PechaKucha Presentation
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Dessa Lohrey

Creator of Bench Diary in Atlanta

Dear Bench Diary,


Dessa Lohrey placed diaries all over Atlanta to see what people would write in them. In this presentation she shares some of the things that were written. The entries from children are particularly amusing.

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Chronicles of Observation

@ VOL 1 ON SEP 09, 2010

Abraham Oghobase travels around the world and takes black and white photographs to document his adventures. Here he explains his photographs, how he took them, and the situation he took them in.

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Urban Folding Bench - Concept to Prototype

@ VOL 10 ON JUL 01, 2015

It is during a master project semester about design that Lola Mahieu, an architecture student, is working about the concept of unfolding the ground. After making a scenography that is coming out the ground, she participates to the call of projects « Lyon City Design 2015 » and she comes up with a folding urban bench. It was conceptualized to replace the retractable bollards and allow the modularity of urban spaces. She is one of the winners and she received a three thousand euro prize to build a prototype that would be exhibited in Lyon city less than a year later. In her speech she evokes the difficulty she finds partnering with manufacturer and urban developers ready to innovate. She also explains what she gained in this experience as an architect beginner. {In French}

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Making of the Music Bench

@ VOL 23 ON OCT 21, 2015

Sabine Saba and Sandy Lyen tell us about their collaboration on the Music Bench. Sabine focuses on the process of designing punctual interventions in the urban fabric of Beirut through the Urban Pins project, and Sandy tells us about her career in woodworking using discarded material.

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Dear Diary, we can't go on this way....

@ VOL 4 ON APR 05, 2016

A personal account of how Beverley Nolan broke out of the traditional pen and ink journaling form and found new ways to journal for herself and in the company of others.

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The Diary of Adam and Eve

@ VOL 2 ON MAY 21, 2016

Mary Dean Cason, producer and Indigan Storyteller, brings Samuel Clemens diary to the screen with her lively and insightful PechaKucha "The Diary of Adam and Eve." The PechaKucha form style allowed Mary Dean to select images that complement the words in a way that was very entertaining for our audience.

- Mary Dean short stories, drawn on her southern roots, will soon be compiled into a volume and include: “What Solomon Saw” a finalist in Chicago Public Radio’s Stories on Stage, and the winner of California’s 2005 WestSide Story Contest. “Liar, Liar,” featured in Lake Michigan’s SHORE, won the 2006 University of Memphis’ Pinch Award. While at the University of Chicago’s Writer’s Studio, Mary Dean took the 2008 Prize for Fiction. She is also the founder of Wine, Women and Stories, Northwest Indiana’s literary salon.

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Open Bench Project

@ VOL 41 ON MAY 24, 2018

Jake Ryan founded the OBP with a mind toward providing a place for people to gather around the idea of sharing skills, knowledge, and resources concerning the maker movement, about the process of identifying, collecting and fostering the OBP community, about what makes it “community”. He shares some of the struggles he had to endure for that distinction.

He speaks about what he is doing there, why he advocates for it and why it is both constructive and creative.

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#foundfiction - The Guerrilla Publishing Experiment Connecting Readers and Writers Across the World

@ VOL 23 ON AUG 02, 2018

Print off a short story, put it in an envelope marked 'READ ME' and leave it somewhere random to be found. The idea behind #foundfiction is simple but powerful, and it's inspired readers and writers across the world since launching in 2014. Here, founder Steve Clarkson talks about the origins of the project, how it quickly gained a dedicated following, and what the future holds.

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Homeless in Cape Town

@ VOL 50 ON SEP 04, 2018

Two years ago with the Cape Argus, Danny and his team created awareness about the people living on the streets in Cape Town. Danny was one of them. 
What was supposed to be a 15-day diary has now been running for over 2 years.
In these two years, Danny has managed to network with the most remarkable people and the homeless today are better equipped to face life again.

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An Experiment in Creativity

@ VOL 20 ON SEP 14, 2018

As a screenwriter, poet and script doctor Dagmar Stansova wanted to improve her writing, to free up her mind and she thought a great way to do that would be to do something about which she has no preconceived notions or training. Dagmar chose painting. She will share twenty paintings and one of the poems that came out of her Experiment In Creativity. Her hope is to inspire others to do something they’ve never done before. The poem is called “Laundry Day” in memory of her father.