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Dakota Rural Action

@ VOL 19 ON SEP 02, 2016

In "Dakota Rural Action" from PechaKucha Sioux Falls Vol.19, SD Tony Helland's love of the state and region runs deep. He grew up loving the outdoors, bicycling, and creating and performing music. Over the past two years Tony has expanded his interests toward the environment, sustainable energy, and civic engagement. These interests were brought to the fore after joining with Dakota Rural Action. Since then he has been fortunate to travel all across region, meeting new friends and learning the pressing issues they face. Tony’s current areas of engagement include water quality, oil and gas infrastructure, and the state legislature. One thing he’s learned through this is that it is only through building personal relationships and community involvement that positive change will be seen.


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Miami @ The Betsy Hotel
Sep 20, 2012


Salt Lake City @ The State Room
Jan 31, 2014


Dumaguete @ Byblos at Oriental Hall
Feb 12, 2015


San Francisco @ SPUR - San Francisco Planning + Urban Research
Aug 12, 2015


Albany, NY @ Opalka Gallery/The Sage Colleges
Feb 26, 2016


Batavia @ Island View Banquets (at Batavia VFW)
May 25, 2017


Amman @ Zinc: Zain Innovation Campus
Nov 24, 2018


Dec 14, 2018


New Orleans @ Children's Hospital New Orleans Conference Center
Nov 27, 2018

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Aug 29, 2019

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Maps for Advocacy

@ VOL 28 ON JAN 21, 2014

Visual storyteller Matthew Bambach believes maps are one established medium for communicating spatial information that can be used to help the community develop a stronger connection with a problem and its solution. Here he talks about participatory mapping, or the creation of maps by local communities for a social benefit. 

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Advocacy on a Personal Level

@ VOL 2 ON OCT 10, 2013

Life is hard, but some things are worth fighting for. Listen to Heather Neville talk about making changes and how challenging that can be. Fed up with how people don't take the time to appreciate the lives we have around us, Heather finally stands up and fights for those who have been lost from other's carelessness. Fighting for those who have been lost, and for those who's lives have yet to begin. 

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Advocacy through Animation

@ VOL 29 ON MAY 22, 2016

"When you educate a man, you educate an individual, but when you educate a woman, you educate a generation."

In Advocacy through Animation from PechaKucha Night Atlanta Vol. 29,  Neia Omer tells her story. Animation is a inclusive medium when one is trying to reach a large subset of individuals. What do you do and where do you start if you know absolutely ZERO things about animation? What is your subject matter? Neia Omer's story is a personal journey, a personal goal, a family legacy, and one of animation being the key to her brand of advocacy. 

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Monday, June 13th, 2016. 

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Madness in Our Community: A Perspective on Mental Health Issues

@ VOL 7 ON JUN 07, 2016

Joe Hartsoe discusses erasing the stigma of mental health so that real conversations can happen

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The Genesis of an Activist

@ VOL 31 ON SEP 07, 2016

What makes an activist? Erin Schrode will talk about her unexpected journey and the pivotal moments which led her to co-found the Turning Green in 2005, a global youth-driven non-profit that works with highschool and college students around environmental education and advocacy, focusing on conscious lifestyle choices for individuals, schools, and communities.

Erin Schrode champions active citizenry and environmentalstewardship worldwide, launching a youth education project in Haiti, writing curriculum for an eco education center for Palestinian, Israeli, and Jordanian youth, developing recycling infrastructure in Ghana, and recently working with Syrian, Iraqi, and Afghan refugees in the Mediterranean.

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A Voice for the Horses

@ VOL 7 ON MAR 09, 2017

When a herd of starving, stray horses came to her door, Theresa Nolet wasn't expecting to become an advocate. What started as simply feeding the horses, lead her to search for answers.  When she learned that the horses were destined to be auctioned off and slaughtered, Theresa became the voice for the horses, starting a horse rescue called OATS: One At A Time Success.

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CASA Kane County—Celebrating 30 Years of Child Advocacy

@ VOL 7 ON MAY 25, 2017

James Cardis describes tourism in the Aurora Area, a unique collection of ten communities and their attendant attractions, sports facilities, and meeting sites, anchored by Aurora, the second largest city in Illinois. James encourages everyone to consider a “staycation” in their hometowns, visiting the outstanding places to see and taking advantage of a variety of fun things to do in the Aurora Area, just forty miles west of Chicago.

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Better Drinking Culture

@ VOL 2 ON OCT 26, 2017

...because hangovers suck. Cam Brieden shares. 

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Public Voices

@ VOL 11 ON NOV 07, 2017

Joanna Markell has spent her life as a journalist and newspaper editor. In this capacity she encourages public awareness and advocates for the freedom and power of the press.

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Discuss Dementia

@ VOL 11 ON MAR 15, 2018

Naomi Mison is on a purpose-driven mission to build awareness of people living with dementia, their caregivers and the daily struggles they face. Through her blog Discuss Dementia, Naomi engages, enables and empowers people affected by the disease and their support networks to collaborate with the end goal of making continual improvements to linking the legal, health care and political systems. She is a staunch advocate who is channelling her passion to shine a light on dementia.

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PKN Providence Vol. 4

PechaKucha Night was back in Providence last month for a fourth edition, and organizer Stephanie Gerson files this report: June 10th, 2009 witnessed the 4th PechaKucha night in Providence. Considering that PechaKucha is now alive and kicking in 216 cities worldwide, and that there are at most 31 days to the month, it’s almost inevitable that PK will be happening in at least two cities on any given night. So I’ve taken it upon myself to start telling the crowd which city/ies are hosting PK on the same night as us in Providence, and as it turns out, June 10th, 2009 also witnessed the 2nd PechaKucha Night in Dunedin! I also told the crowd that when we host PechaKucha on the same night as a city in our time zone, we should orchestrate some kind of tele-PechaKucha presentation, where two presenters in different cities give a presentation together via videochat. And it just so happens that our next PechaKucha on July 22nd coincides with the one in Boston… To give a taste of the presentations at Vol. 4, I’m gonna focus on the women -- both because their presentations were fantastic, and because we need more women up on stage. The first of three was Amy McDermott, a recruiter for Bridge Technical Solutions, a full-service IT staffing firm in East Greenwich. She presented “An Ongoing Study on IT Professionals, Rhode Island, and The Economy” -- a title that seemingly bears potential for a dry presentation, but resulted in anything but. By communicating statistics in the form of a rhyming story about ‘Little Rhody’ (local term of endearment for Rhode Island), Amy had folks laughing and engaged. We learned that the favorite thing about Rhode Island for a combined 26% of the local population was its networking and growth opportunities, along with community and culture. This made the Little Rhody cartoon in her images blush, as he certainly would have at seeing the turnout for PechaKucha in Providence! The second woman presenter of the evening was Alida Sun, an artist who works with nonprofits and advocacy groups. Alida was orphaned at a young age and spent most of adolescence in foster care, and her work largely focuses on the power of the human psyche to overcome atrocity. Her presentation elaborated the power of her own psyche to overcome atrocities endured in foster care, and her ability to channel trauma into creativity. Alida impressively took a heavy and personal topic, and articulated it with eloquence, passion, and even humor. She also wins the award for the most compelling title of the evening: “Cultivating the Heroic Imagination.” The third and final woman of the night was Arley-Rose Torsone, who works at AS220 as their in-house graphic designer and visualizer of Design Providence. Arley-Rose gave the first ever…..[drumroll please].…..interactive PechaKucha presentation in Providence! (And actually, the first interactive PK presentation I’ve ever seen.) It was called “I Need 20 Volunteers, Please,” and the title was literal. She first asked for 20 volunteers, and then for each slide -- which was an image of an outrageous haircut -- had a volunteer sit in a chair in front of her, and descended upon him/her with scissors, an electric razor, hairspray, gel, barrettes....the works. Essentially: 20 20-second haircuts. 'Twas absolutely amazing and I’m infinitely grateful to her for expanding the possibility space for what PechaKucha can be. Oh, and thanks to a kind audience member named Michelle Cournoyer Girasole, we got the whole thing on video. PKN Providence Vol. 5 takes place next week (July 22).

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An International PechaKucha Poster Exhibition

Annette Scheibel, the organizer responsible for PKN Aalborg, along with artist Helena Sokol have collected nearly 300 PechaKucha Night posters from around the world and have begun showing them at a small curated exhibition in their Danish harbor town. Annette has put together a small photo-set of the exhibition, which also allows its visitors to purchase posters whose proceeds will go to the assistance of refugees in Syria (by way of the Jesuit Refugee Service). Syrian organizer Harout Ekmanian (of PKN Aleppo)helped coordinate with Annette to make this effort possible -- a fine example of the PechaKucha family coming together on an international level.

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Presenter: Ilya Kuzubov // the Creator of Taibola festival   Thereis quite a great amount of open-airs in Russia nowadays, but mostly they have entertaining and commercial character. In 2012 we decided to create a new project – “Taibola” festival. This project has volunteer and ideological character, where the aims which will be achieved by means of entertainment and involvement are following: To increase the interest of the citizens of Arkhangelsk Region to the culture and nature of their native land, as well as to make it more attractive for tourists.  To tell the participants and guests of the festival that self-organization and mutual aid is not a myth. Everyone can author, discover one’s new abilities and organize one’s personal cultural recreation.  To increase the level of ecological responsibility of the citizens by means of master-classes, lectures and explanatory works. In addition “Taibola” is an advocacy of healthy life style, a chance to learn handwork (this craft is especially valuable in time of offices and digital technology), a way to gain knowledge, an activator of personal growth and socio-cultural activity of participants. Objects of art made of sinker serve as one of the main peculiarities of the festival. Such wooden “sculptures” will underline natural beauty of the summer seashore of the White Sea. The festival program is based on several music-areas, cinema-area, master-classes which will be delivered simultaneously, festival tearoom (chill-out), trade fair (hand-made, souvenirs, etc.); outdoor games, intellectual games and street performances will also be organized there. Taibola is a path through taiga and also a neglected road in Arkhangelsk province. Metaphorically is it the way to inside of oneself and it will be in the open air on the seashore of the White Sea. We position “Taibola” as family all-age measures with free admission and abundantcultural program. As soon as guests leave, equipment and guests of another towns are sent back, the dismantling of utility structures will be started and as the result there will be only objects of art left on the seashore. At the same time the cleaning of festival territory will be commenced. Garbage will be gathered, sorted and removed by force of the festival.   Offical site:

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Ashland's Waterworks

Ashland, Oregon just hosted their Vol. 4 evening with a very fluid theme: Water. The event featured presenters discussing their work and experience involving good ol' H2O. Ashland's local Rogue Riverkeeper newsletter did a short preview of the festivities and included a list of PKN Ashland presenters and their topics -- here's a few of them: Pete Wallstrom - River guide, river advocate, and owner of Momentum River Expeditions presents adventures in river running and river advocacy. Malena Marvin - ecological designer and PechaKucha Night organizer, suggests diverting your greywater can transform and invigorate your household's relationship with water. For the full write-up, head over to Rogue Riverkeeper's post.

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Watch the presentations from PechaKucha - Volume 28!

    PechaKucha Vol. 28 – Vancouver Around the World - was another incredible and inspiring evening. And in case you missed it, we’ve posted each talk on our vimeo page. Speakers Treana Peake - Creative Director/Founder, Obbaki FoundationA dedicated humanitarian activist and creative leader, Treana Peake fused her lifelong passions together to create engaging and innovative philanthropy.Watch Presentation Jeff Topham - Photographer/Writer/DirectorYou may remember Jeff from all the way back to PechaKucha Vol. 5 where he talked about growing up in Liberia. That talk grew into the the award-winning documentary film, Liberia ’77 and another exciting project….Watch Presentation Rosemary Conder - Chief Development Officer, BC SPCARosemary Conder volunteers helping abused elephants rescued from the tourism industry in Thailand. She will share highlights of her encounters up-close with these gentle giants.Watch Presentation Ish Jhaj - Founder & Director, Shooting for HopeAs the founder of Shooting for Hope, Ish travels to India to run soccer camps for underprivileged girls. She is a SFU Kinesiology graduate as well as the recipient of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal and an award from the World Sikh Organization.Watch Presentation Jeff Doble - Architect, Perkins+WillJeff has worked on many of Perkin+Will’s significant transit projects around the world, including the design of three ground-breaking prototype stations for the Ar-Riyadh Metro Transit system in Saudi Arabia.Watch Presentation Bradley Pierik - CEO, TwothirdswaterAn engineer who has worked with water charities in developing countries for the past eight years, Bradley has developed a vision for how water treatment might be done better.Watch Presentation Joanna Wong - Marketing Director, FlowCSJoanna Wong is an award-winning media producer who works in Vancouver and Beijing. She is principal of Flow Creative, a global marketing agency, and recognized as an Action Canada Fellow.Watch Presentation Robert Kent - Founder, Compassionate Eye FoundationThe funding model of the Compassionate Eye Foundation is simple. A team of photographers spend a day shooting photos in cities around the world before submitting them to Getty Images, with the royalties going to fund health, education and sustainable economic development projects in developing nations.Watch Presentation Lauryn Oates - Projects Director, Canadian Women for Women in AfghanistanLauryn Oates works in the fields of education and gender equality in conflict zones. In particular, she has worked to defend women’s rights in Afghanistan since 1996.Watch Presentation Gen Hume - Principal/Fairtrade Officer, Hume AtelierHume Atelier is a bespoke jewellery studio in Gastown and strong advocates for artisanal and small-scale miners, who often work under very dangerous conditions.Watch Presentation Karen Tam Wu - Director of Programs, ForestEthics AdvocacyKaren Tam Wu spearheaded the successful campaign to stop Shell from developing natural gas at the Sacred Headwaters in northwest BC.Watch Presentation Shawna Olsten - Global Marketing Director, Native ShoesShawna has grown the distribution of Vancouver’s own Native Shoes to 48 countries within 3 years.Watch Presentation

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The Awe of Awesome

"How many times have you used the word 'awesome' today? Once? Twice? ...Seventeen times?" In today's Presentation of the Day, "The Awe of Awesome" from PKN Orlando Vol. 11, representative from the Proper Vocabulary Usage Advocacy* Jill Shargaa argues that the word 'awesome' has been used more and more to describe things that are, in fact, not awesome at all. Here she gives us some great examples of things that are indeed awesome in an effort to re-strengthen the value of the word. *not a real organization

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Advocacy through Animation

"When you educate a man, you educate an individual, but when you educate a woman, you educate a generation." In Advocacy through Animation from PechaKucha Night Atlanta Vol. 29,  Neia Omer tells her story. Animation is a inclusive medium when one is trying to reach a large subset of individuals. What do you do and where do you start if you know absolutely ZERO things about animation? What is your subject matter? Neia Omer's story is a personal journey, a personal goal, a family legacy, and one of animation being the key to her brand of advocacy.