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David Lipnowski

Photographer in Winnipeg

Portrait 365


After years of taking portraits and noticing a lack of diversity in his portfolio, photographer David Lipnowski embarked upon a personal project that would consume his professional life for an entire year. He began taking a single, unique portrait daily as of January 1, 2013 and continued his task until the end of that year. 

"Presentation of the Day" on January 1, 2014.

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Portraits of Movember

@ VOL 21 ON FEB 19, 2013

During the month of November, James Everett showed his support for the Movember cause not by growing a moustache but by photographing over 50 of them and their "growth" over the course of the month. 

"Presentation of the Day" on August 26, 2013.

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Is Self Portrait Relevant?

@ VOL 2 ON JUN 05, 2014

Mimi Wilson takes us on a journey from pulp family portraits to self portraits via the selfie. She found that self portraits could help one rediscover one's identity, especially when years after being "Mom" tends to take precedent over individuality.

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Photography Comes First

@ VOL 13 ON NOV 07, 2014

“These are quiet, concentrated, and precise images seemingly of everyday scenes, but in fact these are staged moments suspended in time.”

Photography has taken Nora Bibel all over the world: Vietnam, Myanmar, Germany and more. Nora speaks about her beautiful portrait work, books, and exhibitions that have made up her work. She tells us her themes are utopia, social change, home, memories, and more.

"Presentation of the Day" on January 26, 2015.

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The Faces of the Brontës

@ VOL 4 ON DEC 04, 2014

Academic, illustrator and sometime drag queen Jean Hollywood talks us through his fascination with the faces of the Brontës by showing and contesting the few available images of these literary giants.

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@ VOL 11 ON JUN 16, 2016

Marcus Bastel is a London based photographer originally from Germany. He first came to the UK to study Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University, followed by a 2 year program at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam. At the time he was very much a multi media artist but now concentrates on photography and the writing of short stories. He has exhibited internationally most recently in Tokyo as part of the Portrait Salon Group exhibition, in London at the 125 Magazine Show and Berlin at Cruise and Callas. His self-published 2010 book BUT WHERE ARE ALL THE PEOPLE won honorable mention at the Photography Book Now competition. His work is perhaps best described as having a filmic quality, like a set getting ready for action. He refers to his work as being still movies, a narrative is implied and a hint of suspense introduced. His photography is represented by Millennium Images, Gallery Stock and Plainpicture. Some of his work can be found at the Diner dotted around London. He is currently working on a project called Faces of Mustang, which aims to connect with the owners of Ford Mustangs around the US, hear stories that make the relationship special and take a portrait of them alongside the legendary car. After 15 visits to the American Southwest and a curiosity to better understand America, he thought that the Mustang community would be a good starting point. America itself is in a state of commotion at present, which makes this a doubly interesting undertaking.

The project will present itself online, as a publication and exhibition, stories and portraits, with added location shots to instill a sense of place and in order to get this rolling is currently running his first kickstarter campaign.

For his writing he is represented by Anoukh Foerg Literary agency in Munich. He works in a supportive role at Central Saint Martins School of Art. Photographer, writer, traveller and inventor of tales, with a big passion for big landscapes, middle of nowhere places and long road trips. And having grown up with cowboys and Indians on the TV those places are more often than not located in the wild west.

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Picture: Portraits

@ VOL 16 ON NOV 12, 2016

If you have seen any of Lulú De Panbehchi's other presentations, you know she will look at the deeper meaning behind a photograph. In this presentation she explores the question: Where does a portrait end?

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Force émotive et fictionnelle du portrait photographique

@ VOL 13 ON MAY 24, 2017

Yves Drillet." I am a portrait photographer and this Pecha Kucha has for ambition to convince you that this style is an art by himself. It’s working on our feelings and telling us a story. By mixing my pictures and the ones that touched me from other photographers I tried to put together a list of qualities to appreciate portraits. And eventually the purpose could be to put back utopia into the act of looking."

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A World of Faces

@ VOL 5 ON AUG 16, 2018

In his talk, Kent Tompkins shares captivating candid portraits of the various people he encountered during his world travels. Not only did Kent photograph these individuals, he bonded with them to dive deeper into the inner workings of their culture and lives. He has specially selected photographs during his encounters with Native Americans, Egyptians, and Indians, all of which who have unique stories to share. This presentation makes one reminiscent of famous photographer Alfred Eisenstaed's quote, “It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.” 

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Photography to Inspire Action

@ VOL 25 ON JAN 09, 2019

Matilde Simas is an award-winning documentary photographer. Her work has brought her around the world, where to explore the theme of human rights and the resilience of human beings. 

Matilde’s ongoing documentary portrait series “Faces Behind Atrocity” is about survivors of labor trafficking, sex trafficking, and forced marriage, and was created for a United Nations World Day Against Trafficking in Persons campaign. “Faces Behind Atrocity” has received numerous international awards.