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Allen Crabtree

Writer, blueberry farmer, self in Sebago, Maine

Trail Cairns - More than just Piles of Rocks


Allen Crabtree lives in Sebago and writes the “Senior Rambles”, a regular hiking column for the Bridgton News with hiking trips and tips for Seniors in Western Maine and the White Mountains.  He is the co-leader of the Denmark Mountain Hikers, a group of mainly seniors who have been climbing a mountain every Friday, all year round, for the last 6 ½ years.  Allen also writes about his travels to interesting places around the globe, is a frequent teacher of classes at the Senior College in Bridgton, has published poetry and yarns, and is in the middle of writing a book on hiking for seniors

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Indigenous Art Fair, Cairns Queensland

@ VOL 12 ON JUL 20, 2016

Sandy McCathie shares the platform for Queensland indigenous artists to tell their stories through visual art, performance, theatre, fashion, screen, workshops and more.


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Arizona Trail App

@ VOL 4 ON MAR 02, 2017

In the over 30 years of the Arizona Trail Association’s existence, there hasn’t a better one-stop navigational tool than the Arizona Trail App. Aaron Seifert, GIS Director for the Arizona Trail Association contributed greatly to the content of this new App with re-created and precise geography from the Arizona National Scenic Trail.  The Arizona Trail App uses your GPS to locate you on the trail plus contains the trail track, over 1100 waypoints of details, profiles, pictures, and more all within an App that one can use with an Android or a iOS mobile device.  

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Heart Sutra in Cairns Nature

@ VOL 22 ON OCT 11, 2017

Jun Tagami is an artist and radio announcer, raised in Japan and living in Australia since 1995.  In this presentation Jun shares his current project combining photography, Heart Sutra chanting and the natural surrounds of Cairns, his home since 2014.

Heart Sutra is one of the most famous Sutra’s in Japan, described as a conversation between the student and Buddha. This sutra has rich, strong power and waves which strengthen the student's spiritually.

According to Jun, words have power and so does nature.  This is a collaboration between the waves generated by Heart Sutra and by nature.

Listen out at 2.38 where Jun shares his powerful Heart Sutra chanting.

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Cap Trail Bike Shuttle

@ VOL 17 ON MAY 01, 2017

With the recent completion of the Cap to Cap bike trail from Richmond to Williamsburg, Alison McGrail shares one of the new ventures of opportunity that are springing up to support and enhance this regional amenity. 

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Tales from the Tea Trail

@ VOL 5 ON MAR 10, 2018

Learn about multi-cultural tea traditions old and new from tea sommelier, Elizabeth Knight. Tea more than a drink, is revered as a sacred plant, a medicine, a beverage, a meal, an expression of hospitality, and an essential component of celebrations around the world. 

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The Hairy Bison: Creating an Offbeat, Insanely Great Trail Running Community

@ VOL 2 ON SEP 12, 2018

Born in Bridgeport, CT and now the co-organizer of the Harbison Trail Runners in South Carolina, Dean Schuster shares the story of growing a crazy group of runners from a couple of people to a massive club. The free trail running event (The Hairy Bison) is part theater of the absurd, part race, and part community fair -- and now one of the largest trail-runs in the state. The T-shirts have become instrumental in creating a huge following!

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Moments on the Trail

@ VOL 27 ON OCT 02, 2018

Happiness is not a constant state, it comes in moments. This is a story of finding the best of those moments deep in the woods with my dog, and how I worked to increase those happy moments throughout my life.

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Adventures with the Cairns State High Symphony Orchestra

@ VOL 25 ON OCT 24, 2018

Eloise Little is a Year 10 student at Cairns State High School in north Queensland, Australia. Here shares her experiences with the Cairns State High Schools Symphony Orchestra where she is a 1st violinist and harpist.

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In Search of Trail Magic: The Wild West Route

@ VOL 14 ON DEC 06, 2018

Intrepid outdoorsman Clee Roy had the opportunity of a lifetime to test ride a new backroad mountain biking route from Canada to Mexico - the Wild West Route. Here is his story as he pedals in search of trail magic...