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Catarina Gutierrez

Bike champion! in Wellington

Knickerbocker Cycling in Christchurch


On the 1892 Adalanta Cycle Club:

"It's special to me because it was a group of all women cyclists that decided to get together to go on picnics, to go one day trips, and just be all around awesome in their knickerbockers."

From Knickerbocker Cycling in Christchurch, from Christchurch Vol. 23Catarina Gutierrez shares her passion as an everyday cyclist as she explores a city steeped in bicycle culture and history. Prior to landing in Christchurch, she's lived and pedaled in popular bike cities such as Brooklyn, NY and Portland, OR. In addition to founding the social bicycles club "CycleCHCH", Gutierrez volunteers at RAD Bikes. These days you can find her cruising around Christchurch on a bubblegum pink Morrison step-through and in a bright, neon helmet covered in stickers. 

This was "Presentation of the Day" on July 28th, 2015.

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Cycling is the New Black

@ VOL 18 ON MAR 27, 2014

Richard Hayman describes his two passions: cycling and architecture. They may seem like two different ideas, but they have more similarities between them then people may think. Richard talks in more detail about the relationship between cycles and architecture and how both are a series of different parts that join together to make a beautiful whole. 

"Presentation of the Day" on May 22, 2014.

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Studio Christchurch: CityUps

@ VOL 21 ON NOV 23, 2014

Architectural professor and head of Studio Christchurch Uwe Reiger showcases CityUps, a temporary future city created by over 200 architecture students as part of Christchurch's Festival of Transitional Architecture (FESTA).

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Christchurch as an Artist's Canvas

@ VOL 23 ON MAY 04, 2015

Manager of CoCA, Center for Contemporary Arts in Chirstchurch New Zealand, Claire Baker shares her insights on how all good decisions are informed decisions based on history.

Contemporary art is no different.

CoCA is no different.

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Sinking into Christchurch life

@ VOL 29 ON OCT 24, 2016

PechaKucha Night Christchurch interns from Ara Institute: Eng Eu Poh, Agnes Guda and Takumi Kawahara share their experiences on all coming to Christchurch from different countries and cultures, and making a home here.

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The Christchurch Youth Movement

@ VOL 33 ON DEC 06, 2017

15 year old Claudia McDonald has a head full of ideas.  She is involved with the Christchurch Youth Movement which creates youth opportunities and action in Christchurch.

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Breaking the Rules

@ VOL 36 ON SEP 17, 2018

Charlotte Bebbington, a graphic designer left Christchurch for the megacity of Shanghai in 2008 where she lived out her 20's. Living in a city with rich cultural heritage intercepted by a modern metropolis and international influence as well as working for one of the biggest Architecture and Engineering firms in the world she experienced how people bring cities to life, making them vibrant and energetic places to live. The after effects of the Christchurch earthquakes fuelled a desire for Charlotte to put her creative juices and all that she had learned to use and give back to the city she grew up. In 2015 she opened Action Bicycle Club. Christchurch's first bike store dedicated to the urban cyclist.

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To AV or not to AV: that is the question

@ VOL 36 ON SEP 17, 2018

Ryan Cooney is a has been involved in the transport sector for 18 years and during this time has observed a shift towards greater innovation and inclusion of technology. With a background in transport planning then moving to transport operations operations aiming to balance the pace of the rebuild with the needs of the community for access to where they need to go.

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Fun and Cool: the R.A.D Style Guide

@ VOL 36 ON SEP 17, 2018

Nicholas Sewell is a weekend warrior and volunteer at R.A.D bikes. He left Christchurch after high school and returned in the post-quake excitement of 2011 with a beard and long hair. He now has 2 kids, a mortgage, and a garage full of bikes.

RAD Bikes (Recycle A Dunger) is a not-for-profit community bike shed in central Christchurch. It is a workshop space where anyone can build or repair a bicycle for themselves and/or help restore bikes to give away. Nicholas has been involved with R.A.D bikes since it started as a gap filler project in 2013.

With the devastating style awareness that can only be developed in fatherhood, Nicholas will discuss how to look good on a bike this summer.

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Is public transport planning just for bureaucrats and consultants, or is there space for true community involvement?

@ VOL 36 ON SEP 17, 2018

Rob Henderson worked tirelessly for 6 years promoting bike share as part of Christchurch's public transport network. After being told "now's not the time for new ideas" he crowd-funded and launched a bike share pilot, and built a local community in support of the idea; providing the basis for a city business case for bike share. Before watching consultants and overseas companies get all the rewards.