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The Importance of Being Empathetic


Data scientist Bo Peng offers a few lessons from her personal experiences on how and how not to use data to solve problems. She emphasizes the need to focus on the end user, and how putting yourself in their shoes can dramatically improve your work.

"Presentation of the Day" on May 20, 2014.


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Margie Peng
Freelance Designer in Los Angeles
Bo Peng
Data Scientist, Datascope Analytics in Chicago
Angela Peng
Student in Sydney
Addison peng
in new york
Kibbi Peng
in Fullerton
melissa peng
in toronto
Beatriz Peng
Estudante in Lisboa
Danica Peng
in Richmond
Dami Peng
in Markham


Leksand @ Gyllene Hornet
Dec 07, 2010


Durban @ Factory Cafe (Colombo Coffee)
Feb 23, 2012


Aalborg @ Platform 4
Feb 05, 2013


Pontevedra @ Portal 48
Mar 01, 2013


Bratislava @ Majestic Music Club / YMCA house
Dec 06, 2012


Varberg @ Nami
Sep 03, 2013


Maribor @ Rožmarin
May 22, 2014


Colombo @ Warehouse Project
Oct 23, 2011


Beijing @ ZINORO Showroom
Jun 28, 2014


Sep 01, 2014

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Time to Change Faster – Megatrends

@ VOL 4 ON FEB 27, 2014

Who wouldn’t like to predict future? Personal context related future radars are an indispensable challenge for the management. Bo Birk Pedersen aims to develop future-management-concepts and shares his conclusion »Megatrends« with us. (In German) 

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Residential Life

@ VOL 25 ON JUL 11, 2015

From Taipei Vol. 25 - The Imagination of Social Housing

賴伯威 建築師 提問面對「人生住宅化」的焦慮與無力感,社會住宅是否真是解答或救贖?點出歷史上社會住宅曾帶來的問題與失敗。同時從國際上往「多」樣化發展的住宅單元潮流,比對事務所Smart Living所尋找的,「一」樣米養百樣人的住宅單元,救贖的「聖杯」。

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From Justice Activity Leader's Perspective

@ VOL 25 ON JUL 11, 2015

From Taipei Vol. 25 - The Imagination of Social Housing

Yang-kai Peng
 is the justice activity leader of Taiwan. He talked from the definition of social housing, from 'only rent not for sell', 'vulnerable priority', and 'affordable rent' ways to clarify. And also from the points of 'residence', 'charity', and 'externalities' to compare Taiwan with the advanced countries, to figure out how to plan the social housing through participatory design. 

彭揚凱 台灣爭取居住正義的活動召集人,從社會住宅的定義談起,由「只租不賣」、「弱勢優先」、「可負擔租金」釐清,以及「居住性」、「慈善」、「外部性」思考台灣與先進國家比較,社會住宅如何透過參與式的設計來規劃。

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How to Complete Society's Complementary Function

@ VOL 25 ON JUL 11, 2015

From Taipei Vol. 25 - The Imagination of Social Housing

Bo-Ting Zeng
, Architect, has worked on how to make the social housing design become more interesting. From the point of considering the family member's needs basing on different resident age, to have a good quality of life. For example, allowing the retired elders to take care of the young children so that the young people would have no worries at their work. It will complete people's complementary function in society. Shifting the public space from the lower floors to a higher one and so on would also play alternative imagination of social housing.

曾柏庭 建築師 思考如何讓社會住宅設計得更有趣,從家人不同年齡的居住需求做為考量點,如何有良好的生活品質,例如讓退休的高齡者照顧幼兒,讓青壯年人安心工作,達成人們在社會中的互補功能,也可把公共空間從低樓層移到高樓層等,發揮社會住宅的另類想像。


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Appropriate Residence

@ VOL 25 ON JUL 11, 2015

From Taipei Vol. 25 - The Imagination of Social Housing

Wen-Yuan Peng
 , Architect, concerned the adequate problem of living quality. Among the disadvantaged groups the social housing cared for, different types have their own demand. Industry vicissitude of the environment and the affections of energy and food crisis, using vitamin therapy or amoeba concept to meet the unique needs of different communities so called 'appropriate residence '

彭文苑 建築師 關注的是居住生活品質的適當性的問題,社會住宅關懷的弱勢族群中,不同類型都有其各自的需求,環境中的產業變遷、能源與糧食危機因素影響,以維他命療法或是變形蟲的概念去滿足各族群各自獨特需求的”適當的居住”。

Thumb hugo 001 - The Fair Fruit and Vegetable Shopping Platform

@ VOL 26 ON OCT 10, 2015

Returning to Hualien to operate the fruit and vegetable shopping platform, Mr. Peng rediscovered his hometown through the variety of its produce. He hopes the creation of this platform will help the farmers by allowing their produce to achieve better pricing in a fairer market. He collaborates with designers who have made it easier for fresh produce to enter the market.

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Religie en identiteit

@ VOL 15 ON MAY 03, 2016

‘Als het antwoord is dat elke kast een voordeur heeft en een voordeur is dat waarachter mensen geloven – wat is dan de vraag?’ Nieuwsgierig? André van den Bor is joculator Dei of ‘gewoon’ predikant.

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Blue Sky West Coast Modern

@ VOL 4 ON JUN 07, 2016

Based in West Vancouver since 1989, Bo Helliwell and Kim Smith from Blue Sky Architecture have built works in the Lower Mainland, the mountains, islands, and valleys of British Columbia, as well as national and international projects. First established in 1975 as Blue Sky Design on Hornby Island, they have evolved a design approach that is humane and works poetically and economically with site, local materials, climate and program.

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Disturbing Objects

@ VOL 59 ON MAY 18, 2017

Sara Sjöbäck, designer, tells her story from her childhood in Sjöbo to her current life. She recently graduated from Beckmans College of Design and was in Milan in April, during the design week there, to participate in the Prototypa workshops arranged by For Us with love.

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Open Studios Open Minds

Here's a heads-up for an upcoming one-off PechaKucha event in London, "Open Studios Open Minds," to be held on November 25 at the ASC Erlang House. Below, a few more details on the event, from organizer Sarah Roesink: We would like to thank ASC for their support in helping to make this event happen and also our printer TAB who kindly offered us a discount on the printing cost of the posters. The event is part of the open studio weekend of ASC, more info can be found here. Event details: Open Studios Open Minds A series of talks by artists of Erlang House Friday, 25.11. 2011 at 7pm Location: Erlang House 128 Blackfriars Road SE1 8EQ London Presenters: Laura Daly Jeremy Evans Peng-Chia Ponga Huang Jaeyoun Lee Andrew Liu Ellis Nadler Elena Poka Anthony Ruby Nick Turvey Daniela White

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Great #11 at Platform 4 in Aalborg

This time Huset where I work organized PechaKucha together with a bunch of experimenting creatives in the area of cultural projects, art & technology at Platform 4 in a former Tivolipark Karolinelunden in Aalborg. 9 excellent projects and artistic processes were presented for an audience of 100 people, and we had been allowed to show the trailer from the experimenting danish orchestra Efterklangs new video and cd "The ghost of Piramida" as a finish-off at the evening. The movie will be shown at a screening at Platform 4 later on this month. Lene Nielsen has made it a life task to travel around Mongolia to register their unique filt carpets, processes of making and patterns, that are related specificly to each area. Her work is documented at the danish museum Moesgaard, and it is knowledge that probably wold have been lost without her work - so maginificent to listen to. Theatermanager at Teater Nordkraft Jakob Højgaard Jørgensen and actor Thomas J. Clausen explained about theor travelstudy in Africa dramatising the author Jakob Ejersbo  Eksile & Liberty books and how to create and develop a theatrical language and living characters based on the book and on meeting the people that knew the main character in Africa. Brilliant and interesting presentation. Projectmanager and anthropologist Signe Leth talked about the international cultural project IMAGES 2013, that is taking place september 2013 in different cities in DK and invited people to take part, join and help organizing the exiting event. Architect Jeppe Fink is involved in a group that is raising money and are working to transfer an old ferry to a floating culturalboat, thatis to be situated in the east harbour of Aalborg, and this exiting project is also open for all creatives of Aalborg to be part of. After the break excellent danish-south african artist Inge Tranter presented her artproject "The creative windowwsill", and there were put out paperbags with starterkits for the audience in socalled "unfortunate-bags" - a marvelous and fun presentation about finding inspiration, where you are. Christian Fumz has resently moved to Aalborg and gave an inspiring presentation about his work to connect artists in need of spaces to work with people who have empty buildings. The project / also collaborates with creative alike projects in Berlin called citylink - veery exiting! Helena Sokol a very young artist has her first sole-ekhibition in Husets (non-profit) Gallery exhibiting bones and meat in photos, paintings and sculptures. She explained about the process of making sculptures out of bones and her fascination of them. Jakob Stig Nielsen has a long past experience as freelance graphic designer and explained about how to "survive" both artisticly and having a well established business. jakob is also cityorganizer of PechaKuha Night in Hjørring. Last but not least: Anna Johannsdottir jumped in on the last slot at 7.30 (!) in stead of Platform 4 manager Bo Nicolaisen, who had to cancell of a very good reason: he became a father of a beautiful son :-) Ceramic artist Anna Johannsdottir had a visit from 2 splendid photographers from Cyprus, and they did experiments with clay on her body and face. Beautiful photos and amazing process was described and the evening truly finished in the PechaKucha spirit. Efterklangs trailer put a dot on it Thank you for a wonderful evening - see you at Huset on april 10. :-) Annette  

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PechaKucha Night Pontevedra vol.4

  Next 1st March we are going to celebrate the PechaKucha Night Pontevedra vol.4. We have a new hosting place, Portal 48. The presenters will be: 1.Portal 48 (creation space)2.Juanma Lodo (photography)3.Soul Gang (fashion designers)4.Cosmogonia (magic presents)5.Lara Abeledo (photography)6.InterArtyve Books (digital editorial)7.La Platanera (work space)8.De Botero a Bo Derek (art)   We have the pleasure to have our poster designed by Lazo

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PetchaKucha Night 1 i Kiruna

  Kirunas första PechaKuchaNight gick av stapeln på Ferrum 15 februari. Kvällen bjöd på 7 inspirerande talare som generöst delade med sig av sina personliga tankar inom en rad vitt skilda ämnen; varför vi behöver en ny mötesplats, stadsomvandlingen, ordets makt, balans i livet, design och hur våra grannar i öst gör för att lyckas inom turism. Kvällen inleddes med ett par timmars mingel i en skön barmiljö med välkomponerad musikmix i ”Utsikten”, Ferrums festvåning uppe på femte våningen. Baren öppnade 18:30 och det serverades en buffé av småplock för en rimlig peng. Till detta bjöds på en magnifik utsikt mot gruvan, Loussajärvi och fjällen som skymtade i kvällsmörkret. Nästa PechaKucha, den 9:e maj, kommer att bjuda på ett helt annat ljus över bergsmassivet i väst. Ett åttiotal av Kirunas mest öppna, kreativa och nyfikna personer dök upp och umgicks, talade, lyssnade och helt enkelt mötte varandra. Mötet mellan människor är det centrala i PechaKucha. Att dela med sig av sina tankar och på så sätt inspirera varandra till ny energi och i bästa fall nya steg framåt tillsammans. - Jag är så glad att jag fick vara med som talare, säger Cornelia Lohf som talade om balans i livet. PechaKucha är ett suveränt sätt att kunna berätta om mer personliga saker och jag fick så bra respons från åhörarna. Tack alla som lyssnade och visade sådant intresse. På står att läsa: ”7 intressanta föreläsningar som väckte en hel del tankar. Tack till alla!” Ulrika Palm. ”Tack för en fin premiär av PechaKucha i Kiruna. Jag ser fram emot nästa tillfälle”. Anders Wollmén. PechaKucha är en japansk snabbpresentationsteknik som startades av ett arkitektpar i Tokyo 2003. Syftet var att skapa en plats för unga designer att mötas, nätverka och visa upp sitt skapande för publik. Sedan dess har fenomenet spridit sig som en löpeld och finns nu i över 450 städer runt om i världen. Ämnet är inte längre inskränkt till design utan det kan handla om i stort sett vad som helst som man brinner för. Kvällens talarevar Johanna Bergström-Roos (kvällens konferensier) "Varför PechaKucha?"Lina Norberg-Juuso "Ordet" Lisbeth Nilsson "Att omvandla en stad" Cornelia Hohf "Hårddisken är full eller vägen är målet" Paus 20 minuter Karolin Pettersson "Varför design?" Rüdiger Lohf "Om Kiruna hade legat i Finland?" Sandra Minde "En möjligheternas par - Gruvstadsparken" Detta arrangemang var ett samarbete mellan Centek, Scandic och Svensk form.  


PechaKucha Night Pontevedra vol.4 (presenters)

This are the presenters in the next Pecha Kucha Pontevedra vol.4.  It is going to have place in Portal 48, espacio para la creación, 1. Portal 48 (creation space)   2. Juanma Lodo (street photography) 3. Soul Gang (Fashion design) 4. De Botero a Bo Derek (art) 5. Cosmogonia (magic gifts) 6. Lara Abeledo (photography) 7. InterArtyve Books (digital editorial) 8. La Platanera (work space) The Poster have been designed by LAZO  You can follow us in Facebook and send your projects to

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Lucid dreaming, intuition, augmented reality and satelitelaunching all at Aalborg #12

90 people attending in an attentive atmosphere and opened by 3D graphic Benny Mathiesen. This time he shared his thoughts, experiences and knowledge of lucid dreaming - fascinating and fun - so everybodys attension was caught. Bo Nicolaisen from Platform 4 talked of a collaboration between thr art & tech people in Aalborg, one of the worlds best animation schools situated in Viborg and Filmværkstedet in Århus - the Bemudacollaboration give artists opportunities to benefit from workshops, knowledge and projects from all tree places. Sandro Masai is both dancer, choreographer and educated from Aalborg University in art & technology. He's making an art project based on augmented reality - at a summer art event in july called Bunkerlove at Denmarks large west coast beaches, where bunkers from 2. worldwar still lie in the sand. Before the break Ellen Raunsmed is researching in intuition at the university and shared her knowledge and experiences from seminars held together with artists, philosophers and dancers. The break kept people chit-chatting and networking - among a bunch of cool women in rollerskates from Aalborg Rollerderby - and bly me it's like rugby ON ROLLERSKATES for women!!! The first slot after the break was taken by artist and a men who pocesses imense knowledge art critic Gorm Spaabæk. He is the man behind a project where Nordjyske - the local paper - hires artists to create i piece FOR the paper inspired by local stories from the area. Lars Ditlev Johansen is educated actor an directs a piece called "A walk in the dark" about meeting life and death - and the theaterpiece will also be part of Bunkerlove inviting the audience onto the beach at night and into the bunkers. He read beautiful pieces of the drama - for me a very moving moment. And then came the complete fun - in the name of PechaKucha variaty in content - there came a whole team of Rollerderbygirls presenting their passion for the game! Brilliant pianist and composer - art & technology student Dominik Blasko finished the evening both talking about composing, making different art installations AND playing one of his pieces - a beautiful dot to a wonderful evening. See you in september :-)

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The Importance of Being Empathetic

Data science and empathy don't often overlap, but here's why they ought to: Data scientist Bo Peng offers a few lessons from her personal experiences on how and how not to use data to solve problems. In "The Importance of Being Empathetic" from a special Technology for Social Good edition of Table XI's Table Talks, Bo emphasizes the need to focus on the end user, and how putting yourself in their shoes can dramatically improve your work.


Designer Dreams since 2010

For the second edition of PechKucha Night in Shenzhen, Spanish graphic designer Ana Rio Vilar began her series of PechaKucha Night posters with an arresting image of a factory chimney bursting through a plain of soft clouds. (English bellow). 第二讲:深圳吱吱喳喳读图夜, 西班牙平面设计师Ana Rio Vilar 用引人入胜的工厂烟囱的蘑菇云图片来开始他的吱吱喳喳读图夜. 这个图片试图重新诠释制造业, 不必被视为丑陋和破坏性的. 这个图像被多次发布在很多世界性的图片展. 这个极具创意的社交聚会,在2010年5月给13个新锐艺术家和设计师一个展示自己作品的机会, 吸引了120名观众. 一位明显的表现是深圳本土设计师滕斐, 从一开始就支持吱吱喳喳读图夜在一渡堂举行。 The image sought to reinterpret manufacturing as something that needn’t be deemed ugly or destructive. The image has subsequently been republished in several world poster exhibitions. The creative networking event, held in May 2010 gave 13 up-and-coming artists and designers the chance to show off their work and attracted an audience of 120. A notable presentation was given by Shenzhen-based artist Teng Fei, who welcomed PechaKucha to Idutang and supported the initiative from the beginning.   Check the different presenters and vote for your king of this volume on wechat.   1. Lily Fang 2. Tomas Andreasson 3. Zhoutou Huang 4. Tuna Peng 5. Agence Notus 6. Sean Chen 7. Simon Lee 8.Yining Zhao 9. Jay Juan Gutierrez 10. Oleg Shatrov 11.Zelin Zhang 12. Fei Teng 13.Michael Patte   欢迎关注我们的公众微信平台留意活动最新消息 Keep following our event reviews by adding the official Riptide account: Riptide锐态  

Design made in SZ displayed in 800 cities over the World.

Design made in SZ displayed in 800 cities over the World.Proud! 自豪!在第一届深港设计双年展期间参与SZ‘ PechaKucha 的25份演讲,刚已通过PechaKucha全球公网发布。现在世界各地可以访问,特别是PKN公网上800个城市。演讲通过普通话、粤语和英语传递。查看本地演讲嘉宾在:www.pechakucha.orgThe 25 presentations of SZ' PechaKucha held during the 1st SZ-HK Design Biennale have just been accepted and published on PKN global website and are now accessible all over the World and especially in the 800 cities part of PKN's Network.Enjoy your local presenters on: Together, let's make our city brighter! Weixin: Riptide锐态