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Warren Hsu

Founder of Fu Wan Chocolate in Taipei

Fu Wan Chocolate , a taste of Taiwan


Founder of Fu Wan Chocolate

CEO and Chef of Fu Wan Chocolate Resort

Certified Cacaos and Chocolates taster

Fascinated by cacaos and chocolates.

Transmitting the terroir of Taiwan to the world through the chocolates made with local customs and cultures

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Searching Out the World's Rarest Chocolate

@ VOL 15 ON APR 14, 2015

"Lima is home to over 150 different micro-climates and located very close to the ecquator, and this makes it a pretty damn fine place to grow cacoa." 

In Searching Out the World's Rarest Chocolate from PechaKucha Night Louisville Vol. 15Erika Chavez-Graziano recounts her travel to a remote region of Peru on a quest to find "Fortunado #4", the world's rarest cacao. Once thought to be extinct, a lone tree, from which Furtunado #4 comes, was recently re-discovered, and having come back from the dead, now serves as the mother tree for the continuation of this rare chocolate.

Watch this "PechaKucha of the Day" from Wednesday from May 6, 2015.

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Chocolate Man

@ VOL 1 ON JUN 26, 2015

Like most kids, Brian Tallarico was passionate about chocolates while he was growing up. But unlike most kids, he went on to open a chocolate shop—but only after receiving a fine arts degree. This year, he celebrated ten years of chocolate making and opened a new shop in Easton. 

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Our Bridges Smell Like Chocolate (sometimes)

@ VOL 36 ON DEC 01, 2015

Annie Swank regularly makes mix-tapes.  In this PK mash-up she looks at finding the perfect love song to her hometown in a systematic, empirical way.

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Tony's Chocolonely

@ VOL 18 ON JAN 07, 2016

"Isn't it weird that in the world of chocolate, all chocolate bars are divided equally, when things are shared so unfairly in the industry. We feel everybody deserves fair compensation for what they do in making chocolate."

In Tony's Chocolonely from PechaKucha Night Portland’s 18th Volume, Speaker Peter Zandee explains the mission and philosophy behind Tony's Chocolonely, a 100% slave free chocolate company in Portland, Oregon. Because let’s be honest, supporting fair trade makes everything a little sweeter.

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Wednesday, April 6th, 2016.  

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Eat Chocolate

@ VOL 4 ON JUL 10, 2015

Puja Satiani was educated as an attorney. She hit a point in her life when she had to make a tough decision. She pivoted her career from law to chocolate. In this presentation, she discussses real vs fake chocolate and whether chocolate is an aphrodisiac. 

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Bean to Bar Chocolate

@ VOL 161 ON DEC 12, 2018

Chocolate maker Trevor Fast explains the process of creating small batches of two-ingredient, single-origin bean to bar chocolate. They only use cacao sourced directly from producers across the globe with whom they build strong and lasting relationships.


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Bean-to-Bar, Ashram-to-East Vancouver

@ VOL 47 ON NOV 29, 2018

Shelley Bolton starts by talking about being from Vancouver and a little bit about her family and then her travel through Europe and working on farms. She also talks about India and 3 years in an ashram. Then about coming back to Vancouver and having a (pirate) son and then working in the film industry. Then she talks about starting East Van Roasters and the steep learning curve on how to make bean-to-bar chocolate, where it comes from and how they process it. She also touches on the social enterprise and the employment program and how it all fits together in the café, the chocolate making and the coffee roasting program.

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Eat Me: A Brief Look at the Long History of Women and Chocolate

@ VOL 11 ON FEB 15, 2019

"Decadent. Seductive. Sinful." When it comes to chocolate, sex sells. And it specifically sells to women. Even though research shows that men and women consume roughly the same amount of chocolate, advertisements are mainly targeted at women, encouraging them to "indulge" their cravings and deepest desires.

While this may seem like a new phenomenon, the association between chocolate and female sexuality predates the modern ad campaign. In fact, some scholars trace it all the way back to the Mesoamerican civilizations that first cultivated Theobroma cacao. Liz Goad takes a quick jog through chocolate’s long, tawdry history to find out where this theme originated and how it has evolved over the centuries.

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The Big Picture

@ VOL 37 ON MAY 02, 2002

Enna Grazier is the owner and head chocolate maker for ENNA ChocolatesShe traces her passion from photography to chocolates. Follow her journey; you will go away hungry!