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My Airfield, My Festival

@ VOL 67 ON DEC 02, 2009

Bella Rune's magnetic personality and work drew people to a deserted airfield in Sweden for a day of filming. She describes her work as a "physical manifestation of human dreams and aspirations and the sad and touchingconsequences of when these fail to deliver. At the time this presentation was done, Bella was Artist in Residence at Tokyo WonderSite.

"Presentation of the Day" on February 6, 2013.

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How This City Turned Me Into an Artist


Luis Mendo is an Amsterdam-based editorial designer, but for the past 3 years he's been visiting Tokyo on a regular basis, and in this presentation, he explains how all these trips (especially the first one) have turned him into an artist. This presentation was recorded at a special "Powered by PechaKucha" event, part of the Magazine Library 10 exhibition in Daikanyama.

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2013 Tohoku Artist Caravan

@ VOL 101 ON MAR 27, 2013

In April of 2013, the Tohoku Artist Caravan project will bring artists and musicians from all over Japan to gather in Karakuwa, Kesennuma, to create public art that will help revitalize a community devastated by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. The initial installations will be completed over a three-day period, culminating in an opening party featuring a an impressive array or renowned musicians. (in English and Japanese)

"Presentation of the Day" on March 29, 2013.

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Artist Residency Program


Tatsuhiko Murato talks about the artist residency program in Japan and Europe. He present to us the many achievements of the students in these art programs

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Comics of the Commuter Artist

@ VOL 125 ON MAY 28, 2015

「地下鉄の座二郎」がおくる, サラリーマンを続けながら漫画家になる方法。 コラージュと通勤時間をつかって作品をつくる生活を紹介します。

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The Nomadic Life of an Artist

@ VOL 146 ON APR 26, 2017

Niky Roehreke left New York in summer 2014. Since then she lived in the woods in a camping car on Orcas island , in an apartment in Berlin, in a van across Japan, in a village in India, in the amazon jungle in Peru and recently returned to Japan and is working on her book about humans, nature and what happiness is.

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Knock on Wood!

@ VOL 149 ON JUL 26, 2017


Architect Aya Utsumi explores the newest possibilities with of working with wood materials as a member of team “Timbreiz”, the design collective realizing focussed on wooden architecture. In her presentation this Wednesday, she will introduce a 5-story wooden apartment complex in Tokyo which took 10 years to complete!

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The Cardboard Artist

@ VOL 150 ON SEP 27, 2017

"When you start to open up these household items that you kind of forget about, suddenly, you find these really cool parts you can recycle."

In The Cardboard Artist from PechaKucha Night Tokyo Vol. 150,  Director, writer, production designer, props-maker, set builder, modelmaker, and VFX artist Calder Greenwood talks about his unique art pieces made mostly from recycled materials.

Calder lives in downtown Los Angeles with his guard dog, A1334462.

ディレクター、ライター、プロダクションデザイナー、小道具メーカー、セットメーカー、モデルメーカー、VFXアーティストと多数の肩書きを持つCalder Greenwoodさんは、主にリサイクル材料で作られた多くの作品に囲まれながら、番犬A1334462と一緒にロサンゼルスのダウンタウンで暮らしています。リサイクルと芸術の生涯にわたる融合を体験しに、ぜひPKNに遊びにきてください!

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TOUCHY and Artist-in-Residency of EDGEof

@ VOL 158 ON JUL 25, 2018

Artist Eric Siu shares with us about TOUCHY. TOUCHY is a Human Camera, who's eyes only open when you get in touch. Touch and look at TOUCHY at the same time for a Touch-Snap! With such capability, TOUCHY encourages offline communication through touch and eye contact; TOUCHY relentlessly spreads this message to the world in different ways.

アーティストであるEric Siuは「TOUCHY」についてお話します。「TOUCHY」は接続されると目が開くヒューマンカメラのことです。触ったり注目したりして「 Touch-Snap!」を楽しめます。この機能によって、触れたりアイコンタクトでオフラインコミニュケーションを促進します。「TOUCHY 」は違う方面で世界に情報拡散するようにしています。


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Almost Perfect Story

@ VOL 161 ON DEC 12, 2018

Almost by chance and after several life turns, Luis and Yuka founded an artist residence in Tokyo where international creatives can experience Japan and show their work. Together, they share their inspiring story, and they space that they’ve created, which is Almost Perfect.

LuisとYukaは、数々の偶然と紆余曲折を経て、東京にアーティストのための住処をオープンした。ここでは様々な国籍のクリエイターたちが集まり、作品を紹介したり、日本らしさを体験できたりする。今回は、彼らのこれまで歩んできた道と、彼らが作り上げた”Almost Perfect”な空間について、話してもらう。


SITEWIDE Search Results: “Artist In Residence”

Artist X
in Columbus
Litana Artist
Artist in Miami
Artist DAAS
Artist in Kobe
Wongi Artist
in Christchurch
Luciana Haill
Augmented consciousness explorer and Artist in Hastings
Syouta Matsuda
artist, SYOUTA SHOP in uruma
Kathryn Rutherford
Fine Artist, Photographic and Fine Art Restoration Specialist, and Instructor, Self Employed--Heirloom Art Studio in Sevierville


Tacoma @ Shakabrah Java
Jun 22, 2010


Kathmandu @ Attic
Mar 27, 2011


Kosice @ Kasarne
Jun 28, 2011


Kosice @ KSX
Jun 16, 2012


Chichester @ Pallant House Gallery
Oct 10, 2013


Tulsa @ Living ArtSpace
Jan 11, 2014


Riga @ Kuldiga city council
Aug 16, 2013


Kuopio @ Luovien alojen keskus Mylly
Mar 30, 2014


Penticton @ 557 Artist Block Art Gallery and Retail Space
Jul 02, 2015


Glasgow @ The Whisky Bond
Apr 12, 2016

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Residenze d'artista

@ VOL 1 ON AUG 01, 2014

ARTIST RESIDENCIES_Corte Moronati. I will begin talking about my last few years traveling between different programs in many cities/states in the US. How residency programs give to artists the chance to approach a new culture and space and to focus in their art making in a new environment. I will talk more about Corte Moronati Artist-in-Residence, program I have recently founded in Sirmione (BS).

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I Am An Artist

@ VOL 3 ON JUN 05, 2015

Robin Mayberry shares her artist path as she discovers that she is actually an artist. For a long time Robin considered herself a hobbyist as she made scrapbooks alongside her artist husband until one day, she realized the truth!

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Appropriate Residence

@ VOL 25 ON JUL 11, 2015

From Taipei Vol. 25 - The Imagination of Social Housing

Wen-Yuan Peng
 , Architect, concerned the adequate problem of living quality. Among the disadvantaged groups the social housing cared for, different types have their own demand. Industry vicissitude of the environment and the affections of energy and food crisis, using vitamin therapy or amoeba concept to meet the unique needs of different communities so called 'appropriate residence '

彭文苑 建築師 關注的是居住生活品質的適當性的問題,社會住宅關懷的弱勢族群中,不同類型都有其各自的需求,環境中的產業變遷、能源與糧食危機因素影響,以維他命療法或是變形蟲的概念去滿足各族群各自獨特需求的”適當的居住”。

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Imagine a Puerto Vallarta Artist Co-Op

@ VOL 2 ON SEP 23, 2017

Store owner and jewelry designer Kimberly McDaniel shares her vision of an artist cooperative in Puerto Vallarta, where a number of community-related activities are possible.

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Turning Your Passion Into Profit

@ VOL 1 ON DEC 01, 2017

Minneota based, award winniing dancer, Alanna Morris-Van Tassel shares her story as a dancer, choreogropher and teaching artist and her work in cities across the globe.

Having spent time in Arima as an artist in residence, Alanna was back in town, just in time for PechaKucha Night Arima, Volume 1 and was happy to speak about her experience as a working artist.  


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Wild Writer

@ VOL 31 ON AUG 15, 2018

Inspirational artist and writer Tanya Shadrick explains how her response to an act of vandalism set her on a journey of career change and creativity. Now a sought after artist-in-residence, with the famous David Nash as her mentor, Tanya is a true creative tour de force.

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How I became a Struggling Artist

@ VOL 34 ON NOV 28, 2018

Laura Fraedrich talks about how she became a professional artist and an art teacher.


Bella Rune

We end this week of presentation highlights with Swedish artist Bella Rune, who walks us through the creation of an amazing outdoor "installation." Bella's magnetic personality and work drew people to a deserted airfield in Sweden for a day of filming. She describes her work as a "physical manifestation of human dreams and aspirations and the sad and touching consequences of when these fail to deliver." Bella is currently Artist in Residence at Tokyo WonderSite.

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Diving With Sharks, the Process of an Artist, and Photos from Bowling Green

Presentations National Geographic diver Mark Addison presents (from PKN Durban Vol. 7) his love for the marine life of the Durban coast. We also meet his daughter, who is one of the youngest people to have dived with sharks. In his presentation (from PKN Hjorring Vol. 1), artist Michael Maguire walks us through his works, talking about the process required to produce each, and how they all tie into his vision. Posters PKN Norrkoping Vol. 20 was held earlier this month, and here's a look at the poster that was produced for the event, which is today's addition to the Tumblr blog.  Photos We kickstart the week with this photo gallery [Flickr] that gives a peek of what Bowling Green's first PKN was like. From the photo above -- of attendees, or possibly presenters -- it looked like a pretty fun evening. The city's Vol. 2 is already set for November 26. Calendar There are no events happening tonight, but tomorrow night (October 30) you can look forward to the following four PKNs: PKN Eureka (Montana) Vol. 1, PKN Grand Rapids Vol. 5, PKN Buenos Aires Vol. 27, and PKN Pittsfield Vol. 4. 

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I Became an Artist, So Can You

In this edition of Presentation of the Day (from Table XI's "Table Talks" series, Powered by PechaKucha), Luis Mendo tells us of his journey from designer-hood to artist-hood.  Luis writes in books, blogs, and magazines, is part of juries, teaches editorial design and gives lectures & workshops internationally. In 2007 he founded the reliable freelancers group Goodfellas Network. Not only is he all these awesome things, but he's also been the Design Director of the PechaKucha organisation since 2012.

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Tohoku Artist Caravan

The Tohoku Artist Caravan is an outreach program that brings artists and musicians to disaster-torn regions of Japan.   In this edition of Presentation of the Day, (from PKN Tokyo, Vol. 101) D.H. Rosen explains that this project -- produced by his company, TokyoDex -- will involve art installations, performances by musicians, and will bring volunteers out to encourage the youth of the Tohoku region to participate.  To contribute to the 2013 Tohoku Artist Caravan, check out their IndieGogo donation page.

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Vol. 2: Collaboration with Dutch Design Post!

20x20 PKN Tainan proudly presents ten creative designers to share their works and views under the theme of Dutch Design Dialogue. The event will be held in 321 Artist Village, a newly furnished artist residence to support Dutch creative talents who want to expand their work and collaborate with local artists in Tainan, a facility provided by Dutch Design Post.    Don't miss the chance to meet, listen, and exchange ideas with the Director of Dutch Design Post, representative of Netherlands Trade and Investment Office, the CEO of Taiwan Heineken, and many others on Friday, 2 May 2014, in 321 Artist Village. And of course, to have fun!   20x20 PKN Tainan Vol. 2 Theme:Dutch Design Dialogue!Ten creative designers will come and share their works in Tainan: NCKU / Director of Dutch Design PostBart van BuerenNTIO Representative Maarten DeurvorstSection Chief of Cultural Affairs Bureau, Tainan City Government黃宏文 (Hung Wen Huang)CEO of Taiwan HeinekenPeter HuizingEntrepreneur, TV ProgrammerLuuk van HeerdeNCKU / Mecanoo ArchitectsWan-Jen LinAuthor of Holland: Small Country with great happiness郭書瑄 (Jessie Kou)English Corner Speaker, bicycle fanAlex van EgmondDirector of Planett Creative Residency Tainan陳禹安 (Nose Chen) Date: Friday, May 2, 2014  Time: 20:20 (Entrance 30mins before) Venue: 321 Artist Village (No. 23, Ln 321, Gongyuan Rd., North Dist., Tainan) Ticketing: FREE Contacts: 0975-055-424 Nini 0912-159-459 Leslie for details 第二輯PKN台南!主題:荷蘭設計在台南本次將由10位與荷蘭設計相關人士分享:NCKU / Director of Dutch Design PosterBart van BuerenNTIO Representative Maarten DeurvorstSection Chief of Cultural Affairs Bureau, Tainan City Government黃宏文 (Hung Wen Huang)CEO of Taiwan HeinekenPeter HuizingEntrepreneur, TV ProgrammerLuuk van HeerdeNCKU / Mecanoo ArchitectsWan-Jen LinAuthor of Holland: Small Country with great happiness郭書瑄 (Jessie Kou)English Corner Speaker, bicycle fanAlex van EgmondDirector of Planett Creative Residency Tainan陳禹安 (Nose Chen) 日期:5月2日(五) 時間:20:20 (前半小時開放入場) 地點:321藝術聚落 (台南市公園路321巷23號) 售票:本次免費入場。 請洽:0975-055-424 Nini、0912-159-459 Leslie

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The Local Artist

“We came up with this when we were ice fishing — the idea was to pull artists up from below the surface.” South Dakota natives Jeff Ballard, Mitch Torbert, and Hunter Murphy discuss their burgeoning zine project: The Local Artist. In “The Local Artist” from PKN Sioux Falls Vol. 11, they speak on their efforts to expose local artists to the public, and cultivate the growth of the creative industry in their home state.

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The First Print Artist of Modern Japan

"The last important Ukio-e print master and the first print artist of modern Japan."In The First Print Artist of Modern Japan from Nishinomiya Vol. 24, John Szostak shares his admiration and insights into the work of Japanese artist Kobayashi Kiyochika. As Japan transitioned from its fuedal history and isolated past just over a centruy ago, opening its shores to the world, Kobayashi Kiyochika helped to usher Japan into a new age of art and print. He challenged the idea of the traditional Japanese print, updating it by integrating many of the artistic sensibilities found in western modern prints, painting, and photography.Be ready to be amazed.

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Taos Visionary Achievement Artist Award!

This week the Taos Fall Arts Board announced the recipients of their first Visionary Achievement Artist Award, given to artists who have made a major impact on the future of art in the community. Imagine how tickled and proud we were to hear that the award went our PechaKucha Taos Organizer, J. Matt Thomas! Well Done Matt!!! Stay tuned for Taos's upcoming PKN Vol. 18 this week!!!

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The Artist And The Machine

“I use yarn as you would use paint.” In The Artist And The Machine from PechaKucha Night Bexhill-on-Sea Vol. 3, Lorna Hamilton-Brown MBE talks about her current practice as a visual artist. Using knitting as a medium for social comment, Lorna shows a selection of her work and the concepts behind it.

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Introduction of Artist Robyn Bardas

Good evening, we have a pleasure to announce a painter Robyn Bardas. Artist Robyn Bardas came to Wanaka for a week-long ski holiday 20 years ago and stayed. She has explored emotive responses to land in several multimedia art works and a dissertation for her Otago Polytechnic Masters degree in Fine Arts.Robyn will be sharing with us "Ways to think about a horizon line, and the Central Otago landscape".