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Gabriel Lebec

Software Engineering Instructor, Fullstack Academy of Code in Brooklyn

Gabriel Lebec is a total nerd about swords. In this PK presentation, learn a little bit about how traditional swords are made!

Gabe earned a B.A. in Mathematics & Studio Art from Georgetown University, studied prehealth at New York University, and spent years in biomedical research. He now teaches software development at Fullstack Academy. He loves anything combining aesthetics & technics: typography, photography, Japanese swords, etc.

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Real Japanese Gardens

@ VOL 97 ON NOV 28, 2012

We love Japanese gardens, and we want the world to know more about Japanese gardens. Japanese gardens can teach the attentive observer a great deal about Japan and Japanese design, from design concepts and careful material selection to Japanese history, culture and religion. Learn more on Jenny's site.

"Presentation of the Day" on January 31, 2013.

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Materials, Tradition, and Craft

@ 「ICSでNIGHT」 ON SEP 23, 2013

Yuki Tanaka's idea for a bottle holder is rejected due to it being too costly both time-wise and money-wise. She redesigns her holder to a less costly design that is remarkably elegant. She also shows us some of the other unique projects she has undertaken, including a spherical fruit basket and an expensive clock. (in Japanese with English subtitles)

"Presentation of the Day" on November 6, 2013.

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Japanese Swords

@ VOL 19 ON DEC 13, 2013

Al Furuto is an actor, stuntman and collector of Japanese Swords for the past 30 years. He is a part of the Japanese Sword Society, where he served as president, and is the current vice president. He offers some insight into the process and rich history of sword production.

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A Glimpse into an Artisan Bookbinder's Work Process

@ VOL 4 ON APR 15, 2017

As a passionate book binder, Annette Chung shares her step by step process of how her delicate creations come to be.

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Japanese Tea: Tradition and Innovation

@ VOL 26 ON SEP 02, 2017

In "Japanese Tea: Tradition and Innovation" From PechaKucha Night Kyoto Vol. 26Simona Zavadckyte explores how Japanese tea was made traditionally, how it is currently made today and some of the new developments involving tea in Japan.

Tea is the second most common drink in the world and it has been in Japan for around for over 800 years. Through time it has developed distinct culture and traditions. 


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An obsession with arts, hearts & buildings

@ VOL 14 ON MAR 06, 2018

Andrea Cockerton believes people are capable of more than they think. Buildings can be differently beautiful when used unexpectedly. Colliding these together through the arts is what drives her.

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How the digital age limits curiosity (From a heavy metal perspective)

@ VOL 9 ON SEP 15, 2017

Social constructivism, artistic freedom with a twist of Heavy Metal on how digital platforms are ruining our curiosity, and how to combat the effect.


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From Iron and Heat

@ VOL 7 ON APR 05, 2019

Making art from iron can be a hot, tiring and gritty task, but you would never know it when you see the work of David Secrest. Spanning a career of several decades, Secrest has created a body of work which shows his aptitude for observation, interpretation and a unique gift of craftsmanship. He shows us the tremendous amount of thought, patience and skill it takes to create an elegant piece of art made out of heated, hammered and bent metal.

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My Obsession

@ VOL 65 ON MAR 27, 2019

We have all heard stories about the suffering artist. The question Tonje Halvorsen asked herself was: who am I as an artist, and does art require pain? 1 collection. 21 garments, 500,000 safety pins, 1,500,000 beads and 7,000 hours later. What was her answer? Obsession. Tonje's artistry is characterised by an obsession, which in the past two years has been prioritised over her health, relationships and job. An obsession that has cost me some of my most valuable possession: time.