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The In-Field Experience

@ VOL 9 ON AUG 16, 2014

Ben Harris has been going to Charlotte Motor Speedway most of his life. When family and friends join together to make a weekend of it camping in the track in-field, it's easy to see how you don't even need to be a race fan to want to go to the races.

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From Welding to Wood to Bronze

@ VOL 1 ON NOV 25, 2014

Rodney Hill, Architect and professor, discusses the results of many years of sculpting. From unintended opportunities that opened while covering design gaps in the architecture offices he worked for, he discovered a path that led from welding to wood to bronze as an avocation. He shared his large scale, very intricate wood carvings, some with erotic affordances requested by clients.

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Stone Sculptor

@ VOL 5 ON FEB 20, 2015

Gerard Motondi walks us through his art. He was born and brought up in Kisii southwestern Kenya. He learnt stone carving from his grandparents through apprecentship program.
Holds a masters degree in sculpture specializing in public sculpture. He has represented Kenya in international sculpture symposium in China, Dubai, South Korea, India, Turkey, USA, Canada, Russia, Spain and Israel. His works are foung in public display and private collections in those countries.

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Carve Out a Niche

@ VOL 129 ON OCT 28, 2015

Ever heard of artisanal fruit carving? The talented carving-artist Noriko Kōsaka will speak on her beautifully-carved creations at PechaKucha Night Tokyo Design Week Special on the 28th — see you then!!


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Permission to Play

@ VOL 13 ON APR 20, 2016

Jess Greenhill works at a Forest School and tells us all about them and how adults can benefit from “permission to play”.

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Living Building Challenge - Camp Glenorchy

@ VOL 7 ON JUN 24, 2017

Steve Hewland presents a new concept in sustainable hospitality which considers environmental, community and financial sustainability

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Las Vegas

@ VOL 36 ON MAR 15, 2018

Pecha Kucha Aarhus-organizer Anders Henneberg once again drags the audience into the heart of the scorching desert, to the bizarre yet wonderful city of Las Vegas. Everybody knows why the House always wins, but very few know why people keep playing. What tricks do they use, that people aren't aware of? Listen on...

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Life at 6593’

@ VOL 26 ON FEB 08, 2018

Many people dream of living in a remote cabin in the woods with no road access, electricity, or indoor plumbing. Chris and Allyson Virden had the pleasure of doing just that. They were the resident managers of a hike-in lodge on top of Mt. LeConte for twelve years. They are excited to share their stories of what life was like at 6593’. 

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Fascinated by Snow Mountains

@ VOL 159 ON SEP 26, 2018

One snow mountain photo provided enough reason for Risa (@risacollage) to start hiking. She’ll present the true beauty of hiking and the appeal of snow mountains by impressing us with some amazing photos!



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Empathy on Fire

@ VOL 7 ON SEP 20, 2018

In Empathy on Fire, Megan O'Neil talks about understanding empathy as a volunteer in the 2017 BC wildfires.

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PKN Vilnius Vol. 1

PechaKucha Night made its debut in Vilnius back in January, and although they also had an event during the "Global PechaKucha Day for Haiti" in February, here's a look back at Vol. 1, with the following report from organizer Benas Plentas-Buivydas. On January 28th the first event of PechaKucha Night Vilnius hit the city with great success. Vilnius PechaKucha Vol. 1 took place in the heart of Vilnius' old town at the underground bar "Woo," and was overcrowded by people. The evening’s lineup included the designer of the newest Lithuanian Country logotype, an architect presenting a project on how to decorate the embankments of Vilnius' river Neris, a presentation on the Vilnius city marathon, a presentation on a young female design company, a very hot presentation by a designer of female underwear, and the presentation by a speleologist about the Lithuanian caving record. The highlight, however, turned out to be a presentation made by a Vilnius-born easy-going guy named Vytautas, who unexpectedly enthroned a very sensitive issue about the false image and stereotype of the second biggest city in Lithuania, and also in an easy form advised how to solve the problem using popular social networks.



3.12.2013 DE 18:30 À 20:00 LES MARDIS DE L’ART PECHA KUCHA À partir des dossiers d'artistes dans l'InfoLab et dans le but de promouvoir et mieux faire connaître la création luxembourgeoise, le Casino Luxembourg offre une plateforme publique au travail de jeunes artistes. Chaque artiste, respectivement chaque critique d'art, bénéficie de 6 minutes et 40 secondes pour faire sa présentation.Avec les artistesMartine Feipel & Jean BechameilLaurianne BixhainDeborah De RobertisSerge EckerEric Schockmelet avec les membres de l'AICA LuxembourgKarolina Markiewicz présente Pascal PironDidier Damiani présente Mik MuhlenPaul di Felice présente Sophie JungLucien Kayser présente David Brognon (The Plug) & Stéphanie RollinNathalie Becker présente Christian Frantzen. PARTENAIRES Le cycle de conférences Les Mardis de l'Art est organisé par le Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain, en collaboration avec l'Université du Luxembourg (Laboratoire d'arts visuels / IPSE, Faculté des Lettres, des Sciences Humaines, des Arts et des Sciences de l'Éducation) et avec Mudam Luxembourg. Il bénéficie du soutien du Ministère de la Culture.

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I Lost Precious Time, But In the End, I Found My Calling

Jennifer Penner is an architect at Studio Southwest Architects in Albuquerque, NM. Her story starts as an intern architect responsible for logging her internship hours across 16 categories in the industry’s Intern Development Program. It should have only taken three years to complete. Five years passed, and she had not started simply because the form was intimidating. Someone took her hand, showed her the way, and she found her calling. Comfortable in team settings and solo adventures. Jennifer brings strong creative, technical, and research talents to her projects and easily adapts to her environment using her 'soft skills'. Her passion lies in helping others. This is her "Why". "By Finding a Better Way" is her "How".