PechaKucha Presentation

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Khairini Guay

Customer Service Agent, Delta Airlines Global Services in Bangor, Maine

Journey, Cultural Diversity and Dreams


Kairini Guay is a native of Western Sumatra who has lived in Bangor for ten years. You may recognize her as a ramp agent from Bangor International Airport or as a fellow mother at your child's elementary school. Currently, Khairini is studying computer information systems and earning her MBA at Husson University. Here she presents about the colors of her life and her journey through a multicultural world. 

"Presentation of the Day" on August 23, 2014. 

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Growing Hope, Living Dreams

@ VOL 7 ON FEB 21, 2012

Ramsi Kamar, a born again farmer from Jerusalem, talks about the many parallels he found between Louisville and his hometown. In Louisville the local community has helped him build a farm. Now he lives a life of diversity through working on his farm with the local community.

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#Sharjah1000 Visual Diversity

@ VOL 5 ON MAY 10, 2014

With its origins on Instagram, Reem Saeed introduces the #Sharjah1000 campaign- a series of images and behind the scenes videos of re-discovering different lifestyles of the residents of Sharjah to create a social impact. 

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ScoutingTrain 2014

@ VOL 1 ON NOV 24, 2015

As part of an international Team of scouts, Alexander Schmidt helped creating a project in which 172 people from 14 different nations travelled the Transsiberian railway together.

The project succeeded, even despite the political situations in some of the participating countries and did a great deal in advancing international friendship and understanding.

But not only did they have a tour of unforgettable experiences that forged new friendships, connections and networks. They also managed in several workshops to educate a few dozens of the participants in projectmanagement related skills, enabling them to use the network as a basis for plans of further projects.

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#FreeInterrail: Saving Europe by travelling

@ VOL 32 ON FEB 06, 2017

Imagine yourself turning 18 and finding a personalised letter from the European Union in your mailbox. In it: a voucher to travel Europe. Your life will change! Europe is facing many problems - a lot of them have to do with people not knowing or understanding each other.

Imagine what a Europe we could build together, if all future generations were enabled to explore and experience European cultural diversity and beauty first-hand. #FreeInterrail advocates for just that.

In this presentation Vincent-Immanuel Herr invites us to join the movement and make sure that all EU youth are empowered to become Europeans out of experience. 

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Finding My Cultural Voice in Comics

@ VOL 16 ON JUN 29, 2017

By day Rudy Vasquez is the mild mannered Marketing and Communications Manager for El Paso’s Downtown Management District (DMD)…but by night Rudy pursues his amazing passion for comic animation artistry.

Rudy has worked for independent comic book publishers as a work-for-hire sequential artist for years, but has not published any creator owned work. Now, the artist is laying the foundation for a creator owned project that is an expression of his own voice. In this journey, he has discovered a culturally rich context that reflects life on the border more so, than life in a completely make believe world. 

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18 hours, our passion

@ VOL 8 ON OCT 26, 2017

Mandy Curtis and her colleagues at 18 hours are driven by a passion to foster global understanding through education and events.

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My name is Lisa Givan and I AM A DIVERSITY TRAINER

@ VOL 9 ON NOV 03, 2017

At 40, something I realized that a series of brief "diversity immersion experiences" defined not only what I do but who I am. Encounters since childhood that have been centered around self-awareness, difference, bias, value and mindset determine the narrative we create surrounding every aspect of our life. I share my journey and expound on how it led me to my current career. My name is Lisa and I AM A DIVERSITY TRAINER.

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Divserity in Education

@ VOL 5 ON MAR 06, 2018

Rayon Brown has more than 14 years of experience and leadership in higher education and student development.  Rayon is currently the Affirmative Action Officer and Diversity & Inclusion Services Manager at Fox Valley Tech. He will speak on ‘Diversity and Education.’


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Diversity & Literacy: The importance of drag performers reading to children

@ VOL 19 ON JUN 08, 2018

While you may have already heard about drag queen story times, it's important to hear about the impact it has had on families. Fay & Fluffy’s Storytime is an event that focuses around literacy and diversity that celebrates the differences. Listen to Fluffy’s talk to find out what impact it’s been made to the community.