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Matthew Little

Open Source Hardware for International Development


Matthew Little is a freelance electronic engineer who is currently working on a project - Open source hardware for International development - which helps people living in the developing world gain access to a reliable electricity supply.


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Open Gov in Chicago: Changing Government from the Outside In


Derek Eder has been building websites in Chicago since 2005. He is the owner of DataMade, LLC, an open government and open data web consulting company, co-founder of Open City, a collective that makes civic apps with open data, and organizer for OpenGov Chicago, a monthly Meetup group that promotes open data and open government in Chicago and Cook County.

"Presentation of the Day" on July 9, 2013.

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VCFA: Open Source Education

@ VOL 103 ON MAY 29, 2013

Tokyo-based designer Ian Lynam gives an introduction to the Vermon College of Fine Arts (VCFA), the newest MFA Graphic Design program in the world! New ideas! Amazing work!

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La Quincaillerie numérique

@ VOL 11 ON JUN 25, 2015

Portée par la Communauté d’agglomération du Grand Guéret et le Pays de Guéret, la Quincaillerie numérique se veut être un tiers-lieu centralisateur, composé d’un fab lab (chapeauté par l’association 23D), d’un espace de co-working, de médias citoyens participatifs, d’un espace de convivialité avec une offre culturelle par le biais de conférences, expositions, concerts…

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Free Your Fitness, Free Yourself

@ VOL 6 ON OCT 19, 2015

Does your lifestyle prevent you from qualifying for insurance discounts? Do you lack sufficient time for exercise or have limited access to sports facilities? Maybe you just want to keep your personal data private without having to pay higher insurance premiums for the privilege?

Unfit Bits provides solutions. At Unfit Bits, we are investigating DIY fitness spoofing techniques to allow you to create walking datasets without actually having to share your personal data. These techniques help produce personal data to qualify you for insurance rewards even if you can't afford a high exercise lifestyle. 

Our team of experts are undertaking an in-depth Fitbit Audit to better understand how the Fitbit and other trackers interpret data. With these simple techniques using everyday devices from your home, we show you how to spoof your walking data so that you too can qualify for the best discounts. Our new range of desktop fitness devices are also available on this site. 

Free your fitness. Free yourself. Earn Rewards.



Tega Brain is an artist and engineer. She makes eccentric engineering, reimagining everyday technologies to address their politics and envision alternatives. She is currently a resident at Eyebeam Center for Art and Technology, Brooklyn, has both studied and taught at the School for Poetic Computation, and is an Assistant Professor at SUNY Purchase. 

Surya Mattu is an artist and engineer based in Brooklyn. He is currently a fellow at Data&Society where he is investigating infrastructure with a focus on wireless as a way to better understand bias in technology. He is also a contributing researcher at ProPublica. Previously he has worked as an engineer at Bell Labs and is a graduate from the New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. He has a degree in Electronics and Telecommunication from the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom.

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An Open Source Life

@ VOL 7 ON DEC 04, 2015

Romke de Haan is a graduate of the program called homeboyz, a non-profit that takes kids in gangs and teaches them technology. Romke will walk you though his journey and his pursuit of happiness. 


Participate in Romke's life; he'd be happy to get coffee/lunch/cocktails with you. You can add his calendar by searching on iCal, Google Calendar, 

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Post Internet Graphics

@ VOL 9 ON NOV 18, 2015

Parco di Yellowstone is a young design studio based in Milan and specialized in corporate graphic and art direction in the digital environment. In this presentation, Loredana Bontempi and Emanuele Bonetti presents some of their experimentations to give a measure of the potentiality programming has to produce graphic design.  

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Maps as a Tool for Perception

@ VOL 18 ON MAY 18, 2017

Gabriel Gianordoli discusses humanizing data through mapping - and how maps can be used as a tool to reflect data in different perspectives in this PechaKucha presentation for NYCxDesign.

Gabriel is a designer and developer from Brazil, currently based in Brooklyn, NY. He has worked with both print and digital media, with experiences ranging from editorial to UX design. His work is focused on information design and interaction. He is currently a Creative Researcher at The Office for Creative Research, a hybrid research group working at the intersection of technology, culture, and education.

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Local Government can be Open and Sustainable Government

@ VOL 21 ON FEB 16, 2018

Andreas Pavlou from Involve looks at how the local government could become more open to the public. 

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Développer un logiciel en open-source et en mode participatif!

@ VOL 8 ON FEB 13, 2019

Cytomine is a free software allowing to navigate in very large bio-medical images via a web interface, and to annotate collaboration structures of interest. When the question of creating a spin-off was addressed, the open source nature of the software led the team to create a social purpose cooperative.