PechaKucha Presentation

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Tomohiko Yoneda

Executive Editor of lifehacker, Mediagene Inc. in Tokyo

スマホ、 クラウド、 LCCなどの発達・普及により、常時接続・大移動の時代が訪れようとしています。 そんな中、人はコミュニケーションを欲し、コミュニケーションしなければ生きていけない生き物。 都市はそんな人々の新しいライフスタイルに適応したものになることが求められています。 編集者の米田智彦さんは、ご自身が訪れた各都市で体験したコミュニケーションから、これからの都市の在り方についてお話されています。

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Show and Tell - Building Communication

@ VOL 23 ON SEP 17, 2014

Archigraphus invents and builds all kinds of constructed interventions in architectural and urban space. By confronting people with architecture, landscape and urbanism in a playful, entertaining and hopefully sustainable way, Archigraphus creates a sense of acceptance, always re-thinking the awareness of the spot and its position in past, present and future.

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Social Media : Writing On The Wall

@ VOL 1 ON NOV 01, 2014

Through social media, we are more connected and informed than ever before. Delwin Keasberry, a social media personality, points out the imbalance which exist in the face of ‘hot topics’ between those few with quick and assured opinions. So strong are their voices that they drown out the moderators, and the crowd. On the other hand, there are those who remain silent and wait for the storm to blow over. Though some of us choose to stand apart, we are not unaffected by these kinds of situations. Are we doomed to intemperate viewpoints dominating the world of social media? Can we imagine being part of the movement that is willing to push the gap between these two extremes and grow into better adjusted social networking community?

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Radio Universitaria vs Radio Universitaria

@ VOL 42 ON JUN 25, 2015

O como no apagar el fuego con gasolina. Los medios sociales necesitan generarse una identidad, a veces adolescente, a veces trasnochada, y en casos como el de Ibero 90.9 es esquizofrénico. Una estación de radio que no sabe si es popular o no, que no conoce a sus radioescuchas, que no pela los ratings y que habla de lo que quiere, vive permanentemente en Mercurio Retrógrado.

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Face to Facetime

@ VOL 4 ON OCT 29, 2015

Stephen Kovash explains why he turned off all social media platforms as well as other forms of electronic entertainment in order to have face to "facetime" with other human beings.  He hopes this presentation encourages others to turn off their phones and talk in person.

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Science Communication Meets Social Media

@ VOL 130 ON NOV 25, 2015

"We do a lot of storytelling, get scientists on stage doing some stand-up comedy and trying out lots of new ideas to get them out and about"

Heather Doran, a city organizer from PechaKucha Night Aberdeen (Scotland) tells us how advances in technology and social media have added new dimensions to the public communication of science.

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Personal Branding

@ VOL 13 ON MAR 23, 2016

Presenter Heather Hook discusses personal branding and increasing your self awareness through social media and marketing.

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Social Media for Humans or Whatever

@ VOL 18 ON AUG 17, 2016

A deep dive into the world of social media. A look at defining different social platforms, how global communication can be a powerful tool for learning, and the constant search for the authentic online.

AJ has been described as a graceful, adjusted identity culled from the rotting corpse of southern california junk culture. He also teaches media arts and social media at the MAD Academy at Santa Barbara High School. AJ is a giant nerd but he'll try not to dork up the vibe.

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My Life Through Instagram

@ VOL 4 ON SEP 27, 2016

Edward Montagu speaks about his relationship with Instagram. From baby and family accounts, personal theories, to its use as a marketing tool. Edward takes us on a social journey, through the popular social media platform.

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Dnipro travel to the city of paradoxes

@ VOL 4 ON DEC 17, 2016

Dnipro travel to the city of paradoxes

Dnipro – the city of paradoxes. Its center looks like avenues and streets of many European cities with skyscrapers and shopping centers. But near you can find buildings from XIX century with mysteries and paradoxes.