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Maria Li Lok Yee

Educator in Maker Education/ DIY Biologist, MakerBay in Hong Kong

Make to invent - you can do it too


MARIA LI from Makerbay shares her experience of inventing and producing things with her own hands and how to achieve more by staying out of comfort zone. 

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What IT Companies Can Do Together?

@ VOL 10 ON DEC 14, 2013

Turn knowledge into action!

Ian Chernov, IT project manager, market analyst and researcher, Yalantis, in his presentation from PKN Dnipropetrovsk IT::Reality Vol.10 invited all to join forces and to establish cooperation and co-working. He highlighted that unique feature how to gain this – the creation and development of IT-CxO community in Dnipropetrovsk.

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Banding Together through Games

@ TOKYO GAME SHOW 2014 ON SEP 18, 2014

Roger Hicks talks about his games and how his life has inspired his games to come to life. His love of music and getting lost, inspired and encouraged him to keep working on developing games, and meeting new people along the way. 

Making a band can mean more than getting together to make music. It can bring people together, to get lost, make music, and fight evil galactical wars.   

"Presentation of the Day" on October 3, 2014.

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Constructing the Invisible

@ VOL 28 ON JUL 06, 2016

Kate Darby is an architect. She practices as KDA and is an Invisible Studio collaborator. She runs an MArch design unit at the Welsh school of architecture, is a studio tutor on the Design and Make MArch for the Architectural Association in Hooke Park and is co-founder of the annual making workshop, Studio in the Woods. She will be arguing for the importance of context and making in regeneration as illustrated by two projects she has designed: a landscape proposal which curates the public experience of a post quarrying landscape and an architectural studio in Herefordshire.


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If you want people to do the right thing, make it easy

@ VOL 34 ON JAN 30, 2018

The complexities of human behaviour and how we adapt to new routines fascinate Rodrigo Morais Prezia Paiva. New routines can come from completely new behaviours or changing ones that we have engrained. Nudging is a new approach where instead of building complex solutions to manage behaviours, a light touch can be used.

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Do Bees Together

@ VOL 4 ON APR 26, 2018

Honey, similar to valuable experiences, lasts forever and when life presents you with opportunities to make lasting bonds - seize that moment. Jake Betzold shares why he does bees and what you can do to "sweeten" your own life. 

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Do you feel at home in Maastricht?

@ VOL 36 ON JUN 19, 2018

Why do highly-skilled individuals come to the Maastricht region? Why do they want to stay? Or why do they plan to leave again? And how can we make the Euregio Meuse-Rhine more attractive for them? 

These are some of the questions that Julia Reinold tackles in her PhD research at Maastricht University. She also is a true child of this region herself: Julia grew up in the German part of the Euroregion, studied at Maastricht University and is now working there as a researcher. 

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Are you Wave Watching … or Surfing the Wave?

@ VOL 20 ON FEB 06, 2019

Larry O'Sullivan has had over 120 000 hours experience in the corporate service and sales industry. He has published two books and runs a "Write Your Book" workshop. He is passionate about leaving audiences asking for more and with knowledge that they can apply immediately. Larry states that goals may have deadlines but there is no expiry date. He believes that one is never too old to ignite the fire in their lives or organization.  He warns people to not let the side currents, sharks and blue bottles stop you from surfing your wave- your dream!

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Why you should make things

@ VOL 2 ON FEB 08, 2019

Richard Clubb is a general purpose engineer and maker. He just generally enjoys making things and it doesn't really matter what.

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I Can Do That (and So Can You!)

@ VOL 20 ON MAY 15, 2019

In 'I Can Do That (and so can you!)', Anya Marco Harris, uses her 400 second PechaKucha for great impact. Anya draws on tales from her own life experience to convince the audience that if you have a dream idea floating around in your mind, stop in floating around in the abyss and make it a reality.

As Anya eloquently puts it, if she can achieve being a coffee queen, burlesque dancer, blogger, obtain a MA in cultural cosmology specialising in archeoastronomy and discover how the Neolithic chose to place the stones in Avebury Stone Circle (and that is just her life to date) - then so can YOU!