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Katie Roach

Boss Babe

Flowers & Failure

Katie Roach presents a guide to overcoming mental illness and adult ADHD through the eyes of femininity, community, and entrepreneurship.
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Serial Entrepreneur

@ VOL 3 ON JUN 05, 2015

Amanda Heins shares her love for small business and the small town of Roslyn, WA. With the support of a small gnome named Mr. Higglebottoms, Amanda is helping to transform this small mining town with creativity, coffee and good humor.

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The Power of Flower


Nicolai Bergmann Flowers & Design is Tokyo’s premier florist whose work is focused as much on contemporary design as it is on flowers. Established by the Danish floral artist, Nicolai Bergmann Flowers & Design has introduced a unique style of floral design to Japan; one that mixes European floral design principals with Scandinavian style sense and Japanese sensitivity to detail. Here he shares some of his beautiful work, and how it will be highlighting Japan and Denmark's celebration this year of 150 years of relations.

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Language of flowers

@ VOL 15 ON NOV 30, 2017

Beyond the fleeting and at time swallow beauty of western bouquets, flowers have been the pluriversal language of peace, love and healing. From politics to art, through medicine and meditation, flowers are everywhere and yet often fail to really be seen. Here is an invitation to a worldy conversatzion with them.

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Honey of a Thousand Flowers

@ VOL 24 ON MAR 30, 2018

Sarah is a destination wedding florist that creates flower arrangements inspired by the texture and changing of seasons in nature. Her flowers evoke the feeling of freshly gathered garden flowers, with all their natural variations and inconsistencies.  

She has traveled all over the world creating flowers for couples in many different environments. Her philosophy is that flowers should feel natural in the environment that they are going to be viewed in. S

he goes to great lengths to source the perfect flowers to complete a desired look, but also finds many of her materials in the immediate area that the event will be held. The final product truly is an extension of it’s surroundings, her interpretation of nature. She finds joy in collaborating with a couple to create flowers unique for their event; taking inspiration from them, the season, and the surroundings. Each arrangement is more than just a centerpiece or a bouquet, it has layers of beauty that are meant to be experienced, not just seen. Sarah works internationally , but resides in Salt Lake City, Utah, where she calls the base of the Rocky Mountains home.


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Profits, Purpose, & Pints

@ VOL 6 ON OCT 25, 2018

Jarrett shares his experience as a small-business owner, and the development of Damn Handsome Grooming Co.

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Weekend Flowers

@ VOL 49 ON JUN 27, 2019

Kate Freeman grows flowers for the purpose of using them in her homespun floral design studio. Weekend Flowers was bred out of creative interest, but Kate also considers environmental sustainability at every step. She thinks there is an opportunity to appreciate flowers grown locally for attributes other than the standards set by the global industry. Kate will be talking about a few of her favourites, as well as some of the quirks that come along with doing a country thing in the city.

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KEHAI of Flowers

@ VOL 165 ON JUL 17, 2019

Flower artist, Takayuki Tanaka, steps into the PechaKucha Spotlight to talk about all the wonderful experiences he has received along his journey through his floral artworks, with commentary on what aspects of society and the future where he imagines flowers will play a more important role.


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Save the bees

@ VOL 25 ON AUG 22, 2019

Chandra MacDonald - Lilii Press

“The easiest way to help save the bees is to do nothing- don’t mow your lawn, your verge, don’t spray your weeds, don’t cut them down. Just sit back and relax, and know that you are actively supplying the bees with food”

My shop Lilii press was born out of my love for flowers and plants. There is something so magical about being able to press a flower and preserve its original beauty to be enjoyed all year round.

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Gregory's Greenhouse Productions: Beautifying Knoxville One Planter at a Time

@ VOL 29 ON NOV 29, 2018

Over 20 years ago, Gregory Blankenship, a Knoxville native, had a vision to bring new life to the city. Greg dreamed of making a difference in the lives of everyone to see his planters and designs through the use of vibrant colors and unique combinations. Gregory started Gregory's Greenhouse Production which has grown from a small business taking on small design jobs to a still small, personal business contracted by the city of Knoxville and others to keep our city beautiful, one planter at a time.