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Story Chain and the Struggle to be Heard!


As more and more of Americans go to jail, more and more parents go to jail.  The children of the incarcerated is a community of folks now known as "hidden victims."  Though not directly victimized by a crime, they are victims nonetheless. It is estimated that nearly 3 million children in the US have a father or mother currently incarcerated.  Over 10 million children have experienced some type of incarceration of their parents within their childhood. Jonathan Platt’s Story Chain project attempts to address this serious issue in a unique and innovative way.

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Russia Laws and Prison Subculture

@ VOL 1 ON OCT 01, 2013

Lawyer Dariy Timohina discusses various features of creation and execution of legislation in Russia. She shares her opinion on how these features led to the creation of a very specific prison subculture that became prominent enough to develop its own slang and rituals. (in Russian) 

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An Affordable Alternative to Retail Chain Art

@ VOL 27 ON NOV 23, 2015

“We live in a global village but it turns out that all houses in the global village look the same, and I was kind of bothered with that.”

In An Affordable Alternative to Retail Chain Art from PechaKucha Night Maastricht’s 27th volume, Presenter Tom Luyten discusses one of his biggest issues when it comes to home decoration. Bothered by the fact that we live in a world full of living rooms with the same picture hanging above the couch, he created an alternative. Watch as Tom tells us how to create art that is both unique and affordable, without settling for lesser quality and still provide the artist with a sufficient compensation.

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Thursday, April, 21, 2016.

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The Story of Buffalo BookBike

@ VOL 17 ON SEP 15, 2016

“We need to bring the fun back to reading, and rolling up with a book bike might be a way to do that.” 

In The Story of Buffalo BookBike from PechaKucha Buffalo vol. 17, Founder of Buffalo BookBike in Buffalo, NY, Amy Ozay, talks about her love of Buffalo, books, and bikes. Taking inspiration from similar programs in other cities, she launched Buffalo BookBike in 2015, which gives free books to the children of Buffalo in parks and playgrounds throughout the summer months. The BookBike has given away over 1,000 books to date, with the hopes of slowing down the summer slide. Her dream is to increase the reach of the BookBike, foster more collaboration between local literacy organizations, and help convert Buffalo parks to open air libraries in the future. As Cicero wrote, “A room without books is like a body without a soul.” 

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Doing Time for Tagging

@ VOL 8 ON JAN 20, 2017

During an internship at Gallery One and winter quarter at Central Washington University, Adrian Lee risked losing it all through an impulsive decision that put him in prison for two months. Now released, he shares his thoughts of incarceration and graffiti.

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Innocence & Incarceration: A Complicated Relationship


Estimates tell us there are 3,200 +/- wrongfully convicted and innocent individuals serving time in Georgia and Alabama today. The Georgia Innocence Project works for the exoneration and release of these individuals but state law can hamper those efforts, sometimes inadverdantly. Listen as Richard Latta speaks about law here in the State of Georgia that is hampering the efforts of the Georgia Innocence Project. 

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Arts Works

@ VOL 24 ON DEC 04, 2012

Tess Landon speaks about incarceration and the impact art education and rehabilitation has on re-arrest rates once prisoners are released.

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Diversity & Literacy: The importance of drag performers reading to children

@ VOL 19 ON JUN 08, 2018

While you may have already heard about drag queen story times, it's important to hear about the impact it has had on families. Fay & Fluffy’s Storytime is an event that focuses around literacy and diversity that celebrates the differences. Listen to Fluffy’s talk to find out what impact it’s been made to the community.

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I’d like to tell you a story

@ VOL 16 ON SEP 25, 2018

The magnificence in truth-telling and the healing power it offers the community. Speaking authentically can be one of the greatest gifts and challenges we face. Learn what happens when respectful listening meets acceptance in some of the toughest classrooms. Kate Fly believes that truth has the power to heal - it’s up to all of us whether we choose to make the courageous leap forward to make a change. 

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Early Literacy, an Owl's Story

@ VOL 28 ON JUL 12, 2018

Tina Chapman shares her experience with the Waterville Rotary club.