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Marlow Harris
Curator, Official Bad Art Museum of Art in Seattle
Lydia Harris
Student in London
Catherine Harris
in Albuquerque
Charnell Harris
in Fayetteville
Louise Harris
Lecturer in Sonic and Audiovisual Practices, University of Glasgow in Glasgow
Greer Harris
Waitress in Sydney
Sandra Harris
Program Developer, Gitksan Government Commission in Hazelton


Seattle @ See Sound Lounge
Apr 10, 2008


Melbourne @ The Order of Melbourne
May 18, 2010


Whangarei @ The Old Library
Dec 01, 2010


Edinburgh @ Inspace
Mar 11, 2011


Chicago @ Martyrs'
Dec 03, 2013


Chicago @ Martyrs'
Sep 09, 2014


Hawkes Bay @ Central Hawke's Bay Municipal Theatre
Jun 23, 2015


Lausanne @ Opera
Sep 02, 2013


Oct 08, 2015


Denver @ The ART HOTEL
Jul 07, 2016

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A Close-up Study of the Landscape


Sue Harrison talks about her work, showing off different ways to view the landscape, often using binoculars to enhance her vision. A great presentation that talks about really getting to know a place.

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Tabitha Foundation in Cambodia

@ VOL 4 ON MAY 06, 2012

Dianne Parker talks about her passion project: an upcoming journey to volunteer with the Tabitha Foundation in Cambodia to build much needed homes for displaced families. (in English)

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Data Science for Social Good


Big Brains, Big Buzzwords, and Big Hearts: Matt Gee tells the story of how a disgruntled capaign staffer, a disgruntled PhD student, and a disgrunteld jouranlist stumbled upon a way to make a little bit of good in the world with data. 

"Presentation of the Day" on May 13, 2014. 

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The Empathic Writer

@ VOL 32 ON DEC 02, 2014

Life's journey is not linear.  Erika Harris takes us with her on the pathways and through the gateways that inform her life and practice. 

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A Good Surprise

@ VOL 36 ON DEC 01, 2015

Eric Lomonaco loves a good surprise.  Many of these surprises involve his wife, Melissa Harris.

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Impersonating a Photographer

@ VOL 1 ON APR 09, 2016

Dianne Burgess has explored the world since leaving the world of graphic design.... always with an eye for the photo opportunity. In her PechaKucha she found herself in the great American Southwest with a cellphone camera and leads us through a process of discovery and self awareness.

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Impersonating An Architect

@ VOL 3 ON JUL 21, 2016

In "Impersonating An Architect" Dianne Burgis fufills a childhood dream of designing a unique home for herself with circles and angles and, at the same time, adapting to country living.

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Building Black Utopias: Modeling the Architectural Principles of African American Literature, 1960-1975

@ VOL 17 ON SEP 15, 2016

"We started with several books that looked at the brownstone as a site of intervention."

In Building Black Utopias: Modeling the Architectural Principles of African American Literature, 1960-1975 from PechaKucha Buffalo vol. 17, Charles L. Davis, II, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Architecture at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, shows works from his recent exhibition project, Building Black Utopias, and discusses the literature that served as inspiration. 

The Building Black Utopias project combines the tools of the architect, the historian and the literary critic to recover the historical contributions of African American writers to architectural utopian thought. It specifically examines the role of literary depictions of place in June Jordan, Amiri Baraka, Paule Marshall and Angela Davis’ writings. Davis argues that each authors’ rhetorical manipulations of the built environment operates on the same level as architectural utopian thought insofar as both mediums created rich, alternative depictions of modernist space to liberate the architect’s imagination. The final exhibit translates the spatial ideas of literature into drawings, models and other ephemera.

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The Nuisance Committee

@ VOL 40 ON NOV 29, 2016

Melissa Harris gets up to mischief with a billboard.

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Meet the Juppets!!

@ VOL 5 ON SEP 12, 2019

Juppets are used by Minister Jeanette Harris for teachibng children religion.  So what exactly are Juppets????????

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PKN Whangarei Vol. 3

As organizer Kara Dodson tells us, PechaKucha Night is rocking Whangarei, with lots of love coming from last week's audience at Vol. 3. We had about 250 at the last one, complete with 2 people signing all of the presentations for those of the deaf community who were in the room. I did a presentation this time too -- very exciting. We also included one off the main website too -- which was excellent of course -- we chose Gary Cheng's "Transformer Apartment." There are a few photos from the event in this Flickr photoset, and below is a rundown of all the participating presenters. Steve Haywood - Collaborations- My Journey Emily Kernot - Journalism: A Definition Thereof. Sandy-Lee Bell - Hong Kong Foodie Richard Dean - Marine Environment Redevelopment Cathy Tuato’o Ross - Constructing the Worlds’ Scenic Wonderland Jasmine Fuller - Life is a Special Occasion Gary Cheng - Transformer Apartment (off the PKN website) Dianne Stoppard - A Selection of Photos Karen Sidney - 'Giants' of NZ Film - (Merata, Barry and Don) Kara Dodson - The Art of Andrew Clemens Beverly Kaye - More than Meets the Eye Mr MD Tarry, the Noted Horse Fancier and Doyen of the Equine Arts - Thoughts and Sentiments on the Nature and Quality of Horses

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Poster for PKN Chicago Vol. 17

Time for another PechaKucha Night in Chicago, with Vol. 17 now scheduled to happen March 1 at Martyrs' -- see the list of presenters so far on the official event page, which includes Bill Ayers, Kevin Coval, and journalist Melissa Harris. The poster for the event was designed by Mike Vendiola. Also, here's a piece from the Chicago Tribune on the previous edition.

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Architectural Tips in Catania, a Zen Approach to Life, and the Reason PechaKucha Is Great for You

We're trying something a bit different today, and instead of producing a few separate posts, we're creating a one-stop post with all of the day's news and interesting links. Do let us know what you think. Presentations First off, of course, comes the presentations. As we've been doing lately, we've added two new presentations: Hear Emanuele Fidone cover key aspects of architecture as he shares his works (in Italian, from PKN Catania Vol. 10), or let Peter Harris guide you through the inner workings of zen (from PKN Waterville Vol. 6). And if you've been wondering just how global our presentations are, this page should clue you in -- we have 63 cities represented, with of course new cities sending us presentations every day. Posters And you do remember about our fantastic PKN poster Tumblr, right? Every single poster we receive from our global organizers goes up there, and today's additions includes posters/flyers for PKN Coruna Vol. 6, PKN Rockford Vol. 1, PKN Nishinomiya Vol. 12, and PKN Sacramento Vol. 17. Links There's also been some great PechaKucha chatter around the net, and here are a few links that we'd like to share today (and we'll be sharing more links like this on a regular basis, so keep the coverage coming):"20 Reasons Why PechaKucha Is Great for You" [Marcin Retecki Photography]"PechaKucha Returns to Eartha Unlimited" [Columbus Underground] -- we sure love that venueSome great press for PKN Washington, first in the Huffington Post ("D.C.'s Search for the Next Steve Jobs & Other Artistic Pursuits") and in this piece by the Urban Times in LondonCalendar Here's wishing you a fantastic weekend, and don't forget to check the PechaKucha calendar to find out what PechaKucha Night you can attend over the next few days (hint: we're in Cleveland, Ferrol, Guatemala City, Lausanne, Manizales, and Bandung tonight, and in Springfield, MO and Helsinki tomorrow).

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The Tabitha Foundation in Cambodia and Behind the Scenes of PKN Barcelona

In this presentation (from PKN Dunsborough Vol. 4), Dianne Parker talks about her passion project: an upcoming journey to volunteer with the Tabitha Foundation in Cambodia to build much needed homes for displaced families.  Benjamin Julve has been documenting PechaKucha Nights in Barcelona since the series' inception in 2008. This is a special "behind the scenes" presentation (in Spanish, from PKN Barcelona Vol. 14) that includes just a few of the hundreds of photos he has taken so far.

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PK Special: Chicago | UK

Two Fridays ago, from the heights of Olympia Center in Chicago, in the residence of the British Consul General, a very special PechaKucha eve was held. British creatives residing in the Windy City presented on topics aplenty: Tom Burtonwood and Mike Moceri let us peer into the world of 3D printing with a MakerBot presentation, Michael and Dianne Jackson discussed married life, Kenny G, and twins (we're sure there's a line to be drawn through those three topics), and Robert Chatterton Dickson chatted a ton about his life as a British diplomat. The home of Robert and Teresa Albor was opened to about 100 frequenters of PeckaKucha Night Chicago, and all entry funds went to Vanavevhu: a charity benefiting children in Zimbabwe.  As you can see, the downtown city-view was downright impressive, which may have you asking, "Can we get much higher?" Well yes, in fact, the highest PechaKucha soirée was for Inspire Japan -- held in Roppongi Hills Mori Tower's 52nd floor. Anyone up to challenge Tokyo's title? A full album of photos from this affair can be found on PKN Chicago's event page.   

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TomTod Ideas

"Middle schoolers are not just our future. They have the ability to investigate real change, starting now." In TomTod Ideas from PechaKucha Night Akron Vol.3, Joel Daniel Harris shares on TomTod Ideas which gives middle schoolers a serious avenue to explore creativity. Harris is the founder and Executive Dreamer of TomTod Ideas, an innovation incubator for middle school students, centered on launching students’ dreams for the common good. Rarely does anyone expect much of anything from a middle schooler. The fact is, though, that early adolescence, that liminal space in which middle schoolers reside, is a place of beauty, opportunity and imagination. Get ready to re-consider what we think "kids" are capable of.

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Vol. 16 is happening tomorrow!

After the success of the PechaKucha London X HASSELL collaboration in March 2017 the teams are back together to bring you another wonderful evening of inspiring and unique speakers. Register for your free ticket here!  Our friends from CORONA are back on board too to make sure no one in the studio will be without a cold beer in their hands throughout the night! To give you a taster, below are some details about the people who you will hear from during the evening: David Knight / structural engineer and Director of Design and Engineering at Cake Industries Dr Farnaz Nickpour / Associate Professor in Design & Human-centred Innovation and founding member of the Inclusive Design Research Group (IDRG) Larry Botchway /Architect and fashion designer at Haworth Tompkins Limited Steve Tidball / Designer and founder of Vollebak makers of insanely hardcore kit Peter Harris /Professor, Designer, Journalist, Creator of the Steam Punk Coffee Machine Kaja Swiezewska / A designer at HASSELL So why would you not come down to the HASSELL studio in Shoreditch to listen to 6 speakers talk about all kinds of wonderful things and have some brews! See you there!  

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PechaKucha at Allpress Roastery .... Something's Brewing

  Get your by donation tickets here.   PechaKucha are proud to be hosting the next London PechaKucha Night Vol. 17 “Something’s Brewing” . This one is in collaboration with Allpress which is a​ business that not only employs a great bunch of people, but which also produces something that Londoners hold close to their hearts (quite literally if it is a chilly London morning as you speed your way to the Tube station to get amongst that warm tube air) – delicious coffee! Allpress was established in New Zealand in 1986 and has taken over the world, with their coffee now stocked in over 1,400 cafes globally. ​ ​ Allpress are kindly opening the doors of their Dalston E​8​ Allpress Roastery and Café after-hours in order to host Vol. 17 on Thursday 9 November 2017.We are inviting guests to come join in the fun on Thursday 9 November (1830 - 2100) to hear a great line up of speakers give their version of a PechaKucha (short 6.5 minutes long talks) on the theme “Something’s Brewing”.Tickets for this event are by donation and that donation will be given to the PechaKucha Global fund, which supports the team in Tokyo to ensure the wonderful world of PechaKucha can continue.   The wonderful line up of speakers includes...  Peter Harris / Professor, Designer, Journalist, Creator of the Steam Punk Coffee Machine / / Kitty Lam / Designer, producing a book of stories about the Great British ice cream industry / / / Paul Jenkins / Designer, Founder & Creative Director of Triple Double Studio /  Vytautas Jankauskas / Designer and researcher, Superflux in London United Kingdom / Twitter: @veetautas / Liza Fior / Director at muf architecture art / / Hew Leith /Creator of A.I Beer (Artificially intelligent Beer) / / Rob McInerney / Intelligent Layer Founder / / Gaye Soykok / Innovation & Technology Specialist / Maitre D' in House of Dadabit / /


PechaKucha at We Work on 15 May

Hi there! We are super excited to announce the next PechaKucha Night on 15 May 2019. We have an awesome line up of speakers coming to speak about "anything and everything!" - the breadth of topics we know you PechaKucha lovers are dead into! This time we are hosting the event at We Work Fox Court - chuck this postcode into CityMapper and you will see it is a great central location WC1X 8HN. As always beer will be flowing (FREE as the flow will be coming straight from the lovely We Work hosts!). This time around we have the following speakers lined up (more to come!) Nathan Ardaiz / Nathan runs Almost Any How ( / Nathan facilitates teams to reflect and feedback more regularly, communicate more empathically and design more collaboratively. Nathan believes that design and the things people are manifesting in the world cannot be distinct from (human) nature and the complexities of our emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual worlds. @almostanyhow_ / Anya Marco Harris / Anya Marco Harris is the UK coffee queen helping organise the much loved London Coffee Festival / She is also a burlesque dancer and felt flower designer. She recently completed her MA in cultural cosmology specialising in archeoastronomy and discovered how the Neolithic chose to place the stones in Avebury Stone Circle. She’s a blogger (who isn’t) and is going through the menopause (possibly dangerous). Karen Mannion / Nutritional therapist and mindset coach / Karen's puts in the hard yards to help busy working women take charge of their life and health through nutrition and coaching - give us some that please Karen! Scott McArthur / Speaker, writer and mentor / Scott a scientist, Hr professional, business consultant turned musical producer and founder and definitely has some stories to share / Lucy Pickford / Co-Director at OLGA Agency / As a new director at OLGA Agency, a Hackney-based, boutique agency, Lucy’s keen to shout about design to anyone who’ll listen. Her journey has taken her via Landscape Architecture, Ops Management in the cutting edge tech world and some hitchhiking and working in Japan all with an Art History MA thrown in. While it’s not what you’d call a standard route, it’s left her with a swiss army knife of skills and a thorough understanding of the importance of design in every aspect of life / Louise Holstein / Founder Mike's Table, Directer Uncharted Wines / Louise founded non-profit CIC (Community Interest Company) Mike's Table in 2015 and her positive experience of the social enterprise community inspired her to bring some of these principles into her commercial company Uncharted Wines. She'll talk about her businesses are about much more than making a profit. / / Nikolay Piriankov / Chief Executive Officer at Taylor and Hart / Nik is passionate about entrepreneurship, custom-design and space travel. He is going to be talking about the key to developing and great company culture / Michelle Levesley / Michelle is a big thinker and is going to be talking about how "hiring like dating is broken" - we are listening Michelle! Get your 'by donation' tickets here - SEE YOU THERE!