PechaKucha Presentation
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Gregory Bozzetti presents about a tale blending the roots of Japanese tea ceremony and modern luthiery.

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Are You Japanese?

@ VOL 61 ON APR 22, 2009

An interesting presentation on nationality! Although PechaKucha is primarily design focused we welcome great presentations like this. Akira Uchimura is the project coordinator for the Nippon Foundation Nikkei Scholarship, a scholarship for Japanese descendants from Latin America, Philippines and Indonesia. His father is Japanese and his mother is Chilean. His lifetime goal is to become the bridge between Latin America and Japan through community trade, agroforestry support and cultural exchange. He also plans to start an NPO next year in Latin America, called "Kizuna Earth Project."

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The Architecture of Sound

@ VOL 6 ON OCT 19, 2015

Stereotank, founded by Venezuelan NY-based architects Marcelo Ertorteguy and Sara Valente, is dedicated to exploring the common territories between space and sound through the design and construction of sound instruments, urban artifacts, and public installations. At PK Night Brooklyn Volume 6, they share some of their sound recordings from installations around the world!

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Galloping with Wood and Steel

@ VOL 19 ON OCT 10, 2015

Berklee College of Music graduate Shohei Toyoda retunred to Japan a few years ago on a mission to share his love of music, especially country music. Specializing in finger pick guitar, Shohei gave us a taste of his guitar talents in a moving presentation/performance on his passion. 

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Knock on Wood

@ VOL 16 ON DEC 04, 2015

Josh Rieck began studying the art of lutherie (stringed musical instrument making) in 2002 at Minnesota State College – Southeast Technical in Red Wing, MN. After graduating with honors from the Guitar Repair and Construction course he moved back to his hometown, Aberdeen, SD and started String Theory Musical Instrument Repair and Custom Construction, performing guitar repair for local musicians while also beginning to build various acoustic and electric instruments.

Due to local needs, Josh also began to work with violin family instruments while studying double bass performance at Northern State University. Double bass studies continued in 2007 at the University of South Dakota at which point the business also moved to Sioux Falls.

After completing his masters in 2009, Josh went full time as a luthier in a new location in Sioux Falls. Though he did return to academia in 2012-2013 while studying the history of musical instruments at the National Music Museum.

Since beginning in lutherie, Josh has built over 40 instruments and repaired thousands. As of 2015, the focus of his business has shifted toward J. Rieck Lutherie - the instrument making side of his endeavours.

He also plays with The Union Grove Pickers; sits on the board of the SD Friends of Traditional Music; is co-founder of Different Folk Records, and is a member the Guild of American Luthiers and the Ukulele Guild of Hawaii.


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Mom’s Japanese Monsters

@ VOL 5 ON JUN 07, 2016

In the 50s and 60s Pamela Wesson and her family lived in Japan. Her mother fell for antique woodblock prints of ghosts, demons and monsters, which Pamela presenter here tonight. Some of these creatures from centuries ago can be recognised today in Studio Ghibli and other animated films.

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An Introduction to Japan House London

@ VOL 17 ON MAY 22, 2017

In this extra special PechaKucha given to announce the location and concept of Japan House London on 22 May 2017, Michael Houlihan provides an overview of what Japan House London is in 20 objects -- sounds like a tough gig, right? Just watch and you will see that Michael's passion for all things Japanese shines through as he gives a PechaKucha that is a complete delight!

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@ VOL 2 ON APR 20, 2016

Graeme talks about the history of rural spoon making in southern Japanee villages, Lise talks about the Djemaa El Fna square in Marrakech, and they relate these very different cultures to their own woodwork practices.

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Japanese Wood Crafts

@ VOL 39 ON MAR 21, 2019

In a short story across the world, Yukiko Izumi tells us how she picked up a keen interest in the japanese wood craftsmanship called "kumiko".

The audience is taken through some beautiful examples and the culture surrounding the art, before finally discussing how to keep it all alive for the next generation.

In this evening's break period, people were even lucky enough to get to try it hands-on, as Yukiko had brought some lovely samples!

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Wabi-Sabi in der Architektur

@ VOL 4 ON APR 27, 2019

Boris Szélpal entführt uns nach Japan zur Wabi-Sabi-Architektur: Wabi-Sabi ist ein japanisches ästhetisches Konzept über die Wahrnehmung von Schönheit:

"Wenn ein Objekt oder ein Ausdruck in uns ein Gefühl der tiefen Melancholie und eines spirituellen Sehnens hervorruft, dann kann man sagen, dieses Objekt ist Wabi-Sabi.“ (Andrew Juniper)