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Table XI Channel

Table XI is a custom software development firm based in Chicago, and is the web development team behind the newly launched website. "Table Talks" is a recurring series of PechaKucha-style lightning talks held over lunch at our office. The event is designed to foster idea exchange, collaboration and learning, and features a lineup of top-notch entrepreneurs, technologists, designers and storytellers from Chicago and beyond.


Auckland @ Galatos
Jun 16, 2010


Maastricht @ Kaai16 (Hasselt, B)
May 20, 2010


Milan @ Stecca 3.0 Incubatore per l'arte
Nov 28, 2013


Helsinki @ University of Helsinki, main building
Feb 26, 2014


Adelaide @ Gallery
Oct 31, 2014


Brisbane @ Turbine Platform, Brisbane Powerhouse
Sep 02, 2015


Puebla @ Museo Amparo
Sep 24, 2016


Brisbane @ Turbine Platform, Brisbane Powerhouse
Mar 22, 2017


Pensacola @ First City Art Center
Sep 22, 2018


Brisbane @ Turbine Platform, Brisbane Powerhouse
Oct 03, 2018

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Skin Equality

@ VOL 17 ON APR 12, 2013

Sonny Ganaden is a printmaker, writer, and a lawyer. His talk is on skin and race as a sociological creation and the application of critical race theory to art as a way to deconstruct institutional racism and advocate for equality.

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Creative Mornings

@ VOL 14 ON OCT 14, 2014

CreativeMornings is a breakfast series for the creative community to celebrate and connect talent. CreativeMorning groups have gathered across the globe. Alicia W. Binkley is the CreativeMornings organizer for Nashville, Tennessee and shares about the CreativeMornings process.

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Beacon Free Media

@ VOL 2 ON JUN 16, 2015

Mike Burdge talks about plans to create Beacon Free Media, a skill sharing collective to pool local resources among artists, musicians and film makers to barter services and share expertise. A rising tide lifts all boats, so get aboard.

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No Pictures, Please!

@ VOL 6 ON OCT 19, 2015

Writer, photographer, and artist, Jared Thiele moved to New York City and abandoned the idea of nursing school in order to pursue a career as a creative in advertising. Listen to learn about his exploration into social media through his photography, illustreations, and current events.

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@ VOL 138 ON JUL 27, 2016

くらし研究家の土谷貞雄さんはこれからの理想の暮らしについて、 アジア各地で地域に根付いて考え続けています。 その活動のひとつ、2010年から始まった HOUSE VISION プロジェクトは、日本を代表するグラフィックデザイナーの原研哉氏を代表とし、建築家をはじめとする多くのクリエイターや企業と素晴らしい未来の暮らしのあり方を提案してきました。今回のPKNでは、2016年7月末からお台場で開催の展覧会 HOUSE VISION 2016 から、選りすぐりの内容を紹介してくださいます。

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Pavilions of Dreams


Architect Jessica Sheridan talks about the annual Figment Pavilion design competition on New York City's Governors Island. 

Jessica Sheridan, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, is a Senior Associate at Mancini Duffy. She manages accounts for international financial and technology firms. Jessica is a NY Regional Representative on the AIA Strategic Council. She is passionate about Resilience and Placemaking.


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Self Renovating Neighbourhoods


Independent community activist and entrepreneur Jess Steele played a key part in saving Hastings Pier from dereliction. She shares her convictions in collective DIY action to improve neighbourhoods with and for local people.

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A Collaborative Model for Architecture

@ VOL 4 ON APR 05, 2018

Even a few decades ago, Zach George's job would have been very different. A designer at Workaday Design Firm, Zach utilizes networking and cutting-edge technology to achieve an innovative final product. Most notedly, Zach and his partners use remote collaboration to make remote design possible and efficient.

Design for the 21st Century. 

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No Fixed Edge

@ VOL 11 ON SEP 06, 2018

Mark French describes No Fixed Edge - a captivating collaborative project fusing film, music, and poetry.

"The films are basically about marginal machines, many of which are now obsolete, devoid of their original function or eking out an existence on the margins of our environment".

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The Troubled Double

@ VOL 11 ON SEP 06, 2018

"I am an identical twin existing in a society that orientates around the needs and desires of the individual".

Eleanore Booth speaks about her life as a twin, connectedness, and individuality, offering us an insight into what it means to be "a clone alone"?

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Collaboration and YOU

You are now on the Internet. How long have you been looking at this display? How long have you been in this headspace? When did you last get out of your head and take a moment to think about how your toes feel? What does the wind feel like on your skin? How does your chair feel on your ass? What does the air smell/taste like where you are?  In this edition of Presentation of the Day (from PKN Tokyo Vol. 72) artist and collaborator Shantell Martin encourages us to take 5 minutes out of our day to answer these kinds of questions. Many feel uncomfortable working with others; they're concerned someone will take their ideas, or perhaps feel self-conscious about their work. When approached with a proposition to collaborate, many don't know how to answer -- they don't know what a "Yes!" or a "No" feels like. Shantell knows what these emotions feel like, and acts on them when they present themselves. She has collaborated with dancers, other artists, musicians, artist spaces, etc. and suggests that we find inspiration not only through getting out of our head, but also through joining creative forces. 

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Samuraidea: How to Use Identity for Collaboration

In this edtion of Presentation of the Day (from PKN Tokyo, Vol. 102) Akira Uchimura questions the importance of nationality to our individual identity. As a person born in Costa Rica to a Japanese father and a Chilean mother, Akira spent much of his youth attempting to pin-point his being, his place on this planet. To hear him go into detail on the concepts of blood and nation, give his presentation a listen.


Ciudad y Bienestar.

Ciudad y Bienestar. Vol. 3   Amigos, la entrada al evento será gratuita, sin embargo, nos encantaría que nos apoyaran con la donación de libros y catálogos (nuevos o usados) de cualquier disciplina artística, así como diccionarios del español actual. Todo será donado a la BiCA: Biblioteca Comunitaria de Arte Pronto la lista de participantes.   PKN TJ

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Collaboration, Invention, Music

Bubble organs, the tinkler, chime forest, the sound swing -- it's quite unlikely you've heard of these musical instruments before. Tim Phillips is a sound artist, musician and inventor whose work aims at making people curious about sounds and rhythms while using participation and collaboration to encourage interdisciplinary and unexpected outcomes. In "Collaboration, Invention, Music" from PKN Santa Cruz, CA Vol. 7 Tim speaks of the numerous experimental instruments he and his good friends put together.  

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Vol. 2: Collaboration with Dutch Design Post!

20x20 PKN Tainan proudly presents ten creative designers to share their works and views under the theme of Dutch Design Dialogue. The event will be held in 321 Artist Village, a newly furnished artist residence to support Dutch creative talents who want to expand their work and collaborate with local artists in Tainan, a facility provided by Dutch Design Post.    Don't miss the chance to meet, listen, and exchange ideas with the Director of Dutch Design Post, representative of Netherlands Trade and Investment Office, the CEO of Taiwan Heineken, and many others on Friday, 2 May 2014, in 321 Artist Village. And of course, to have fun!   20x20 PKN Tainan Vol. 2 Theme:Dutch Design Dialogue!Ten creative designers will come and share their works in Tainan: NCKU / Director of Dutch Design PostBart van BuerenNTIO Representative Maarten DeurvorstSection Chief of Cultural Affairs Bureau, Tainan City Government黃宏文 (Hung Wen Huang)CEO of Taiwan HeinekenPeter HuizingEntrepreneur, TV ProgrammerLuuk van HeerdeNCKU / Mecanoo ArchitectsWan-Jen LinAuthor of Holland: Small Country with great happiness郭書瑄 (Jessie Kou)English Corner Speaker, bicycle fanAlex van EgmondDirector of Planett Creative Residency Tainan陳禹安 (Nose Chen) Date: Friday, May 2, 2014  Time: 20:20 (Entrance 30mins before) Venue: 321 Artist Village (No. 23, Ln 321, Gongyuan Rd., North Dist., Tainan) Ticketing: FREE Contacts: 0975-055-424 Nini 0912-159-459 Leslie for details 第二輯PKN台南!主題:荷蘭設計在台南本次將由10位與荷蘭設計相關人士分享:NCKU / Director of Dutch Design PosterBart van BuerenNTIO Representative Maarten DeurvorstSection Chief of Cultural Affairs Bureau, Tainan City Government黃宏文 (Hung Wen Huang)CEO of Taiwan HeinekenPeter HuizingEntrepreneur, TV ProgrammerLuuk van HeerdeNCKU / Mecanoo ArchitectsWan-Jen LinAuthor of Holland: Small Country with great happiness郭書瑄 (Jessie Kou)English Corner Speaker, bicycle fanAlex van EgmondDirector of Planett Creative Residency Tainan陳禹安 (Nose Chen) 日期:5月2日(五) 時間:20:20 (前半小時開放入場) 地點:321藝術聚落 (台南市公園路321巷23號) 售票:本次免費入場。 請洽:0975-055-424 Nini、0912-159-459 Leslie


PechaKucha Night - Adelaide Volume #13. "Reflection & Projection" - A Place SA collaboration

#PKNADL13 - A Pecha Kucha - Adelaide / Place SA collaboration - "Reflection & Projection".Bringing together speakers from the Adelaide City Council, the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, SAHMRI, Renew Adelaide, the Planing Institute of Australia (SA), the Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies, the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (SA), The Office for Design and Architecture SA, the Australian Institute of Architects (SA), Country Arts SA, Regional Arts SA, the Design Institute of Australia (SA) amongst other Adelaide change-makers - #PKNADL13 is set to be a night that marks a significant change-point in the history and vibrance of Adelaide.Come and join some of Adelaide's leaders in Place-making for a night of thought provoking reflection on Adelaide's history, what makes our city feel the way it feels and some projection on future plans and visions for Adelaide and it's country regions.Stay in touch at, or the Global site at, as more details are released over the next few weeks.In the meantime -> Why not lake a look at the Place SA website, perhaps 'Like' their page on Facebook and follow the team on you there!

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Comite Academico #Pechakuchagt - Octubre 2015

Nuestro comite academico organizando nuestras proximas actividades...Gracias por su tiempo..

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Performing, Creating and Collaborating

"The great thing about collaboration is that it is driven by structure." In "Performing, Creating and Collaborating" from PechaKucha Night Sunshine Coast Vol.18, Christopher Allery has had a 20 year creative career that has focused on the art of collaboration. This began with an art show during his second year of his Bachelor of Arts (Visual Art). Staged at the Majestic Theatre in Pomona, Chris worked with fellow friends and fellow undergrads to create an immersive installation and performance incorporating found objects, artificial light, and original music which was performed on the Majestic’s grand piano. In this presentation, Chris shares collaborative relationships that he has explored have been fruitful but also stretched him sometimes painfully, but also professionally, and creatively. 

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OCT 4th EVENT POSTPONED: Wasted/Wasteland

We've unfortunately had to postpone our October 4th event, which is a collaboration with The Herbert Art Gallery & Museum in Coventry. As soon as we have a new date, we'll let you know. Please, as they say, watch this space...