PechaKucha Presentation
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Kristen Dahms

Artist in Yorktown

Self Expression Through Mixed Media


Kristen Dahms makes beautifully intricate art with layers of various media and subjects. Through this presentation we can see, step by step, how she progresses from concept to finished piece, building layer upon layer of what she referes to as chaos. So be carefull when you look into a finished piece- you might just get lost for a while.

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Cascading Dreams

@ VOL 13 ON JUN 05, 2015

In this presentation we get to see some of the results of Dorothy Fagan's 6 week artist residency in France. And yet, through the PechaKucha process we also get to hear and see Dorothy take us through her inspriations, techniques, processes, details, and materials used to arrive at those finished pieces. The work is stunning. The background is fascinating.

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Otra Vez (again)

@ VOL 12 ON FEB 25, 2016

Otra Vez is speaker Wayne Hilton's 28 piece exhibit currently being featured in the Midland County Centennial Library until April 20, 2016.  The exhibit is comprised of three different segments featuring narratives that draw from various aspects of Latino culture, including the works of Mexican illustrator Jose Guadalupe Posada, the sport of Lucha Libre and Piñatas.  The works are mixed-media sculptures made from primarily recycled materials and found objects.  Drawing from my background in theatre and costume design, the works in this collection feature meticulously crafted detailing and are intended to reflect the symbiotic relationship between artisan and artist.

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Art Grief Therapy

@ VOL 10 ON SEP 16, 2017

Maggie Galloway is an artist and student from the Art Institute of Chicago & University of Tulsa. She has a long career of creating, including her time as a documentary film producer at WLS-tv in Chicago.

In 2009, after the sudden death of her husband, Paul Galloway, newspaper reporter and columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times and the Chicago Tribune, Maggie was faced with learning to live without her partner of 30 years. It would be 2 years of Art Grief Therapy that healed her... she shares her story.


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#100daysofwendt Recap

@ VOL 24 ON DEC 01, 2017

Hannah Wendt is a freelance artist of 5+ years. Describing herself as a mixed media artist just doesn't cut it for her. Wendt experiments with different media and ways of... displaying her work. From artist booths and exhibitions to full scale interactive installations, she aims to challenge the viewers way of thinking about art and life. Over the years of growing her artist career, Wendt has studied art at Augustana University, and online at the Praxis Center. Her work has been displayed in group exhibitions, most recently at Exposure Gallery, Third Eye Gallery, and in both of the 2016 and 2017 Art Maze installations. She continues to create a variety of artwork out of her studio in Sioux Falls, SD. You can see some of her creations in person currently at the Third Eye Gallery, and Half Baked Cupcakes.

To find out more about her work and soon-to-be announced solo exhibitions, go to her support page:, or her website:

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Demonstration of Practice

@ VOL 4 ON NOV 30, 2017

Aynslee Moon Smithee gives us some insight into her studio, her practice, and her family life as an artist.

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Art in the Community

@ VOL 11 ON MAR 15, 2018

Mixed-media artist Bill Blair creates photomontage images that play off themes of Canadiana and Mexicana, exploring ideas of 20th-century romantic travel ideals, souvenir culture and identity in North America. Here he takes us on a tour of the community that blurs the line between art and architecture.

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My Journey as an Artist into Buddhism

@ VOL 16 ON MAR 28, 2019

Kunga Nyima Drotos currently maintains an art studio in St. Joseph, Michigan. His artwork has been featured in multiple solo shows and many group exhibitions in Washington, DC, Virginia, and Ohio. After spending the last fifteen years focused on making artwork, he presented a one-person exhibition of thirty-five mixed media paintings at the Box Factory for the Arts in St. Joseph, MI in 2017. In the fall of 2018, he participated in a group show at Randolph-Macon College Flippo Gallery in Ashland, VA. Kunga Nyima also works as a hospice social worker for Caring Circle.

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@ VOL 27 ON MAR 15, 2019

Entrepreneur, investor, and artist Ronald Weintraub has been painting and creating mixed media artwork for the pass 29 years. Widely successful in business and art he shares his rich experinces through his work and stories.

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Springs At Last

@ VOL 24 ON JUN 15, 2018

Valley Bak is a New York based Artist, Registered Nurse, and Acupuncture Physician whose work examines the relationship between meditation, the creative process, and medicine. Valley’s experience of working with patients on the threshold of life and death, and her own confrontation with mortality as a cancer survivor, bring a unique perspective and depth to her work. For Valley, being with a patient is very similar to being with the canvas; it is an experience of being fully present and alive. Her work is in permanent collections in Mongolia, China, France, Germany, England, Poland, and the United States. Valley has donated her work to The American Heart Association, Hospitals, and Hospice centers throughout the country. A self-taught artist, Valley has been exploring the interconnection between mind and body through drawing, painting, mixed media, and performance for over twenty years.