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The Lucky Country

@ VOL 3 ON SEP 13, 2014

Marc is an advocate for social justice and for the rights and living conditions of refugees waiting for judgement as to whether they will be allowed immigration visas.

Marc recounts his experiences as a social worker on the Australian Immigration Detention centre on the island of Nauru and the appalling conditions that refugees were had to endure due to the constraints of the Australian Government's Department of Immigration.

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A Dag Who Draws

@ VOL 4 ON APR 22, 2015

Sam Milham adds his quirky sense of humour to enliven his cartoons with a distinct Australian feel.  He has use these drawings to bring a children's book to life.


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Brisbane @ Turbine Platform, Brisbane Powerhouse
Sep 14, 2011


Sydney @ Australian Institute of Architects -Tusculum
Jun 05, 2012


Springfield OH @ The Westcott House
Dec 07, 2011


Halifax @ Olympic Community Centre
Oct 17, 2013


Bowling Green @ Kentucky Museum
Oct 20, 2015


Redwood City @ San Mateo County History Museum
Apr 21, 2016


Seattle @ Nordic Heritage Museum
Mar 16, 2016


Seattle @ Seattle Central Library
Feb 10, 2017

PAST PechaKucha Event

Powered by PechaKucha @ Oceanside High School
May 24, 2017

PAST PechaKucha Event

Powered by PechaKucha @ Medomak Valley High School
May 26, 2017

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North Australian Agriculture

@ VOL 5 ON JUN 05, 2014

North Australia is agog with talk of an agricultural expansion and becoming Asia's food bowl. Is itreally that simple? 

Keith Noble describes the ups and downs of getting into the agricultre field. Australia will be the leading country feeding Asia by 2020, but will face problems in the fact that the northern regions are the only parts that can be farmed, but face natural disasters continuously, while the rest of the country is desert and or inhabitable. 

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Immigration Experience

@ VOL 1 ON OCT 15, 2015

What does it take to immigrate to U.S.? How long does it take to become a citizen? This presenter shares his journey and perspective on immigration.

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Strangers in a Strange Land

@ VOL 8 ON OCT 27, 2015

Derek Coghlan presents again for us, this time telling us his feelings about immigration and how he experienced it firsthand. 

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Wire, the Australian Problem Solving Medium

@ VOL 12 ON JUL 20, 2016

Mark Thomson, Advanced Research Director at the Institute of Backyard Studies, share about the wonders of wire! 

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From Siberia to Texas: Uncovering My Family’s Immigration Story One Recipe at a Time

@ VOL 33 ON MAY 22, 2017

Mary Kaltenberg best introduces her story herself:

"It started during a blizzard storm the first week I arrived back in the United States early 2016. As an activity for my mom and I during this cold snowy day, we gathered recipes and started compiling them into a cohesive cookbook. I asked questions about the origination of the recipe and through each recipe lived a different story. Translating and transcribing developed into a documentation of our family history, rich of funny, suspenseful and adventurous stories. One recipe at a time I uncovered the story of my Jewish, Russian, Polish family - how they became a family, survived in Siberia, were deported and stripped of citizenship and the humor of eventually adapting to American culture."

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Australia's response to Refugees

@ VOL 15 ON JUN 15, 2017

Peter Hanley asks "What happened to the boundless plains? What happened to sharing?" As Vice-President of the Queensland Northern NSW Branch of Amnesty International, his fervent desire is that we treat people coming to Australia seeking safety with humanity and compassion.

The topic is timely as the week 18-24 June is celebrated around Australia as Refugee Week.

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Immigration WiFi

@ VOL 23 ON MAY 11, 2017

University of Tennessee Knoxville was the first University in the world to have a campus wide Wireless Network back in 2001. Later, UTK innovated again by spearheading the eduroam project in the US which allows users to roam freely on Wi-Fi networks around the world. These unique projects have helped Philippe Hanset make a name for himself in the Wi-Fi world but also navigate the complex meanders of the US immigration system and eventually obtain a permanent residency. Not all immigrants have it that easy.

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The Wannbe Adventurer

@ VOL 16 ON NOV 10, 2017

Bob Dennis discusses the old days. Living in the bush, remote aboriginal communities and one of the largest crocs caught in Australia "Sweetheart". 

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I work in the Emergency Department

@ VOL 13 ON SEP 21, 2018

Zach Hettinger works in the emergency department. As such, he is faced with challenges every day with respect to human life. He has many stories of saving lives. Sometimes, however, individuals cannot be saved. That exceptionally challenging time can be difficult for everyone invovled. His story tells of this experience and how meaningful it can be at this point of transition.

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Flyer for PKN Fresno Vol. 3

PechaKucha Night in Fresno Vol. 3 happens tonight (June 8) at Starline, and presenters for the evening will include: Fresno's Downtown and Community Revitalization Department Director Craig Scharton, custom furniture designer Adam Wall, and Floyd Sanchez of Antilabs.


Thong Van

In today's presentation -- recorded at PechaKucha Night in Tokyo Vol. 53 -- we get Australian graphic designer Thong Van sharing his passion for photography.

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Australian Design Review

Big thanks go out to the Australian Design Review for bringing attention to the "Global PechaKucha Night for Haiti," with a piece that also points out that Sydney will indeed be one of the participating cities -- to be held at the MCA.

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Poster for PKN Springfield, MO Vol. 6

These big blue lips are inviting you to the upcoming PechaKucha Night in Springfield, MO Vol. 6, set for May 12 at The Creamery Arts Center -- you'll find the full list of presenters with links on the official event page. Here are few more details about the poster from organizer Amanda Snelson:We are thrilled to share with you the poster for our upcoming event. This event's poster design was integrated in Missouri State University's graphic design department as a class assignment. The assignment was a hit, as the students were inspired to create such diverse poster designs. We are thrilled with all of them, but had to pick one. The chosen poster, a clean eye-popping graphic, was designed by Jessie Kroeger, a student at Missouri State University.

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Animated Graphics for Australian TV, an Intro the Color Wheel, and a Doom Clock from Vladimir

Presentations Tim Costello has worked in Australia's television industry for the past 10 years, creating animated graphics for a variety of TV shows, which he shares in this presentation (from PKN Tokyo Vol. 93). He also worked on the feature film Where the Wild Things Are. In her presentation (in German, from PKN Aalen Vol. 6), Annegret Barth wants to introduce us to the interplay of colors. Using photos from nature, Annegret walks us through the development of the color wheel and its possible applications. (in German) We don't have a full presentation to share, but PKN Vladimir organizer Boris Matin has sent us the following photos (above) and description of this rather interesting participant at the city's recent Vol. 6.Sergei Karelin is a silversmith and goldsmith, a member of the Union of Artists of Russia, and an academic at the Petrovskaya Academy of Science and Art in St. Petersburg. The clock (in the photos) shows the countdown of the time from the moment of the Birth of the Earth to the moment of its collapse, owing to its inevitable approach to the Sun. The work calls for the drawing together of world religions, the union of all nations, and the immediate stop of all war conflicts in the face of the fatal disaster. Posters We have two new posters on the Tumblr blog today, one for this month's PKN Waterville Vol. 8 (pictured above), and one for PKN Chattanooga Vol. 11, also happening later this month.  Video Pisa's Vol. 2 is happening this Friday, and today we have a video promo to share for the event.  Calendar On this 4th of July, we may not have any PKNs happening in the US, but we do have these two events: PKN Amsterdam Vol. 22 and PKN Utsunomiya Vol. 1. Tomorrow, you can look for the following: PKN Semarang Vol. 9, PKN Augsburg Vol. 1, and PKN Las Palmas Vol. 7.


PechaKucha Night - Adelaide Volume #13. "Reflection & Projection" - A Place SA collaboration

#PKNADL13 - A Pecha Kucha - Adelaide / Place SA collaboration - "Reflection & Projection".Bringing together speakers from the Adelaide City Council, the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, SAHMRI, Renew Adelaide, the Planing Institute of Australia (SA), the Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies, the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (SA), The Office for Design and Architecture SA, the Australian Institute of Architects (SA), Country Arts SA, Regional Arts SA, the Design Institute of Australia (SA) amongst other Adelaide change-makers - #PKNADL13 is set to be a night that marks a significant change-point in the history and vibrance of Adelaide.Come and join some of Adelaide's leaders in Place-making for a night of thought provoking reflection on Adelaide's history, what makes our city feel the way it feels and some projection on future plans and visions for Adelaide and it's country regions.Stay in touch at, or the Global site at, as more details are released over the next few weeks.In the meantime -> Why not lake a look at the Place SA website, perhaps 'Like' their page on Facebook and follow the team on you there!


PechaKucha Night Townsville Volume 7

After those boys with dogs ran off with Hoke’s random excuse generator, this Northern Australian evening buzzed by in an electrifying blurr - what a stroke of genius!

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PKN Manila is Back!

After five long years, PechaKucha Night Manila is back for Vol. 5! The event which happened last May 22, 2015 at A Space Manila an unforgettable night of inspiration, fun, and energy. We featured some of Manila's most creative and progressive minds, namely graphic novelist and animator Arnold Arre, international designer and KKK CEO Brian Tenorio, writer and JollyRogerRogers founder Karen Kunawicz, social entrepreneur and Bambike founder Bryan Benitez McClelland, regional director and The Red Whistle admin head Evan Tan, Department of Budget and Management undersecretary Clare Amador, Parkour organizers Kris Bay and Kitty De Leon Ureta, Curiosity founder and design researcher Birdie Salva, and A Space Manila founder Matt Morrison. 


Seeking Presenters in Redwood City

Redwoo City PechaKucha is Seeking Presenters for our FIRST event!  Come be part of the foundational group.  Visit the San Mateo County History Museum website at to complete a submission online. 

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PechaKucha People: Christina Cho

The PechaKucha People Spotlight lands on Queensland Emerging Architects Prize recipient and longtime PechaKucha Night Brisbane organizer, Christina Cho. As one of 20 architects profiled in Chasing the Sky: 20 Stories of Women in Architecture, she encapsulates how on-target our organizers are. And with PKN Brisbane's 50th Volume this week, we thought we'd go ahead and blast the PechaKucha Global Spotlight on Christina again, posing here with PechaKucha Founder Mark Dytham and Astrid Klein at PechaKucha annual organizer meetup in Tokyo. Well done Christina and PechaKucha Brisbane Team for all the amazingness! Here's to the next 50!!!