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Mart Museum
in Rovereto
Erarta Museum
in St-Petersburg
John Swing
Chief Operating Officer and Assistant Director, The Barnum Museum in Bridgeport, CT
Michael van Vuuren
Assistant to Executive Director, Knox County Museum of Education in Knoxville


Athens @ Museum of Cycladic Art
May 19, 2012


Denver @ Clyfford Still Museum
May 01, 2014


Jakarta @ Galeri Indonesia Kaya
Apr 11, 2014


Burlington, VT @ Shelburne Museum
Nov 13, 2014


Redwood City @ San Mateo County History Museum
Apr 21, 2016


Davenport @ Figge Art Museum
May 19, 2016


Burlington, VT @ Shelburne Museum
Nov 09, 2017


London @ London Transport Museum
Nov 29, 2017


Bridgeport @ Barnum Museum
May 09, 2018


St Joseph @ Heritage Museum and Cultural Center
Jun 06, 2019

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Finding My Journey Home

@ VOL 1 ON MAY 09, 2018

Scott Davis describes how he found renewal and hope through the creation of art, experiencing nature, and finding communities of like-minded people.

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The Meaning of Jan

@ VOL 1 ON MAY 09, 2018

Jan Schaeffler tells her journey that started out as a simple DNA test to search for her health history and discovered, much to her surprise, that she was British, not German. This led to a deeper journey into the woods where she discovered relatives she never knew, with family stories that were the same!

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Poetry -- The Inspiration of Maya Angelou

@ VOL 1 ON MAY 09, 2018

Shanna Melton has shared her potery for years and has been making an impact on others. Much of her inspiration has come from Maya Angelou who set an example by sharing her triumph over the obstacles she faced and creating a legacy to influence others. Just as Maya Angelou elevated herself through her art, Shanna uses art as a bridge between herrself and her family/community.

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Meeting the Artists: Christo, Jeanne-Claude & Chihuly

@ VOL 1 ON MAY 09, 2018

Tina Sommers, a graphic designer and visual artist,  shares her unusual experiences that culminated in meeting several artists. Her work on an online term paper started it all! 

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Coming Out!

@ VOL 1 ON MAY 09, 2018

Nina Lesiga makes life more worth living! She creates extraordinary experiences in ordinary situations and tells how she entertained throngs of people in a Macy’s elevator during a busy holiday shopping period. Her joy for life is contagious!

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A Feather Falls from the Sky

@ VOL 1 ON MAY 09, 2018

Suzanne Kachmar shares her love for art, travel and unusual experiences to explain her work on a book -- that all started in magical Assisi, Italy. Her story expresses strong and emotional connections to the arts and the people of Bridgeport.

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The Top 15 Pieces of Theater that Influenced My Life

@ VOL 1 ON MAY 09, 2018

Bill Derry has collected programs from nearly 1000 performances! In this story he shares the 15 most influential pieces of theater --- those that most impacted his memories, emotions and thoughts. He tries to demonstrate that theater is much more than entertainment!

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Annotating the Self: Writing and Recovering

@ VOL 1 ON MAY 09, 2018

Amy Nawrocki became ill at age 19, and eventually ended up in a coma. She tells about her jouney through her illness utilizing her own journals from before and after the event. Writing through the illness and during rehabilitation was important to processing events at the time and making sense of them after. 

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The Indian Trail

@ VOL 1 ON MAY 09, 2018

Mia Lipstick has strong roots in Bridgeport, especially to Beardsley Park. She tells the story of two kids enjoying the natural beauty of a trail along the water in the park, accompanied by Native American ghost spirits who encourage them to take care of the earth. 

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How “YouTube University” Changed My Life

@ VOL 1 ON MAY 09, 2018

Daniel Recinos quit his job to document his life. As a first generation American from two Quatemalan parents he shares how his travels, his discovery of self-value and his education from "YouTube University" changed his life!

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Museum PechaKucha

The British Museum in London hosted a special PechaKucha Event last week -- "Museum PechaKucha" -- with the idea of sharing insights gleaned from last April's "Museums and the Web" conference. You'll find a rather detailed write-up on the different presentations at the Open Objects blog. The image above is from Mia Ridge's presentation -- Mia is also the author of the post. And yes, we here at PechaKucha HQ support the idea of one-off events around the world -- get in touch with us to find out what it takes to get one up and running.

Large wide denver event art museum

PechaKucha x Denver Art Museum

And in other PKN Denver-related news, a surprise mini PechaKucha event is planned for this Friday night (December 4) at the beautiful Daniel Libeskind-designed Denver Art Museum (pictured above), with presentations shown on the interior ceiling. From PKN Denver organizer Angela Schwab: "The theme of the event at the museum is 'Toast,' so a handful of previous presenters will re-present their presentations that fit the theme."

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Design Museum x PechaKucha

The Design Museum in London recently hosted a special edition PechaKucha event, with a terrific turnout of 280 who all showed up for some very creative presentations -- be sure to check the "Presentations" section of the site as a few of these will be appearing there sometime next week. Above, Fred Deakin from Airside. Below, It's Nice That and Troika. Photos courtesy of Joe Keating.

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5 days away!!!

(photo courtsey of the Cleveland Museum of Art) On this coming Friday, October 4th, the 20th PechaKucha Night Cleveland is going to take over the Atrium of the Cleveland Museum of Art as we join MIX:Muse for a Friday evening of art, discussion and cocktails! Four reasons you don’t want to miss this event: PechaKucha is going to be amazing in the beautiful new atrium of the Cleveland Museum of Art as we project directly on the recently renovated 1916 building. Everyone else you know is going to be there. With over 1,250 people typically attending the monthly MIXatCMA event and the normal 500-700 crowd at PechaKucha, this is not going to be the event you want to miss. Tickets to get in are only $8! It has never been more affordable to see the world renowned special exhibition Sicily: the Art of Invention The slate of PechaKucha Night presenters is amazing. At PKN-Volume 20, you will hear Mark Krieger speak about his incredibly ambitious art project, the Children of Honduras; Tom Nix from Cleveland Whiskey will give some insight into his passion for Whiskey and his revolutionary idea that could  change the process of distilling - forever; Mark Reigelman, who more of you know than probably realize, will talk about his passion for remarkable, site specific public art; master storyteller Mansfield Frazier leave us wanting more as talks about urban redevelopment, job creation and the fight against recidivism and incarceration; swing dance extraordinaire Valerie Salstrom will enlighten the crowd not only with a remarkable presentation, but also short demonstration by her 14 year old international dance competition winning student duo; Tony Hughes will discuss the relationship between technology and invention and his desire to – from right here in Cleveland - revolutionize the way people create…well…everything; Jack Ricchuito will illuminate the why, what and how of happiness; we will hear from CMA European Art Assistant Curator Cory Korkow and also none other than the Cleveland Museum of Art’s Director, David Franklin; Cleveland Metroparks Executive Director Brian Zimmerman will surely WOW us all with his passion for the most beautiful park system in Ohio; and to top it all off, Leslie Friend is going to discuss her passion for aerial acrobatics and then demonstrate the Cirque del Soleil style performances she loves. The Cleveland Museum of Art will open its doors at 5:00pm and the PechaKucha Night Cleveland presentations will begin PROMPTLY at 7:00pm. You do need tickets. Purchase them prior to the day of the event for $8 here: You can also purchase tickets at the door for $10.

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SEA PKN vol. 48

Pecha Kucha Seattle and BAM are joining forces again for PKN SEA v. 48: Telling Tales. The evening will bring together presentations exploring the theme of storytelling, inspired by BAM’s Telling Tales and Rick Araluce exhibitions. The event will be held on Friday, November 1, 6:30 – 8:30 PM, 2013 at the Bellevue Arts Museum. Come one, come all - we can't wait to see you there! PRESENTERS INCLUDE: Randall "The Robot" Statler // Barbara Piscioneri // Steven Miller // Anjani Millett // Keith Lewis // Cath Brunner // James Garth Todd & more!

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Cabinet of Curiosities Unveiled

Investigating quirky collections big and small, public and private, known and unknown, Pecha Kucha #21 will be hosted by the Otago Museum with presentations from avid collectors, museum professionals and aficionados of the collecting world. Presenters from a spectrum of creative and academic institutions are lined up for our first Pecha Kucha night for the year, including: the Otago Museum’s Director Dr Ian Griffin, who will tell the captivating story behind HMS Bounty objects in the Museum’s collection; Emma Burns, Curator – Natural Science, who will share the unique world of whale bone collecting; and Dr Jane Malthus, Honorary Curator of the Museum’s fashion and textiles collections, who will uncover a life enriched with lace. Offering a glimpse into the future of collections is Eva Gluyas, Otago Polytechnic’s innovation workSpace manager, who will speak about the potential inherent in the relationship between collections and 3D printing technology. Collections Supervisor Barbara Wheeler from the Dunedin Botanic Garden unearths a colourful array of weird and wonderful plants. Her presentation will reveal the breadth of the Garden’s botanical collection. The full list of presenters:  Dr Ian Griffin, Director of Otago Museum Dr Jane Malthus, Honarary Curator of Textiles at Otago Museum Emma Burns, Curator, Otago Museum Amanda Mills and Katherine Milburn from the Hocken Library Cam McCracken, Director of the Dunedin Public Art Gallery Barbara Wheeler from the Botanic Gardens Ian Chapman aka Dr Glam from the University of Otago  Gavin O'Brien, Designer, Otago Polytechnic Eva Gluyas from Innovation Workspace at the Polytechnic Lemuel Lyes self-confessed history geek (and collector) Ian Loughran aka Prof Goff, poet, comedian music aficionado Noel Waite, Designer lecturer and City of Literature enthusiast   THURSDAY 17 APRIL HUTTON THEATRE, OTAGO MUSEUM 7:00PM DOORS OPEN, 7:30PM START $10 ENTRY   Don't miss our first event for the year!  Book now at   Photo: The intricate and delicate lace creation of Brenda Bell as presented by Dr Jane Malthus, Honorary Curator of the Otago Museum’s fashion and textiles collections

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Thirtieth PechaKucha Miami Draws 300 Fans

World Red Eye covers PechaKucha Miami City of the Future. Miami, FL – February 20, 2015 – Innovation & Engineering Weekend at the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science continued with a fascinating City of the Future PechaKucha Night 20×20 presentation, a speaker format in which 20 images are shown, each for 20 seconds. Local young professionals and key tastemakers were invited by the Frost Science Young Patrons to enjoy an evening of fun in an intellectual atmosphere. The night begun with a welcome from Gillian Thomas, CEO and President of the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science, followed by the PechaKucha presenters which included Camille Coley, J.D., Associate Vice President for Research and Interim Director of Sponsored Research for Florida Atlantic University’s Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center; Meg Daly, Founder and President of The Underline; Stephen Davis III, Ph.D., Wetland Ecologist for the Everglades Foundation; Trevor Powers, Vice President of Engineering & Facilities of the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science; and David Rifkind, Associate Professor of Architecture at Florida International University. Throughout the evening, guests enjoyed libations courtesy of Tito’s Vodka, Mandarine Napoléon, ZIOBAFFA, Lucky Buddha and Lemon City Tea, music by Dani Nicole, and gifts from Aesop, while making their very own pottery through a special Maker’s activity. The evening concluded by the “raku” kiln fire while the pottery was cured for guests to take home.

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PechaKucha at Bellevue Arts Museum

PechaKucha Night Seattle is teaming up this week with Bellevue Arts Museum for an evening in their distinctive new building, designed by noted architect Steven Holl. The evening will include a conversation surrounding the exhibition The New Frontier: Young Designer-Makers in the Pacific Northwest. 


RWC - Vol 1 Update!

Wow!  Our first event was amazing!  Thanks to our tech folks - no glitches during our event.  We managed to record it two ways - with presenters via camera and room and slides with audio via computer.  Our first time presenters were STELLAR!  The theme selected in partnership with the San Mateo County History Museum created a wonderful frame for the evening.  Although our audience was very modest, we had a surprise guest from HQ - Stephen Leist, who offered us nothing but support and encouraging feedback.  It was a wonderful surprise and you can see video via Fuse Theatre's facebook page.  We will have the presentations up very soon!  Congrats and cheers to all our presenters, attendees and followers!   Stacey


PK Night at the Museum!

Hey there! Thanks for checking out PK Lexington. Our next event will be at Lexington Art League on May 2nd. See you then! PK Night is a idea and story sharing night, open to anyone. 8 speakers share creative works, stories and inspirations.