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Anna Maria

in Vientiane

Tea in Laos: Tasting the Landscape


Anna-Maria is an architect-turned-tea-lover who started travelling Laos’ tea growing provinces with her husband and their two motorbikes, in search of open-minded producers and the tastiest leaves the magnificent landscapes have to offer. Under the name of ‘Kinnari Tea of Laos’ she is about to open a small shop-cum-tea house in downtown Vientiane. She talks about her journey in search of tea in Laos.

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Let's Fall In Love With Tea

@ VOL 18 ON JUN 24, 2014

Ratna Somantri's first encounter with tea was from her mother, who always serve tea to the family. During her time at Le Cordon Bleu, Sydney, she continues to learn about tea from all over the world. She established Tea Lovers Community with some other fellow tea lovers in Indonesia. Currently, she is also the Chairman of the Tea Board of Promotion of Indonesia for 2014-2017. Ratna often invited as a speaker in various tea-related events and enjoyed teaching classes through tea at Tea Institute. In her presentations, Ratna shared her knowledge about tea history in the world and in Indonesia in particular. Indonesia is one of the largest tea producing country, but the awareness for the tea culture itself is still low. Through her community, Ratna believes that Indonesian teas should be more appreciated in our own country. Her dream is that our best teas should be available and enjoyed in every Indonesian home and that their growing popularity will prosper local tea producers. 

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Tea ceremony in China

@ VOL 4 ON MAR 19, 2015

Софья рассказывает о Китайской чайной церемонии.

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Tea from Around the World

@ VOL 5 ON JUL 10, 2015

Dani Lieuthier has travelled for 9 months visiting 9 countries just to study tea. (In Portuguese)

Watch it here:

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A Cleaner, Greener Vientiane

@ VOL 1 ON FEB 11, 2016

Serge Doussantousse considers himself a French citizen of the world. In 2010 he started investigating local rubbish collections and causes of pollution by following the trucks that collected his household waste in Vientiane. Since then his project Green Vientiane has led several cleaning, greening and recycling-reusing initiatives across Vientiane.

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Mapping Laos

@ VOL 2 ON MAR 31, 2016

Matthias Bethke talks about mapping Laos through the OpenStreetMap project. While living in the Galapagos islands, he discovered the OpenStreetMap project as a way to leave the boring parts to computers and actually do some exciting things with maps. Since then he has been officially addicted and is now trying to improve the map coverage of Laos.

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Site, Space, Matter: Experiments in Laos

@ VOL 3 ON JUN 02, 2016

"Toune" Phayouph is an architect trained in Switzerland who combines Lao and international traditions in architecture. Toun will present some of his architectural work in Laos, some already built, some not yet built, and some in the course of production. 

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Statues of Vientiane - A Personal Selection

@ VOL 3 ON JUN 02, 2016

Strolling around Vientiane Laos, you come across many different statues, all of which have stories to tell. Ruth Foster will present a personal selection of the statues of Vientiane.

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Eating, Drinking and Anonymous Blogging in Vientiane

@ VOL 4 ON SEP 15, 2016

Lilani Goonesena is the blogger behind Eat Drink Laos, who is also a freelance writer and web designer. She is the nosy person who asks endless questions and shamelessly snaps photos in restaurants and at street food stalls around Vientiane. Lilani gives us a peek into the scrumptious world of food blogging in Vientiane.

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Swimming Laos

@ VOL 5 ON MAR 02, 2017

Simon Vaslet’s touching presentation tells the story of a swimming program in Laos. He shares chocking numbers about drowning rate in the country and present the results of a very down to earth and efficient project where more than 500 children, in areas where it matters the most, learned to swim. And to keep us even more captivated, he managed to share beautiful pictures that transpire children’s pride as well as the essence and success of this swimming program.