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Mandi McIntyre

Festival Producer, Woodfordia Inc in Sunshine Coast

The Planting - growing a green festival of living!


Growing from a weekend working bee into Woodfordia’s second flagship festival, The Planting is emerging as a distinctive celebration of innovation in the arts, humanities and earth sciences. Mandi McIntyre is a Cultural Producer, keenly interested in social, economic and cultural development and exchange in our societies and she heads the programme for The Planting Festival, which has grown out of the work and ethos of the Woodford Folk Festival.

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Living the Dream

@ VOL 2 ON JUN 12, 2014

Mark Owen shares his lived experience and how he is living his dream through his artistry of working with sustainable live edged wood. He reminds the audience that you are never to old to have dreams!

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Williamsburg Fall Arts

@ VOL 10 ON SEP 20, 2014

Now in its fourth year, and with a new re-branded name, the Williamsburg Fall Arts festival is expaned from Labor Day to mid-October. Terry Buntrock, who is the organizer for this celebration of creativity, gives us just a sampling of the over 130 events that are jam packed into the festival. We also get a glimpse of next year's additions! So much creativity can't be contained.

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International Art & Design Festival 2014

@ VOL 1 ON JUL 25, 2014

Icelandic born artist Kristjana S Williams studied graphic design and illustration at Central St Martins and quickly gained critical acclaim as Creative Director of Beyond the Valley for 8 years.

In 2012, Kristjana S Williams Studio began creating fne art pieces, art prints and furniture.

The studio’s latest project presented a one of a kind collaborative audio-scape print journey at the spectacular Shanghai Exhibition Centre. Flying spirits were draped in beautiful traditional Chinese silk robes printed with Kristjana’s signature intricate art works, the masks are incredibly delicate hand paper-cut sculptures which crown each creature. The intrigued masked spirits followed the audience intertwining around the bamboo forest with mystical allure. Amongst the atmospheric surroundings, the creatures enticed visitors into listening to their unique, individual sounds through suspended Momentum headphones by German audio company, Sennheiser.

Previously in 2011 Kristjana S Williams and Beyond the Valley presented an interactive print journey at the V&A during London Design Festival, a show inspired by an interest in the way new technologies can be used in interiors and fashion design.
The illustrations juxtapose strong graphic lines with intricate victorian engravings creating incredibly striking and unique art work. Comprising of very intricate collages of material that have been collected from victorian engravings, photographs taken, found objects and real leafs and twigs.

Inspiration lies heavily with layering nature upon nature and ‘the symmetry in all things living’ which stems from the artists childhood in Iceland. When growing up the artist found nature there stark and unforgiving. Never seeing trees or colourful butterfies or exotic fowers – everything seemed grey. Now in retrospect, feels the complete opposite as though the colours and landscape are like nowhere else in the world. Each piece created by the artist is it’s own universe of botanicals, atmosphere and animals, each born and grown from the things that have inspired her since being a child in Iceland.

Williams’ work has become well known throughout the industry, 2013 saw the studio Highly Commended for ‘Best Use of Colour’ at the Dulux Colour Awards. In 2014 Kristjana has already won a D&AD award, a New York Festivals Grand Prix & First Prize and lastly shortlisted for the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity.

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Pivotal - The Cambridge Festival of Change

@ VOL 4 ON APR 05, 2016

Pivotal is the Cambridge-based collectives of artists promoting positive change, particulary in the arena of climate change. Watch James Murray-White as highlighted examples of some of the creative projects the group has initiated across the City.

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Modular Sustainable Living Systems

@ VOL 135 ON APR 27, 2016

In Modular Sustainable Living Systems from PKN Tokyo Vol. 135, Architectural designer and agricultural specialist Jacob Reiner discusses how developments in high-tech farming and prefab building systems are combining to create a new paradigm for sustainable living in the 21st century.

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Luminate: Scotland's Creative Aging Festival

@ VOL 29 ON OCT 11, 2016

Anne Gallacher is the Festival Director of Luminate, Scotland's creative aging festival. The festival brings together older people and those from across the generations to celebrate our creativity as we age, share stories of ageing and explore what growing older means to all of us. Gallacher explores some of the festival's events and the range of venues they occupy, from theatres, galleries and community halls to care homes and lunch clubs, as well as events online. 

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Living Building Challenge - Camp Glenorchy

@ VOL 7 ON JUN 24, 2017

Steve Hewland presents a new concept in sustainable hospitality which considers environmental, community and financial sustainability

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Cultural and Social Sustainability

@ VOL 15 ON NOV 30, 2017

When we hear about sustainability, we often think of energy, waste, transport, themes focused on economy and environment, . 
We are living in a world with more and more migration. A world becoming more interconnected and global. Does anyone really desire living in a place with walled off communities? We need to be paying more attention to creating communities that are culturally and socially sustainable. Can we make our diversity a community resource that builds strength and resilience, rather than fear?