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Gina Senarighi

Coach and Consultant, Gina Senarighi Coaching & Consulting in Portland

Upgrading Monogamy: Why You Need to Open Up to Stay Together


People everywhere are talking about consensual non-monogamy, some with curiosity, most with intense apprehension. As a culture, we've outgrown antiquated ideas about monogamy yet we haven't fully integrated new ways of being together. New research on relationships shows us taking a non-traditional approach to autonomy and commitment may be the key to lasting love. Gina Senarighi asks What can we learn from open relationships in this new era of love and commitment? 

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How We Are Going to Change the World Together

@ VOL 13 ON NOV 12, 2014

Justin Ailport, Montana State University student, talks about lessons learned growing up in a small town, and what he learned about human relationships while volunteering to help a 24-year old get elected to office in Montana. Dreams change the world and they can be achieved with others.

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Did you stay up for Portillo?

@ VOL 14 ON APR 29, 2015

Richard Williams-Jones, Lecturer in Journalism and Media at the University of Huddersfield, takes a look at the history of television coverage of UK General Elections.

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Sure, You Can Rest When You’re Dead But Why The Rush?

@ VOL 14 ON AUG 12, 2015

Linda Croyle finds and treats the actual causes of physical and emotional issues by using the powerful mind-body medicine of B.E.S.T. and combining it with her decades of work as a counselor, coach, teacher and diversity facilitator. With a Master’s Degree in Psychology from Harvard University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education from St. Lawrence University, Linda has been a student of the mind - body connection for over 30 years, and created Everything Healed (, a Santa Barbara based holistic healthcare business where she specializes in one-on-one treatments, group workshops and public speaking.

Americans are just beginning to pay the price for our current “I can forego sleep and then hype myself up on caffeine all day” mentality. With two-thirds of us not getting the seven to nine hours of sleep our bodies need to cleanse, filter, properly store the day’s activities and heal, we are compromising our physical and mental well-being. Spend these six minutes learning how to get to sleep, stay asleep and wake up feeling refreshed!

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Why We Need to Take REAL Photographs

@ VOL 1 ON NOV 11, 2016

Jodie Rainsford - a Wanaka based photographer, she enjoys all her different projects in the surrounding area. Jodie focuses on wedding photography as well as  family portraits, commercial projects and events, and she is open to any opportunity for creativity.

You can find more information about her bellow:

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Unity Ride 2017

@ VOL 24 ON AUG 17, 2017

Who bicycles 3,200 miles in 35 days? Andre Block and Jonathan Williams do. The pair set off from Oceanside, California on Memorial Day and ended in Washington, DC on the 4th of July. All the while filming a documentary film.
Why? To promote love and unity in this divided nation. You see, one is liberal, the other conservative. The differences don’t end there. The journey was long and challenging, but also a lot of fun. The two inspired everyone they came in contact with, worked as a team despite their differences, and experienced this beautiful country from an entirely different perspective. 

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Left and Right

@ VOL 24 ON DEC 12, 2017

Kris Regentin talks about unity between the so-called left and right political ideologies, and why unity is needed for our country to repair.

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All You Need Is...

@ VOL 5 ON MAR 06, 2018

Bill Wetzel is the owner of a small cafe in downtown Appleton, caffeinating crowds for a cause. Prior, he was a sales and marketing executive for the Bemis Company. His talk is titled: "All You Need Is......"

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The Future of Relationships

@ VOL 50 ON SEP 04, 2018

Almost half of South Africa’s children grow up fatherless, fewer people marry and there are more divorces than ever before. Noting the model of human relationships as failing, Mark proposes a ‘new normal’ and ways to better navigate and support human relationships. From multiple perspectives he reframes the human relationship cycle from dating to marriage, and from parenting to co-parenting.

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Why You Should Visit Jamaica at Least Once

@ VOL 9 ON APR 30, 2019

Rayon Brown, a Jamaican native, explains why you must visit Jamaica at least once before you die!