depictions of characters that often have more meaning, then just a visual stylization. Through the meaning of colors, blue represents one-to-one communication, especially communication through the voice. It is speaking the truth through verbal self-expression - it is both the teacher and the public speaker. - Rob *****************************


PechaKucha Night - Adelaide Vol #15 - "Sustainability: A Living Expression" #PKNADL15

It's that time again!PechaKucha Night - Adelaide Vol #15 - "Sustainability: A Living Expression" #PKNADL15 Venue: Signatures Cafe, Marion Multicultural Centre Address: 287 Diagonal Road, Oaklands Park SA 5046 Phone: (08) 8375 6855 Date: Wednesday, May 6th 2015 Time: 6:45pm - 9:00PM Cost: Gold Coin Donation Prizes, drinks and snacks available for purchase at Signatures Cafe. Organised by participants of the City of Marion's Community Leadership Program, PechaKucha Night - Adelaide Vol. #15 is on the topic of sustainability as a living expression. Matthew Wright-Simon Ecocreative (MC) SPEAKERS Keitha Haycock Seed Freedom Food Festival Phil Donaldson CRC for Low Carbon Living Sharon Ede Ecocity Design  Fiona Cross Bodhi Tree Wines Samantha Lorton Abundant Health Josie McLean The Partnership Pty Ltd Please share with your friends to register for free tickets. More Information -> and stay in touch at, Share the event on Facebook and Twitter, get a group together and make hump-day on May 6th, just that bit more interesting! We hope you can make it! Cheers, PechaKucha Night - Adelaide

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Glass is HOT!

"What began for me and others who participated in a 1972 Chihuly workshop, 40 years later is an amazing expression of the creative spirit captured in glass." In "Glass is HOT" from PechaKucha St. Joseph Vol. 2 Jerry Catania share's his love for making glass art. He dives into his interesting history of being a student of famed experimental glass sculptor Dale Chihuly and how that experience led him to pioneer and cultivate over a decade of healthy and successful creative workshops and programs with a community that cherishes its new found glass culture in St. Joseph/Benton Harbor, Michigan where he and his wife Kathy run the Water Street Glassworks. 

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Breathe For Change

“I took the opportunity to pursue my daydreams and last summer I joined 35 other educators here in madison. We studied yoga and anatomy and we learned strategies for mindfully regulating classrooms.” In Breath for Change from PechaKucha Night Madison Volume 16, Presenter Hanna Hermanson discusses Breathe For Change. B4C is on a mission to improve the health and well being of teachers, students, and school communities through wellness practices and community building. The leaders of this organization embody the type of change they wish to see in the world and have left behind traditional workspaces and structures to implement their vision. Each team member is supported in personal intention and goal setting to help live their fullest expression of their work. Their workspaces resemble co-working spaces, yoga studios, and classrooms across the country.

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Back to Origin

“I use free diving as a tool to share the beauty of connecting with the water, nature and myself.” In "Back to Origin" from PechaKucha Night Tokyo Vol.139, by representing the aquatic realm in a way that the world has never seen, Ai Futaki highlights the meaning and expression of the human–water connection. As the winner of Guiness World Record for the longest distance swam in cape with one breath, she uses freediving as a tool to be the bridge between the underwater world and the human world.

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Simple, Playful, and Interactive

"Can art be more than this? Is it merely self expression?" In Simple, Playful, and Interactive from PechaKucha Night Tokyo Vol. 141, Purin Phanichphant talks about his creations which are often simple, playful, and interactive. They combine his fun-loving Thai roots, his obsession with knobs, buttons, and screens, and his training as an interaction and industrial designer.This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Tuesday, January 24th, 2017. 

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Poster for Vancouver Vol. 41

PechaKucha Night Vancouver proves less is more with this simple, yet graphically expressive poster for their upcoming Vol. 41 later this week. A special thanks to the artist behind the artwork, Carling Borne, for the restraint it took to make such an elegant expression of PechaKucha! 

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PK People: Phyllis Lehman

This week's PechaKucha People spotlight lands on PechaKucha Night Warwick organizer Phyllis Lehman. For Phyllis, art is a form of expression that goes beyond an artist and their medium. She sees it as a theraputic and life enhancing activity that everyone should enjoy and participate in. By day, she is an artist and therapist and by night, a PKN Warwick organizer, so she lives and breathes creativity! Thank you for your PechaKucha passion and we wish you the best of luck hosting PechaKucha Night Warwick Vol. 6. Keep inspiring others to be creative, Phyllis!