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Kristin Hosbein

in Benton Harbor

The Art of the Race: An Artist’s Journey and the Race to Mackinac


Kristin Hosbein is an award-winning painter with a studio at the Box Factory for the Arts in St. Joseph, MI. This presentation is a behind the scenes look at the Race to Mackinac and how an artist's participation on the team of the Chicago Yacht Club Race Committee has influenced Kristin’s art. The race is 333 miles long from Chicago IL to Mackinac Island, MI and with over 300 yachts that participate each year it is one of the largest and longest freshwater yacht races in the world.

Kristin enjoys being on the water and painting plein air. She has traveled extensively, is an avid photographer, and a US Coast Guard artist. She has worked supporting the Chicago Yacht Club Race Committee for the Race to Mackinac for the past 11 years on the radio announcing the start of the race to the fleet in Chicago and acknowledging the bridge and the finish up on the island.


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A Concise History of Race Relations in New Zealand ... Abridged

@ VOL 18 ON FEB 17, 2013

James Nokise gives us a comedic rundown on the history of New Zealand, its diversity, and its rugby team. He talks about New Zealand's original inhabitants, its immigrants, and encourages racial understanding and acceptance across the board. 

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Skin Equality

@ VOL 17 ON APR 12, 2013

Sonny Ganaden is a printmaker, writer, and a lawyer. His talk is on skin and race as a sociological creation and the application of critical race theory to art as a way to deconstruct institutional racism and advocate for equality.

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Poverty and Placement - Race and Reconciliation

@ VOL 4 ON OCT 29, 2015

While giving up his car for 18 months, Jonathan Dodson noticed barriers within the built environment that keep individuals of different demographics from interacting. This realization led to a study of OKC's approach to race and real estate.

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Why Not Talk About Race?

@ VOL 1 ON MAY 27, 2016

"Change the narrative, change your destiny..."

For over 15 years, Maxine Crump worked in news, public relations and media development for the likes of BET, WAFB and others. She was a founding member of the Baton Rouge Blues Foundation, and has been honored many times for her public service work. Maxine is currently the CEO of the non-profit organization, Dialogue on Race Louisiana, which promotes an education process for talking about race in our society. In short, if she's talking, you'll want to be listening.

And talk is exactly what she did at PechaKucha Night Baton Rouge Vol. I. during her presentation, "Why Not Talk About Race?"

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Who Knew Camels Could Race?

@ VOL 1 ON APR 09, 2016

According to Kay Hartmann, many Americans, herself included, have little travel experience of the Middle East, which is why her trip to Qatar and the UAE was so enlightening... "Who knew camels could race?" she askes! Take this journey with her for a slice of life view of 2 cities in the Arab Gulf, once Bedouin desert communities a few decades ago, now thriving cosmopolitan metropolises. 

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Mistress Syndrome: A Uniquely American Story of Lies, Betrayal, & Denial

@ VOL 25 ON OCT 06, 2016

A story of the construction of white womanhood told through images. Amanda Gross uses her personal experiences, cultural, religious, and ethnic history as a case study to unpack identity at the intersection of race, gender, and class in the US context. Amanda is an artist and anti-racist community organizer living and working in Pittsburgh, PA. 

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My Life as a Hetero Cisgender Millenial Mixed-Race ADHD Agnostic Only Child Black Belt American Named Dominic

@ VOL 7 ON JAN 26, 2017

Dominic Velando presents original illustrations revealing highly personal experiences such as his father’s death, drug-induced hallucinations, and doomsday paranoia.

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Aversion to Experience: (Un)making Sense of Race and Racism

@ VOL 8 ON APR 06, 2018

"I am a white author, educator, and activist who has spent the majority of my adult life trying to make sense of race and racism in the United States. But what does it mean to ‘make sense’ of something that is fundamentally attached to people’s lived experiences, and has very real life and death consequences? Drawing on my current research regarding 20th century debates about anti-racist protest fiction, I’ll spend my time with the PechaKucha Baton Rouge audience reflecting o...n the ways our attempts to ‘make sense’ of difference can lead us down harmful paths and prevent us from recognizing and valuing the complexities that surround us.”

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Kanye West: Recall, Revoke, Remix, and Requiem (ed)

@ VOL 9 ON JUL 27, 2018

Kina Reed met this guy when she was 20 years old. The first time she heard Kanye on a track he answered questions she didn’t even realize she was asking at the time. Losing him means something. And Kina believes it probably signifies a lot of things that need to be explored.