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Rod Jones

in Johannesburg

Your call is important - please hold the line


Rod Jones spoke to us about Call Centres not just how they generally annoy us but to how they work and the pressures that each of the staff are under. He further informed us how South Africa is providing employment for our youth through call centres and training to these individuals

All in a fun and enjoyable presentation manner with humour.

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I'm a Collector (Hold the Applause, Please)

@ VOL 3 ON MAY 05, 2016

Josh Maguire shares his love of being a collector. Collecting is something he has participated in his whole life, so how can something be wrong when it feels so right? Josh explores the history and inner workings of his habit and attempts to explain his life-long obsession with video games and action figures in this personal account. Josh lives in Alliance, NC and currently is a Dean's List student at Craven Community College where he is also a C-STEP participant and a tutor for TRiO Student Support Services.

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The Belt Line: Hiding in Plain Sight

@ VOL 16 ON APR 14, 2016

"The Belt Line … will be the next phase in Buffalo’s sustainable development."

In The Belt Line: Hiding in Plain Sight from PechaKucha Night Buffalo Vol. 16, urbanist and preservationist, Chris Hawley, presents the Belt Line -- one of the most conspicuous and least-known features of Buffalo, NY. Each day, trains go by along it and people drive underneath and over it. It is the "third strand" in Buffalo's DNA, as important to the city's physical and economic geography as Joseph Ellicott's radial and grid plan and Frederick Law Olmsted's park and parkway system; as consequential to the city's development as the Erie Canal and Interstate Highway System.

The Belt Line was opened in 1883, with segments dating back to 1836. The rail line is 15 miles long, forming a continuous loop through Buffaloʼs downtown as well as the prominent industrial loft clusters that it helped to create. Today, the Belt Line's 12 million square feet of largely vacant or underutilized industrial space is the city's next frontier for sustainable development. Factory buildings are being recycled as mixed-use developments. These former industrial areas are becoming walkable centers again.

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Tuesday, July 27th, 2016. 

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Getting Unstuck

@ VOL 15 ON SEP 21, 2016

Niki Seberini spoke about how she changed her life after a serious accident and realised what is important to her. Those life changing moments when you alter your perspective

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Life is a box of Kleenex

@ VOL 15 ON SEP 21, 2016

Richard Mulvey spoke about how kleenex is an important part of our lives from the day we are born, through the decades and how it is used until the day we die

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May I see your I.D. please?

@ VOL 3 ON FEB 03, 2017

How do we identify ourselves and how much of our explanation about who we are is voluntary? Renee Chatelain's presentation explores some of the ways we have been made to identify ourselves, the repercussions of those descriptions, and some ideas on how we can change the conversation about our uniqueness.

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What happens if Hollywood doesn't call?

@ VOL 16 ON MAY 25, 2017

Jacques de Villiers presented on choosing your life path with your heart and to focus on what your dreams and aspirations are not the challenges we face in life and the hardhsips that entail

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They're your Rules break them

@ VOL 17 ON AUG 30, 2017

Douglas Kruger has a unique way of telling us to break our rules. What makes us who we are not only personally but in business and it is down to us to break the rules we set for ourselves in order to achieve our goals

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Hold To Your Dreams

@ VOL 48 ON MAY 08, 2018

Matt shares how he achieved his dream of free solo rock climbing, including the inner journey and battle to overcome his personal fears. In the process, he has achieved South Africa's most challenging rock climbs... without ropes and safety gear. Visually stunning (and a bit scary), his message: hold to your dreams because it's possible and it will lead you to amazing places.

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Passion over Ego, please!

@ VOL 36 ON JUN 19, 2018

Certain events in life may lead you to find your true passion. But what happens once you are a filmmaker? Do you decline an offer because you do not believe in the project? Do you say no to a project because it’s not in line with your passion even though it may be a good offer or something that may boost your ego? Daniël Beckers explains why we need to protect true passion.