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Tilly's Tokyo

@ VOL 21 ON SEP 03, 2015

“I went to Japan and got completely blown away."

In "Tilly's Tokyo" from PechaKucha Night Brighton Vol. 21, illustrator Tilly aka Running For Crayons takes us on a visual journey, drawing on her time in Japan. Tilly got very inspired by Tokyo's bursitng life, incredibly interesting people and beautiful nature that she has seen along the way.

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Monday, November 30th, 2016.

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Illustrious Illustrations

@ VOL 30 ON MAY 02, 2018

Brighton PechaKucha producer Woody, showcases highlights from her career as an art director and illustrator, sharing insights in to the creative process and why she's made-up about making up characters!  

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Born Creative

@ VOL 30 ON MAY 02, 2018

UK Brighton-based author and illustrator Aaron Blecha, originally haled from Wisconsin in the US.  Aaron shares his early inspirations and the highly imaginative characters he creates.  Now creating characters and picture books for children, it seems that he was always on a creative path, even as a child himself.  

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Make Believe

@ VOL 30 ON MAY 02, 2018

A maker of stories and dolls, Jenny Mustill takes us in to her world of characters who seem to have a lot in common with us.

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Naughty Nature

@ VOL 31 ON AUG 15, 2018

Illustrator Sarah Edmunds shares her inspiration and humour in her first PechaKucha. It seems that even nature can be naughty!

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See Creatures

@ VOL 31 ON AUG 15, 2018

Prolific illustrator, Dan Walters shares his creative practice and takes us on a visual journey to meet his characters that adorn fabric, paper, and walls. Come see creatures...

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Dogs & Other Animals

@ VOL 31 ON AUG 15, 2018

In this presentation, illustrator and author John Bond tracks his inspirations for his illustrated characters. From children's shows to his numerous furry friends, John's childhood experiences have shaped who he has become as both an adult and artist. His inspiring story captivates the audience, all sharing laughter, and smiles.


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Dublin @ The Sugar Club
Apr 01, 2010


Apr 12, 2011


Bemidji @ The Hungry Bear Banquet & Conference Center
Apr 26, 2012


Wellington @ The Opera House
Aug 19, 2013


Sofia @ National Theatre "Ivan Vazov", Stage on the IV-th floor
Nov 11, 2014


Honolulu @ Honolulu Museum of Art School
Aug 14, 2015


Yellowknife @ Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre
Oct 27, 2016


Brighton @ The Nightingale Room
Jun 26, 2019


Taos @ TCA - Taos Center for the Arts
Jun 06, 2019


Moscow @ Museum of Moscow, building 2
May 18, 2019

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Chihei - Playful Porcelain

@ VOL 16 ON MAY 25, 2013

Chihei is a community arts project combining the traditional art of handpainted porcelain with new and playful visuals. Anita Wing Yi Chu and Carman Ka Man Ching, 2 of the company's members, share some of their products and the themes behind them, as well as their community events. 

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@ VOL 40 ON JUN 13, 2013

Hannah Gustavsson is a young illustrator and graphic novelist who presents her degree project from the Konstfack school of arts and design. In her soft-spoken, emotionally loaded presentation she speaks of her central character; one who faces teenage problems of sexuality, fitting in, school, identity, family life and social classes. Undisputed in her talent as an artist, what surprised everyone was the intellect of the narrative of Nattbarn (Night Child), a story to which we can all relate to some degree. (in Swedish)

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More Than Cute

@ VOL 105 ON JUL 31, 2013

Debra Occhi bases her presentation on kyara bunka (Japanese character culture) via the book she is currently writing entitled More than Cute: Japanese Mascot Characters. She shares with us some of research findings on the long history of the characters and the particularities that they share, making this a truly entertaining and informing look into the world of kyara bunka.

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Capturing Custom Car Show Character

@ VOL 18 ON NOV 21, 2013

Photographer George Brainard was asked by The Kontinentals to photograph the the Lone Star Roundup a couple years back, and while he originally focused on the event itself, he was drawn to all the unique people who attended this annual hot rod and custom car show. George recalls here his photographs, experiences, and the subjects that inspired so many stories. 

"Presentation of the Day" on December 26, 2013.

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What is Sofubi?

@ VOL 110 ON JAN 22, 2014

The prolific international figure researcher Don "Datadub" Kratzer does it once again -- an in-depth discussion on the history and creation of sofubi or soft-vinyl toys. Perk up your ears as he offers sweet, colorful nuggets of information on the fascinating mid-20th century products. 

"Presentation of the Day" on February 7, 2014.

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Heroes and Heroines

@ VOL 3 ON SEP 22, 2015

"Carrie Fisher was 18 when she starred in Star Wars. She owns that film. She commands all the other characters. [She's] a female character that doesn't have to become masculine to be in charge"

In Heroes and Heroines from PechaKucha Night St. Neots Vol. 3 Jon Torrens passionately shares about the heroes and heroines from the big screen (and some from the small screen) that have inspired him over the years, highlighting their strengths but not over looking their flaws. The last hero he features is his greatest, adding a sweet twist to a solid line-up of true greats. 

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" On Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015.

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The Bechdel Test And Women's Presence In Film

@ VOL 9 ON MAR 08, 2018

D.J., popular culture buff and quiz master Dave Valentine examines The Bechdel Test, which asks if a work of fiction features at least two named women who talk to each other about something other than a man. 

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Costumes From Fit to Stage

@ VOL 4 ON APR 05, 2018

Research. Discovery. Literature. Creativity. 

These are the factors that drive Sarah Bell, costume designer wth the Whitefish Theatre Company. At times, Sarah's skills need to be as various as her motivations. Costumes define characters. To discover that definition, it takes a talanted person with a creative vision, as well as someone who must often achieve feats of engineering to make that vision come to life, 

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The Possibility of Coffee

@ VOL 10 ON JUN 21, 2018

Heather Barrie takes us on a journey in order to discover our own, individual identity through the simple acronym- CULTURE. We are educated in making a difference through the smallest of acts and standing out from the crowd through recognising our vision, converting that into our purpose, and then creating our mission. She compares us to a whirlwind which is only ever started with a breeze and gives us the only question we need to ask ourselves in order to enrich our individual culture- How do I want to be seen?

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Character a Day

@ VOL 159 ON SEP 26, 2018

Yeka Haski is a multi-media artist, creating character-related artworks, illustrations and product design. In April 2018 she started a project called "Character a day" to challenge herself and to understand why we all love characters so much, and how to make a great one.

Yeka Haski はキャラクターをモチーフにしてイラストやデザインを創り出すマルチメディアアーティスト。2018年4月には ”Character a Day” (1日1キャラ) というプロジェクトを始動し、なぜ私たちはキャラクターが好きなのか、そして人気のキャラクターを生み出すにはどうすれば良いかを模索している。


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Computer Graphic Character Design

In "Computer Graphic Character Design," a group of students (Reibe Studios) from computer science and fine arts departments share with us the methodologies they apply to the creation of characters in computer graphic design, and how they produced two short films. The presentation was recorded at PechaKucha Night in Catania Vol. 11, and is in Italian.

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Poster for PKN Vladimir Vol. 5

PechaKucha Night in Vladimir Vol. 5 was held just a few days ago, but we still wanted to share the poster that was produced for the event, featuring two lovely "20x20" characters. You'll find the presenters listed on the event page.

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PKN Posters: Waterville Vol. 10

Waterville, Maine is now making preparations for their Volume 10 event coming up this Friday, the 25th. The fascinating illustrations found on this poster were done by Colby College Professor of Art Scott Reed and feature what appear to be anthropomorphic characters encircling a greater being.  To see more great posters from PechaKucha nights all over the world, check out our Tumblr blog.

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What better than an artist named Green Boy at a "green" themed event! Green Boy (aka HARIKEN) is a creator of street-style character designs, which he'll share with us on the big screen at next week's "Powered by PechaKucha" event at the Heineken Star Lounge in Harajuku.緑色が大好きで「Green Boy」として知られるキャラクターデザイナーの針生謙一(HARIKEN)さんが最新のプロジェクトについてプレゼンテーションをしてくださいます。

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Debra Occhi

At next week's PechaKucha Night Vol. 105, we welcome Debra Occhi, an anthropology professor from the Miyazaki International College. She will talk about the culture of Japanese characters.人類学教授のDebra J Occhiさんが「日本キャラクター文化」をPechaKucha Night 東京105(7月31日、水曜日)にて発表してくださいます。

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What are Kinkeshi?

In today's Presentation of the Day, "What are Kinkeshi?" from the Global Night edition of PKN Tokyo (Vol. 106), Don Kratzer discusses a miniature toy that took the world by storm in 1986, and vanished just as quickly by the time 1987 had come around. He speaks of "Kinkeshi," a small rubber character toy line with hundreds of varieties and permutations. Naturally, Don explains, Kinkeshi orginated in Japan just about 30 years ago, but he goes on to speak about the contemporary movement of creatives developing new and unique Kinkeshi characters. 

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Custom Character Culture for Causes

“I’ve really become interested in doing custom toy shows and donating the money to good causes.” Figure and toy expert Don Kratzer speaks on Indie Toy Custom Culture. In “Custom Character Culture for Causes” from PKN Tokyo Vol. 117, Don discusses the discrepancies and crossovers between creators, characters, and figures, as well as goes into depth on the custom figure culture.

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What is Kamishibai?

In the 1930s Japan, before manga, there was Kamishibai. Don Kratzer tells us of the history of Kamishibai, the lost Japanese art of storytelling prior to the rise of television and manga. In “What is Kamishibai?” from PKN Tokyo Vol. 122, we see that the lost art of Kamishibai was filled with amazing art and astonishing characters.

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Stuck on Film

"If you make a film, it can be like a book. A film director is like a writer. The characters are his actors and the camera is his pen." In Stuck on Film from Tokyo Vol. 120, Jesse Freeman, photographer/filmmaker based in Japan, takes us on a tour of the film projects he has produced, and also shares some of the things that have inspired and informed his work. After checking out this inspiring presentation, go watch his films and dive deeper into his imagination.  

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PKN Poster Spotlight: Sapporo

PechaKucha Night Sapporo announces their PKN Vol. 3 with a beautifully refined promotional poster. The poster proudly showcases a traditional Japanese writing system called Tategaki, characters written in columns going from top to bottom, with columns ordered from right to left. The intentionality of this minimalistic poster is to find freedom by removing much of the external clutter that distract us. You definitely won't want to miss Sapporo's next event! For more posters, check out our Pechakucha Poster Tumblr and Instagram.