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Joe Fang

in Taipei

My Floral Expo Story: Always Listen Before We Create




“Designs should be alive. They live in the stories of the people we design for. A design only lives when there is a person involved. We always listen before we create, so that our designs come from solid memories and form warm reminders to those we design for: never forget what’s most precious to you.”

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Munch Before Munch

@ VOL 9 ON JUN 05, 2014

Published by the new bornly Tuss Publishing, Munch before Munch is the first graphic novel written and drawn by Giorgia Marras. The story is about the less-known life of the famous Norwegian painter, during the critical period of education and training. It's an illustrated journey to the discovery of the less-known Norwegian painter Edvard, young and fragile, which the echo of his masterpiece has partially hide. It's the story of objects, places and people that inhabited his emotions. Munch before Munch shows one of the most important painters in the history of art but without any temptation of an easy-mythological portrait.
Edvard is a young man like all of us, looking for his place in the world, similar to us in his human desire of being approved and accepted. Munch Before Munch is available on

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Design: Solving Mysteries Before they Happen

@ VOL 3 ON DEC 08, 2016

Paul Moore presents on his process of architectural design which parallels a mystery story that we don't the ending because it hasn't happened yet.  His design uses authentic practices, processes and places which start with the unknown end in mind and accept reality as it is.

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From Siberia to Texas: Uncovering My Family’s Immigration Story One Recipe at a Time

@ VOL 33 ON MAY 22, 2017

Mary Kaltenberg best introduces her story herself:

"It started during a blizzard storm the first week I arrived back in the United States early 2016. As an activity for my mom and I during this cold snowy day, we gathered recipes and started compiling them into a cohesive cookbook. I asked questions about the origination of the recipe and through each recipe lived a different story. Translating and transcribing developed into a documentation of our family history, rich of funny, suspenseful and adventurous stories. One recipe at a time I uncovered the story of my Jewish, Russian, Polish family - how they became a family, survived in Siberia, were deported and stripped of citizenship and the humor of eventually adapting to American culture."

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My Story, Superman, Bruce Lee and Everything in Between

@ VOL 10 ON JUN 20, 2017

Life is 10% about what happens to us and 90% about what we do with it and how we take it. In these 20 slides Luca Senatore takes us through the journey from Italy to Cambridge where he learns that the apple might not fall far form the tree... but we almost always have the power to make it roll in whichever direction we want. 

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Cramming it All In! Accomplishing my 40 Before 40 List in Four Years!

@ VOL 4 ON OCT 25, 2017

Back when Janic Gorayeb was 36 and before applying to her Masters in Leadership, she hit a rut both personally and professionally and decided to create a “40 Before 40” list and blog about it.

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My Life's Journey in the New World


Living life in Refugee camp versus living life in the new world.

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Food and Agriculture Education in Floral Expo

@ VOL 39 ON OCT 20, 2018

archicake 企劃總監。讀中文系的人,清華大學畢業、北京大學碩士。作為中文人研究宋代詩學理論,參與中央研究院文哲所明代詞學計畫、英國漢學圖書計畫;投身文化創意產業後主持2015-16 台北街角遇見設計、國際設計師駐村專案、基隆傑出藝術家調查及專書出版計畫。烹煮以明志,背包以致遠,養四貓而安居。


Planning Director at Archicake, Weizhen graduated with a B.A from National Tsing Hua University, and a M.A from Peking University. She worked as a researcher of literature, thought, and philosophy of the Song period, and participated in a Ming Dynasty Poetry Program, and Sinological Studies II in the U.K with Academia Sinica’s Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy.

Weizhen switched gears in 2015 – 2016, shifting her artistic attention to the cultural and creative industry, which led her on a series of adventures - Meet Taipei: Design, International Designers in Residence, Keelung Artist Roster, and book publications.

Weizhen believes that a messy kitchen is a sign of happiness, and that the world can be explored with just a knapsack on her back. When at home, her four foster cats keep the world out and her heart anchored in a corner of quiet.

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Paper Cutting Art in Floral Expo

@ VOL 39 ON OCT 20, 2018




. 雲門舞集「流浪者計畫」流浪者

. 「爸爸的手指頭」金馬獎最佳創作短片入圍

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Musings on the Difficulty of Community Planning: An Excuse to Tell the Story about My Brother and the Kozak Family Potato Peeler

@ VOL 10 ON NOV 13, 2018

Like a choose-your-own-adventure novel, planners sometimes have to skip to page 179 where they find that people’s values are different, that lifestyle preferences have shifted, that environmental change has altered not just the landscape but also the financial calculus of a smart investment. Listen as Justin Kozak explains how technological advancement, population growth, and climate change ensure that repeat successes will rarely follow the same formula.