PechaKucha Presentation

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Professor Khoa Do

Professor & Director of GDS, Curtin University, Australia in Perth

Global Design Studio: Creatives can bring positive change and transform communities


The Global . Design . Studio (G.D.S Program) is an active community-network of creatives collaborating on projects supporting the design, development and delivery of innovative approaches to education, research and practice. It is fundamentally a knowledge sharing and community engagement platform for participating creatives.

The team shares a strong belief in the importance of creating avenues to respond to complex challenges facing built environments worldwide by interconnecting intelligence across creative industries, practice and academia.

 Global creatives can bring positive change and transform communities through Design by engaging in collaborative Studio projects” – (Do & Mancini, 2015)

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Global PechaKucha Day for Haiti, One Year On


What a difference a year makes. Global PechaKucha Day for Haiti raised over $80,000 on the 20th February 2010 for Architecture for Humanity. Our aim was to raise enough money to rebuild one of the devastated schools in Haiti, so today, one year on we are very proud to say that dream is becoming a reality. Thanks to all the amazing efforts of Cameron Sinclair and Architecture for Humanity they have begun to rebuild schools in Haiti, one of which is directly funded by Global PechaKucha Day. To mark the occasion, and let you see progress Cameron has put together an update, in a 20x20 presentation, where you can see the design for the Ecole La Dignite, the school you have funded, taking shape. After you have watched the presentation you will understand that the money we raised has been put to use very effectively. If you can we encourage you all to continue to support the long haul AFH mission mission in Haiti, you can find the pages here.

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Tokyo Wired

@ VOL 89 ON FEB 23, 2012

PechaKucha co-founders Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham give us a tour of the "wired" landscape that any Tokyo resident will be familiar with. Part of the Global Cities Week. This presentation is in English.

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Opportunity Squared

@ VOL 89 ON FEB 23, 2012

A presentation by van der Architects about a car parking tower project in Tokyo. Part of the Global Cities Week. This presentation is in English.
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Coping with Istanbul

@ VOL 13 ON FEB 23, 2012

The changes in Istanbul's architectural fabric over the years. Part of the Global Cities Week. This presentation is in Turkish.
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Global Innovation Design

@ VOL 132 ON JAN 27, 2016

Four graduate students of Industrial Design, on a year-long international exchange program, learn the joys and pitfalls of global design collaboration. Speakers  Michiko Stas and her fellow students Maya Seetharaman, Sandra Atakora, and Murrill Oake, discuss their shared year of adventure with the Pratt Institute’s Global Innovation Design Program, explaining how our interconnectedness leads to global problems that can only be solved colaboratively.

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Placemaking: Urban design as a catalyst for change

@ VOL 3 ON JAN 30, 2016

Dave Witty is VIU’s Provost and Vice-President Academic, and a Registered Professional Planner (RPP) affiliated with numerous national planning and architecture institutes. In his presentation, titled "Placemaking: Urban design as a catalyst for change," Dave walks us along a possible path for positive change right here in Nanaimo. 
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Reimagining Urban Places

@ VOL 28 ON JUL 06, 2016

How can underused city spaces be used to bring together community and reimagine their potential? 

HERE+NOW will be talking about how we can use our urban spaces more productively, illustrated with examples from their Space To Sit community build event, Hold Me Dear outdoor community photography exhibition and Wasteland Collective interventions and research.

A Landscape Architect passionate about making places better, Liz Thomas co-founded HERE+NOW in 2014 to put people back at the heart of design for the built environment. HERE+NOW is an Edinburgh-based landscape architecture studio that specialises in co-design. Integrating community engagement, prototyping, events and exhibitions from the very start of the design process, HERE+NOW work with local people to reimagine their local places through both longer term design outcomes and more temporary interventions.


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Connecting with Communities

@ VOL 21 ON MAR 01, 2018

Community consultation is essential to successful design: architects need to understand how people use existing spaces before setting to work. However, this process often follows an uninspiring, tried and tested formula. In her presentation, Gillian Harrison will explore a range of emerging techniques that encourage collaboration and engage local people, ultimately leading to the design of happier and healthier places for all.

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Tiny houses and sustainable communities

@ VOL 25 ON FEB 28, 2018

Jimmy Hirst has been traveling the world researching Tiny Housing, sustainable communities (Eco Villages) for the past five years and looking at progressive living ideals. He believes we now have the need, the technology (like with Blockchain), and the consciousness to facilitate a shift in the western living paradigm, to help bring the mainstream population into embracing more sustainable and connective communities. He believes it’s time to reinhabit the village, holistically regenerating human and natural values, to last for generations to come.