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Thomas Mezzanotte

in Fairfield

I See What You Meme!


Thomas Mezzanotte asks "How has the camera and lens-based imaging impacted the evolution of visual cognition?"

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An Architect with a Camera

@ VOL 2 ON SEP 04, 2012

PKN Williamsburg organizer Dale Weiss is an architect who also has an eye for photography. This is a collection of some of his favorite non-building photographs and what makes these photos special to him.

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Building a Picture

@ VOL 1 ON OCT 24, 2013

As a child, Aiden Celeste had always wanted to be an architect, but his life drove him to the field of research art. He discusses the process, theory, and execution of what he calls "building a picture" -- through the oculus of a camera obscura, he finds himself in a unique and wonderful otherworld. The results of his exploits are conjoined and overlapped to form something greater than a singular piece. 

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What My Camera Taught Me About Life

@ VOL 1 ON NOV 01, 2014

By following his camera, award-winning photographer, Reuben Chin, learns more than how to point and shoot. He talks of seeing beauty in the ordinary; becoming engaged enough to seize life's fleeting moments and developing a healthy curiousity of how others see the world.

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Digital Obscura

@ VOL 23 ON AUG 07, 2014

Kimber Sterling talks about the technology/art company, Digital Obscura. This company brings to life 2D art into the 3D world by displaying them into the walls of buildings and businesses. 

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The Best Camera

@ VOL 132 ON JAN 27, 2016

"It's a bit embarrassing to talk about the tools like this, but this comes back to, after using 1000's of cameras, what I think the best camera is. I think the best camera is...."

What's the best camera ever made? Notorious photography hack and noted local yokel, Brian Scott Peterson ought to know. After all, in the course of 20 years of making photos, nearly 1000 cameras and lenses, have passed through his possession. In "The Best Camera" from PechaKucha Night Tokyo Vol. 132, he shares some musings on the most treasured of his arguably modest collection, focussing in on the very best one.

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About my photography and film camera

@ VOL 35 ON NOV 28, 2015

I am Shihori Miyasaka, an amateur photographer.
I take photos as my hobby. The cameras I use are;
Hassleblad 5000 Classic in Medium Format,
Pentax MX with 35mm film,
and NATURA CLASSICA of compact film camera.
Film camera is laborious and costly. Everything like exposure and focusing on is manual. It is a difficult point for me, and a good point of them too.
What incomparable about photo by film camera is tone of color. I always care 3 things when taking photos;
Make this photo with meanings,
Cut out the daily scene which tickles sense of fun,
and Aware of lighting in any case.
The world of photography is deep, and I am on the way to learn.
If you become interested in photography and camera, especially in film camera, I am so glad.
Instagram: nekono_sippoo


Instagram : nekono_sippoo

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Let's see what we've got here...

@ VOL 3 ON JAN 30, 2016

Join speaker and celebrated artist Titia Jetten during an exploration of art and photography during her presentation, "Let's see what we've got here..."

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Take Time to Stop, Take a Photo, and REALLY See the World

@ VOL 11 ON JUN 16, 2016

"In a very fast paced world, I think film is a very good tool to learn how to stop for a moment and acknowledge it."

In Take Time to Stop, Take a Photo, and REALLY See the World from PechaKucha Night London Vol. 11Ksenia Zizina shares how shooting film makes her better at seeing and appreciating the world. Zizina is a designer with a passion for all things creative - architecture, photography, art, design, travel - you name it! She works in architectural practice and uses the rest of her time to make photographs. Photography has become second nature for Zizina. It is an essential part of her 'storytelling' which involves preparing the film stock, shooting, developing negatives, scanning and archiving. She considers all parts as one creative approach to photography.

Ksenia not only shares some of her beautiful images but also conveys her passion for all the small and interesting aspects of the world and how taking photos helps her appreciate these things. By the end, you will want to pull out your camera and take some snaps of your community, your environment, and your world!

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Thursday, July 28th, 2016. 

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Wings And A Camera

@ VOL 7 ON APR 05, 2019

If you're gonna go on an outdoor adventure with Kat Gebauer, you better be ready to put on wings. Kat is an outdoor enthusiast with a spirit that is hard to top and lucky for us, she brings her camera to document all of the fabulous places she finds. So sit back for a tour as Kat takes you across the globe and reveals her next big adventure.